NovitÓ nella versione 0.149


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04420: [Crash/Freeze] (crystal.c) crysbios, donghaer, officeye, topbladv:
[debug] Crash after OK (Robbbert)
- 04839: [Crash/Freeze] (pluto5.c) hb_dacz: Crash after OK (Robbbert)
- 04836: [Crash/Freeze] (mpu5.c) Many sets in mpu5.c: Crash after OK (Robbbert)
- 05205: [Crash/Freeze] (bwidow.c) bwidow: After last life the game
crashes (MooglyGuy)
- 05013: [Crash/Freeze] (vegas.c) sf2049: Integer Divide By Zero (Firewave)
- 05201: [Crash/Freeze] mhavoc, starwars and clones: Various vector
games will crash/freeze in MAME (MooglyGuy)
- 05199: [Documentation] (ddenlovr.c) ultrchmph: The correct description
is "Cheng Ba Shi Jie - Chao Shi Kong Guan Jun" and the region is Taiwan
instead Hong Kong. (Fujix)
- 05198: [Sound] (galdrvr.c) explorer: No sound and effect (hap)
- 05197: [Graphics] (armedf.c) cclimbr2: Missing blinking white dot (hap)

Source Changes
-Added NVRAMs for devices in software item named folder
[Miodrag Milanovic]

-Changed keycus into a device and moved it into it's own file, only 3
parameters are saved instead of 64k. Changed I/O to 16 bits & uses
memory maps instead of installing at runtime. Simplified digital
player 3 inputs that are hooked up to dac inputs. [smf]

-diserial: Added methods for clocking the receiver/transmitter outside
of the timers. [Curt Coder]

-Removes more MAME anonymous timers. [Andrew Gardner]

-Added DIP switch location to Namco System 11 & 12, also removed unused
test dip switches. [smf]

-HLSL changes: [MooglyGuy]
* Upped vertex buffer size to 64k verts, fixes assert in starwars and
alphaone, please include the printed error message in any
subsequent encounterings of the assert.
* Improved vector rendering (beam width 1.5 suggested)
* Ducked raster bloom default to 0.225 to reduce washout

-i386dasm.c [Peter Ferrie]
* fix improper signed display in some opcode parameters

-Register the device post load after the devices are started, in case
starting the device causes something (like sound_stream) to register
it's own post load [smf]

-audit.c: Fixed software list chd verification. [qmc2]

-mazerbla.c: add notes about the game pcbs [Lord Nightmare, Quarterarcade]

-replace first rom of Ambush with a fresh dump, marked the old set as
likely hacked [Ricky2001 (from AUMAP)]

-zn.c: added YMZ280 sound emulation to hvnsgate [smf, hap]

-m6800: Resolved out_sc2_func for M6808/HD6301/HD63701 variants.
[Curt Coder]

-ksys573: Externalize the digital board [O. Galibert]

-Added a check for a bus error when fetching an instruction, the bus
error condition is cleared before the fetch so bus errors in the
debugger don't cause an exception to be triggered. [smf]

-m6502: Redo the prefetch and reset the state on debugger PC change
[O. Galibert]

-savquest.c: added HASP emulator; marked BIOS as bad dump because it's
incomplete [Peter Ferrie]

-z80dart: Merged in uPD7201 and modernized the interface. [Curt Coder]

-emuopts.c: Added a new option -statename which allows to specify the
location of state saving, relative to -state_directory (whose usage
remains unchanged). Syntax is basically the same as snapname, allowing
for the / character as path separator, %g as the driver name, and
%d_[media] as the image name mounted in the "media" device.

For example, using -statename foo/%g when running "mame wrally" will
store save states into the folder sta/foo/wrally/ ; using -statename
%g/%d_cart when running "mess nes -cart smb" will store save states
into the folder sta/nes/smb/ ; using -statename %g/%d_cdrm when
running "mess pce -cart cdsys -cdrm draculax" will store save states
into sta/pce/draculax/ Specifying a media switch which is not
available (e.g. %d_cdrm in a c64) or a media switch where no image is
mounted (e.g. %d_cdrm in pce while playing a hucard game) will revert
the option to its default value %g and save states will be stored in
sta/*gamename*/ as in previous versions. [Fabio Priuli]

-msm5205.c: modernized the device. [Fabio Priuli]

-Added ds2401 rom loading to digital i/o board, rather than specifying
it in each game. Fixes Mambo A Go-Go booting. [smf]

-snes_snd: modernized the SNES sound device [Fabio Priuli]

-tms6100: modernized theTMS6100 and M58819 devices. [Osso]

-Moved default card config, device inputs and clock off the slot
interface so they can be specified for all cards [smf]

-Added support for machine config fragments that are applied when the
cart is loaded, converted NCR 53C7xx to devcb2 as an example [smf]

-Converted NCR5380N to devcb2 [smf]

-Converted NCR5390 to devcb2 & use MCFG_DEVICE_CLOCK to set SCSI chip
clock [smf]

-pcshare: make all the common pc hardware in various pc based drivers
inherit from pcat_base_state [Carl]

-Adds the Image menu to the QT debugger's main window. This allows the
user to mount disk/c images from the UI. [Andrew Gardner]

-uiimage.c: when creating a new file from the File Manager, require the
user to enter an extension too [Fabio Priuli]

-modernized the RP5H01 device [Osso]

-Converted the Konami System 573 Security Cassettes to use slots. The
current setting is no longer saved, so the default cassette is "game".
Some games have additional I/O connected via the security cassette,
which is now hooked up when the cassette is loaded instead of patched
directly into the memory map. If the game has a separate "install"
cassette then you need to select this and hard reset (shift+F3 or
select reset from the slot menu) before it will let you install from
the CD. [smf]

-modernized the MB14241 and MathBox devices. [Osso]

-inpttype.h: Use O1 instead of O0 on the critical function
[Hans Ostermeyer]

-Fixed clipping of device address maps if the size of the map caused
the end address to wrap. Added a proof of concept implementation of a
address map bank device, which allows you to bank memory maps. Hooked
it up to Taito GNET as an example [smf]

-Finished converting Taito GNET to use address maps instead of
installing at run time [smf]

-Modernized the geebee and warpwarp sound devices [Osso]

-finished modernizing gp9001 [smf]

-modernized the MM58274C RTC device. [Fabio Priuli]

-Allow AM_NOP in device address maps, there may be others that should
be allowed. [smf]

-Created a PCCARD slot and Linear Flash Card for System 573. Uses
bankdev.c for banking the onboard flash chips and the pccard slots.
This adds an extra two calls to the memory system & intelfsh.c already
called the memory system for accessing the data. [smf]

-Split rf5c296 and ata flash functionality from taitogn.c into their
own devices. The pccard slot has had to revert to use memory handlers
instead of device maps for the moment [smf]

-modernized Kaneko Pandora device. [Osso]

-modernized the TMS9927 device [Fabio Priuli]

-Modernized the PIT8253 device. [Fabio Priuli]

-modernized speaker device. [Fabio Priuli]

-modernized Taito I/O devices. [Osso]

-Roms renamed for set gtmrusa to match actual labels. [Porchy]

-Started to split ide hd from ide controller [smf]

-firebeat: split midi keyboard to separate device [Carl]

-Modernized Flower sound device. [Osso]

-Added better .ini defaults for HLSL, and hooked up bloom sliders. [MooglyGuy]

-Added macros for read/write delegates. [Curt Coder]

-QT Debugger: WIP for a new breakpoints window. [Andrew Gardner]

-Modernized nmk112 device. [Osso]

-Modernized Namco I/O devices (56xx, 58xx, 59xx) [Osso, Fabio Priuli]

-naomi video: Pretend-modernize the powervr2 [O. Galibert]

-powervr2: Some register groups are obviously 32 bits, so make them so [O. Galibert]

-naomi: Better IRQ isolation [O. Galibert]

-naomig1: Make the dma cpu-independant [O. Galibert]

-First pass at tidying up ide interface. It no longer tries to force
everything to act as a PC. A copy of the VIA VT83C461 datasheet would
be useful to remove some of the hacks added to make the games using it
work again. [smf]

-Modernize adc1038 and adc12138 devices. [Osso]

-Added USE_SIMD flag to RSP headers and began converting some opcodes
to use SSE* intrinsics. Current plan is to target SSSE3-capable
hardware (Core2 and up), with the resulting speedup theorized to be on
the order of 5-10x when conversion is complete, though this applies
only to situations where the emulation is heavily bottlenecked by the
RSP. [MooglyGuy]

-nmk16.c: raphero sound improvements [trap15]

-Added SIMD code for the rest of the RSP vector load instructions [MooglyGuy]

-Improved Dragon World II protection routines [iq_132]

-Verified pacuman gfx roms [elnaib and Santy14]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Top XXI (Version 1.2) [Roberto Fresca, ANY]
Attack Force [Piero Andreini]

New clones added
Commando Bootleg 2 [Kevin Eshbach]
Cresta Mundo (Laguna S.A. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg) [Roselson (from AUMAP)]
WWF: Wrestlemania (rev 1.1 07/11/95) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Scramble (Reben S.A. Spanish bootleg) [Roselson (from Aumap)]
Sky Soldiers (bootleg) [ANY]
Galaxian (bootleg, set 2) [ANY]
Nudge Double Up (JPM SRU) [jameswal]
Unknown SRU Game [jameswal]
Borderline (Tranquilizer Gun conversion)
[Ricky2001 (from AUMAP)] (not working, bad ROM)
Mysterious Stones - Dr. Kick in Adventure (Itisa PCB)
[Ricky2001 (from AUMAP)]
Aerolitos (Spanish bootleg of Asteroids) [Basilio García]
Satan of Saturn (Inder S.A., bootleg) [Basilio García]
Suzuka 8 Hours 2 (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
TeddyBoy Blues (Old Ver. bootleg) [any]
Car Action (set 2) [any]
Space Chaser (set 4) [any]
Mission Craft (version 2.7) [Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]
Crazy Climber (Spanish, Operamatic bootleg) [Basilio García]
Impacto (Billport S.A., Spanish bootleg of Scramble) [Basilio Garcia]
Scramble (Petaco S.A., Spanish bootleg) [Basilio Garcia]
Ave Fenix (Spanish bootleg of Phoenix) [Basilio García]
Pajaro del Espacio (Spanish bootleg of UniWar S) [Basilio García]
Battle Zone (bootleg of Mayday) [Basilio García]
Air Inferno (Japan) [Shoutime]
Crisis Zone (CSZO4 Ver. A)
[Tormod, BrianT, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Crisis Zone (CSZO3 Ver. B, set 2)
[Tormod, BrianT, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
ThunderJaws (rev 3) [Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]
Contra (Japan, set 2) [Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]
18 Challenge Pro Golf [Tormod, The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Music Ball [AUMAP]
Guttang Gottong (bootleg on Galaxian type hardware) [Basilio García]
Reel Good Time (Rebuild) (EPOCH) (Version 1.0) [Dr Slots/MPU Mecca]
Treasure Hunt (Global) (EPOCH) (Version 1.6) [Dr Slots/MPU Mecca]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03642: [DIP/Input] (cps1.c) 1941: Difficulty dipswitch has wrong values in
tab menu (Sonikos)
- 00012: [DIP/Input] (dooyong.c) lastday: [possible] Coin input in the test
mode. (Sonikos)
- 01797: [DIP/Input] (tank8.c) tank8: Game time DIP settings incorrect (Sonikos)
- 02117: [DIP/Input] (dooyong.c) superx: [possible] Service mode DIP switch has
no effect. (Sonikos)
- 03388: [DIP/Input] (atarisy1.c) roadrunn and clones: Input (Button) labels
not logical (Sonikos)
- 04196: [DIP/Input] (leland.c) offroadt2p: [possible] Inputs for 3 players
when it's a 2-player only game (Sonikos)
- 05119: [DIP/Input] (kaneko16.c) bloodwar oedfight: DIP switch for attract
sound is inverted (Sonikos)
- 05120: [DIP/Input] (namcos1.c) bakutotu: misplaced DIPs (Sonikos)
- 05194: [Graphics] (tx1.c) buggyboy, tx1: Screen 1 and 2 freezes (Phil Bennett)
- 04851: [Crash/Freeze] (pcxt.c) filetto: Can't boot (crazyc)
- 05190: [Crash/Freeze] (gomoku.c) gomoku: Crashed after ROM/RAM test (hap)
- 05189: [Sound] (attckufo.c) attckufo: No sound (hap)

Source Changes
-Adds the QSound internal DSP ROM to the device. [Andrew Gardner]

-remove garbage in unused bits of 4 bit mathbox proms [Andrew Welburn]

-Don't set E flag if the result rounds up to 2, just limit the result. [smf]

-clifront.c: allow -romident to properly handle zipfiles inside a
directory [Fabio Priuli]

-Metadata updates for Naomi and Triforce [f205v]

-PSX bios rom memory map is now handled by the CPU core as the size is
controlled by an internal register. Simplified System 12 protection
hack so that it doesn't involve remapping the bios rom area, which
also allows the default value for ram to be removed. [smf].

-Redump Chocovader 0.8e rom [Smitdogg]

-nbbatman2bl - replace bad dumps of gfx roms [Smitdogg]

-silkroad - replaced bad rom, removed init hack [Brian Troha, Smitdogg,
The Dumping Union]

-Autoboot command support added [Ben Geeves,Miodrag Milanovic]

-Added proper sized maincpu rom for World Tennis from recent dump and
updated labels. [any, Tafoid]

-Added and verified DIP locations for all sets in travrusa.c [Tafoid]

-8042kbdc: fix uninitialized variable [Peter Ferrie]

-finished modernizing timekeeper [smf]

-LUA 5.2.2 added to libraries, did basic hookup of LUA VM into [Miodrag Milanovic]
running machine added -script (or -autoboot_script) command to
execute LUA script after driver startup

-modernised adc083x, ds2401, upd4701 [smf]

-Adds memory tracking to debugger. This includes two new commands:
trackmem and pcatmem(p|d|i). [Andrew Gardner]

-Fixes left-click selection bug in the memory window. [Andrew Gardner]

-finished modernizing at28c16 [smf]

-Added and verified DIP locations for all sets in rallyx.c [Tafoid]

-modernised YMZ280B,YMF271,YM2610,YM2608,YM2203,AY8910,YM2612/YM3438 [smf]

-flstory.c: Corrected a couple of dipswitch names for Rumba Lumber and
change clocks to be XTAL based. [Brian Troha]

-modernised the YM3526, which also required adding write lines to the
6502, 6809 and z80 [smf]

-modernised Y8950,YMF262,YM3812,YM2413,YMF278B [smf]

-Re-dumped Sport Fishing 2 (JPN) & Sport Fishing 2 (EXP) [f205v]

-Crystals Colours improvements: [Roberto Fresca]

* Decrypted the tile matrix / video RAM.
* Wrote proper memory map and inputs from the scratch.
* Bypassed the program data channels protection.
* Decrypted the colors / color RAM.
* Added button-lamps support.
* Created a default NVRAM.
* Promoted to working state.
* Added technical and encryption notes...

-Snooker 10 improvements: [Roberto Fresca]

* Fixed NVRAM size.
* Added default NVRAM.

-Apple 10 improvements: [Roberto Fresca]

* Fixed NVRAM size.
* Added default NVRAM.

-Ten Balls improvements: [Roberto Fresca]

* Fixed NVRAM size.
* Added default NVRAM.

-modernised CDDA & discard buffered samples when starting to play to
avoid audio glitches and timing issues. [smf]

-Adds statesave (ss) & stateload (sl) commands to the debugger.
[Andrew Gardner]

-modernised TMS5220 [smf]

-nexus3d.c - replace dumps with 'better' ones [Smitdogg]

-Eliminate some of MAME's anonymous timers. [Andrew Gardner]

-itisa - the game was made by Itisa, there is an undumped Spanish original [AUMAP]

-started to modernise TMS5110 [smf]

-pcxt.c: Fix Filetto [Carl]

-fuukifg2.c - Increased Z80 clock to 6MHz. Fixes gogomile intro music
and speech [Phil Bennett]

-fruitpc: add inputs [Carl, R.Belmont]

-Various CD-ROM / CHDMAN improvements: [R. Belmont]
* Correct import/export of bin/cue images in which the pregap sectors
are present.
* Normalized TOC handling; the start of a track is always the first
pregap sector.
* Finally allows reading and CDDA playing pregap sectors. Works even
if the pregap sectors are not present in the file.

-Changed "Gear Shift" to LOW by default for contcirc, chasehq, sci and
topspeed [MASH]

-sspeedr.c: added generic Gear Shift artwork [MASH]

-Improvements to Golden Poker driver: [Roberto Fresca]
* Proper inputs for Videotron Poker selector.
* Figured out the Royale multiplexer system.
* Removed the unused Royale driver init.
* Both Royale sets promoted to working.
* Added technical notes.

-"And he did give them CRT bloom, and it scorched their eyes so; and they wept
openly, for there was nothing left to see with" [MooglyGuy]
* Enabled vector bloom and associated .ini controls
* Added raster bloom and associated .ini controls, each bloom "level" is the
linear weight of successively half-sized render targets
* Removed D3D8 mode
* Mass renaming in D3D renderer to use namespaces, initial planning step to
HAL-based renderer implementation on Windows (i.e., GL on Windows)
* Converted d3d_info, d3d_poly_info, and d3d_texture_info into classes
* Added batching of vectors for possible speed increase
* Minor cleanup of shader state setting

-capcom.c: added missing SHA1s to some pinball sets [John Gilbert]

-libflac: improve portability for older versions of Xcode [John Gilbert]

-input/DIP bugs fixed in several drivers [Sonikos]

PGM improvements [iq132]
- Implemented the bitswap protection for Killing Blade allowing all regions
to work.
- Implemented additional protection required by Dragon World 3, the game is
not any further along, but it is much cleaner code.
- Implemented bitswap protection and several DMA modes for olds. The ram_dump
hack is no longer required. The protection simulation is still somewhat

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mundial/Mondial (Italian/French) [Roberto Fresca, f205v]
Let's Attack Crazy Cross (GV027 Asia 1.10)
[Tom Braider, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Crystals Colours (Ver 1.01) [Roberto Fresca, Any]
Stunt Air [f205v, Tirino73, David Haywood]
(imperfect gfx, sound, colours, need PCB measurements)
Royale (set 1) [Roberto Fresca]
Royale (set 2) [Roberto Fresca]
Videotron Poker (cards selector) [Roberto Fresca, Any]
Videotron Poker (normal controls) [Roberto Fresca, Any]
Fruit Land [Carl, R. Belmont, Any]

New clones added

Crush Roller (bootleg set 3) [ANY]
Altered Beast (Datsu bootleg) [ANY] (not working)
The Next Space (set 2) [ANY]
Traverse USA (I.P. - American Top Bootleg) [ANY]
Vastar (set 4) [ANY]
Crazy Climber (Model Racing bootleg) [ANY]
Rally X (Model Racing bootleg [ANY]
Lunar Rescue (Model Racing bootleg) set 2 [ANY]
Power Spikes (US) [ANY]
Gals Panic II (English) [ANY] (uncertain set composition) (not working)
Pang (bootleg, set 4) [ANY]
Final Fight (bootleg) [ANY]
Magic's 10 (ver. 16.54) [ANY]
New Lucky 8 Lines (set 4, W-4) [Roberto Fresca, ANY]
New Lucky 8 Lines (set 5, W-4, main 40%, d-up 60%) [Roberto Fresca, ANY]
New Lucky 8 Lines (set 6, W-4, main 40%, d-up 60%) [Roberto Fresca, ANY]
Jack Potten's Poker (set 7, Royale GFX) [Roberto Fresca, ANY]
Atom (bootleg of Bombjack Twin) [f205v] (not working)
Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp (Euro v3.17) [italiandoh]
Indiana Jones (JPM) (IMPACT, German set 2) [mathijs/MPU Mecca]
Indian Battle (Brazil) [Marcello Mancini]
Raiden Fighters (Single Board) [Smitdogg, Tormod, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Guardian Storm (vertical) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Red Fox War Planes II (China, set 2) [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
MotoTour / Zippy Race (Tecfri license) [Ricky2001 (from AUMAP)]
Puck Man (Spanish, 'Made in Greece' bootleg) [F.J.Jimenez (Gijon)]
Ms. Pac-Man ('Made in Greece' bootleg) [Ricky2001 (from AUMAP)]
Pacuman (Spanish bootleg of Puck Man) [Roselson (from AUMAP)]
Moon Cresta (Electrogame S.A. Spanish bootleg) [Roselson (from AUMAP)]
Moon Cresta (Petaco S.A. Spanish bootleg) [Ricky2001 (from AUMAP)]
Galaxian (Recreativos Franco S.A. Spanish bootleg) [Roselson (from AUMAP)]
Phoenix (Spanish bootleg) [Enricnes (from AUMAP)]
Ataque Sideral (Spanish bootleg of UniWar S) [Ricky2001 (from AUMAP)]
Bomb Jack (Tecfri, Spain) [F.J.Jimenez (Gijon)]
Le Bagnard (Itisa, Spain) [Asociación de Usuarios de Máquinas Arcade y Pinballs]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Bonne Chance! (Golden Poker prequel hardware) [Roberto Fresca, Any]
Time Fighter (Time Pilot conversion on Galaxian hardware) [Marcello Mancini, the hands of the hap]
Sea Battle [ANY]
Midcoin Juke Box 24CD [f205v]
The Drink [Any]
Unknown H8 Italian Gambling game [Any]
Kono Tako [Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

Source Changes
-tms5110r.c: Verified TMS5200 LPC rom as correct from decap.
[digshadow, Lord Nightmare]

-tms5110r.c: Corrected and verified TMS5100 LPC table against the
decap. [digshadow, Lord Nightmare]

-tms5220.c: updated many comments, changed a variable name, and made
some minor fixes to the 'circuit 412' to better reflect the patent.
[Lord Nightmare]

-m6502: Undocumented instruction 0x80 is a 2-byte nop, not a 1-byte one
[O. Galibert]

-SDL: Fix symlink handling by internal file manager. [qmc2]

-naomi: Redumped GD-ROMs for cvs2gd, senkoo, and ss2005. [f205v]

-braveff: Added dump of mask ROMs [Guru, R. Belmont]

-netlist.h: Fix for GCC prior to 4.3 [Federico Schwindt]

-naomi: GD-ROM redumps for confmiss, sprtjam, vstrik3, dygolf [f205v]

-Adds simple_set data structure and hooked it up to the debugger
comment system. [Andrew Gardner]

-naomi: Redumped mok, shaktamb, vtennis2, ngdup23a, vf4evo, initdexp,
initdv3j, senkosp and initdv3e. [f205v]

-hikaru: Redumped bad ROMs in braveff and sgnascar as per the test mode
checksum tables. [Guru]

-suna16.c: Added board documentation, added PCB layouts for both styles
of Back Street Soccer and Ultra Balloon. Added dipswitch locations to
Back Street Soccer, Ultra Balloon and Best of Best. Changed CPU clocks
to actual OSC based timing. [Brian Troha]

-tms5220.c: Based on decap analysis, both the TMS5220 and TMS5220C use
identical LPC tables; get rid of the unnecessary extra table.
[Lord Nightmare, digshadow]

-PSX GTE: Improved FLAG calculation in NCDS, CDP, NCDT, NCCS, CC, NCS,
NCT & NCCT by checking for overflow after each addition. [smf]

-Detailed differences in Fighting Golf (US) from parent based on
observation and "SNK Program Update" notice which was found which
includes a DIPSWITCH change. [Tafoid, Shane Chaneman]

-primrag2: PCB readme shows 8MB RAM, make it so. [R. Belmont]

-fixed MVMVA flag calculation & replicate the bugs when mx is set to 3
or cv is set to 2. [smf]

-esripsys.c - Fix regression caused by cycle-exact 6809 core
[Phil Bennett]

-PSX GTE: fixed RTPS flags and calculation [smf]

-QT Debugger: Adds trackpc command, allowing for a visual display of
where the program counter has visited in the dasm windows. Run "help
trackpc" in the debugger to see the options. [Andrew Gardner]

-PSX GTE: fixed RTPT flags calculation & added a new divide implementation that
uses a much smaller table [smf]

-Partial support for 1f801060 for setting the RAM size, if the size is
set larger than the actual memory then RAM is repeated. As a result
the RAM is no longer included in the drivers memory map, you have to
specify the size in the machine. [smf]

-Fruit: fix VGA BIOS mirror, RAM amount, and HDD writability
[Carl, R. Belmont]

-superchs.c: Corrected main CPU clock, corrected some rom labels. Added
plds to the Super Chase - Criminal Termination sets. [Porchy,
Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

-6850acia.c: Improved DCD signal handling. [Wilbert Pol]

-arcadia.c: Added the SEC-SCPA pal dump used on Magic Johnson's Fast
Break and Leader Board. [Kevin Eshbach]

-PSX CPU creates a ram device, this has exposed a problem with not
removing the child devices from the hash map when removing replacing
devices. At the moment I have changed device.c so that when any device
is removed the hash maps are reset. [smf]

-segas18.c: added ddcrewj 317-0185 decryption key
[Porchy, Charles MacDonald]

-QT Debugger: Now saves all settings for all open windows - including
docks in the main debug window. Also fixes bug where closing the main
window with the X in the corner didn't save settings properly.
[Andrew Gardner]

-taitotz.c: added romdumps from pwrshovl additional I/O PCB [Tormod]

-iteagle: Updated documentation [Guru, Brian Troha]

-OS X: Support for both OS X native and Unix-style multiuser installs.
[R. Belmont, Nick Boos]

-iteagle: add 1.02 bootrom, FPGA config ROMs, and PALs. [Brian Troha]

-SDL: Don't double-shutdown the font cache on *IX when exiting with the
debugger enabled. [R. Belmont]

-pacman.c: Verified original puckman roms and made that set the parent.
[Andy Welburn]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Spooky Night 2nd Edition (Version 2.0.4) [Sara S.]
Spooky Night (Version 1.0.1) [Sara S.]
Good Luck II [Roberto Fresca, f205v]

New clones added
Wing Shooting Championship V1.00 [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
D. D. Crew (Japan, 4 Players, FD1094 317-0185)
[Porchy, The Dumping Union]
Se Gye Hweng Dan Ultra Champion (Hong Kong)
[Brian Troha, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Back Street Soccer (larger ROMs)
[Brian Troha, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Knuckle Heads (Japan, Prototype?) [Arzeno Fabrice, The Dumping Union]
Oriental Legend Special / Xi You Shi E Zhuan Super (ver. 103, China, Tencent) (unprotected)
DoDonPachi II - Bee Storm (various sets)
[Mr. CAST, Smitdogg, Tormod, The Dumping Union]
Super Chase - Criminal Termination (World) [Porchy, The Dumping Union]
Arkanoid Returns (Ver 2.02O 1997/02/10)
[Sonic, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Ball Boy [The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
GTI Poker? (SMS hardware) [Kevin Eshbach, Roberto Fresca]
Shakatto Tambourine 2K1 SPR (GDR-0013)
[gamerfan, CaH4e3, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, R. Belmont]
Fruit [Any, R. Belmont]
Pinball 2000: Star Wars Episode 1 [R. Belmont, José Renato Castro Milanez]
Pinball 2000: Revenge From Mars (rev. 1) [R. Belmont, José Renato Castro Milanez]
Pinball 2000: Revenge From Mars (rev. 2) [José Renato Castro Milanez]
Golden Tee Fore! 2004 [R. Belmont, Brian Troha, uncletom]
Golden Tee Fore! 2005 [R. Belmont, Brian Troha, uncletom]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03873: [Misc.] (megaplay.c and megatech.c): Individual games
incorrectly writing an NVRAM file. (Fabio Priuli)
- 05139: [Color Palette): ryorioh: Wrong Colors (Angelo Salese)
- 05179: [Interface] -burnin option not functioning (Fabio Priuli)

Source Changes
-QT Debugger fixes:
* New memory windows start focused on the active CPU.
* Opening a utility window, closing it, and stepping no longer
re-opens the window. [Andrew Gardner]

-shangha3.c: Added dipswitch locations to Shanghai III, Hebereke no
Ponpoon and Blocken. [Brian Troha]

-m6502: Seriously untested multi-dispatch-table support [O. Galibert]

-coolridr: work around miscompile on newer versions of Clang
[Phil Bennett]

-Modernized k053260 device. [Andrew Gardner]

-M740 CPU family updates: [R. Belmont, O. Galibert]
* Support for all T=1 instructions
* Added COM and the accumulator-only versions of INC and DEC

-namcos2: Use the correct C68 (M37450) I/O MCU for Steel Gunner 2.
[R. Belmont, Guru, Charles MacDonald]

-aristmk4.c: [Heihachi73]
* Added Caribbean Gold (working), cleaned up comments and EPROM part
numbers for a handful of games. Caribbean Gold needs some trivial
input changes, as currently it has a logic door error on boot, however
if you hit the coin input the error goes away and allows you to key in
to perform a memory reset and finally coin up.

* Also, Caribbean Gold 2 [cgold2] now has passable graphics, by using
two of cgold's graphics ROMs (cgold u8 and u9 -> cgold2 u20 and u45)
the game is now playable instead of a garbled mess (there are only a
few tiles which differ between both games).

* Promoted Caribbean Gold II and Fortune Hunter (and clone) to working -
these had been working ever since eforest and arcwins were promoted
but the flags were never removed.

-Add support for Mitsubishi M50740/50741 MCUs. [R. Belmont]

-exidy.c: fixed an out-of-range access spot by gcc-4.9. [Juergen

-beezer.c: fixed an out-of-range access spot by gcc-4.9.
[Juergen Buchmueller]

-Expanded device_t constructor with parameters for short name and
source file location [Miodrag Milanovic]

-spu: add cdda interrupts [Carl]

-sf2m3, sf2m8 - fixed remaining gfx issues, marked as WORKING.

-improved sf2m1, dinopic, dinopic2, punipic, punipic2, punipic3

-shangha3.c: Corrected clock speed for Shanghai 3 and added misc
documentation. [Brian Troha]

-Treat x & y coordinates as 11 bit signed, Ridge Racer Revolution
loading game sets unused bits. [smf]

-M740: correct disassembly of bbs/bbc on A register. [R. Belmont]

-tms5220.c: Added correct tms5200 chirp rom derived from decap; This is
now correctly used for 5200, 5220 and 5220c, improving the voice quality
[digshadow, Sarayan, Lord Nightmare]

-M740: Correct disassembly for seb x,A/clb x,A [R. Belmont]

-Treat x & y coordinates as 11 bit signed on dots, lines & rectangles.
This fixes sprites in Zaynac X Zaynac (fc version) in MESS [smf]

-QT Debugger: The memory view chunk size radio now reports proper
sizes. Fixed "ignore" command reporting incorrect invalid CPUs. Fixed
crazy code responsible for opcodes' crc32s in the comments system
(what was I thinking back then?). [Andrew Gardner]

-315_5124.c: Small improvements to the palettes. [Enik Land]

-i960: Add cvtilr needed by Zero Gunner. [R. Belmont]

-tms5220.c: Extremely minor fix for Speak External based on the 5220c
and 5200 decaps, and some small documentation updates.
[Lord Nightmare, digshadow]

-gaplus.c: Corrected some issues between Galaga 3 & Gaplus sets.
[Brian Troha]

-Reduced time before dma interrupt is fired, as it stops incorrect
textures being displayed in a few games and the pse bios v2.2. [smf]

-psxgpu_device::update_screen clears the border area. [smf]

-fixed GTE A1/A1/A3 flag calculation when the result exceeds the
maximum bounds. GPF & DPCT work with all values of sf & lm [smf]

-namcos23: Update hardware readme [Guru]

-drawd3d.c - Fixes performance issues with YIQ enabled and
prescale_x/prescale_y changes no longer impacts colors.
[Just Desserts, Robert Tuccitto]

-Fixed GTE GPL & DCPL opcodes by porting over some changes from an old
tree [smf]

-Added default NVRAM to royalcrdp, allowing to boot the game, and
promoted to working state. [Peter Ferrie]

-Added default NVRAM to magicrd2b and magicrd2c, allowing to boot both
games, and promoted to working state. [Peter Ferrie, Roberto Fresca]

-TMS5100 and 5200 series: document the decapping and verification of
chirp tables for the tms5100, tms5200, tms5220, and tms5220c.
The LPC tables are not verified yet. [digshadow, Lord Nightmare]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Bases Loaded (Prototype, PlayChoice-10) [Lost Levels]
Sex Appeal (Version 6.02) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Caribbean Gold (3VXEC449, USA) [Heihachi73]
Caribbean Gold II (3XF5182H04, USA) [Heihachi73]
Fortune Hunter (2XF5196I01, USA) [Heihachi73]
Fortune Hunter (2XF5196I02, USA) [Heihachi73]
Magic Card II (green TAB or Impera board) [Peter Ferrie, Roberto Fresca]
Magic Card II (blue TAB board, encrypted) [Peter Ferrie, Roberto Fresca]
Royal Card v2.0 Professional [Peter Ferrie]

New clones added
Virus (Dr. Mario prototype, PlayChoice-10) [Lost Levels]
Hit The Six (Project) (set 3) [launton]
(U.S.) Games V18.5 [Bad A Billy, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Magic Johnson's Fast Break (Arcadia, V 2.7)
[Kevin Eshbach, The Dumping Union]
Hang-On (older?) [cmonkey]
Daytona USA Special Edition (Japan, Revision A) [Ordyne]
Daytona USA (Japan, Turbo hack, set 2) [Any, The Dumping Union]
Gaplus (GP2) [Any, The Dumping Union]
Side by Side (Ver 2.7 J) [Guru]
Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 (JPN, USA, EXP, KOR, AUS)
[Porchy, The Dumping Union]
Raiden Fighters Jet (Single Board, set 1)
[Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Motocross Go! (MG1 Ver. A) [Any, The Dumping Union]
The Pit Boss (2214-03, U5-1C) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Riviera Hi-Score (2131-08, U5-2D) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Forgotten Worlds (USA, B-Board 88618B-2, Rev. AA) [system11]
Galaga 3 (GP3) [system11]
Motocross Go! (MG1 Ver. A, set 2) [Any, The Dumping Union]
Karnov (US, rev 6) [system11]
Cycle Warriors, set 1 [system11]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Winning Streak (Version 1.1) (Coinworld) [albaki77]
Fruit Star (encrypted) [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca]
Crackin' DJ Part 2 [ShouTime, f205v, The Dumping Union, R. Belmont]
Saturday Night Slam Masters (bootleg with PIC16C57)
[ANY, The Dumping Union, Robbbert]
Mars TV [ShouTime, f205v, R. Belmont]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04501: [Gameplay] (stv.c) groovef: Game starts with 2 credits
(Angelo Salese)
- 05165: [Graphics] (moo.c) buckyaab and buckyuab: Graphics are
missing (hap)
- 05155: [Misc.] (wwfsstar.c) wwfsstar: Japanese text displayed
in euro version (David Haywood)
- 03086: [Graphics] (saturn.c) prikura: Glitches in attract mode
and ending (Angelo Salese)
- 02657: [Graphics] (saturn.c) puyosun: Part of graphics
disappear (Angelo Salese)
- 03871: [DIP/Input] (saturn.c) suikoenb: Game boots with credits
being entered (Angelo Salese)
- 05145: [Color/Palette] (vicdual.c) hocrash: The game has no blue color.
When you go in the tab and select game configuration and switch to color
it remains black/white (hap)
- 04837: [Crash/Freeze] (aleck64.c) mtetrisc, starsldr: [debug] Crash
after OK (Firewave)
- 05122: [Graphics] (psikyosh.c) daraku: Game has corrupted font used for
"insert coin" "game over" etc. It covers first screen used for monitor
calibration as well and sometimes appears when it should not be.
(David Haywood)

Source Changes
-removed runtime ioport tagmap lookup when using PORT_CONDITION with
PORT_BIT, used by gmgalax for example [smf]

-Moved some of the saturn code from mame/ into emu/ and made saturn.c &
stv.c separately compilable. Still needs work before saturn.c can be
moved to mess/ [smf]

-upd1771.c: Further documentation updates based on the NEC APC
technical manual; now all pin names except two are known.
[Lord Nightmare]

-Modernized the MOS6526, MOS6560, MOS7360, MOS6581, CBM IEC, and
IEEE-488 devices. [Curt Coder]

-mos6551: Added serial callbacks. [Curt Coder]

-fmtowns: Preliminary implementation of the CD-ROM controller's
software mode. Enough to get the CD-ROM working under Win95.
[Barry Rodewald]

-Improved protection in Steep Slope Sliders [Angelo Salese]

-Added a more sane ST-V SMPC Intback command emulation, based off
Saturn version. Fixes inputs in Find Love [Angelo Salese]

-emuopts.c: avoid slots without user configurable options to write
their configs at exit. [Fabio Priuli]

-Fixed protection check in Tecmo World Cup '98, game is now playable
(Tecmo logo & Title Screen still garbled) [Angelo Salese]

-Fixed SMPC change clock behaviour, fixes 2 credits at start-up for
various ST-V games [Angelo Salese]

-input: Support up to 32 buttons and harmonize Windows and SDL behavior
if you exceed the limit [Nick3092]

-Fixed SH-2 DMAC irqs, fixes at least hard-locking on Baroque
[Angelo Salese]

-Modernized tms3615, es8712, cem3394, k051649, rf5c400, rf5c68,
tms36xx, polepos, redbaron, cps3, tiamc1, gridlee, gomoku, astrocade,
saa1099, st0016, c140, beep, taitosnd, CRT, okim6285, and ZSG2
devices. [Andrew Gardner]

-deniam.c: Fixed OKI sound banking in Logic Pro 2 and removed
IMPERFECT_SOUND flag. [Lord Nightmare]

-galdrvr.c: Corrected rom labels for Scorpion and redumped set 2.

-scramble.c: Corrected rom labels for Harem. Corrected dipswitches for
Harem [tirino73]

-idectrl: words 57/58 of IDENTIFY DEVICE are total sectors, not sectors
per track [R. Belmont]

-sp0256.c: [Wilbert Pol]
* Added a little delay before settling LRQ when resetting the device.
Fixes MT05103.
* When reading the LRQ signal, force an update of the stream. This
fixes support for 'The Voice' in 'Turtles' for the odyssey2.

-arcadia.c: Verified and corrected rom names for Arcadia Leader Board
v2.4 [Kevin Eshbach]

-h8: PC and CCR are packed into one longword. Fixes coinmvga games.
[O. Galibert, R. Belmont]

-split saturn and stv up a bit more so that stvprot.c is not linked
into MESS [smf]

-split mame/drivers/saturn.c into emu/machine/saturn.c and
mess/drivers/saturn.c, so mame doesn't have to compile and link the
unused code. [smf]

-emuopts.c: Re-evaluate slot options after loading .ini files.
[Wilbert Pol]

-Ethernet: Make pcap work on Mac OS X & disable unnecessary packet
filtering. [Rob Braun]

-Fixed SLEEP opcode in non-DRC SH-2 [Angelo Salese]

-mcr.c: Added the "full" version of Demolition Derby that is dipswitch
selectable between Upright and Cocktail mode. The other version was a
only supported Cocktail mode. Also added proper dipswitch settings for
the Cocktail mode only version. [Brian Troha]

-nscsi_hd: Added 6-byte WRITE, logging of unknown commands, and some
Apple-specific SCSI tweaks. [R. Belmont]

-53c7xx: Preliminary save state support [A. Viloria]

-Add dumped C68 program for Steel Gunner 2. [Guru]

-Rewrite of 6809/6309/konamicpu cores. 6809 should be cycle exact
based on the 6809 datasheet. [Nathan Woods]

-Chihiro.c [Samuele Zannoli]
* Implentation of nvidia register combiners.
* Fix for ide_controller_device class for most uninitialized

-tms57002 works in unidasm, disassemble interface can be revisited when
all cpu cores have been converted. [smf]

-cps1.c: [Team CPS-1]
* Documented several games which have roms that have one a 1-byte
difference, now known to be confirmed good and simply an older
revision. Thanks goto Bonky0013, Kold666, Stefan Lindberg and
others for the cooperation and board investigations.
* Restored back the rom parts removed in previous updates because
they needed to be documented and added the missing ones of the
recently dumped 3wondersr1.

-cps1.c: improved operation of sf2m3, sf2m8, sgyxz [Robbbert]

-g65816.c: added missing mirror of the 5a22 regs [Fabio Priuli]

-315_5124.c: Improved triggering of IRQs. [Enik Land]

-Debugger: [Wilbert Pol]
* Added support for registerpoints.
* Added 'exit' as a synonym for 'quit'.

-s14001a.c: Add note that the four dac test pins are really digital out
pins [PlgDavid]

-turbo.c - Corrected ROM labels and locations for Buck Rogers and
clones [Phil Bennett, Andy Welburn]

-Windows OSD / stdout/stderr output buffering [qmc2]

-M740 updates: [R. Belmont]
* Added JMP (zp) instruction
* Working interrupts
* Moved 6502 family V line to make room for up to 16 IRQs

-turbo.c: Additional documentation for Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom.
Noted the encrypted Z80 part number and Sega ID numbers for the CPU
and ROM boards. Correct sprite color prom based on photo of PCB.
[Brian Troha]

-M3745x: Preliminary support for the Mitsubishi M37450 microcontroller
[R. Belmont]

-gunpey.c: [Angelo Salese, David Haywood]
* Significant emulation improvements to the emulation bringing the
game to a mostly playable state, albeit without decompression of
the compressed graphics (scheme still not understood)

- deco_mlc.c: [David Haywood]
* Rewrote video renderer to be scanline based, allowing for further
progress on Stadium Hero '96 emulation (it became possible to
implement raster interrupt scanline effects without crippling the
performance) The game is now mostly playable but there are some
outstanding issues likely to be related to the protection.

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Zenkoku Seifuku Bishoujo Grand Prix Find Love [Angelo Salese]
Cool Riders [David Haywood, Angelo Salese]
Williams 6-in-1 Multigame [robbbert]
Dream Ball
[J. Finney, TrevEB, Yohji, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, David Haywood]
PoPo Bear [Angelo Salese, David Haywood]
Stadium Hero '96 [David Haywood, Angelo Salese]

New clones added
Scorpion (set 2) [tirino73]
Chinese Hero (older, set 2) [Zab]
Three Wonders (World 910513) [Bonky0013, The Dumping Union]
Starfighter (Moon Cresta bootleg) [RevisionX]
Bomb Kick (set 2) [ANY]
Seibu Cup Soccer :Selection: (bootleg, set 3) [ANY] (NOT WORKING)
Martial Champion (ver UAE) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Demolition Derby [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Super Ranger (older) [ANY]
Head On (bootleg, alt maze) [ANY]
WWF WrestleFest (Korea) [Simon Dennison]
Pit Boss Megatouch II (9255-10-01 ROG, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Megatouch III (9255-20-01 ROK, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Megatouch III (9255-20-01 ROB, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Megatouch III (9255-20-01 ROA, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Super Megatouch IV (9255-41-01 ROE, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Super Megatouch IV (9255-41-01 ROC, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Starblade (World) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Hot Slots (6.00) [Roberto Fresca, Gerald (COY)]
unknown 186 based gambling game (2 sets) [ANY]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05137: [Gameplay] (nbmj8991.c) galkaika, galkoku, mcontest, tokimbsj, tokyogal,
uchuuai: No sound, lock up in attract mode or gameplay (Phil Bennett)
- 04028: [Crash/Freeze] (pinkiri8.c) ronjan: Crash after OK (Firewave)
- 04844: [Crash/Freeze] (jaguar.c) fishfren: black screen after EEPROM initialize (Peter Ferrie)
- 05134: [Graphics] (m92.c) ppan: No sprites present in the game (Phil Bennett)
- 04487: [Graphics] all games with PlayStation GPU: shifted lines in textured quads (smf)
- 05104: [Crash/Freeze] (qix.c) slither, slithera: [debug] Error: bad downcast<>
or device<> (Phil Bennett)

Source Changes
-srcclean now processes XML & C comments the same, so they can be
indented but within the comment itself spaces are used. [smf]

-remove extraneous line continuation characters followed by a blank
line and blank lines that follow an opening brace in c files. [smf]

-i8244.c: Added a device implementation for the i8244/i8245.
[Wilbert Pol]

-diimage: allow image devices to skip core fopen() of the image's
filename and handle themselves in call_load() [R. Belmont]

-uimain.c: use slot interface names for filling current values in slot
menu, because using command line options produces garbage at least on
OS10.6.8. [Fabio Priuli]

-subsino.c: hopper emulation in stisub, smoto and clones [Luca Elia]

-DSP16: Additional opcodes & disassembly fixes. [Andrew Gardner]

-n68681: fixed trashing of the serial parameters when ACR is updated.
[R. Belmont]

-MIDI core updates: [R. Belmont]
* Add MIDI in and out ports as image device types
* Add OSD calls to check for and read MIDI input
* Add MIDI in image device which reads input and converts it to a
serial bitstream

-d3dhlsl.c: Made HLSL switchable at runtime, Ctrl+Alt+F5. [MooglyGuy]

-MIDI: allow input port to work without a connected real device [R. Belmont]

-First pass on MIDI out support [R. Belmont]

-DSP16 : Additional opcodes. [Andrew Gardner]

-Hooked up lamps in Virtua Racing. [SailorSat]

-Added a preliminary boolean flag to MC6845 interface structure: "show
border area". If true, it will show the whole video area including
border + blanking areas. [Angelo Salese]

-DSP16: The PC moves on from potentially all used opcodes now.
[Andrew Gardner]

-MIDI: Fixed several bugs and bumped the input buffer sizes [R. Belmont]

-Lucky'74 (set 2): Proper inputs to reflect the real payrate table. [Roberto Fresca]

-QT Debugger improvements. [Andrew Gardner]
* Fixed disassembly window not following PC correctly.
* Switched font to Courier New since it seems more universal.
* Fixed gaps between rendered text characters.
* Plumbed mouse handling through the debugger core (clicking
* Made the Enter key behave like old SDL debugger; silently steps.

-wwfsstar.c: Correct rom loads for genuine PCBs sets and correct a few rom labels.
Added the bootleg set and documentation about it. [Brian Troha]

-wwfsstarj - correct program / tx tile roms [Stevebm1, Porchy]

-qix.c - Resolve device references at initialisation where possible [Phil Bennett]

-sharcdsm.c: [Pavel Semerad]
* Added omitted direction flags in instruction using both PM() and DM().
* In instruction with 6bit immediate data, this data is signed value.
It would be better to show this sign because it is confusing to
see for example 0x3F which actually means -1 (32bit immed data are
not confusing as that big values are easy to recognize).

-Bonne Chance!: Worked complete inputs from the scratch. Promoted to
working. Added some notes. [Roberto Fresca]

-Bonne Chance!: Added proper palette. Now the game seems to get
accurate colors. Also added some descriptive notes and instructions
for the service mode. [Roberto Fresca]

-Added many PAL10L8's for balsente.c games. [Kevin Eshbach]

-Modernised the R3000 core: [Phil Bennett]
* The following variants are supported: R3041, R3051, R3052, R3071
and R3081
* Endianness is now specified by MCFG_R3000_ENDIANNESS() (default is
* Removed configuration struct. Cache sizes and FPU availability are
now determined from the CPU type
* Added state saving
* Added BrCond input callbacks

-CPS-2 update [Team CPS-1]:
* Fixed 3 labels in sfa2u
* Reordered sfz2alj set

-psx: change the rendering back to quads as less people complained about the
old graphical issues compares to the new ones [smf]

-segas16a.c: Correctly redumped the 317-5021 FD1089B for Sukeban Jansi
Ryuko [hotgraphics, Song Gao, Bad A Billy, ranger_lennier, Yohji, Smitdogg,
Charles MacDonald, The Dumping Union]

-psx: uses a devcb2 for cpu to cd controller communication, the address
decoding is internal to the cpu & the cd controller is on it's own 8
bit bus. [smf]

-m740: Correct disassembly for bit+zp+rel. offset form of BBC/BBS [R. Belmont]

-psx: Use devcb2 for cpu to spu hookup as it's on it's own 16 bit bus.
Removed the spu hookup in taitogn at 0x1fa51c00 as it doesn't make
sense, will wait for bug reports before investigating further. [smf]

-d3dhlsl.c: Add preliminary vector post-processing. [MooglyGuy]

-Improvements to sanremo.c driver... [Roberto Fresca]
* Graphics decode.
* Proper ROM load.
* Accurate memory map.
* Hooked CPU & interrupts.
* Added CRTC support.
* Added AY-3-8910 sound and ports support.
* Added input ports.
* Added output-lamps port.
* Added button-lamps layout.
* NVRAM support.

-New York Joker: Added inputs, outputs, button-lamps, sound, coin and
note counters, default NVRAM, and promoted to working...
Note: To switch between pins/cards, after insert some credits (before bet on
the game), press HOLD3 to get the graphics option, and use HOLD2 and HOLD4
to choose the wished set. [Roberto Fresca]

-psx: clamp framebuffer reading to frame buffer coordinates. not sure this
is accurate, but it stops it crashing when negative coordinates are
used. [smf]

-ZN update [Team CPS-1]:
* Confirmed 1 label in sfexu
* Added a note in sfexa set

-QT Debugger improvements [Andrew Gardner]
* Save and load window locations.
* Preliminary work on "run and hide" and "hard reset" (don't crash on
one of my copmilers but do on another - more work to do!)
* Fixed color when cursor is the same as PC in debug view.
* Closing the main window now shuts down the machine (same as quit)
* Help now wraps to the log window size.

-SDL: Fix srcclean damage in sdl.mak [Wallyweek]

-SDL: Update mame and mess manpages [Wallyweek]

-Protection routines for aliencha [iq_132]

-Implemented missing functions of lordgun's protection routines [iq_132]

-SDL: Fix Qt debugger on Mac OS X [Balrog]

-Fully modernised the TLC34076 device [Phil Bennett]

-xtheball.c: Reduce tag lookups [Phil Bennett]

-CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]:
* Replaced NM_23.13B in nemoj with proper dump
* Confirmed 1 label in sf2ue according to the real board

-MIDI: handle MIDI Out with running status properly [R. Belmont]

-Added illegal opcode handling for SH-2 CPU [Angelo Salese]

-Added confirmed PALs from boards matching horshoes, plottingu,
puzznicj in taito_l, fixing labels when needed. [Kevin Eshback]

-Modernize the Volume and RC filter sound devices. [Andrew Gardner]

-i386: add tlb [Carl]

-Modernized digitalker, tiaintf, and n63701x sound devices. [Andrew Gardner]

-Konami PPC updates:
* Fixed sound clocking to match PCB readmes [RetroRepair]
* Labeled inputs in GTI Club [RetroRepair]
* RF5c400 envelope timing based on chip output rate instead of MAME
output rate [R. Belmont]

-SDL: Update manpages to reflect the -lr alias for -listroms

-aviio.c - Fix bad frames occurring on 2GB RIFF splits [Phil Bennett]

-video/gticlub.c: Fixed "sticky" 3D in gticlub and thunderh. [Ville Linde]

-namcops2: Add JVS and Steering I/O board ROMs [Guru]

-uimain.c: fixed handling of slot options which have only internal
options available (and hence are not configurable by the end-user)
[Fabio Priuli]

-MIDI: enable transmission of SysEx messages [R. Belmont]

-MIDI: preliminary SysEx reception support [R. Belmont]

-Initial implementation of Ensoniq ES5510 DSP [Christian Brunschen]

-segas18.c: Add correct sound rom (rev b) for the Japan set of Alien
Storm (verified by 2 different dumpers). [Zozo, system11]

-Modernized iremga20 & k005289 sound devices. [Andrew Gardner]

-arm.c: Add fine page table lvl2 lookup, fixes ldrink fatalerror.

-k001604: Rewrote the ROZ rendering. [Ville Linde]

-clifront.c: [Peter Ferrie]
* Faster enumeration during -verifyroms

-idectrl.c: [Peter Ferrie]
* Fix regression in Fishin' Frenzy without breaking Area 51 Site 4.

-arm7ops.c: Fixed behavior of SMLAxy opcode. [MooglyGuy]

-arm7ops.c: Fix SMLAL, SMULW, SMLAW opcodes [MooglyGuy]

-Add server socket support instead of just client.
[SailorSat, R. Belmont]

-State-ized Sega Saturn VDP1 & 2 [Angelo Salese]

-Fixed linescroll for VDP2 bitmap layers [Angelo Salese]

-Various work on the newly added non-working sets including Super Pinball
Action prototype and Fruit Fresh [David Haywood]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Bonne Chance! (French/English)
[Roberto Fresca, Any, The Dumping Union]
Brixian [David Haywood, Zabanitu]
Number One [Roberto Fresca, David Haywood, Any, The Dumping Union]
New York Joker [Roberto Fresca, David Haywood, Any, The Dumping Union]

New clones added
Tesorone Dell'Isola (Italy, two sets) [any, The Dumping Union]
Jolly Card (Italian, encrypted bootleg, set 2)
[Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Lucky 74 (bootleg, set 2) [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Vastar (set 3) [Zab]
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (English bootleg set 3) [RanaElia]
WWF Superstars (bootleg) [Brian Troha]
Jackler (Jungler Bootleg) [Zab]
T.T.Fitter (bootleg of Roundup) [Zab]
Super Pool 99 (Version 0.33) [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Super Pool 99 (Version 0.26) [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Dongfang Bubai protection, bootleg) [iq_132]
Continental Circus (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
X-Men (4 Players ver AEA) [RevisionX]
Demon Front (68k label V103, ROM M103XX 07/05/02) (ARM label V103, ROM 07/05/02 S103XX)
[R. Mucciarelli, Layne, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Knights of Valour: Yi Tong Zhong Yuan [XingXing]
Lucky Boom (Hard Times / Hot Mind hardware) [ANY] (not working)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Tumble Pop (Playmark bootleg) [ANY] (not working)
Print Club 2 '97 Winter Ver (J 971017 V1.100)
[f205v, ranger_lennier, dopefishjustin, Yohji, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Rugby? (four roses hardware) [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Super Pinball Action (prototype)
[TrevEB, f205v, Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Fruit Fresh [ANY]
Several IGS036 based sets [XingXing]