NovitÓ nella versione 0.159


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05498: [Crash/Freeze] (mpu4vid.c) Many sets in mpu4vid.c: Gameplay
stops at a "Serial Link Failure" screen (crazyc)
- 05538: [Crash/Freeze] (bfcobra.c) all sets in bfcobra.c: Game stops
on 1st screen, just keeps beeping like some kinda alert. (crazyc)
- 05838: [Misc.] (firetrk.c) Superbug: Color overlay missing (hap)
- 02004: [Crash/Freeze] (hornet.c) nbapbp: Hardware error (Fabio Priuli)
- 05841: [Misc.] (gunsmoke.c) gunsmoke, gunsmokej, gunsmokeu, gunsmokeua:
Dates of every version
- 05837: [Compiling] mame-0.158 - make: *** [chdman] Error 1
- 05835: [Misc.] MAME version number reports as in file
information (Firewave)

Source Changes
-m65ce02: Generalize Kale's findings [O. Galibert]

-jvs host: fix packet encoding, similar to previous [MetalliC]

-Updates to 315-5881 encryption based on Daytona2 Power Edition's
analysis [Andreas Naive]

-Some fixes for multimonitor fullscreen on linux and windows. In
virtualbox, even switchres now works for two monitors. That doesn't
imply it will work on real hardware. The probability is higher :-) On
windows, default render driver now is "opengl" since direct3d wouldn't
work reliably. This functionality currently is limited to to the
"-video accel" driver. More userspace blitting enhancements.

-Define network API to use on NetBSD.[Thomas Klausner]

-Fixes build on NetBSD. [Thomas Klausner]

-improved documentation of a some discrete drivers [gregf, Stiletto]

-silvmil.c: Fill in some dipswitches for Puzzlove and add dipswitch
locations. [Brian Troha]

-lindbergh: Add the CF card dump [soyandroid]

-naomi.c add Derby Owners Club IO board dump [Mr. CAST, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

-added makefile define CPP11 to compile C++ code as C++11
[Oliver Stöneberg]

-Fix compiling on SDL < 2.0.2 [announ]

-Emscripten target now uses SDL2. [Justin Kerk]

-mitchell.c: Correct rom names for the Pang / Buster Bros. sets.
[Bad A Billy, Smitdogg, Tormod, The Dumping Union]

-Patched timer over bug in Kozure Ookami. Remarked game as working
state, see source notes for further info. [Angelo Salese]

-Better performance for -verifyroms on samba share [qmc2]

-champbas.c, equites.c, shougi.c: rename the alpha-8xxx mcu dumps to
better reflect the actual chip labels and the fact that they are
HD44801 mcus. add the undumped alpha-8304 mcu as NO_DUMP
[Lord Nightmare]

-NAOMI doc corrections [f205v]

-scn2674: reworked for the pcd [Carl]

-m68k: emulate instruction cache for 68020/68EC020. [R. Belmont]

-bnstars.c: hook up player 2 inputs; remove hazeinputs; misc
cleanup/modernization [Alex Jackson]

-Make OpenGL renderer available in mainline build as well. This needs
to be explicitly enabled by specifying USE_OPENGL=1. More code
alignment. [Couriersud]

-i386.c: updates for the future and more [Samuele Zannoli]
* add infrastructure to support opcodes ?? 0f 38 ?? and ?? 0f 3a ??
* add placeholders in opcode table for all instructions not yet
* fix opcode group 0f 73
* add opcode group 66 0f 73
* move sse opcodes movd movdqa to their own routine
* move sse opcodes pinsrw pextrw to ther own routine
* add opcodes punpcklbw punpcklwd punpckldq punpcklqdq

-verified vaportra clocks [system11]

-Embed version information in OS X emulator binaries (shows in
Finder info, and in about boxes in windowed mode) [Vas Crabb]

-opwolf.c: added unknown dipswitch description from manual [mzdmommy]

-Debugger imrpovements [Vas Crabb]
* All: fix sorting, alignment and crash on click, and improve
performance in breakpoints/watchpoints views
* Win32/Qt/Cocoa: improve dynamic updating of menu items to
reflect available operations
* Win32/Qt/Cocoa: allow breakpoint control from any
disassembly view irrespective of focus
* Win32/Cocoa: add breakpoints/watchpoints windows
* Win32/Cocoa: remove global state to prepare for multi-
machine, clean up on exit, don't crash on hard reset
* Win32: port to C++, fix memory leaks and misc. bugs
* Cocoa: add device tree and detail windows
* Cocoa: improve rendering, mouse handling and performance

-Only evaluate sdl- and pkg-config commands once [Ramiro Polla]

-sdl: Add BASELIBS for MACOSX_USE_LIBSDL [mbcoguno]

-3rdparty/mongoose: Fix build on BSDs and Solaris [0-wiz-0]

-OS/2 patches for SDLMAME v0.158 [KO Myung-Hun]

-Added / enabled save state support for the following drivers [Osso]:
bestleag.c, bloodbro.c, buggychl.c, chaknpop.c, cyclemb.c, d9final.c,
darkmist.c, dcon.c, dreambal.c, exzisus.c, fastfred.c, fuukifg2, fuukifg3.c,
galpani2.c, gladiatr.c, gluck2.c, goodejan.c, gsword.c, iqblock.c, kaneko16.c,
limenko.c, lordgun.c, mastboy.c, mustache.c, panicr.c, pipeline.c, pirates.c,
progolf.c, quizo.c, quizpani.c, rabbit.c, raiden.c, retofinv.c, rollrace.c,
scotrsht.c, seicross.c, sengokmj.c, shadfrce.c, shootout.c, sidepckt.c,
skyarmy.c, skydiver.c, snowbros.c, supduck.c, taxidriv.c, tecmo.c, tecmo16.c,
tecmosys.c, tehkanwc.c, thedeep.c, tmmjprd.c, tnzs.c, toki.c, vball.c, wc90.c,
welltris.c, wink.c, wrally.c, wwfsstar.c, xorworld.c, xxmissio.c

-opwolf.c: added DIPLOCATIONs [Guru]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
PuzzLove [Manuel Assoni]
Player's Edge Plus (PS0090) Gold, Silver & Bronze Slots [BrianT]
Poke Champ (set 2) [system11]]
Super MIss World [system11]

New clones added
Ghost Squad (GDX-0012) [Ripper006]
Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ 2 (Rev F) (GDX-0006F) [Team Europe]
Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (US, 861202) [system11]
Turbo Out Run (Japan, deluxe cockpit, FD1094 317-0101)
[Charles MacDonald, ShouTime]
The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (server) (Rev E) [Ripper006]
The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (server) (Rev F) [Ripper006]
The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (server) (Rev G) [Ripper006]
The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (client) (Rev E) [Ripper006]
The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (client) (Rev F) [Ripper006]
The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (client) (Rev G) [Ripper006]
The Key Of Avalon 1.20 - Summon The New Monsters (server) (Rev A)
The Key Of Avalon 1.20 - Summon The New Monsters (client) (Rev A)
The Key Of Avalon 1.30 - Chaotic Sabbat (server) (Rev C) [Ripper006]
Gekitou Pro Yakyuu Mizushima Shinji All Stars vs. Pro Yakyuu (Rev B)
Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (Japan) (ARCADIA review build)
Super Spacefortress Macross II / Chou-Jikuu Yousai Macross II (GAMEST review build)
Ultra X Weapons / Ultra Keibitai (GAMEST review build) [ShouTime]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Vampire Night (VPN3 Ver. B) [Guru]
Super Rock and Bowl [Bad A Billy, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]