Novità nella versione 0.143u1


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00335: [DIP/Input] quasar: 3 players start mapped even though it is
a 2 player game. (Tafoid)
- 00042: [DIP/Input] oigas: Problem with keyboard control. (Tafoid)
- 04412: [Documentation] dynabb: Year should be 1997.
- 04387: [Sound] All sets in renegade.c: Missing ADPCM audio (hap)
- 04380: [Crash/Freeze] sfish2, sfish2j: Crash after OK (R. Belmont)
- 04409: [Documentation] motoraid: Name isn't spelled correctly and
year is wrong.
- 04248: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in naomi.c: Hang/Black Screen
attempting to enter Service Mode. (Olivier Galibert)
- 04407: [Crash/Freeze] jdredd, jdreddb: After splash screens, the
game goes to black screen (micko)
- 04402: [Sound] Drivers using BSMT2000 Sound: Sound is missing or
corrupt (micko)

Source Changes
Fixed COSMAC CPU debugger PC. [Curt Coder]

CP1610 - maskable interrupts do not latch [H@P]
* maskable interrupts that trigger while interrupts are disabled are
not latched.
* fixes Activision's Dreadnaught Factor. (intv driver in MESS)

Removed deprecat.h usage in the following drivers: [Angelo Salese]
* megaplay.c
* olibochu.c
* panicr.c
* paradise.c
* psychic5.c
* pturn.c
* rabbit.c
* subs.c
* tmmjprd.c
* tunhunt.c
* vulgus.c
* xmen.c
* xorworld.c

Improved oldsplus protection simulation [Creamy Mami]

Improved video timings in The Crystal Maze: Team Challenge games, this
fixes most bad palette bugs in it [J. Wallace]

Various Neo-Geo changes: [Johnboy]
* janshin - Replaced p1, old was bad dump
* Tagged / Retagged several sets MVS/AES version
* Begin to document used pcb's for cartridges
* More removal of .bin extension in favour of chiplabel.socketlabel
naming convention

Naomi: hooked up M4 live decryption [R. Belmont, Deunan Knute, Andreas

vigilant.c: Added support for Coin Modes 1 & 2 for Vigilante & Kickle
Cubele sets. Added Dip locations for Buccaneers, Kickle Cubele &
Vigilante sets [Brian Troha]

zaxxon.c: Added Dip locations to Future Spy [Brian Troha]

xxmissio.c: Added Dip locations to XX Mission [Brian Troha]

wwfsstar.c: Added Dip locations to WWF Superstars [Brian Troha]

wallc.c: Added Dip locations to Wall Crash [Brian Troha]

vulgus.c: Added Dip locations to the Vulgus sets [Brian Troha]

vball.c: Added Dip locations to the U.S. Championship V'ball sets
[Brian Troha]

Update NEC DSP core to correctly generate the ov1 and s1 alu flags
(and hence, SGN register contents).
[Lord Nightmare, Segher, byuu, Cydrak]

idectrl - Implemented command 0x70 (SEEK) makes jdredd and jdreddb
boot again [Miodrag Milanovic]

Naomi updates [R. Belmont, Angelo Salese]
* Fixed BIOS order so rev H is default
* Fixed rotation settings for Illvelo and Shooting Love 2007
* Fixed a minor BIOS H compatibility issue and added idle skip for

Documentation cleanups/updates for Naomi/Triforce/Chihiro
[f205v, R. Belmont]

addrmap: Allow adding device-sourced memory maps in the main map.
[O. Galibert]

naomi: Use a device map for maple-dc. [O. Galibert]

addrmap: Add a useful error detection [O. Galibert]

Idle skipped Naomi 2 BIOS [Angelo Salese]

Hooked up idle skip for HOTD2 [Angelo Salese]

Implemented lightgun inputs to The House of the Dead 2, game is now
playable with several gfx issues (due of the different PVR used)
[Angelo Salese, O. Galibert]

Hooked up proper inputs to Crazy Taxi, Dynamite Baseball Naomi
Zombie Revenge, Jambo Safari, 18th Wheeler, Airline Pilots,
Confidential Mission, Monkey Ball, The Maze of Kings,
Shakatto Tambourine [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert]

Added 0555 KRGB TA to FB conversion, used by Ring Out 4x4
[Angelo Salese]

Further upd7725 fixes, new code might actually work properly now,
fixed uninitialized variables. [Lord Nightmare, Wilbert Pol]

i386: Various fixes. [Barry Rodewald]
* Load LDT before segment registers when switching tasks,
* Set IF after the instruction following STI,
* Reset IF after MOV SS or POP SS for one instruction,
- Fixed LSL instruction when modrm < 0xc0.

nvram - in case of multiple bioses, system nvram will be saved in
form systemname_biosnum.nv in cases when non-default bios is used.
For default bios selection all stay the same.[Miodrag Milanovic]

Various rom name fixes [Kevin Eshbach]:
* Corrects Super Zaxxon rom names
* Updates the name of the Bally Sente sound board rom and adds the
date code
* Updates the Name That Tune set 2 rom names
* Updates the Stompin’ rom names, updates the undumped pal, updates
the cartridge type and adds the date code
* Updates the Rescue Raider (first set) rom names, updates the
undumped pals, marked as non-cartridge and adds the date code
* Adds the date code to Gimme a Break
* Adds the date code to one of the Trivia Pursuit (Genus I) sets

Added reasonably accurate layout code to Crystal Maze games that
should finally leave them playable [J. Wallace]

Corrected syntax in some inline assembly [Balrog]

Implemented halt instruction in the NEC CPU core
[Wilbert Pol, Alex Jackson]

Provided EPROM dump for the i/o gunboard on HOTD2 PCB [Guru]

Preliminary work for ATV Track, in order to get the second SH-4 into
business [Samuele Zannoli]

Added support for dma transfers between the processor and external
devices in SH-4 CPU core [Samuele Zannoli]

Modified naomibd device so that it allocates the memory for the gdrom
data on startup based on a parameter that specifies the size in
megabytes. [Samuele Zannoli]

Added two new commands to the unidasm utility [Samuele Zannoli]
* skip <n> allows to skip the first <n> bytes from the file
* count <n> specify that only <n> bytes from the file must be

More Neo-Geo work for ROM naming conventions and documentation of used
PCBs for cartridges [Johnboy]

New clones added
Pit Boss Megatouch II (9255-10-01 ROD, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Galivan - Cosmo Police (12/26/1985)
[Stefan Lindberg, The Dumping Union]
Missile Command (rev 3) [Joe Barbara]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Tap-a-Tune [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Phil Bennett, R. Belmont]
Asian Dynamite (Dynamite Deka EX) [The Dumping Union]
Shooting Love 2007 [The Dumping Union]
Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse [The Dumping Union]
Illvelo (Illmatic Envelope) [The Dumping Union]
Pokasuka Ghost [The Dumping Union]
Bubble System BIOS [Guru, Angelo Salese]