NovitÓ nella versione 0.143u4


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02084: [DIP/Input] sokyugrt: Emulation starts with 1 or more credit
inserted (Angelo Salese)
- 04366: [DIP/Input] shanhigw: The game starts with 2 credits inserted
(Angelo Salese)
- 04470: [DIP/Input] roundup5, sci, chasehq, contcirc, dblaxle:
Missing PORT_TOGGLE (M.A.S.H.)
- 04396: [Interface] all games and drivers: Refreshspeed activating
when not needed (hap)
- 04453: [Graphics] shackled: Garbled sprites (David Haywood)

Source Changes
driver.h: fixed handling of compatible systems for MESS [Fabio Priuli]

tbowl.c: Corrected some dipswitches and settings. Added dipswitch
locations to the Tecmo Bowl sets. [Brian Troha]

Added correct sprite rom for "Mahjong Tian Jiang Shen Bing" [Guru]

Decrypted sprites and palette in "Mahjong Tian Jiang Shen Bing", added
inputs, sidestepped protection [Luca Elia]

z80dma: Added an alternative way of register read-back that directly
change the read mask without passing from the init read sequence
command, also moved around DMA counters incrementing [Angelo Salese]

tecmo.c: Added proper region to Gemini and Silk Worm sets. Added
dipswitch locations to Rygar sets, Gemini, Silk Worm and Back Fire
(Tecmo, bootleg). [Brian Troha]

Removed support for PORT_CATEGORY from the core, since PORT_CONDITION
is enough to deal with removable controllers in MESS [Fabio Priuli]

ioport.c: during emulation, detect keyboard only when enabled
[Fabio Priuli]

Various Neo-Geo changes: [Jackc, Johnboy]
* Continued to document used pcb's for cartridges
* More removal of .bin extension in favour of chiplabel.socketlabel
naming convention
* Cleaned up fightfev: Removed duplicate p2, marked p1 bad dump
* Cleaned up fatfury2

Fixed independent channel volumes in Okim6376 sound chip, used by the
games from the Road Hog era of MPU4 [J. Wallace]

Moved ST-V game-specific overrides from saturn.c/stvinit.c to stv.c,
makes games to correctly return stv.c instead of saturn.c if you use
-listsource [Angelo Salese]

Moved change clock inside a timer and worked on NMI generation for
SMPC, fixes most instances of 2 credits at start-up for ST-V games
[Angelo Salese]

General portability fixes [Robert Muth, R. Belmont]

Rewritten ST-V IOGA system from scratch [Angelo Salese]

ymz280b.c: several minor fixes, including the issue that caused
glitched sfx in tecmosys.c tkdensho and deroon [hap]

Fixed mahjong panel input quirks for Virtual Mahjong and My Fair Lady
[Angelo Salese]

Provided some cheesy hacks to allow Magical Zunou Power to boot
[Angelo Salese]

Converted VDP2 registers into proper 16-bits parallelism
[Angelo Salese]

chdman - supported full/relative paths when creating cd rom image,
also added support for GDI with files containing space char
[Miodrag Milanovic]

Added support for loading other image types to cdrom device, with use
of chdman part of code [Miodrag Milanovic]

floppy: Add generic track data descriptors [O. Galibert]

Added MVOL to the SCSP core, used for sound fade in/out
effects [Angelo Salese]

Various fixes to the Taito JC system [Angelo Salese]:
* implemented preliminary object RAM bankswitch, fixes Densha de Go
garbage video objects if you coin up during attract mode
* improved inputs in Densha de Go, promoted game to working state;
* fixes analog inputs in Landing Gear;
* work around for DSP reset line in Dangerous Curves, allows it to reach
title screen (no 3d yet due of other problems);
* Implemented 4bpp mode for object RAM, used by Densha de Go 2 credit
* Fixed IRQ6 triggering in (it's a signal that's sent from DSP
to Main to communicate that job is done);
* Faked the Mascon via an analog port, that fixes a bunch of issues
with undefined input state for Densha de Go 1 and 2
* Fixed ROM loading in Densya de Go 2 Kousoku-hen, fixes booting in it;
* Fixed Densha de Go 2 crash when entering into gameplay, game is
now playable;
* Implemented gouraud shaded triangles, fixes Landing Gear messed up
* Fixed credit display in Densha de Go;
* Preliminary implementation of object RAM screen masking, used to cover
left-right sides of the screen;
* Added DSP idle skips, mostly noticeable during POST screens;

Provided odometer and break table conversion for Densha de Go
[O. Galibert]

naomi: Split the rom boards into a collection of devices.
[O. Galibert]

williams.c: added second sound board to blaster/blaster30 [hap]

Fixed TMS32051 debug memory viewer [Angelo Salese]

williams.c update 2 [hap]
* fixed screen garbage when frameskipping
* fixed blaster background color (eg. screen flashes when hit)

Work-around for TMS32051 crash on Taito JC system soft reset [Angelo Salese]

Fixed a debugger crash if you try to view data memory in TMS32051
[Angelo Salese]

Add preliminary support for big-endian SH-3/SH-4 CPUs. [R. Belmont]

m68k: improved disassembly of CINV and CPUSH [R. Belmont]

Moved 3d drawing functions outside of the screen updating function in
Taito Air System driver, this should help in preparation of properly
fixing the 3d graphics in it [Angelo Salese]

Further major organization, documentation and addition of numerous
(over 800) gambling / Fruit machine titles covering multiple
systems. [David Haywood]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mahjong Tian Jiang Shen Bing (V137C) [Guru, bnathan, Dyq, Luca Elia]
Densha de GO! [Angelo Salese, R. Belmont]
Densha de GO! 2 [Angelo Salese, R. Belmont]
Landing Gear [Angelo Salese, R. Belmont]
Penky [Kevin Eshbach, ranger_lennier, B. Munger, bodger319, Brian
Troha, The Dumping Union]

New clones added
Phoenix (Irecsa / G.G.I Corp - set 2) [f205v, robotype]
Rescue (bootleg) (not working) [f205v, robotype]
The End (bootleg) (not working) [f205v, robotype]
Missile Combat (Sidam bootleg) (not working) [f205v, robotype]
Biomechanical Toy (Ver. 1.0.1884) [Tirino73]
Shocking (Korea) [Mark F., Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Puzz Loop (Europe, v0.94) [Joerg Hartenberger]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Animal Basket [Yohji, Cah4e3, The Dumping Union]
Alien Front [Mark F., The Dumping Union, R. Belmont]
S-Plus (SS4240) Coral Reef [agemame]