NovitÓ nella versione 0.143


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04380: [Crash/Freeze] sfish2, sfish2j: Crash after OK (R. Belmont)
- 04384: [Crash/Freeze] cottonbm: Black screen instead of intro (Angelo Salese)
- 04347: [Crash/Freeze] mach3, cobram3, usvsthem: Stalls on its opening diagnostic screen (smf)
- 04342: [Crash/Freeze] cubeqst, cubeqsta: Crash/Assertion after OK (smf)
- 04340: [Crash/Freeze] firefox, firefoxa: Crash after OK (smf)
- 04341: [Crash/Freeze] All playable sets in deco_ld.c, dlair.c, esh.c, gpworld.c, istellar.c, lpg.c, segald.c, superdq.c: Crash after OK (smf)
- 04349: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in cliffhgr.c: Halts at "** DISC NOT UP TO SPEED *** screen (smf)
- 04343: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in baraduke.c, namcos1.c, namcos86.c, skykid.c: Immediate crash while using -DEBUG (Wilbert Pol)
- 04388: [Documentation] specfrce: Wrong SHA1 check sum in XML data for CHD (v3 vs. v4) (Tafoid)

Source Changes
Added preliminary circle drawing for Warp Speed [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Added analog controls to Warp Speed [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Added index and ready line read functions to floppy drive. [Curt

Added device-relative functions for memory banking. [Curt Coder]

Added DE, CURSOR, HSYNC, and VSYNC line read members to MC6845.
[Curt Coder]

SH4: Misc cleanups, added support for VERSION register. Naomi rev H
BIOS now boots games. [O. Galibert, Deunan Knute, R. Belmont]

eeprom: Add tag name in eeprom's verbosity [O. Galibert]

Readme replacement for Crusin' USA to include Off Road Challenge.

cdrom: convert Mode 1 Form 1 sectors to Mode 1 raw if requested
[R. Belmont]

Added byuu's cothread library, along with a wrapper class. Switched to
using one cothread for each executable device. This functionality is
strictly internal and should result in no changes in scheduling
behavior. However, it now becomes possible to exit out of a device's
execution in the midst of an instruction by calling
machine().scheduler().make_active(). Note that this is somewhat
dangerous for cores that have logic at the start of their execute loop
to check for interrupts or other conditions, as those checks will be
skipped upon resume, so consider this sort of early exiting to be
highly experimental for now. [Aaron Giles, Miodrag Milanovic, byuu]
(Please Note: cothread usage is behind a compile-time define as per now,
they will be reenabled in the next dev cycle)

Convert Namco C352 to modern C++ device [R. Belmont]

Added BUSRQ and WAIT input lines to the Z80 CPU core. [Curt Coder]

Added support for multi level slot devices [Miodrag Milanovic]

Fixed a bad ROM dump in pss62 (Super Famicom Box) [Y~K, MESSfan]

Slightly improved the preliminary emulation of sfcbox [Y~K, MESSfan]

This is a temporary fix for Mating Game which disables the 'Line Zero'
interrupt condition. [J. Wallace]

Fixed state saving for OKIM6376 (hopefully) [J. Wallace]

Used a Dolbeck Systems flyer to correct the colours of the Connect 4
built-in layout. [J. Wallace]

Fixed line zero irq condition and provided a sync update for MPU4 HW
games [J. Wallace]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Warp Speed (prototype) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

New clones added
Terra Force (Japan) [ShouTime]
Off Road Challenge (v1.50) (not working) [Guru]
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (USA 910306)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Final Fight (USA, set 2) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Leader Board (Arcadia, set 3) [Team Europe & Alexander F.]
OnePlay Version 2.20 bios [Team Europe & Alexander F.]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Super Mario Kart / Super Mario Collection / Star Fox (Super Famicom Box)
[Y~K, MESSfan]
New Super 3D Golf Simulation - Waialae No Kiseki / Super Mahjong 2 (Super Famicom Box)
[Y~K, MESSfan]
Super Donkey Kong / Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Super Famicom Box)
[Y~K, MESSfan]
Super Donkey Kong / Super Bomberman 2 (Super Famicom Box)
[Y~K, MESSfan]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04377: [Graphics] All sets in fuukifg2.c: Missing graphics layer
- 04376: [Misc.] Typo in lib/util/opresolv.c
- 04375: [Graphics] ojankohs: Junk appears in tile shadows during
gameplay (Angelo Salese)
- 00765: [Crash/Freeze] tekken3aa, tekken3ua: Games hangs with blue
screen after attraction mode. (The Dumping Union)
- 04373: [Sound] All sets in polepos.c: Sounds like a clock ticking as
you play (Alex Jackson)
- 04298: [Interface] mame -h points to incorrect usage file (Tafoid)
- 04329: [Documentation] mexico: Wrong description. (Tafoid)

Source Changes
chdman: fix GCC 4.6 build [R. Belmont]

HLSL Updates: [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment, austere]
* Reworked default shadow mask settings, eliminating rainbow banding
and matching reference shots more closely
* Moved color power to occur after shadow mask, as it is intended to
simulate nonlinear phosphor response
- Added a variable-width notch filter to the Y channel in NTSC
post-processing, eliminating luma banding on e.g. CoCo 2 and Apple II

i286 - Fix for Phar Lap and Borland 16-bit DPMI servers. [Carl]

Many Sega ST-V / Saturn HW changes [Angelo Salese]

286 - fixes the DOS/16M dos extender that comes with Lotus 123r3

Added image devices support to debugger [Miodrag Milanovic]

Added image devices menu to debugger (windows only for now)
[Miodrag Milanovic]

sdlsocket: workaround for a problem in the detection of tcp/ip socket
address [Michael Zapf]

goldstar: fixed romanization from Korean for Kkot No Li [30yr]

info.c: added basic display of slot info in -lx [Fabio Priuli]

inptport: Disable the default sequence recognition for now.
[O. Galibert]

memory: Stop being stupid and call the extremely well written
populate_range_mirrored code through map_range when appropriate, which
is most of the time. [O. Galibert]

polepos.c: Convert to MCFG_SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS and scanline-based IRQ
timing [Alex Jackson, O. Galibert]

ins8250 - Fix enabling better mouse support in pc driver [Carl]

i286 - limit check of SS in push and pop instructions [Carl]

TMS5220: Force OLDP and OLDE to be updated only on the A subcycle of
IP=0 PC=0; this has no effect whatsoever on the output, it is merely
to better document how the chip works. [Lord Nightmare] TMS5220:
Emulate circuit 412 from the patent, which should prevent spurious
clicks on interpolation-inhibited frame transitions; This may improve
the tie fighter sounds in starwars, and some clicking in eprom/eproma.
[Lord Nightmare]

naomi/jvs: add coin add/sub commands (sub is used by crazy taxi)
[O. Galibert]

Warp Speed update [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
* fixed vblank interrupt and removed rom patches
* added coin input
- added preliminary starfield emulation

HLSL Updates: [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]
* MAME will now save an HLSL INI file on the first run of a game that
doesn't already have an INI file.
* HLSL INI files must have their parameters left in the order in
which they are saved out.
* Fixed a diagonal 'crease' visible on the screen in HLSL mode.

Some improvements to the compressed texture protection for Decathlete.
[David Haywood]

Refactored the INS8250 interrupt line to use devcb. [Curt Coder]

memory.c: Fixed display of physical addresses in the debug memory
viewer. [Wilbert Pol]

Added support for starting softlist item directly without marking
image device to be mounted on. If soft item is found it will be loaded
on first image device that have needed interface defined
[Miodrag Milanovic]

Fixed Aristocrat MK5 screen offset. [Palindrome]

Added SRAM support for dmdtouch and geishanz. [Palindrome]

Various aristmk4.c changes [Heihachi_73]
* Added button panel artwork and renamed/remapped inputs for all
* Changed cgold2's PROM to a more compatible version.
Various aristmk5.c changes [Heihachi_73]
* Changed parent/clone relationship for Dolphin Treasure (later
version is now parent).
* Added a US clear chip to the set chip ROMs.
* Removed the set chip loading from all games which don't use them.
* Cleaned up ROM name descriptions to match the aristmk4.c format.

Added proper channel 2 support, and logging capabilities to OKIM6376.

Corrected divider behaviour of OKIM6376 - needs ROM analysis to be
complete, but all supported programs only use the default mode.

Changed clock frequencies in High Video games to match what should be
the correct OKI chip frequencies - those familiar with the boards may
wish to confirm this is correct, as I couldn't find the clock signal
for the chip on the PCB scans I've seen. [J.Wallace]

Added MPU4 sampled sound hardware, an MSM6376, PIA and PTM combined to
give dynamic pitch shifting for looping ADPCM samples. [J.Wallace]

Removed duplicated includes from INCPATH. [Oliver Stoneberg]

Fixed some potential memory leaks and NULL pointer deferences as well
as removing some redundant checks. [Oliver Stoneberg]

i286 - Fix bunch of fault restarts [Carl]

A fix for -listclones displaying parents as clones when it uses a
BIOS. [Tafoid]

i386: Implemented task gates, call gates, and task state segments
(both 286 and 386). Also inplmented triple fault CPU resets (used by
OS/2). x87: Basic implementation of FSTENV (used by OS/2).
[Barry Rodewald]

Added code to manage NAOMI's M4 decryption. [Andreas Naive]

Midway Zeus improvements [Phil Bennett]:
* Added some alternate FIFO commands used by mk4b.
* Hooked up the short-format draw command (used to draw life bars and
shadows in mk4).
* Added support for alternate 4/8 bit texture formats (used by mk4).

dec8.c: Corrected the rom names for the Ghost Busters sets and added
PCB locations [The Dumping Union]

Fixed NAR timing in OKIM6376 to match datasheet figures. [J. Wallace]

Fixed behaviour for OKIM6376 samples latched while their respective
channel is playing (fixes missing audio in New Magic Card 'Skill Game'
when won on first loop), and MPU4 sound test [J. Wallace]

Audio interface fix for MPU4. [J. Wallace]

Lamping fixes for MPU4 small extender. [J. Wallace]

Added support for access of separate LED segments in MPU4. (indexed as
'mpu4ledXXX', where the first display unit takes 0-7, the second 8-15
and so on). [J. Wallace]

Various updates on the AWP drivers for JPM IMPACT and Maygay M1
[J. Wallace]

Various changes for letting Mating Game boot and run, but there are
still issues with timing. [J. Wallace]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mortal Kombat 4 (version 1.0) [Phil Bennett]

New clones added
Heated Barrel (Electronic Devices license)
[Hurray Banana, Tormod, hotaru, Dna Disturber, F. Marsaud,
N. Francfort, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Albatross (US clone of Super Crowns Golf)
[Antonio Gonzalez Jr., Smitdogg, The Dumping Union] (not working)
Tekken 3 (Japan, TET1/VER.A) [Yohji, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Tekken 3 (Asia, TET2/VER.E1) [Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
The Real Ghostbusters (US 2 Players, revision 2)
[JF, The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Special Forces Elite Training [Guru, R. Belmont]
Donggul Donggul Haerong [Guru]
Warp Speed (prototype) [TrevEB, Siftware, Mariusz Wojcieszek]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04363: [Crash/Freeze] rsgun: MAME crashes when using "-bios jp"
- 04311: [Save/Restore] kov2, martmast: The game freezed after load
save state twice times. (Aaron Giles)
- 04360: [DIP/Input] upscope + others: PORT_CENTERDELTA in input ports
overwrites PORT_KEYDELTA settings (Olivier Galibert)
- 04330: [Save/Restore] btime and clones: Save state does not work
correctly. (Aaron Giles)
- 04359: [Interface] All sets with PORT_DIPLOCATIONs: Dip locations
are displayed incorrectly (Olivier Galibert)
- 04331: [Save/Restore] digdug and clones: Save support produces some
interesting effects... (Aaron Giles)
- 04327: [Save/Restore] galaxian, frogger, many others: Game resets
right after loading auto saved state. (Aaron Giles)
- 04333: [Save/Restore] Many games in m92.c: Save states made while
raster interrupts are active do not work (Aaron Giles)
- 04305: [Crash/Freeze] vmetal, vmetaln: Crash directly after OK
(Angelo Salese)
- 03948: [Crash/Freeze] mvsc: Reset at staff roll only in the mvsc
set. (Alex Jackson)
- 04361: [HLSL] When using HLSL screen size not correct (MooglyGuy)
- 04357: [Core] arcwins, eforest, fhunter, fhuntera and all sets in
twincobr.c: Emulated time does not match actual (Wilbert Pol)
- 04356: [Crash/Freeze] Some games using MC6845: Hang at black screen
w/border (Wilbert Pol)
- 04339: [Gameplay] All sets in segahang.c: Various widespread issues
(Aaron Giles)
- 03445: [Crash/Freeze] znpwfv: Segmentation Fault (Angelo Salese)
- 03872: [Crash/Freeze] vmahjong: Game crashes after select screen
(Angelo Salese)
- 03205: [Crash/Freeze] pblbeach, fhboxers: Emulation Hangs (Angelo
- 04352: [Crash/Freeze] xexex: Crash during Mask Rom Test (MooglyGuy)

Source Changes
Fixed Final Arch failing the IC13 test [Angelo Salese]

Fixed Final Arch and Sando-R multi cart support [Angelo Salese]

Internal HLSL cleanup - removed aux texcoords, restored software
vertex processing due to low-end cards not doing hardware vertex
processing, removed unnecessary tristrip->trilist splitting. Restores
D3D functionality on integrated chipsets and marginal cards.
[Ryan Holtz, Ashura-X]

Dumped GFX / sound roms to Gigaman 2 [f205v, Smitdogg, The Dumping

Converted PlayStation GPU to a device [smf]

Added PORT_NAME to buttons to better illustrate actual use in Atari
System 1 and Atari G1 drivers. [Tafoid]

inptport.c - Keyboard chars initialization fix [Tom Clayton]

konicdev et al.: Turn the 053250 into a modern device. [O. Galibert]

More accurate pixel clocks for Sega Saturn / ST-V [Angelo Salese]

Moved SCSP to main irq function into an external write line function,
fixes sound regression in Groove on Fight and Intro Don Don
[Angelo Salese]

Fixed an ST-V window effect bug when it's in double interlace mode,
fixes a graphic bug with Virtua Mahjong [Angelo Salese]

Fixed Sega Saturn / ST-V start-up crash that was happening on some
ends [Oliver Stoneberg]

Fixed a use-after-free bug in build/verinfo.c [Oliver Stoneberg]

megatech.c: added some verified labels [ElBarto]

PlayStation GPU splits 4 point polygons into triangles. [smf]

Documentation update for Naomi [f205v]

Fixed MC6845 related crash on 4roses and 4rosesa [Roberto Fresca]

TMS52xx: Minor updates to the comments and the disabled-by-default
pulse excitation code to better match how hardware would probably
work. [Lord Nightmare, Neill Corlett]

HLSL Updates: [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]
* Switched to point-sampling through most of the shader chain to
avoid non-intentional pixel smearing
- Corrected alignment and scaling on the shadow mask and scanlines;
dramatically reduces rainbow banding at non-oversampled resolutions.

Fixed a rather silly bug with SCU DSP execute flag [Angelo Salese]

Moved SMPC intback command inside a timer, removes a kludge for SMPC
mask irq [Angelo Salese]

Changed name of sn76489 variant used in Sega Master System and
Megadrive/Genesis from SMSIII to the more technically accurate
SEGAPSG, as the PSG in question was not only used on the mark 3 units.
[Lord Nightmare]

Added accurate hblank durations to Sega Saturn / ST-V HW
[Angelo Salese, Corrado Tomaselli, Charles MacDonald]

ertictac/poizone: Greatly improved (not perfect) audio
[R. Belmont, Heihachi_73]

Switch SEGA System E to use the SEGAPSG sn764xx variant, as it uses
two SEGA 315-5124 VDPs which have the SEGAPSG integrated. Should
slightly improve sound. [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed Sega System E to use xtal.h, fixed mc8123 comment, clarified PCB
diagram, verified xtal for z80b. [Lord Nightmare, Charles MacDonald]

i286 - enabling 287 emulation by trapping when needed [Carl]

idectrl - Clears error status on driver initialization [Carl]

Added HD6345 CRTC-II variant to mc6845.c. [Curt Coder]

idectrl - implemented verify no retry command [Carl]

i86 - Fixed imul instruction [Carl]

Low-level input upgrade. Classes now exist for input_codes,
input_items, input_devices, and input_seqs. Also created an
input_manager class to hold machine-global state and made it
accessible via machine.input(). Expanded the device index range
(0-255, up from 0-16), and the OSD can now specify the device index
explicitly if they can better keep the indexes from varying
run-to-run. [Aaron Giles]

HLSL Updates:
[Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment, austere, SoltanGris42]
* Added the ability to render screenshots at arbitrary resolutions.
* Added the ability to record AVI videos (albeit with no audio) at
arbitrary resolutions.
* Added a 43-tap-wide FIR-based NTSC filter with tunable Y, I and Q
frequency response.
* Updated scanlines to have a user-tunable pixel-height ratio in
addition to the current screen-height ratio.
- Fixed a VRAM leak that was causing many dynamic-resolution drivers
to run out of memory mid-run.

Implemented IRQ callbacks for the mc146818 RTC [Carl]

Fixed UNSP CPU core reset [Robbbert]

Fixed POP, POPF, PUSHF, and flags for V20 core [Carl, Alex Jackson]

memory: Store legacy object and handler together in the same
structure. [O. Galibert]

memory: Pass the legacy object/handler as a set_delegate parameter.
[O. Galibert]

memory: Merge width-conversion functions together from the same source
width. [O. Galibert]

memory: Build a structure with all possible delegate sizes
[O. Galibert]

memory: Separate delegates for the main access and the subaccesses.
[O. Galibert]

memory: Split the subaccesses delegation information per-slot.
[O. Galibert]

memory: Make the memdump file include a description of every subunit.
[O. Galibert]

memory: Add utility methods to clean up colliding subunit masks and
testing if any are remaining. [O. Galibert]

memory: Combine the map_range and handler_read/write() operations into
one. [O. Galibert]

memory: Proxy the handler entry access when adding handlers.
[O. Galibert]

memory: Tuck the unitmask into the proxy. [O. Galibert]

memory: Split the map_range function into a fixed entry mapping one
and a dynamically allocating entry one. [O. Galibert]

memory: Make the proxy manage a list of handlers instead of a unique
one. [O. Galibert]

memory: Add a handler copy function which works on subunits-only
handlers. [O. Galibert]

memory: Finally allow different handlers on different subunits of the
same address. [O. Galibert]

memory: Implement depopulate_unused(). [O. Galibert]

pic8259 - Fixed edge triggering and non-specific EOI
[Carl, Miodrag Milanovic]

Added SKIT_F0 opcode to the uPD7801/uPD7810 CPU core [Angelo Salese]

Split HLSL code into a separate file, d3dhlsl.c/.h. Also split
drawd3d.c into a couple of headers.
[Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]

nec disassembler - Only display "byte/word ptr" when it's actually
needed to resolve ambiguity (same as the i386 disassembler)
[Alex Jackson]

Add ROM dump from motor drive board for Sega Touring Car Championship

Hooked up the 2 PPI8255 for Super Crowns Golf [Angelo Salese]

emuopts: added confirm_quit option (defaults to off). when on,
pressing ESC you are prompted with a 'confirm quit' screen rather than
directly quit emulation. [MamePlus Team, Mamesick, Fabio Priuli]

i86: fix initial CS on reset [Alex Jackson]

memory: Change the gc into a refcounter, for speed reasons.
[O. Galibert]

Fix inverted check on anonymous timers prior to saving state. Also fix
bug where we fail to ignore the permanent non-expiring anonymous
timer. Added code to log timers, and we now log them at each save
attempt as well as at restore time. Should fix most recent save state
releated regressions. [Aaron Giles]

Started to work on Neogeo ROM naming, mostly removal of .bin extension
in favour of chiplabel.socketlabel convention [Johnboy]

Added echo emulation to the OkiM6376 sound chip [J. Wallace]

Added Guru-readme for Konami Viper hardware. [Guru]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Baryon Future Assault [Corrado Tomaselli, f205v, The Dumping Union,
David Haywood]
Reality Tennis [Tomasz Slanina, Antonio 'Peluko' Carrillo, Smitdogg,
The Dumping Union]
Fruit Bonus '06 - 10th anniversary [Brian Troha, Smitdogg, The Dumping
Super Ball (Version 1.3) [David Haywood, Brian Troha, The Dumping

New clones added
Dream Crown (Set 2) [Yohji, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Harley Davidson (Rev.B) [Gerald (COY), Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Motocross Go (MG2 Ver.A) [Gerald (COY), Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Nouryoku Koujou Iinkai (prototype) [Yohji, Smitdogg, The Dumping
Pit Boss Superstar (9221-10-00A) [Siftware]
Arctic Thunder v1.002 [J. Wilke, ranger_lennier, gamerfan, Smitdogg,
The Dumping Union] (NOT WORKING)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Panikuru Panekuru [dopefishjustin, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
New Hi-Lo Poker [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04354: [Crash/Freeze] bigappg, casino5, dodge, slither, slithera,
ssingles: Heap corruption detected by VS2010 RTC (R. Belmont)
- 04350: [Graphics] buggyboy, buggyboyjr: Missing/corrupt graphics
(Alex Jackson)
- 04346: [Graphics] dangar, galivan and clones: Scrolling incorrectly
changes scene (Angelo Salese)

Source Changes
Removed deprecat.h usage for the following drivers: [Angelo Salese]
- galpanic.c, gradius3.c, halleys.c, hexion.c

Inputs from the scratch for Champion Poker (v100) [Roberto Fresca]

Cleaned-up protection simulation in Yam Yam!? [Angelo Salese]

Implemented an almost complete Konami k053252 device emulation, adds
accurate refresh rate timings and irq acks to many mid-90-era Konami
games [Angelo Salese, O.Galibert]

Various changes for PSX HW [smf]
- Modernised internal memory map;
- MDEC is now an internal device of the PlayStation CPU;
- Root counter & Serial I/O converted to internal CPU devices;
- Moved PlayStation IRQ code to sub device of the CPU;

Switch input ports to use function-based constructors instead of
tokens. Remove the old tokenizing helpers. Add basic classes for
ports, fields, settings, and dip locations as a first step. These will
be fully cleaned up later. Added machine() method to field to hide all
the necessary indirection. Changed custom/changed handlers into
generic read/write handlers, and added wrappers to convert them to
device read/write lines. [Aaron Giles]

Changed input read/write and crosshair callbacks into delegates.
Changed signature for callbacks to take an input_field_config
reference instead of pointer. [Aaron Giles]

Removed legacy trampolines from eeprom_device, taking advantage of new
input port support for delegates. [Aaron Giles]

mc6845.c: Converted to C++. [Wilbert Pol]

Fixed the disassembly of the "mov ax, mem" instructions (opcodes A0-
A3) in the i386 and NEC disassemblers. The argument (the memory
address) was being displayed as a signed number, which doesn't make
any sense. [Alex Jackson]

Fixed a tiny bug with the debugger hex dump command: the printable
characters in ASCII range from 32 to 12*6*, not 127. [Alex Jackson]

Fixed input regression with Racin' Force, allowing it to boot again
[Angelo Salese]

Gave labels to many inputs in Midway's T, Wolf and Y Unit games as
well as CPS1 and CPS3. [Joe Caporale]

Implemented experimental HLSL post-processing support on Direct3D 9
targets. [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]
* 5-pass post-processing: Upscale, Post-Process, Store Last Frame,
Defocus 1, Defocus 2
* Many tunable effects including: Scanlines, defocus, linear
deconvergence, radial deconvergence, pincushion, RGB colorspace
convolution, YIQ colorspace convolution, saturation, simulated dot
crawl, simulated chroma subsampling, aperture masking, and more.
* Requires a GPU that supports Shader Model 3.0 to be enabled and a
powerful GPU, the entire pipeline consists of approximately 30
texel fetches and approximately 230 arthimetic ops.
* Will supersample the framebuffer up to 9x in both X and Y, but this
requires an enormously powerful GPU that has not been invented;
users with Radeon 5000-class cards should limit themselves to 3x,
Radeon 4000 to 1.5x.
* The default configuration will NOT appear to do anything; it
requires tuning to the user's liking.
* Should nicely fall back in all cases except missing shaders, and it
might fall back correctly in that case as well. Report any
- For obvious reasons, the Direct3D8 renderer cannont support this.

Enable Visual Studio basic run-time checks in non-optimized builds
[Oliver Stoneberg]

Flush stderr, so the data is actually written when output is being
redirected [Oliver Stoneberg]

i286 - Added 286 LOADALL and triple fault resets. [Carl]

i286 - Added support for 16-bit protected mode far calls and segment
privilege checks. [Carl]

i86 - Fixed shift instructions, helps detecting proper CPU [Miodrag

i86 - Fixed handling of invalid instructions in 0x60-0x6f section
[Miodrag Milanovic]

Major clean-up and state machine conversion for the Sega ST-V / Saturn
driver [Angelo Salese]

HLSL Updates [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]
* Split color convolution and deconvergence into separate shaders for
potential GPU savings down the line
* Added light and heavy variants of the color convolution shader, the
former with YIQ colorspace removed
* Re-worked defocus to occur prior to shadow mask application, as it
would be on a real monitor.
* Split "pincushion" into "Pincushion" and "Screen Curvature", the
former affecting the only the displayed image and the latter only
affecting the shadow mask.
* Made major fixes to CVBS simulation, significantly increasing color
* Added magnet deconvergence via a shader uniform
* Improved phosphorescence
* Improved YIQ codec
* Added adjustable color carrier in YIQ processing mode.
* Fixed resolution-change crash and likely D3D performance regression
with -nohlsl on low-spec cards
* Created a new OSD function, osd_get_slider_list, which allows
OS-specific slider controls.

HLSL Post-Processing Updates: [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment, cgwg]
* The defocus pass is now switched off when defocus_x and defocus_y
are zero, allowing finer-grained performance tuning.
* Removed YIQ convolution from the main color-convolution shader and
replaced it with a full composite encode/decode pass. This is slower,
but looks amazing(ly like a terrible TV) and can be turned off.
* More authentic NTSC dot crawl and bandwidth limiting.

i86 - Implemented POP CS and MOV CS,reg instructions that are 8086
specific [Miodrag Milanovic]

Implemented multi-cart support to ST-V driver [Angelo Salese, Tafoid]

Managed to get the multiplexer/state machine emulated, amongst some
watchdog fixes for BFM games. [J. Wallace]

Added missing bipolar PROM dumps to Lucky Lady (Wing) [Team Europe]

pic8259 - updated to be more according to documentation [Carl]

Initial frameworking for upcoming artwork updates [Mr. Do]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Doraemon no Eawase Montage (prototype)
[dopefishjustin, Smitdogg, Luca Elia, The Dumping Union]

New clones added
Champion Poker (v100) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Gunbarl (Japan, GNB4/VER.A) [The Dumping Union]
Amidar (Konami/1982) [Patrik Styrnell]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Baryon Future Assault [ Corrado Tomaselli, f205v, The Dumping Union]
Brixian [ Corrado Tomaselli, f205v, The Dumping Union]
Orbatak (prototype)
Popeye (20p/8 GBP Token) [J. Wallace]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04320: [Crash/Freeze] Many sets in mpu4drvr.c: Crash: Integer Divide
by Zero (J. Wallace)
- 01893: [Crash/Freeze] mk4: MK4 hangs in demo mode after about 5
mins/matches. (Phil Bennett)
- 04334: [Graphics] wiz: Missing sprites makes game unplayable
(Angelo Salese)
- 04326: [Graphics] Many games in cave.c: Graphics corruption
(Alex Jackson)
- 03103: [Color/Palette] all sets in mrdo.c: The color of "SCENE4" is
inaccurate. (kunikuni)
- 04325: [Documentation] madrace: Wrong production year.
- 04304: [Graphics] captaven: Color glitch on scrolling ocean on
Stage 2 (David Haywood)

Source Changes
Removed deprecat.h dependancy and updated irqs accordingly from the
following drivers: [Angelo Salese]
8080bw.c airbustr.c albazg.c argus.c aristmk4.c armedf.c atarifb.c
avalnche.c battlex.c bigevglf.c bionicc.c bionicc.c bishi.c bladestl.c
blockout.c blueprnt.c bmcbowl.c bogeyman.c bottom9.c bsktball.c
bublbobl.c buggychl.c bwing.c changela.c chqflag.c circus.c cischeat.c
cloak.c commando.c cosmic.c cshooter.c darkmist.c dbz.c deadang.c
destroyr.c discoboy.c djmain.c docastle.c dogfgt.c dogfgt.c dooyong.c
dorachan.c dragrace.c enigma2.c equites.c esd16.c espial.c exedexes.c
exidy.c expro02.c fastfred.c finalizr.c firetrap.c flower.c flstory.c
gberet.c gng.c goindol.c gsword.c gunsmoke.c itech32.c jack.c jack.c
kyugo.c ladyfrog.c liberatr.c m72.c matmania.c megaplay.c meijinsn.c
metlclsh.c mirax.c mjsister.c mlanding.c mouser.c namcos2.c namcos21.c
naughtyb.c nbmj8688.c nbmj8891.c nova2001.c overdriv.c pacman.c
paradise.c photon2.c polepos.c popper.c retofinv.c rollrace.c
route16.c sbugger.c segag80r.c segas18.c seta.c shisen.c slapfght.c
snk6502.c solomon.c sonson.c speedbal.c srmp2.c srmp2.c srumbler.c
sstrangr.c strnskil.c suna8.c suprloco.c tagteam.c taito_l.c tomcat.c
tsamurai.c tunhunt.c vastar.c vigilant.c vulgus.c wecleman.c
wheelfir.c wiz.c xxmissio.c zn.c zodiack.c

Fixed sprite regression in expro02.c [Angelo Salese]

Converted Taito_L driver to use AM_SHARE macro [Angelo Salese]

Removed sound hacks in Evil Stone, fixing sound drop if you die at
level 1 boss [Angelo Salese]

intelfsh.c: Added support for Fujitsu 29DL16X. [Sandro Ronco]

Fixed i86/i386 POP SP and POP ESP thanks to bug report for Xenix boot
by bs666 [Miodrag Milanovic]

Collapsed device_config and device_t into one class. Updated all
existing modern devices and the legacy wrappers to work in this
environment. This in general greatly simplifies writing a modern
device. [Aaron Giles]

psx.c: adjusted MDEC timing to avoid lockups. Most FMVs now have
fluent video. [R. Belmont]

Fixed Z80STI interrupts. [Curt Coder]

Fixed I8255 interrupt enable. [Curt Coder]

Fixed reset register bit masks in RP5C01 and RP5C15. [Curt Coder]

Added 3.5" ED floppy drive type. [Curt Coder]

Naomi / Triforce / Chihiro documentation update [f205v]

Fixed protection read-back registers 0x07 and 0x0e / 0x0f in k051733
math chip, finally fixing gameplay issues in Chequered Flag.
[Angelo Salese]

konamigv: Documentation updates [Guru]

diimage.c: fix uninitialized variables found by Valgrind [R. Belmont]

mc146818: Fix uninitialized variable found by Valgrind [R. Belmont]

Fixed inputs and removed digital hacks in Cisco Heat driver
[Angelo Salese]

Added MCCS1850 RTC emulation. [Curt Coder]

Added shifter display to Cisco Heat driver [Angelo Salese]

Removed cheesy hack to F1 GP Star 2 irq communications [Angelo Salese]

Fix second adpcm player in games using SEIBU_ADPCM [R. Belmont]

Made k051733 RNG to behave like an adder, improves pseudo-random
events in Fast Lane [Angelo Salese]

Tentative experiment for Hot Chase gameplay speed ... still not
perfect though (especially noticeable with sound) [Angelo Salese]

Reimplemented devcb using delegates and classes. Unified the logic for
identifying targets and simplified the code. [Aaron Giles]

naomi: Abstract the maple and jvs interfaces into a set of devices
[O. Galibert, MetalliC, Tormod, D. Knute]

Started unifying sprite implementations for setax001/x002 chips
[David Haywood]

drcbex64: Fix op_debug implementation [O. Galibert]

Add Puzznic MCU dump and added a PAL as NO_DUMP. The MCU still needs
to be properly hooked up. [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, Lord

naomi: Add jvs command 0x32, fixes Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis 2
booting [O. Galibert]

Added input button labels for Midway T-Unit driver [Joe Caporale]

De-stateized the NB1414M4 routines, and converted the correlated Armed
F text tilemap to be 8-bits [Angelo Salese]

Hooked up NB1414M4 to Ninja Emaki, greatly improving gfxs in it
[Angelo Salese]

Implemented serial type scrolling for Youma Ninpou Chou bootlegs
[Angelo Salese]

Support for dynamic devices added to the core. [Miodrag Milanovic]
* Added slot and slot card interfaces
* Added SLOT_INTERFACE macros in order to simplify device adding
* Added new menu option "Slot Devices" and support to change device
in runtime
* Updated emuopts to support command setting of slot cards

Update clifront and added listslots option to display available
slots and device options for each one [Miodrag Milanovic]

mpu4.c: Started adding support for the Crystal Gaming program card,
and the link keys for setting parameters. [J Wallace]

6840ptm.c: Fixed mode check in set_gate() [J Wallace]

srcclean.c: srcclean should remove invalid chars only for source files
which are not xml (softlists have UTF-8 characters) [Fabio Priuli]

Hooked up proper sound program in Combat School bootleg [Angelo

Moved format handling and all formats to separate library
[Miodrag Milanovic]

Converted PlayStation DMA to an internal device to the CPU core. DMA
to external devices can be set in the machine config, the old calls
are still there until the rest of the code is converted. [smf]

Added support for default NVRAM in MCCS1850. [Curt Coder]

Various Irem M92 / M107 fixes [Alex Jackson]
* Hooked up sound CPU interrupts properly, using the V35 builtin
interrupt controller, rather than generating the vectors in the
* Cleaned up ROM mirroring, using AM_REGION macros in the address
maps instead of memcpy()ing all over the place in the
* Converted bankswitching to use configured banks. Only configure the
banks and install the bankswitch WRITE_HANDLER in the games that
actually use it (i.e. those with a full megabyte of program ROM).
This and the previous change make the drivers a lot less confusing
to look at... I hope.
* Converted both drivers to use a scanline timer device instead of a
hand-rolled one.
* Added save state support to m92.c. Everything necessary was already
saved, I just had to add the tag. However, presumably due to the
core emu_timer breakage (MT 4330, 4331) the save states don't
actually work at the moment. I've already reported this as MT
* Added GAME_MECHANICAL tag to wpksoc and clone

Converted Ginga Ninkyouden to use proper 6840 PTM device
[Angelo Salese]

Fixed missing sprite regression in the Wiz driver [Angelo Salese]

chdman: Handle track type 6 in .nrg files [R. Belmont]

Compile fix for kFreeBSD [Christian Marillat]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Chequered Flag [Angelo Salese]
Super Wing [Tomasz Slanina, Wulfman]

New clones added
Witch Card (German, WC3050, 27-4-94) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Quizard Rainbow 4.0 [Team Europe]
Frank 'n' Stein (unencrypted) [J Wallace]
Mahjong Maina - Kairakukan he Youkoso [alien_mame, The Dumping Union]
The Nanpa [alien_mame, The Dumping Union]
Cospure Tengoku 7 - Super Co-gal Grandprix
[alien_mame, The Dumping Union]
Fudol [alien_mame, The Dumping Union]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03552: [Documentation] kodure: Kodure Ookami vs. Kozure Ookami
naming conventions (Angelo Salese)
- 04314: [Documentation] lca, lca2: Wrong description.
- 04191: [Sound] dynablstb: No audio (Alex Jackson)
- 02087: [Sound] qbert, qbertqub and clones: "Hello. I'm turned on."
... missing, again. (Robbbert)
- 04307: [Documentation] jokrz_l6, jokrz_l3: Wrong description.
- 02072: [Graphics] mooncmw, spcdraga, mooncrgx: Corrupt graphics on
3rd and 4th stages (Robbbert)

Source Changes
Implemented irq ack mechanism to Armed Formation HW games [Angelo

Hand-fixed bit-rot bit in Terra Force bootleg, fixing the attract mode
crash [Angelo Salese]

Fixed emulation of the extra z80 in Terra Force bootleg set (used as a
replacement for the protection), promoting it to working [Angelo

Implemented MCU simulation to terrafu / terrafa [Angelo Salese]

Hooked up text protection simulation to Kozure Ookami, allowing it to
display scoring during gameplay and copyright screens [Angelo Salese]

Implemented proper FG scroll latching in Kozure Ookami, fixing an
offsetted layer at the gameplay intro screen [Angelo Salese]

taito_b.c - Added PLD dumps for qzshowby. [Tafoid]

Hooked up 1414M4 emulation to Legion [Angelo Salese]

Hooked up the 1414M4 chip emulation for Crazy Climber 2 [Angelo

Created device_rtc_interface which can be used to initialize RTC's to
a certain date/time at driver startup, useful for regression testing.
Implemented the interface in most of the modern RTC devices. Note:
this is not yet plumbed down to the command line. [Curt Coder]

renamed Namco System 11 clones based on country code & version. [smf]

SDL: fix backwards texture rectangle option [AWJ]

Hooked up NB1414M4 priority bit, fixing video text priority in all the
games in the Armed F driver [Angelo Salese]

Merged 86 Lions inside Aristocrat Mk-4 driver [Angelo Salese]

Various improvements to m90 driver [AWJ]:
* Fixed MT bug 4191 (dynablstb: No audio)
* Hooked up sample playback in bbmanw and clones and removed
GAME_IMPERFECT_SOUND flag (actually, bbmanwj had working samples
already and never should have been flagged in the first place)
* Use generic_pulse_irq_line() to generate interrupts on the V35,
instead of the completely silly and deprecat.h thing I was doing
* Made the same fix to cb2001.c while I was at it.
* Fixed some spelling mistakes in the inputs.
* Converted quizf1 to modern bankswitching with configured banks.
* Made quizf1 and bomblord endian-safe, with assistance from
* Added save state support.

Removed deprecat.h usage in m90 driver [Angelo Salese]

Implemented RAM-based sprite clut in Armed F driver, used for color
cycling effects in all games of this HW [Angelo Salese]

Provided a compact flash dump for Alien - The Arcade Medal Edition
[Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

Fixed various things in Buster, allowing it to boot into gameplay
[Angelo Salese]

Merged Tatakae Big Fighter into Armed F driver [Angelo Salese]

Redumped terrafb bitrotted rom [Bill D., The Dumping Union]

astring: Fix build on NetBSD and other systems where toupper() is a
macro [Thomas Klausner]

Implemented irq ack mechanism and fixed CPU clock speeds in Cop 01 and
Mighty Guy, this fixes last boss crashes in Mighty Guy [Angelo Salese]

es5503: Properly mask oscillator enable bits when setting.

Hand-tuned sound frequencies in Cop 01 based off an audio reference

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mighty Guy [Angelo Salese]

New clones added
Tekken 2 (TES3 VER.D) [atchoo, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, smf]
Soul Edge (SO2/VER.A) [f205v, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, smf]
Soul Calibur (SOC13 VER.C) [f205v, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, smf]
Tekken Tag (TEG2 VER.C1) [f205v, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, smf]
Libero Grande (LG1 VER.A)
[B. Munger, S. Ruiz, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union] (not working)
Saint Dragon (set 2) [Tirino73] (not working)


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 01994: [Crash/Freeze] birdtry: Birdie Try - Game locks up after
first hole. (Angelo Salese)

Source Changes
Added screen raw params and irq ack to the dec0 driver, fixing hole 1
hang in Birdie Try and improving fade in/out effects for Boulder Dash
[Angelo Salese]

Funworld driver updates: [Roberto Fresca]
* Complete support for Witch Royal, from Video Klein.
* Reworked the button-lamps layout to get the hold buttons more

Eliminates the extern variables from atarimo video core, in order to
remove a significant source of AM_BASE macros. [Atari Ace]

Converted astrocde/kaneko16/namcos23/suprnova to driver_device
[Atari Ace]

Converted Taito F3 video chip (TC0630FDP) to have a parallelism of
16-bit [Angelo Salese]

Converted 2 Minutes Drill driver to use Taito F3 video chip, this
hugely improves graphics in it [Angelo Salese]

Added irq ack and fixed sound chip type to be YM2610B for 2 Minutes
Drill [Angelo Salese]

Dumped the DVD image for bikiniko [alien_mame, The Dumping Union]

Added work-around for crowd gfxs in Taito F3 football games (Taito Cup
Finals, International Cup '94, Taito Power Goal and clones), until a
better information is found about it [David Haywood]

softlist: moved software list handling (in the Internal UI) to a
separate source, and made the code more similar to the File Manager
handling code. [Fabio Priuli]

CPS-3 update [Team CPS-1]:
* Added Street Fighter III: New Generation Hispanic BIOS rom CD
* Added a detailed table of all known releases until now with usefull
notes to identify new Cart Regions/CD Revisions
* Renamed some CHDs to use the new Catalog # standard

uiswlist.c: added a switch to choose between shortname order or
description order for softlist entries (in the Internal UI), and
adapted the char input code to match shortnames or descriptions
accordingly [Fabio Priuli]

sc61860 cpu - fix for crash and cleanup, replace for internal ram
accesses with function calls to help further debug the core in the
future [Atari Ace]

cartslot.c/chd_cd.c: added support for a callback function to test
softlist sharedfeat (e.g. 'compatibility') and display a warning
message accordingly. updated cdi.c as an example [Fabio Priuli]

Decrypted 3 Super 8 program ROM [Lord Nightmare, Kevtris]

cassette.c/flopdrv.c: added support for a display info callback
function [Miodrag Milanovic]

corona/galaxian/namcos21/namcos22/namcos23/psikyosh/quizo/sigmab98 to
driver_device. [Atari Ace]

Convert scramble/galaxold to driver_device [Atari Ace]

Audio device additions: [Atari Ace]
* exidy440/m72/segasnd are converted to legacy devices.
* cage/dcs/williams variables are restructured internally to resemble
a device, simplifying a future device conversion. Some AM_BASE
macros are eliminated as well.
* taito_en has minor changes to eliminate an AM_BASE macro.

Heavily improved 3 Super 8 emulation, and implemented NMI acknowledge
mechanism into the Super Poker driver [Angelo Salese]

i286 - Fixed protected mode boundary check [Miodrag Milanovic]

naomibd: Fix collision with system macro on NetBSD [Thomas Klausner]

Implemented PAL-like prom read-back in 4 En Raya [Angelo Salese]

Fixed Pururun's audio pitch/speed to match that of a reference video.

tms5220.c: updates to comments and nonstandard feature defines.
[Lord Nightmare]

8237dma - Added cascade mode support [Wilbert Pol]

pic8259 - Added support for cascade mode, updated interface in all
drivers [Miodrag Milanovic]

upd7725.c: Implementation of the p0 and p1 output bits as device
lines; preliminary implementation of INT input line. [Lord Nightmare]

Replaced mamedriv.c with a new driver list mechanism that is generated
by the build tools. The emulator core now expects the presence of a
file called src/$(TARGET)/$(SUBTARGET).lst which is just a raw list of
driver names, one per line. C and C++ comments are still permitted.
This file is parsed by a new build tool makelist which extracts the
driver names, sorts them, and generates a file called drivlist.c,
which is consumed by the core. [Aaron Giles]

Added new osdcore function osd_malloc_array() which is identical to
osd_malloc() but obviously hints that the underlying allocation is for
an array. Updated all callers to use the appropriate form. Modified
the Windows allocator to only use guard pages for array-style
allocations, allowing us to enable them once again in debug builds.
[Aaron Giles]

Created new static class driver_list to wrap accesses to the list of
available drivers. Improved speed of driver lookups by relying on the
presorting done by makelist. [Aaron Giles]

Created helper class driver_enumerator as a helper for iterating
through the list of drivers. This class supports basic filtering and
iteration, and also serves as a temporary cache of machine_configs.
[Aaron Giles]

Created cli_frontend object to wrap all the CLI handling code in
clifront.c. Updated/simplified all the code to take advantage of the
driver_enumerator. [Aaron Giles]

Created media_auditor object to wrap all the auditing functions in
audit.c. Updated all users to the new interface. Note that the new
auditing mechanism is slightly out of sync with the romload code in
terms of finding ROMs owned by devices, so it may mis-report some
issues until the new ROM loading code is in. [Aaron Giles]

Added concept of a per-device searchpath. For most devices, their
searchpath is just the short name of the device. For driver_devices,
the searchpath is driver[;parent[;bios]]. This searchpath will
eventually be used by the rom loader to find ROMs. For now it is used
by the media auditor only. [Aaron Giles]

Created info_xml_creator object to wrap all the info generation
functions in info.c. Converted the file to C++ and cleaned up the
input processing code. [Aaron Giles]

model2.c: Corrected the revision level for Top Skater (USA) set
[The Dumping Union]

Various improvements to the Konami Viper driver [Ville Linde]

midqslvr: Add some hardware information [O. Galibert]

Added reverse-spin support to the stepper motor simulator
[James Wallace]

mpu4.c: Documented MOD 4 OKI program card ROM banking and improved the
BwB characteriser emulation. [James Wallace]

Fixed the I/O address in Intel 8257 DMA operations. [Curt Coder]

Fixes for non-native SDL builds on OS X [Paulo Cabral]

Added "Mandatory artwork is missing" error [Oliver Stöneberg]

Implemented 16-bit device callbacks. [Curt Coder]

Fix loading fonts on MacOSX. [Couriersud]

Delegates 2.0 implementation. Resdesigned how delegates work to make
them more flexible and simpler to use. Got rid of the proto_delegates
altogether in favor of supporting delegates that are bound to NULL
objects. Added a front-end template that supports "natural" syntax
favored by libraries like boost. Added support for static functions
that take reference parameters instead of pointer parameters for the
object type. Updated all delegate users in the system to the new
syntax. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the DIRECT_UPDATE_HANDLER to take a machine reference like
everything else in the system. Updated all users. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the FUNC() macro to automatically put an & in front of the
item passed. In general this works transparently, however it does have
the nice side-effect of catching situations where a variable is passed
instead of a function name. Fixed those cases to push the naming
upstream so that the name is now provided properly. Also added a
FUNC_NULL macro since FUNC(NULL) no longer works. [Aaron Giles]

tms5220.c: partially fixed perfect interpolation hack, disabled by
default. [Lord Nightmare]

segas24: Start untangling the Vogon poetry Atari Ace left is his wake.
Apply the new timing implementation per cgfm's analysis. Gain ground
is going to be stuck in free play mode. [O. Galibert]

tms5220.c: fixed perfect interpolation hack the rest of the way, now
it works as it did before 0.140 or so. [Lord Nightmare]

tms5220.c: improve perfect interpolation hack slightly, should be less
noisy after inhibit frames. [Lord Nightmare]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Major Poker (v2.0) [Roberto Fresca, Tomasz Slanina, Rob Ragon]
Witch Royal (Export version 2.1) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Water-Nymph (Ver. 1.4) [Team Europe, Luca Elia]

New clones added
Silent Scope (ver xxC, Ver 1.30) (not working) [Alex Romero]
Street Fighter III: New Generation (Hispanic 970204)
[Bill D., The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Racing Jam: Chapter 2 (EAE) [RetroRepair]
Thrill Drive (EAA) [RetroRepair]
Alien: The Arcade Medal Edition
[Yohji, Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Home Run Classic [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Country Club Classic [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Trap Shoot Classic [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Nintendo FamicomBox [Kevin Horton]
MPU3 Unit Test (Program 5) [James Wallace]
Hyper Viper [James Wallace]