NovitÓ nella versione 0.178


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 01890: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (rohga.c) schmeisr: Flip screen DIP
switch doesn't work. (Angelo Salese)
- 01170: [Sound] (taitosj.c) piratpet, junglek, jungleh: First time you
load the game, no attract mode sound. (Angelo Salese)
- 06138: [Crash/Freeze] (zn.c) jdredd: Game doesn't start (smf)
- 00952: [Graphics] (tmnt.c) ssriders and clones: Characters judder when
walking diagonally (possibly priority related). (Angelo Salese)
- 02446: [Known Issues/To-Do's] (lethal.c) lethalenj: Japanese version-
specific known issues. (Angelo Salese)
- 06371: [Save/Restore] (8080bw.c) schasercv: Crashes on reload (-str 8)
in a staggered -str 20 run (Osso)
- 00792: [DIP/Input] (segas24.c) dcclub: Shot power is uncontrollable.
(Angelo Salese)
- 00435: [Gameplay] (hanaawas.c) hanaawas: Dealt cards are not random.
- 00343: [Misc.] (seta.c) pairlove: Service mode black out.
(Angelo Salese)
- 00611: [DIP/Input] (taito_b.c) silentd: DIP switch problems.
(Angelo Salese)
- 00963: [Gameplay] (rollrace.c) rollrace, fightrol: When you insert
your initials, the scrolling bar of initials does not work properly.
(Angelo Salese)
- 00490: [Sound] (homedata.c) hourouki: It is missing voices of "Reach",
"Ron" etc. (Angelo Salese)
- 01044: [Sound] (metro.c) gakusai, gakusai2: All music played has the
drum machine playing VERY loudly. (Angelo Salese)
- 02555: [DIP/Input] (jackal.c) jackal: Coin counters don't work
correctly. (Angelo Salese)
- 06375: [Original Reference] (naomi.c) salmankt: Name is incorrect
- 06368: [DIP/Input] (shangkid.c) shangkid, hiryuken: Buttons 1 and 2
are switched (Angelo Salese)
- 02349: [DIP/Input] (mexico86.c) kikikai: The coinage dip switch
settings is not supported. (Angelo Salese)
- 00399: [Graphics] (combatsc.c) combatsc: In 0.119, there are two rows
of garbage blocks at the top of the screen in the 2nd firing range
stage. (Angelo Salese)
- 06364: [Crash/Freeze] (naomi.c) Assorted sets in naomi.c: Crash before
OK (MetalliC)
- 06366: [Crash/Freeze] (maygay1b.c) All sets in maygay1b.hxx: Fatal
Error when starting (O. Galibert)
- 06372: [Interface] Bitbanger device can no longer accept streams/
sockets/pipes (Nathan Woods)
- 06374: [Crash/Freeze] (aristmk5.c) adonis: Changing System Configuration
to anything but game_prg causes a crash (Reagan Roush)

Source Changes
-Move UI dats to Lua plugin [Carl]
* Changes the selgame UI sidebar get the dat information from a plugin
rather than the hardcoded C++
* Much easier to add other dat files and allow for scripted data
* Example included that uses the hi2txt XML parser files to display
high score info from hiscore file or NVRAM

-Fixed setting m_filetype for images loaded from softlists
[Nathan Woods]

-Changed the "extension as filetype" behavior for software list images to
be opt in behavior [Nathan Woods]

-Modernization/C++-ification: [Nathan Woods]
* Modernized option_guide, touched up imgtool
* Initial imgtool C++-ification
* Added a template wrapper for a contiguous array of objects that
mimics a subset of SequenceContainer behaviour
* Modernized CoCo cartridge infrastructure (use 'enum class', scoping,
* Changed win_get_window_text_utf8() to return std::string
* Consolidated menu code for text input

-Fixed an issue in the i860 disassembler that could cause an undefined
string to be used [Nathan Woods]

-Allow devices to indicate whether image creation should be supported at
the command line [Nathan Woods]

-Fixed a potential buffer overrun in the code that reads headers for the
CoCo JVC disk image format [Nathan Woods]

-CoCo and Dragon FDC code overhaul: [Nathan Woods]
* Split CoCo and Dragon FDC code
* Added save state support
* Fixed regression introduced on the Dragon FDC from 0.154

-Fixed an off by one error when identifying best entries for typeahead
on the file selection and software list dialogs [Nathan Woods]

-Retired imgtool_basename(), in favor of core_filename_extract_base()
[Nathan Woods]

-big10: Various modest input/output improvements [AJR]
* Use gambling inputs and keypad for numbers instead of BUTTON(n)
* Added ticket dispenser for payout
* Added lamp output(?)
* Try to puzzle out some more DIP switches based on what the code does

-More new features for UI graphics viewer [AJR]
* Mouse over GFX tiles to reveal pixel values
* Mouse over tilemap to reveal tile codes and colors
* UI tilemap scrolling controls are now orientation-relative
* Made mouse visible everywhere in UI graphics viewer by treating it
like a menu

-darkmist: Correct manufacturer info [AJR]

-witch: Sort out which inputs and outputs are which [AJR]
* Use standard gambling input types where appropriate
* Identified "Attendant Pay" (keyout?) and payout switches
* Removed fake DIP switches
* Names of real DIP switches no longer all-caps
* Expanded range of NVRAM
* Added two PPIs for I/O
* Partially implemented hopper output

-cps1.cpp, mitchell.cpp: Restrict inputs for some games [AJR]
* ghouls, pang, spang, pang3: Change joysticks to 4-way as flyers and
manuals indicate
* pang, spang: Mark button 2 as optional (for what little that's worth)
* pang3: Remove buttons 2 and 3 (even service mode only shows one "Shot"

-Made Mega System 1 tilemaps into a device [AJR]

-amusco: Start fleshing out the driver [AJR]
* Changed CPU type to 8088
* Hooked up a bunch of devices
* Identifed a few inputs

-ti99 improvements: [Michael Zapf]
* Fixed debugger access in ti_fdc
* State save capability - not yet fully stable, but basically working
* Improve performance by stopping GROM clock in idle state
* Switch to ram_devices for RAM

-Added HxC HFE disk format [Michael Zapf]

-Added save state support to tms99xx; replaced new/delete by unique_ptr
[Michael Zapf]

-Added layout for California Speed Surprise [Risugami]
* Same output system as the Midway V Unit

-Added layout/LEDs to Hyperdrive [Risugami]

-Added layout for Vapor TRX [Risugami]

-Fixed Midway V Unit wheel output [Risugami]
* Seems the diagnostics test for the wheel is poorly coded for turning
left as it is correct in-game

-Filter for Hp9845 data files added to imgtool [fulivi]
* Translates record-based DATA HP9845 to and from text files

-Imgtool now supports HP9845B tape image [fulivi]
* The "hti" format is used to simulate tape cartridges in hp9845b

-hp_hybrid: added hp_hybrid & hp_5061_3001 to unidasm [fulivi]

-New driver for Esselte 100, has built in BASIC, supports cassette
save/load and capable of 256x256 monochrome semigraphics
[Joakim Larsson Edstrom]

-Esselte 100: Added rev2 layout and support for software RTC
[Joakim Larsson Edstrom]

-Esselte 100: Serial support [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
* It still has some issues as it is a polled PIA based bitbangning
serial support and there are timing issues

-Added interrupt support in DUSCC device, Force CPU30 board driver and
interrupt controller support in the FGA002 device. Improved LOG
messages in the 68230 device [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
* Now able to boot VMEPROM with interrupt driven serial I/O

-didact: simplified internal layouts removing dependencies on external
artwork Not fancy but it works [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]

-didact: Cleaned up driver and added serial support (though it has
issues still) [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]

-Add clickable buttons to goldnpkr [einstein95]

-Add <?xml version="1.0"?> to layout files missing them; fixed minor
grammar in layout README [einstein95]

-Clickable buttons for 3bagflnz and 3bagflvt, more grammar fixes for
layout README [einstein95]

-MPU5: Added 146 layouts [John Parker]
* m5addams, m5all41d, m5arab, m5austin11, m5barkng, m5barmy, m5baxe04,
m5bbro, m5bbrocl, m5beansa, m5bigchs, m5biggam, m5bling, m5blkwht11,
m5bnzclb, m5btlbnk, m5bttf, m5bwaves, m5carou, m5cashat, m5cashrn,
m5cbw, m5centcl, m5circlb33, m5circus0a, m5clifhn, m5clown11,
m5codft, m5cosclb, m5crzkni, m5cshkcb, m5cshstx, m5dblqtsb, m5devil,
m5dick10, m5doshpk05, m5egr, m5elband, m5elim, m5evgrhr, m5ewn,
m5extrm, m5fiddle, m5fire, m5firebl, m5flipcr, m5fortby, m5frnzy,
m5funsun, m5gdrag, m5ggems20, m5gimmie, m5grush, m5grush5,
m5gsstrk07, m5gstrik, m5hellrz, m5hgl14, m5hiclau, m5hifly, m5hilok,
m5hisprt, m5hlsumo, m5holy, m5hopidl, m5hotslt, m5hotstf, m5hypvip,
m5jackbx, m5jackp2, m5jackpt, m5jlyjwl, m5jmpgem01, m5kingqc06,
m5kkebab, m5korma, m5loony, m5loot, m5lotta, m5martns07, m5mega,
m5mmak06, m5monmst, m5mpfc, m5mprio, m5neptun, m5nnww, m5oohaah,
m5oohrio, m5openbx05, m5overld, m5peepsh, m5piefac, m5piefcr,
m5ppussy, m5psyccl01, m5psycho, m5ptyani, m5qdrawb, m5qshot04,
m5ratpka, m5razdz10, m5redbal, m5redrcka, m5resfrg, m5revo13,
m5rfymc, m5rgclb12, m5rhrgt02, m5ritj, m5rollup, m5rollx, m5rthh,
m5rub, m5rwb, m5scharg, m5seven, m5shark, m5sheik, m5skulcl20,
m5sondra, m5speccl, m5spiker, m5spins, m5squids06, m5sstrk,
m5starcl, m5stars26, m5stax, m5supnov, m5supro, m5tbird, m5tempcl,
m5tempp, m5tempt2, m5tictacbwb, m5trail, m5ultimo04, m5upover,
m5vampup, m5vertgo, m5wking05, m5wonga, m5wthing20, m5xchn,

-ACESYS1: Added 6 layouts [John Parker]
* ac1clbmn, ac1gogld, ac1pster, ac1pstrt, ac1primt, ac1taklv

-SYSTEM80: Added 12 layouts [John Parker]
* j80bac, j80bounc, j80frogh, j80golds, j80hotln, j80myspn, j80nudg2,
j80rr j80supst j80supbk j80topsp, j80wsprt2

-Fruit machines: Update layouts with fixes/improvements [John Parker]
* Now correctly uses a coloured rect rather than PNG reference
* More compact terminators for innermost tags
* Removed redundant elements
* Added the new "MFME2MAME Debug" view
* j2: Changed to 16 segment display

-vector06: add software list and TODOs [MetalliC]

-Partially fixed SDL joysticks with same name. Fixes GitHub issue #1334
[Brad Hughes]

-naomi: Updated docs. [f205v, MetalliC]

-pc1512: Fixed keyboard reset behavior. [Curt Coder]

-electron: Added Acorn Plus 3 expansion as slot device (floppy support)
[Nigel Barnes]
* now uses RAM device instead of ROM_REGION
* added CSW cassette format
* pressing BREAK will now hold until released
* reset expansion devices on BREAK
* minor progress on M2501 device

-Added header checks to identify in uef_cas and csw_cas formats
[Nigel Barnes]

-bbc: Added Opus Challenger (floppy and ramdisc) device on 1mhz bus
[Nigel Barnes]
* moved joystick to analogue port slot device
* added Voltmace self-centering joysticks
* updated to use input merger device
* keyboard and joystick use ioport_array
* reset devices on BREAK

-bbcb: Moved FDC to slot device to support various controller boards
[Nigel Barnes]
* Acorn 8271 and 1770, supporting Acorn, Amcom, Watford DFS's
* Cumana QFS (8877a)
* Opus DDOS and EDOS (1770, 2793, 2791)
* Watford DDFS (1770 and 1772)
* Removed fake bbcb1770 machine

-bbcm: Replaced cassette LED with power LED in layout [Nigel Barnes]

-bbcmc: Added joyport slot device to Master Compact, defaulting to
joystick [Nigel Barnes]

-superqix: Various changes: [Lord Nightmare, Elgen]
* Added notes about the sqixb1 MCU code origin, and caveats
* Marked the sqixb1 MCU dump good for that specific set

-superqix: Various changes: [Lord Nightmare, Stefan Lindberg]
* Implemented AY-3-8910 mixing based on PCB tracing.
* Added notes about incorrect "SYSTEM" register bits
* Added notes about superqix versions, and PCB factory hacks/fixes for
coin lockout

-superqix: Documented the purpose of RAM chips on the PCB
[Lord Nightmare, Corrado Tomaselli]

-superqix: Added notes about lack of Taito game ID and PCB label for
pbillian; fixed ROM labels and locations [Lord Nightmare, ShouTime]

-superqix: Various changes: [Lord Nightmare]
* Improved driver notes for all sets
* Added some debugger access fences on read handlers.
* Got rid of various timer hacks for Z80<->MCU communication,
implemented MCU DDR registers, documented the hotsmash MCU code
functionality, made the AY port bits readback consistent, and
unified the machine configuration/memory map for both hotsmash and
* Implemented proper readback of Z80<->MCU semaphores for all sets
* Removed HOLD_LINE hack for NMI by implementing acknowledge register
* Changed sample playback engine sample rate from 5KHz to 3.96KHz (which
can be derived from the 12MHz master clock)
* Renamed sqixr1, sqix, and sqixb1 set long names to include versions.
* Replaced bootleg MCU code on sqix and sqixr1 sets with a dump created
from the sqixu MCU, based on the bootleg MCU code
* Cleaned up MCU semaphore implementation for sqix and clones, shuffled
the superqix machine configurations to make more sense

-atarist: Added correct ROM labels for the TOS 1.02 and 1.04 ROMs for the
MegaST [Lord Nightmare, techfury90]

-hiscore.dat: Various updates [Leezer]

-fmtowns: Switched off layer debug keys by default [Barry Rodewald]

-chessmst: Fixed HALT button. [Sandro Ronco]

-pc1512 Various improvements: [Curt Coder]
* Added joystick port to the keyboard.
* Added mouse port slot interface.
* Added a software list for hard disks, and a preinstalled HD20 image
to it

-nss: Revised and corrected hardware info. [Guru]

-fmtowns: Reduced logerror spam a bit. [Barry Rodewald]

-dirom banking fixes: [O. Galibert]
* Reject out-of-bounds bank numbers.
* Add a mandatory callback on bank change.

-okim6295: Directly use set_rom_bank. [O. Galibert]

-dimemory, dirom: Added some documentation. [O. Galibert]

-gba_lcd: Added missing check for BG2 enable flag in
draw_roz_bitmap_scanline() [Giuseppe Gorgoglione]

-gba_lcd: Refactored code [Giuseppe Gorgoglione]

-bagmanf: Improved graphics [Angelo Salese]

-gb: Fixed Mega Duck envelope and LFSR sound registers: [John Rieman]
* Determined that envelope/LFSR register nybbles are reversed relative
to Game Boy by comparing writes made by Mega Duck and Game Boy
versions of Snake Roy and Pile Wonder

-octopus: Various changes: [Barry Rodewald]
* Corrected CPU speeds, added Z80, added basic video output
* Added some more components, pass a few more tests
* Added more components, hooked up DIP switches; all systems
tests now pass
* Fixed floppy use, now attempts to boot from floppy; CP/M 86-80 Plus
and MS-DOS both now load to the command prompt
* Added keyboard
* Added PIT timer and speaker sound
* Made a start at switching between the 8088 and Z80 CPUs
* Fixed mapping of graphics PROM, now detected on boot
* Hooked up RTC to the PPI (hopefully more or less correctly)

-fidel6502: Hooked up EAS speech chip. Game still not playable. [hap]

-sms: Added more accurate FM Sound Unit behavior [Enik Land]

-photon2: Updated documentation based on schematics research. [Mick]

-Fixed GitHub issue #1364 (Straighten tilted crt-geom and
crt-geom-deluxe shaders) [tabbycat12]

-intelfsh: Added 16-bit hookup for the Sharp LH28F016S flash memory
[Luca Elia]

-apple2e: Made write-only soft-switches write-only [Peter Ferrie]

-combatsc: Fixed text tilemap char select enable and opacity in Combat
School [Angelo Salese]

-Added support for binding devices to controller IDs: [Tomer Verona]
* This allows for stable controller ids even if USB devices are plugged
or unplugged, system is rebooted, etc.

-Added id() property to input_device: [Tomer Verona]
* Adds an id() property representing unique device ID
* This allows the OSD layer to supply display name along with unique
* Currently only used to map a physical controller device to controller
ID, but can be used more generally in the future
* For raw input devices, device ID is full raw input name
* For all other devices, we fall back to device name as the device ID
* Device ID uniqueness is not currently enforced programmatically

-chessmst: Added layout with script [Sandro Ronco]

-Various OSD changes: [Brad Hughes]
* Converted OSD monitor info to modules, added DXGI implementation
* Converted the monitor information code from video.cpp in SDL and
Windows to modules

-tecmo: Added preliminary raster effects, improves ending screen in
Gemini Wing [Angelo Salese]

-rollrace: Various changes: [Angelo Salese]
* Converted foreground to tilemap system and fixed flip flags, fixing
service mode in rollace2 set
* Fixed a wrap-around regression

-cmi2x: Various changes: [Ryan Holtz]
* Fixed FDC DMA behavior
* Fixed channel card memory tests
* Fixed inverted data writes to I8214 PICUs
* Fixed 6809 interrupt vectoring

-ay8910: Implemented register readback masking for AY-3-8914 as used on
Intellivision [Lord Nightmare, Joe Zbiciak]

-6840ptm: Load the counter when held in reset [O. Galibert]

-mcd: Added incomplete Mitsumi ISA CDROM emulation [Carl]

-namcos10: Added on-the-fly decryption support for mrdrilr2
[Andreas Naive]

-freekick: Added flipscreen support to Gigas, Free Kick and Counter Run
[Angelo Salese]

-cps2: Use keys that can be programmed onto a CPS2 motherboard
[smf, Eduardo Cruz, Andreas Naive]

-Fixed compile for DirectWrite font provider and made it compile with
normal Windows build [Brad Hughes]

-ssriders: Fixed protection chip to use the work RAM buffer for
horizontal scrolling in collision detection routine (fixes collision
detection for players/enemies on slopes) [Angelo Salese]

-xbox: Added ability to select BIOSes 4134, 3944, 4034, and 4817
[Samuele Zannoli]

-chihiro: Added debugger command "chihiro threadlist" to list ready
threads except current one [Samuele Zannoli]

-taitosj: Added semaphore and command handshake flags to audio section,
and added proper handling of sound CPU NMI on sound command register/
semaphore writes and clears [Angelo Salese, Lord Nightmare]

-taitosj: Added note about an unemulated ay output filter effect
[Angelo Salese, Lord Nightmare]

-taitosj: Added "sound stop" bit emulation, which improves but does not
completely fix the spurious startup sound in Time Tunnel
[Angelo Salese, Lord Nightmare]

-taitosj: Various changes: [Lord Nightmare]
* Added XTALs for various clocks based on schematics, documented and
implemented AY-3-8910 output mixing
* Fixed some save state and initialization issues
* Fixed watchdog timing per schematics and re-enabled watchdog
* Cleaned up ROM labels/locations for the Elevator Action sets

-zn: Renamed ZN1/ZN2 BIOS ROMs based on the label (where known), renamed
the bios sets after the board, moved cat702 to files [smf, Guru]

-dec_lk201: Various changes: [Lord Nightmare]
* Additional key matrix documentation
* Documented the switch IDs for each key
* Fixed Setup(F3)->F3 and PF1->NumLock mapping
* Added 8051 version ROM, not used yet
* Added note about D13 contact being omitted from original schematic

-debugcmd: Various changes: [smf]
* Fixed trace command accessing a parameter beyond the list supplied
* Added an error message if an invalid boolean is provided
* Added functionality to allow boolean to be case-insensitive
* Added code to skip empty strings when parsing booleans

-saturn: Initial work towards debug command hookups [Angelo Salese]

-asterix: Added coin counter and lockout [Angelo Salese]

-sauro: Various changes: [Tafoid]
* Fixed up recent saurob submission
* Added documentation readme with locations from original dump
* Removed SP0256 entry as it did not exist on the bootleg
* Added unknown PROM unique to the bootleg

-Allow STRIP_SYMBOLS=1 and DEBUG=1 to be applied simultaneously [Tafoid]

-vt100: Added VT100-AC ROM set with intelligent STP board (not working,
needs one ROM redumped and 8085 STP CPU hooked up) [Lord Nightmare]

-wc90b: Fixed sprite priority bug with the ball being above the net in
Euro League / Tecmo World Cup '90 bootlegs [Angelo Salese]

-wc90b: Added IRQ acknowledge and second YM2203 sound chip to Euro
League, which adds piano keys to sound. [Angelo Salese]

-jangou: Fixed more Mahjong dips as per manuals [system11]

-vis: Added sound [Carl]

-mac: Replaced bad dump in macplus v2 ROM set with redump, and use split
ROMs for macplus, mac512ke, mac128k and mac512k, macclasc, macclas2
sets, with proper labels [Lord Nightmare]

-igs009: Redumped graphics ROM for Grand Prix '98 (V100K) [Guru]

-stv: Removed optional joystick control inputs from Virtual Mahjong
since this game only supports Mahjong panel but was defaulting to
Joystick [system11]

-Partial fix for MT06383: exporting is now also possible for the favorites
list, except if it has software in it [dankan1890]

-forte2: Updated comments on Forte 2 Pesadelo/Knightmare bootleg
[Felipe Sanches]

-galaxian: Fixed ROMs in Moon Alien Part 2 (older version) [MASH]

-galaga: Fixed palette in Battles (set 1) [MASH]

-Changed use of IPT_START to IPT_START1 in bartop52, guab, midyunit,
namcos22, sshot and turrett [MASH]

-apollo: eliminate logerror spam on unmapped ISA access
[Hans Ostermeyer]

-psx.xml: removed duplicates, fixed shortname consistency [Aeternal]
* Some images were identical but dumped with different offset

New machines added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Esselte 100 [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
TSI Speech+ [hap, Sean Riddle, Lord Nightmare]
Star Audition [Guru, Luca Elia]
Chess-Master Diamond [Sandro Ronco]
Tiger Ditto [hap, Sean Riddle]
A-One LSI Match Number/LJN Electronic Concentration [hap, Sean Riddle]
Coleco Head to Head Boxing [hap, Sean Riddle]
Tandy Championship Football (2 sets) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Poker (Electro-Sport) [MASH, Siftware]
Slap Shooter [ShouTime, Sean Sutton, Tourniquet, ranger_lennier, Jan Stuhler,
gamez fan, Paul Vining, Soren Skou Nielsen, Erick Dillon, Jason Wible,
Mr. Goodwraith, Renato Mucciarelli, The Dumping Union]
Fidelity Chesster Challenger [hap, yovan]

New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Apple //e Enhanced (France) [robcfg, R. Belmont]
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (rev PA2 10/18/91) [Bicycle Repairman]
NBA Jam Extreme (ver. 1.10I) [farzeno]
Chicken Draw (2131-04, U5-0) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Gemini Wing (bootleg) [Asayuki]
Pinguinos (Spanish bootleg of Pengo) [Asociacion A.R.C.A.D.E.]
Street Fighter (Japan, pneumatic buttons)
[ShouTime, Smitdogg, Jan Stuhler, Paul Thacker, Sean Sutton, The Dumping
Condor (S C Novar bootleg of Phoenix) [f205v]
Raiden Fighters (Great Britain) [Bytestorm]
Stratovox (set 2) [MASH]
Nibbler (rev ?) [MASH]
Phoenix (Amstar, set 2) [MASH]
Sauro (bootleg) [Guru, MASH]
Crush Roller (set 5) [MASH]
Jumping Cross (set 2) [MASH]
Ms. Pac-Man (bootleg, set 2) [Siftware, MASH]
Battles (set 2) [Siftware, MASH]
Rolling Crush (version 1.03.E - 1999/01/29) [system11]
Popeye (Japan, Sky Skipper hardware) [ShouTime]
Elevator Action (4 pcb version, 1.1) [caius, The Dumping Union]
Le Grandchamps [MASH]
Road Riot 4WD (04 Dec 1991) [Hammy, The Dumping Union]
Super Qix (World/Japan, V1.0) [Lord Nightmare]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
Alesis QS7 musical keyboard [Felipe Sanches]
Pop'n Stage (ver JB-A) [smf]
Regnecentralen Piccolo RC702 [Robbbert]
Siemens Simatic PG685 OUA11 [rfka01]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
Air Trix (original) [Andy Geezer]
Arbiter Discmate A-02 [Nigel Barnes]
Electronic Battleship (1977 version, model 4750A) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Chess-Master (set 2) [uncredited]
NASCAR Racing (original) [Dion]
Tecmo World Soccer '98 (JUET 980410 V1.000) [Hammy]
Virtua Fighter 3 (Revision D) [ShouTime]
VT100 w/VT1xx-AC STP [Lord Nightmare]

New WORKING software list additions
gamegear.xml: Cave Dude, (USA, prototype) [uncredited]
sms.xml: Sky Fighter (Samsung Gam*Boy) [uncredited]
sms.xml: Action Fighter (prototype), Captain Silver (prototype)
[SMS Power]
kim1_cass.xml: mchess [Dagarman]
ibm5150.xml: Karateka (Beta 1986-03-03) [Jason Scott, Jordan Mechner]
ibm5150.xml, ibm5170.xml: additions from various sources [Justin Kerk]
electron_flop.xml: added floppies [Nigel Barnes]
bbcb_flop: various software items [Nigel Barnes]
apple2.xml: Dungeon Master's Assistant, Genesis, Pigpen, Renegade
pce_tourvision.xml: Barunba, Power Tennis [system11]
x68k_flop.xml: additional clones [nekoziman]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
Mario Party-e card collection (U) [Shideravan]
Animal Crossing e-cards [Shideravan]
Domo-Kun Card-e collection [Shideravan]
NES e-card collection [Shideravan]