NovitÓ nella versione 0.140


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04091: [Misc.] simpbowl: NVRAM is not created correctly.
(Aaron Giles)
- 03770: [Interface] Setting 'snapname %g' does not allow snap to be
saved with F12. (Aaron Giles)
- 03835: [Compiling] Visual Studio compiler warning in
- 03937: [Misc.] Using CTRL-C to end MAME no longer works reliably
(Aaron Giles)
- 03915: [Interface] All sets using -autosave: "auto.sta" can
mistakenly be erased (Aaron Giles)
- 03930: [Compiling] LDPLAYER fails to link (Aaron Giles)
- 04065: [Compiling] Default 'tiny' does not build (Aaron Giles)
- 03074: [Sound] dkongjr and clones: Discrete audio output is lower
pitched than normal (Derrick Renaud)
- 04085: [Sound] All sets in seibuspi.c: sound issue
- 04081: [Crash/Freeze] Games/drivers with no screen: When you exit
MAME, you do not get control back (Aaron Giles)
- 04059: [Graphics] qix, zookeep and clones: Player's character
disappears during gameplay. (Aaron Giles)
- 04080: [Crash/Freeze] [debug] Massive memory leaks + crash upon
exit in debug build (Aaron Giles)
- 03800: [Debugger] Many sets in snk.c: Viewing c000-c700 in debugger
for "SUB" Z-80 causes memory corruption (MooglyGuy)
- 04083: [Graphics] All sets in balsente.c: Black screen corruption
(missing graphics) (MooglyGuy)
- 04075: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in cps3.c: Black screen/Hang
(Aaron Giles)
- 04077: [Misc.] Crash when -effect is used (Aaron Giles)
- 04078: [Crash/Freeze] mtrap + clones: Crash/Assert after OK
(Aaron Giles)
- 04076: [Misc.] Artwork cropping not working correctly (Aaron Giles)

Source Changes
- Considerably improved UART communications in the CD-i 68070
implementation, increasing Quizard stability as a result. [Harmony]

Fixed use of the sign bits on the SegaCD Roz parameters, improves
the SegaCD intro rotations etc. which now appear correct. Clamp Roz
stuff to 24-bit, seems to fix the remaining issues with the Sega
logos. [David Haywood]

Moved -effect implementation out of OSD code and into core since the
implementations were identical across Windows/SDL and implemented in
the core itself. [Aaron Giles]

More Clang fixes (verified OK with GCC) [Balrog]

Correctly free textures when screen size dynamically changes. Fixes
texture assert when exiting on a number of games. [Aaron Giles]

Attempt to provide a correct M50458 char rom, used by the Nintendo
Super System [Pat Dardenko, Angelo Salese]

Re-worked Quizard MCU communications handling to be more easily
expanded. [Harmony]

Convert rendlay objects into C++, reduce the number of unused textures
allocated. [Aaron Giles]

Fix texture leak in crsshair.c. [Aaron Giles]

Added new method reset_origin() to screen devices to allow
manual synchronization of VBLANK start against an external timing
source. Updated the MC6845 device to call reset_origin() on its screen
at the start of each frame if a screen is present. [Aaron Giles]

Converted the RCA CDP1802 CPU into a C++ device. Refactored cidelsa.c
to use the new RCA COSMAC CPU. [Curt Coder]

Added new devcb type DEVCB_TYPE_DRIVER, which implies the
driver_device. [Aaron Giles]

specify member functions of the driver device in callbacks.
[Aaron Giles]

Reworked NMK16 irqs by not using cpu_getiloops() function
[Angelo Salese]

Fix custom mapping for dsp56k internal memory. [Aaron Giles]

Refactored the CDP1869 chip into a C++ device. [Curt Coder]

Added explicit control handler for the console. Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Break now
explicitly terminate the process forcefully, rather than unwinding
through the system in an unexpected state. Other console events (exit,
shutdown, logoff) request a graceful exit. [Aaron Giles]

Reworked 1942 interrupts by not using cpu_getiloops() function
[Angelo Salese]

Removed deprecat.h usage from 1943 driver [Angelo Salese]

Removed deprecat.h usage from 40love driver [Angelo Salese]

Removed deprecat.h usage and did some minor clean-ups to the 4enraya
driver [Angelo Salese]

Rewrote Alien Command irqs by not using cpu_getiloops() function
[Angelo Salese]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Devil Island (2 sets) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

New clones added
Streaking (set 2) [Roberto Fresca]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Magical Touch [Siftware, Mariusz Wojcieszek]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04060: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in taitogn.c: NVRAM written
incorrectly - games never start. (Aaron Giles)
- 04068: [DIP/Input] viofight: Missing Player 2 button 3 (Tafoid)
- 04063: [Gameplay] All sets in solomon.c: All characters in the
game are missing (player and enemies) (hap)

Source Changes
Converted amiga drivers to use driver_devices. Merged common code
between legacy Amiga and AGA video systems. [Atari Ace]

Death to more NVRAM_HANDLERS. [Aaron Giles]

cdda - Added a per-channel volume setting function [Barry Rodewald]

M68k: Add more conditionals and FGETEXP instruction [R. Belmont]

Converted x2212 to a modern device. Changed x2212 device to return
unmapped bits for the upper 4 bits. Added e2prom address space to
x2212 so that the latched contents can be viewed. Updated starwars
and firefox. Hooked up x2212 in foodf. [Aaron Giles]

Changed ccastles and cloud9 to use the x2212 instead of the hacked-up
fake version they had. [Aaron Giles]

Enable vertical scroll bars in debugger comboboxes, and resize them to
show the full text. [Aaron Giles]

Changed memory width stubs to fill unpopulated regions with the
appropriate portion of the unmap value. [Aaron Giles]

Added ER2055 device. Changed liberator over to using it. Other Atari
games to follow. [Aaron Giles]

Modernized liberator driver, added save state support. Moved
generalized EAROM handling to atarigen. [Aaron Giles]

Added new (modern) address map macros for referencing member functions
in base classes: AM_READ_BASE(_class, _member), AM_WRITE_BASE,
AM_READWRITE_BASE, etc. [Aaron Giles]

Debugger (SDL) : Window locations in the SDL debugger are now saved
and loaded at exit and startup. [Andrew Gardner]

Modified Z80-DMA reset command (C3) to not randomly clear registers.
[Curt Coder]

raiden2: checkpoint current state [Olivier Galibert]

Removed IRQ hack in Niyanpai HW [Angelo Salese]

Ported over CD-i cleanup from MESS. [Harmony]

Put the SH2 DMA on a timer. This is needed because Knuckles Chaotix
on the 32X can't be done with 'Instant DMA' due the SH2 DMA is used to
read from a FIFO port which is being filled by the 68k during the
transfer. [David Haywood]

Fixed 8-bit dram (framebuffer) access for 32x [David Haywood]

Added sprite buffering to Mirage Youjuu Mahjongden, confirmed by a
real PCB video [Angelo Salese]

680x0: '030 MMU now emulates translation cache; fixed misinterpreted
MMU opcodes [R. Belmont]

Megadrive: changed way the z80 window into 68k space works so that it
automatically can handle things like the 32x. [David Haywood]

Improvements to Piccolo Poker 100. [Roberto Fresca]
* Added a workaround to get the game booting.
* Created inputs from the scratch.
* Promoted to 'working'.
* Added technical and game notes.

Fixed Fairchild F8 CPU interrupt handling. [Curt Coder]

Implemented support for SH-2 cycle steal mode, used by Fever Soccer
[David Haywood]

Fixed a SH-2 with TSTM opcode [R.Belmont]

Neo-Geo updates [Johnboy]:
* savagere, kizuna - Reverted C1 change from u2 (chip was bad, C1 was
* gururin - Added correct M1 ROM
* quizdai2 - Tagged as MVS and AES version
* Started to document mask ROM types

naomi.c: Added Mamonoro cartridge description [f205v]

viper.c: Added the 941a01 BIOS and p911e missing NVRAM dump
[John Bud @ Jamma+]

Golden Poker driver updates... [Roberto Fresca]
* Added 3 new Witch Card sets.
* Added 3 new Falcons Wild sets (from 3 different hardwares).
* Hooked the second CPU (still encrypted) to the Falcon hardware.
* Partially decrypted the second CPU program from Falcon hardware.
* Figured out the Falcons Wild (Video Klein) memory map and machine.
* Defeated the evil Video Klein's Witch Card hardware.
* Reworked inputs for some sets.
* Added lamps layouts/connections to the new sets.
* Figured out the multiplexed data/address from Falcon's boards
* Added full sound support to Falcon hardware.
* Reorganized and partially cleaned-up the driver.
* Added more technical notes.

Fixed unaligned 16 and 32-bit i/o accesses in i386 CPU core
[Barry Rodewald]

Fix bug where multiple sampleof attributes could be output, resulting
in invalid XML. [Aaron Giles]

Enable wavwrite (and aviwrite) sound even if -nosound is specified.
[Aaron Giles]

Since PNG writing is used for MNG as well, switch back to default
compression instead of best compression in order to keep the
performance reasonable. [Aaron Giles]

Fix another Clang issue [Balrog]

SH2DRC: Fix BSRF and JSR so delay slot insns can trash the calculated
PR if they want [R. Belmont]

v9938 - Set default value for status register 4 and 6 [Michael Zapf]

Added INT1, INT2, INT3, DRQ0, DRQ1, TMRIN0, TMRIN1 input and TMROUT0,
TMROUT1 output lines to the Intel 80186 CPU interface. [Curt Coder]

SH2: fix PC relative MOV in delay slot
SH2: Further improvements to PC_relative loads in the delay slot.
[R. Belmont]

Improvements to vpoker.c driver [Roberto Fresca]
* Added 5-Aces Poker.
* Fixed, improved and merged memory map.
* Fixed the ROM loading.
* Removed the mame rnd hack from the blitter read handler.
* Preliminary inputs.
* Fixed visible screen.

Added new driver for NSM TMS9995 based hardware. [Roberto Fresca]

Added UART Tx/Rx framework to the CD-i 68070 implementation, necessary
for Quizard protection. [Harmony]

Changed default CD-i SLAVE video setting to PAL, necessary for Quizard
to boot. [Harmony]

Naomi: added protection key for gundmct, it boots now [Cah4e3]

Changed visible area and resolution of CD-i based arcade games.

New driver for Advanced Video Technology (AVT) platform
[Roberto Fresca]
* Almost accurate memory map.
* Decoded graphics.
* Decoded the bipolar PROM.
* Detected a CRTC (MC6845 type) reversing the code.
* Guessed the CRTC clock to get proper values.
* Hooked the AY-3-8910.
* Added games notes.
* Added technical notes.

Patched out the majority of the Quizard 1.7 protection check and
emulated the game's inputs. [Harmony]

Patched out the majority of the Quizard 1.2 protection check and
made the patch more generic. [Harmony]

Added incomplete protection patches to Quizard 3.2 and Quizard Rainbow
4.1; both now run through attract mode and coin up, but crash when
going in-game. [Harmony]

video/neogeo.c: Call optimize_sprite_data() at VIDEO_RESET (for the
convenience of Neo Geo CD) [Barry Rodewald]

Attempt to untie the shared mapping for all games in zr107.c (midnrun,
windheat, waveshrk). Buttons now have labels and match up to test
mode, even if you cannot play the games. [Tafoid]

Fixed vspinbalj (vsnes.c) flipper control and eliminated duplicated
inputs. [Tafoid]

Converted render.c objects into C++ objects. Updated all callers.
[Aaron Giles]

Improvements to Subsino driver. [Roberto Fresca]
* Created proper inputs for all Victor 6 sets.
* Fixed/extended Magic Train technical notes.
* Eliminated the 3 undumped bipolar PROMs from Magic Train since
these are in fact Darlington Arrays instead of bipolar PROMs.

Replaced the excessively large Quizard patch scheme with a much
smaller 4-byte patch plus basic protection obfuscation simulation.

Found the appropriate patch values for Quizard 2.2 and promoted it
to working. [Harmony]

Removed RAM protection patches from Quizard games. All games now at
least boot with simulated protection, and the ones that were playable
before remain playable. [Harmony]

Changes LIVES to use only a single DIP instead of being split up
between two input ports by using a CUSTOM_INPUT.
[Tafoid, Fabio Priuli]

Eliminated non-functioning service mode mapping which was a duplicate
(ssridersb - tmnt.c). Added new labels to bombkick (yunsun16.c) to
better describe the status required for each DIP, rather than the
duplicate label "DON"T CHANGE IT!". [Tafoid]

8237dma.c: Initialize the command register to 0 on reset.
[Wilbert Pol]

Update psx drivers to use a driver_device. [Atari Ace]

Update driver-specific sound devices to use tokens and store their
state like other devices. [Atari Ace]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Tetris / Bloxeed (Korean System 16 bootleg)
(ISG Selection Master Type 2006) [Anonymous]
Mallet Madness v2.1 [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Piccolo Poker 100 [Roberto Fresca]
Witch Card (Falcon, enhanced sound) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Witch Card (German, set 3, alt gfx) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Witch Game (Video Klein) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Falcons Wild - Wild Card 1991 (TVG) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Falcons Wild - World Wide Poker (Video Klein)
[Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Victor 6 [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Quizard 1.7 [Harmony]
Quizard 1.2 [Harmony]
Quizard 2.2 [Harmony]

New clones added
Sea Wolf (older?) [Siftware]
Gun Fight (older?) [Siftware]
Puckman Pockimon (set 2) [Guru]
Hit Me [Siftware]
X-Men: Children of the Atom (Asia 950105) [Razoola]
Final Lap 3 (Japan - Rev C) [Smitdogg, Guru, The Dumping Union]
Omega Race (set 2) [Dave France, The Dumping Union]
Star Raker [Andreas Kraemer, Steffen & Laschek]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Cosplay Heaven 5 [alien_mame, Angelo Salese]
Falcons Wild - World Wide Poker (Falcon original)
[Roberto Fresca, Darran]
Faster Than Speed [Cah4e3, R. Belmont]
Wave Runner GP [Cah4e3, R. Belmont]
5-Aces Poker [Roberto Fresca]
NSM Poker (TMS9995) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Dual Games (prototype) [ChrisQC, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Symbols (ver 1.4) [Roberto Fresca, Dave Ormiston]
Symbols (ver 2.5) [Roberto Fresca, Dave Ormiston]
Arrow Bingo [Roberto Fresca, Dave Ormiston]
NFL (ver 109) [Roberto Fresca, Dave Ormiston]
Virtua Striker 3 (rev. B) [ANY]
Puyo Puyo DA! [Guru, f205v]
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon [Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04030: [Misc.] All sets in taito_f3.c, taito_z.c, kaneko16.c,
konamigq.c, overdriv.c: "16-bit EEPROM set with 8-bit data"
(Aaron Giles)
- 04034: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in viper.c: [debug] Assert in Debug
build (Aaron Giles)
- 01993: [Graphics] stmblade: Graphical corruption on left side of screen
beginining stage 3 (robiza)
- 04050: [Graphics] twineag2: Missing graphic effect in screen
transitions (robiza)
- 04044: [Graphics] batsugun and clones: [possible] batsugun VDP mixing
still not correct (David Haywood)
- 00945: [Graphics] bkraidu: Text glitch in the flip screen mode. (robiza)
- 00944: [Graphics] ghox: There are gfx glitches on the background in
the ending scene. (robiza)
- 03952: [Graphics] gaiden, wildfang, raiga: Screen is shifted 32 pixels
down with flip-screen. (robiza)
- 04036: [Graphics] astrowar: [debug] Severe graphic corruption
(Fabio Priuli)
- 04035: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in chihiro.c: Assert before OK
(Fabio Priuli)

Source Changes
mc6845.c: Rewritten to allow mid frame changes to the counter
registers. This enables drivers to use advanced split screen and
scrolling effects using a regular mc6845. [Wilbert Pol]

Changed the MACHINE_DRIVER_* macros, as follows: [Aaron Giles]

1. Renamed MACHINE_DRIVER_* to MACHINE_CONFIG_* to match the name of
the object it actually describes. The MDRV_* prefix may eventually be
bulk updated at some point, but not now.

2. MACHINE_CONFIG_START() now takes a driver_data_t-derived class as a
required second parameter. This means that MDRV_DRIVER_DATA() is no
longer required, and every "root" machine config *must* specify a
driver data class (or driver_data_t itself if the driver has not yet
been updated to use driver data).

3. New MACHINE_CONFIG_DERIVED() macro defines a machine_config that is
derived from another machine_config. This takes the place of the very

4. New MACHINE_CONFIG_FRAGMENT() macro defines a partial
machine_config that can only be included in another "root"
machine_config. This is also used for machine_configs that are
specified as part of a device.

5. Changed MDRV_IMPORT_FROM() to MDRV_FRAGMENT_ADD() to more
accurately describe what is happening.

6. Added asserts to the above three macros to ensure they are properly

Updated all machine drivers to use the new macros. Search & replace
lists below cover 99% of the changes, with just a few manual fixups.
[Aaron Giles]

timer.c: timers get rescheduled only if enable state has changed
[Christophe Jaillet]

bfm_dm01 improvements: replaced the video screen hack used for the
dotmatrix display with a more accurate, artwork-based version. The
BFM_DM01 clocks data in one byte at a time, and the new dotmatrix
render object represents the 8 dots powered by each byte. [AGEMAME]

* Cashcade workaround for topgear [Frasher]
* Improved a few memory handlers [Palindrome]

Changed driver_data objects to be devices. Replaced the driver_data_t
class with a new driver_device class, which is the base class for all
driver_data objects now. The new driver devices are added as the first
device in the device list, with a tag of "root"; all other devices are
now owned by the driver device. [Aaron Giles]

Moved core callbacks (machine_start/_reset, sound_start/_reset,
video_start/_reset/_eof/_update, and palette_init) into device
configuration parameters on these new devices. The driver_device base
class overrides device_start(), ensures all other devices have been
started, and then calls, in order, the following overridable methods:

1. DRIVER_INIT function from the game driver
2. palette_init() - by default calls the MDRV_PALETTE_INIT
3. driver_start() - new
4. machine_start() - by default calls the MDRV_MACHINE_START function
5. sound_start() - by default calls the MDRV_SOUND_START function
6. video_start() - by default calls the MDRV_VIDEO_START function

Similarly, the driver_device class overrides device_reset() and then
calls these methods in order:

driver_reset() - new
machine_reset() - by default calls the MDRV_MACHINE_RESET function
sound_reset() - by default calls the MDRV_SOUND_RESET function
video_reset() - by default calls the MDRV_VIDEO_RESET function

To accommodate these changes, initialization order is slightly altered
from before. The tilemap, video, sound, and debug systems are now
initialized prior to the devices' start. And the user callbacks for
are all called back-to-back. The net effect should be similar,
however. [Aaron Giles]

Changed device_t::subtag to only prepend a prefix if the device is not
the 'root' device, in order to keep compatibility with existing tag
searching. [Aaron Giles]

Changed device startup to actively reorder devices when they report
missing dependencies. This ensures that the reset functions get called
in the same order that the start functions did. [Aaron Giles]

Remove artificial SOUND_ prefix from sound device names. [Atari Ace]

Converted sauro, scotrsht, segald, seicross, senjyo, shangha3,
shaolins, shisen, skyraid, solomon, spcforce, speekatk, splash,
sprcros2, ssozumo, suna16, suna8 to driver_data. [Atari Ace]

Added include files for all remaining drivers with multiple source
files. [Atari Ace]

Changed driver_device to expose the game_driver's ROMs through the
device interface. This means all ROMs are now exposed via devices, and
thus the process of enumerating ROMs gets simpler. [Aaron Giles]

Changed all instances of temporarily allocating machine_config objects
to just put them on the stack for simplicity, letting the destructor
handle the cleanup work automatically. [Aaron Giles]

Changed machine_config constructor to take a game_driver, from which
the machine_config constructor is obtained. This also means the
resulting machine_config holds a reference to the game_driver.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed running_machine constructor to no longer take a game_driver,
since the game_driver is now obtainable via the machine_config.
[Aaron Giles]

Added two new template classes optional_device<> and
required_device<>. Use these to declare the device pointers in the
class. The only difference between the two is that required will
fatalerror if the device is not found. These new classes are "pass-
through" so the underlying pointer can be passed anywhere a regular
device pointer would work. [Aaron Giles]

Fix compiling on older GCCs (including OS X PowerPC) [Aaron Giles]

Change shared memory regions to track their size. Added
memory_get_shared() functions to retrieve a pointer to a shared region
and optionally the size. [Aaron Giles]

pipeline (pipeline.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)

Added templates required_shared_ptr<> and optional_shared_ptr<> which
work just like required_device<> and optional_device<> for retrieving
a pointer by tag from an address space that specifies AM_SHARE("tag").
Also added templates required_shared_size<> and optional_shared_size<>
for retrieving the size of the AM_SHARE region. [Aaron Giles]

Created a new generic NVRAM device. It can be configured to default to
0-fill, 1-fill, random-fill, or custom fill. In all cases, a
same-named memory region overrides the default fill. The address range
where the NVRAM can be found is now identified by an AM_SHARE() region
of the same tag as the NVRAM device. Drivers can also explicitly
configure a separately-allocated NVRAM region via
nvram_device::set_base(). [Aaron Giles]

Replaced all instances of MDRV_NVRAM_HANDLER(generic_*) with
MDRV_NVRAM_ADD_*("nvram"). Replaced all
AM_BASE_GENERIC/AM_SIZE_GENERIC(nvram) with AM_SHARE("nvram"). For all
remaining drivers that referenced the generic.nvram directly, changed
them to hold a required_shared_ptr<UINTx> to the NVRAM in their driver
state, and use that instead. Removed nvram and nvram_size from the
generic_ptrs. [Aaron Giles]

Have each device create its own device_debug instead of letting the
debugger do it. This allows the device to start itself up before the
debugger tries to figure out what to do with it. Fixes the problem
where register names were not populated into the symbol table
correctly after I shuffled the initialization order. [Aaron Giles]

multfish.c: Updated driver with new information and several new sets
as well as several new bootlegs. [MetalliC]

New driver for Jubilee's Double-Up Poker. Decoded graphics and colors
properly. Hooked the correct TMS9980 CPU, added a preliminary memory
map and some technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]

Integrated comments into debugcpu.c, and removed debugcmt.c.
Modernized the code and updated so it actually works with the modern
debug classes. [Aaron Giles]

non-modern address map case so that updated devices can shed their
old-style read/write handlers in favor of member functions.
[Aaron Giles]

Bulk converted all okim6295_r/okim6295_w references in the address
maps to call to the modern member functions. [Aaron Giles]

quizpani (quizpani.c) [stephh] :
* Improved Dip Switches and fixed Inputs (after verification of the
M68000 code)

Renamed namcops2 DVDs to match labels [Guru]

Added read_status() and write_command() methods to the okim6295_device
for the common case where these are done outside the context of a read
or write handler (it was annoying to pass in the fake address space
for these cases). [Aaron Giles]

Added DEVCB_DEVICE_MEMBER() macros which allow you to specify a
READ8_MEMBER or WRITE8_MEMBER in a device callback (via dynamically
generated trampolines). [Aaron Giles]

Replaced all remaining calls to okim6295_r/okim6295_w with calls to
the new methods, and removed the static functions. [Aaron Giles]

namcops2: added dongle dump for Federation vs. Z.A.F.T. [Guru]

Fixed sprite OV flag behaviour in PC Engine VDC emulation
[Angelo Salese, Charles MacDonald]

Corrected or clarified a number of duplicated inputs for drivers up
through G [Tafoid]

Converted ASAP CPU core from a legacy CPU core to a modern device.
[Aaron Giles]

Renamed device_execute_interface::m_icount to m_icountptr to avoid
commonly-named device values of m_icount. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed a bogus Hu6280 CPU core bug with timer latch division values
readings [Angelo Salese]

[SSV] implemented visible area registers; now the resolution for all
the games is the max visible area (the values of the registers after
the boot process) [Robert Zandona']

Fixed missing VRAM > VRAM DMA flag clearance in PC Engine emulation
[Angelo Salese]

strnskil.c: Added MCU dump for banbam. [Pete Ogoun, Andrew Gardner]

Moved sound routing for non-speaker devices over to the sound
interface's post-start method. Routing from one sound device to
another was broken when sound_init() was moved ahead of device
startup. [Aaron Giles]

Removed vestigial NVRAM from starwars, which is now covered by the
x2212 device. [Aaron Giles]

CHDMAN: rewrote bin/cue support from specs, more images now work.
[R. Belmont]

Removed generic.videoram and generic.videoram_size. These generics
have no core use, they are simply there for the convenience of
drivers. Now that drivers are required to have devices, the data
should move there. [Atari Ace]

Added proper handling of the SRAM in Aristocrat MK-5 [Palindrome]

Removed usage of I2C in Aristocrat MK-5 [Angelo Salese]

Added -bench <emulated-seconds> option to standardize benchmarking.
[Aaron Giles]

definition of devices that are based off of a parent device, but which
differ in name and a single parameter. [Aaron Giles]

Convert ADSP21xx core to a modern CPU device. [Aaron Giles]

On Windows, osd_break_into_debugger() will now dump a stack crawl if
there's no debugger attached. This means that asserts should have a
full crawl now, for easier debugging. [Aaron Giles]

Replaced NVRAM_HANDLER in leland with an NVRAM device. [Aaron Giles]

* implemented y tilemap offset register; (Roberto Zandona')
* implemented x and y visible area register; (Roberto Zandona')
* disabled tilemap draw when mode=0; (Roberto Zandona')
* confirmed visible area register with a twin eagle II PCB (Corrado

Replaced largely redundant NVRAM handlers with NVRAM devices for
namcos2 and a bunch of the Nichibutsu mahjong games. Also did it for
the Atari games, moving the old hard-coded EEPROM data out into files
finally. [Aaron Giles]

Merged ssgbl.c into megadrvb.c and moved bootleg input definitions out
of megadriv.c [Sonikos]

Made the mc146818 a proper device, modernized it, and added an NVRAM
interface so that drivers don't have to ask it to be manually saved.
[Aaron Giles]

Added definitions for [DECLARE_]READ_LINE_MEMBER and
[DECLARE_]WRITE_LINE_MEMBER so that read/write line callbacks can be
defined as member functions. [Aaron Giles]

Added stubs and new macro DEVCB_DEVICE_LINE_MEMBER to allow these to
be referenced from device callbacks. [Aaron Giles]

Modernized the 6522 VIA device: [Aaron Giles]
* changed to use the new device timer mechanism
* removed all trampolines in favor of modern methods

ssv: removed kludge for sprite x offset and implemented 1 bit of 7a-7b
register [Roberto Zandona']

* implemented y sprite inversion CRT register;
* added a kludge for dynagear
* used CRT registers to get the sprite x offset [Roberto Zandona']

ssv: removed offset values from the init; the offset now are handled
by the CRT registers [Roberto Zandona']

ssv: fixed bit #a of 7a-7b CRT register [Roberto Zandona']

Converted intelfsh to a device, updated all users. [Aaron Giles]

ssv: fixed background disable condition [Roberto Zandona']

New build tool makedep.c, derived from src2html.c (really!). Does
basic dependency analysis and supports excluding paths. [Aaron Giles]

Makefile now supports a depend target which will run makedep on the
src/$(TARGET) tree and create dependencies. It deliberately excludes
the root of src/emu as well as the osd directories in order to keep
the dependency file down to a reasonable size, so if a core header
file changes, you still need to clean and build all. [Aaron Giles]

CHDMAN: improved -extractcd bin/cue output, improved error handling.
[R. Belmont]

Added memory interface to the intelfsh device so you can access/view
the data in the debugger and via the standard memory interfaces.
Removed the old memory() method in favor of new functions
read_raw()/write_raw() which do direct reads/writes of the data.
[Aaron Giles]

Cleaned up CPS3 No-CD sets to break up the "ROMs" into individual
flash pieces which are automatically loaded by the intelfsh device on
initialization. Also split the MACHINE_CONFIG to only populate the
number of SIMMs actually present for each game, as documented in the
top of the file. And replaced the NVRAM_HANDLER with an NVRAM device.
[Aaron Giles]

CHDMAN: support for .WAV tracks in bin/cue images [R. Belmont]

neogeo.c: misc updates [Johnboy]
* viewpoint - Renamed v's to correct chip label
* ghostlop - Renamed roms to match proto naming sheme
* savagere, kizuna - Added correct c1
* crsword - Tagged MVS AND AES VERSION, added correct m1
* legendos - Added correct m1

Triple Punch/Knock Out AY-3-8910 clock speed was incorrect, fixed and
verified from real hardware. [plgDavid] Verified clocks and oki pin on
quiz channel question boardset. [plgDavid]

Added an integral device_timer_id to device timers. This is a cleaner
way to differentiate between multiple timers rather than relying on
the pointers. These values are also saved with the timers. Updated the
few devices using device timers to leverage this. [Aaron Giles]

Added new function device_timer_call_after_resynch() which creates a
temporary 0-length timer that calls back through the device's
device_timer() method with a given device_timer_id. [Aaron Giles]

Added a function to change the MSM5205 frequency dynamically
[Angelo Salese]

Added a set volume function for CD-DA [Angelo Salese]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Shinobi / FZ-2006 (Korean System 16 bootleg)
(ISG Selection Master Type 2006) [Anonymous]
Poker Master (Tony-Poker V3.A, hack?)
[David Haywood, William Ostronic]

New clones added
Vigilante (World, set 2) [porchy]
Sega Rally Championship (Revision B) [Alex's Blog]
Touchmaster 2000 Plus (v4.63 Standard)
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Touchmaster 4000 (v6.01 Standard) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Jubilee Double-Up Poker [Roberto Fresca]
Piccolo Poker [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe & Housi]
Crisis Zone (CSZO2 Ver. A) [Guru]
Soul Calibur 2 (SC22 Ver. A) [Guru]
White Tiger [Palindrome]
Swiss Poker ('50 SG-.10', V2.5)
[Roberto Fresca, Tomasz Slanina, Team Europe & Housi]
Movie Card [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe & Housi]
Maximum Speed [Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02449: [Graphics] lethalen: Can't find the flip bits used for the
tiles.. (p2 start screen, reload indicator).
- 04026: [Graphics] combatscb: Experiences various graphics glitches.
- 01215: [Crash/Freeze] combatscb: Crashes on level 3 and experiences
various graphics glitches.
- 00229: [Color/Palette] truxton: The background colour on the title
screen of Truxton should be green. (robiza)
- 00949: [Graphics] outzone: In stage 6 there are two blank box on the
background. (robiza)
- 03203: [Misc.] All sets in docastle.c and mrdo.c: Unable to enter
Service Mode (Phil Bennett)
- 04009: [Save/Restore] pacland and clones: Reload of state cause game
issues (Phil Bennett)
- 03858: [Graphics] batsugun, batsuguna, batsugunsp, dogyuun: tiles/
tiles and tiles/sprites priorities problems (David Haywood)
- 03718: [Crash/Freeze] shdancer: Freeze on stage 2-4 (Phil Bennett)
- 03881: [Crash/Freeze] minefld, rescue, aponow: Hangs at Post
(Phil Bennett)
- 03961: [Crash/Freeze] racedriv and clones: Game resets itself before
game start (Phil Bennett)
- 04006: [Graphics] fixeightb: Graphic glitches (David Haywood)
- 03755: [Sound] soldivid: No music after loading savestate
(or -autosave) (Phil Bennett)
- 03820: [Save/Restore] batlbubl, bangball: Using -autosave causes
audio to malfunction (Phil Bennett)
- 04004: [Graphics] pballoon: Screen is shifted left. (David Haywood)
- 03986: [DIP/Input] All sets in enigma2.c: Most Dip Switches no longer
function (Phil Bennett)
- 03730: [Save/Restore] parodius: The game freeze or reboot when using
-autosave/save state (Phil Bennett)
- 04001: [Save/Restore] All sets in mappy.c: Reload of state causes
audio corruption (Phil Bennett)
- 03994: [Save/Restore] All sets in dcheese.c: Reload of state causes
audio corruption (Phil Bennett)
- 03992: [Save/Restore] btoads: Reload of state cause major graphic
corruption (Phil Bennett)
- 03991: [Save/Restore] bigevglf : Reload of state cause audio
corruption (Phil Bennett)
- 03993: [Save/Restore] All sets in crshrace.c: Reload of state cause
loss of audio (Phil Bennett)
- 03989: [Save/Restore] asterix and clones: Reload of state causes loss
of audio (Phil Bennett)
- 03998: [Documentation] bmiidx3: Game name description. (M.A.S.H.)
- 03978: [DIP/Input] cyclshtg, bronx: Dipswitches are wrong (stephh)
- 03988: [Save/Restore] ace: Reload of state causes a graphic problem
- 03996: [Crash/Freeze] All games in taito_x.c: Crash before OK
(Atari Ace)

Source Changes
Added sound support to Signetics S2636 (by using VC4000 sound support
from MESS). Hooked up sound to Malzak, Galaxia and Astro Wars
[Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Corrected rom names for Raiden Fighters 2 (Asia, Metrotainment
License) set based on pcb pictures [Lord Nightmare, Tormod]

Hooked up S2636 sound to zac2650.c [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

seibuspi.c: Fixes the "FIX" graphics load. May require specific ENDIAN
to work on all platforms. Both new Asian sets now work correctly.
[Brian Troha]

seibuspi.c: Add default EEPROM to the Raiden Fighters Jet (US, Single
Board) set so it will boot correctly the first time run. [Brian Troha]

Removed several exported non-const global variables from the core
[Atari Ace]

nycaptor, colt, cyclshtg, bronx (nycaptor.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)

Golden Poker driver: Fixed tilemap issues with games using 60Hz/50Hz
modes, selectable through DIP switches. [Roberto Fresca]

Added support for 'Genie'. An old magic-lamp themed game from Video
Fun Games Ltd. [Roberto Fresca]
* Decoded graphics and colors.
* Accurate inputs.
* Discrete sound.
* Default NVRAM support.
Xtal, CPU clock, and some discrete components values need to be
checked from PCB.

Changed Noraut Joker Poker (Prologic HW) manufacturer to Video Fun
Games Ltd. [Roberto Fresca]

Added save-state support to the K053260 sound core [Phil Bennett]

Added save-state support to the MSM5232 sound core [Phil Bennett]

Converted TLC34076 to a device [Phil Bennett]

Cleaned up toaplan2 driver and converted it to use driver_data
[Atari Ace]

Merged topshoot into the megadrvb driver (formerly genesisb) [Sonikos]

Hooked up some quick and dirty video routine to Aristocrat Mk-5
[Angelo Salese]

Acorn Archimedes / Aristocrat MK-5: Added Force IRQ/FIRQ hook-up and
hooked up an undefined behaviour for a timer check, fixes CPU check
during POST [Angelo Salese]

Implemented I2C accesses to the Acorn Archimedes / Aristocrat MK-5 HW,
fixing SRAM check [Angelo Salese]

Added clock read-back register to the I2C device [Angelo Salese]

Fixed the Sound DMA in Acorn Archimedes / Aristocrat MK-5, adding
sound support to the drivers [Angelo Salese]

Add IC pinout to VLM5030 driver. Still need translation of the
datasheet for VCU, RST (which does more than just reset) and MTE.
[Lord Nightmare]

Added sound hook-up to the Erotictac HW, sound doesn't yet work due of
missing memory management hook-up [Angelo Salese]

Added 2KHz timer to Aristocrat MK-5 HW [Angelo Salese]

Attempt to fix reported GCC 4.5 problems [R. Belmont]

Fixed a fatal bug in MEMC handling and removed the mapping kludge for
Aristocrat MK-5 [Angelo Salese]

Improved video emulation to the Aristocrat MK-5, added bare-bones VIDC
DMA transfer and timings, added 8bpp mode [Angelo Salese]

Added save-state support to the YMF278B core [Phil Bennett]

Rewritten I/O device r/w accesses in Acorn Archimedes/Aristocrat MK-5
[Angelo Salese]

Added missing save-state registration entries to the SH-2 core
[Phil Bennett]

Converted address_space to a class, and moved most members behind
accessor methods, apart from space->machine and space->cpu. Removed
external references to 8le/8be/16le/16be/32le/32be/64le/64be. All
external access is now done via virtual functions
read_byte()/read_word()/etc. Moved differentiation between the
endianness and the bus width internal to memory.c, and also added a
new axis to support small/large address spaces, which allows for
faster lookups on spaces smaller than 18 bits. [Aaron Giles]

Provided methods for most global memory operations within the new
address_space class. Updated callers to use these instead of the
old global functions. [Aaron Giles]

Created new module delegate.h which implements C++ delegates in a form
that works for MAME. Details are in the opening comment. Delegates
allow member functions of certain classes to be used as callbacks,
which will hopefully be the beginning of the end of fetching the
driver_data field in most callbacks. All classes that host delegates
must derive from bindable_object. Today, all devices and driver_data
do implicitly via their base class. [Aaron Giles]

Added an alternate set of address map macros. Now, if you #define
ADDRESS_MAP_MODERN prior to #including "emu.h", you will get the new
macros, which have the following properties: [Aaron Giles]
* ADDRESS_MAP_START takes a 4th parameter, which is the name of the
driver_data class the other macros will reference
* AM_READ/AM_WRITE/etc. all assume you are providing method names off
of the driver_data class you originally specified
* AM_READ_LEGACY/AM_WRITE_LEGACY macros are provided for calling
global static functions of yore
* AM_BASE/AM_SIZE all assume you are providing member names off of
the driver_Data class
* AM_BASE_LEGACY/AM_SIZE_LEGACY are provided to reference globals if

Defined delegates for read/write handlers. The new delegates are
always passed an address_space reference, along with offset, data, and
mask. Delegates can refer to methods either in the driver_data class
or in a device class. To specify a delegate in an address map, you
must #define ADDRESS_MAP_MODERN before including emu.h, at which
point the AM_READ/AM_WRITE macros will require member function pointers
into your driver_data class. Delegates that are specified in an address
map are proto-delegates which have no object; they are bound to their
object when the corresponding address_space is created. [Aaron Giles]

Added machine->m_nonspecific_space which can be passed as the required
address_space parameter to the new read/write methods in legacy
situations where the space is not provided. Eventually this can go
away but we will need it for a while yet. [Aaron Giles]

Added methods to the new address_space class to dynamically install
delegates just like you can dynamically install handlers today.
Delegates installed this way must be pre-bound to their object.
[Aaron Giles]

Moved beathead's read/write handlers into members of beathead_state as
an example of using the new delegates. This provides examples of both
static (via an address_map) and dynamic (via install_handler calls)
mapping using delegates. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the DIRECT_UPDATE_CALLBACKs into delegates as well. Updated
all users to the new function format. Added methods on
direct_read_data for configuring the parameters in a standard way to
make the implementation clearer. Updated all users. [Aaron Giles]

Created a simple_list template container class for managing the common
singly-linked lists we use all over in the project. [Aaron Giles]

Replaced "const address_space" with "address_space" throughout the
system. The purpose of making it const before was to discourage direct
tampering, but private/protected does a better job of that anyhow,
and it is annoying now. [Aaron Giles]

neodrvr.c updates: [Johnboy]
* Renamed the following sets: sengokh -> sengokuh, fatfursa ->
fatfurspa, shocktra -> shocktroa kof99 -> kof99h, kof99a -> kof99
* Removed wh2j (only diff. C-ROM arrangement; same data)
* Added correct m1 to sengoku3
* Corrected ROM_REGION "maincpu" for . twinspri, ghostlop, aof2,
aof2a, fightfev, fightfeva
* Added correct p1 ROM to irrmaze

Changed GP9001 (toaplan VDP device) to use DEVICE_SELF [David Haywood]

Added 3 Bags Full - 5VXFC790 (Victorian). Set is now parent. Replaced
the bad dumped GFX from NZ set with the new ones, since they match 4
of 6 bitplanes. [Roberto Fresca]

Improvements to calomega.c driver [Roberto Fresca]
* Added Game 24.0 (Gaming Draw Poker, hold). The game is playable.
* Added missing 50/60Hz output frequency selector to systems 903-905.
However, I dunno how it looks physically (switch/jumper/bridge?)
* Injected missing start and NMI vectors to comg080 (Arcade Black
Jack), from an exhaustive program ROM analysis / reverse
engineering. The game now starts ok and is triggering proper
* Inputs from the scratch for comg080 (Arcade Black Jack).
* Added workaround to pass the vector-check protection.
* Reworked the lamps circuitry by system-basis.
* Updated games list and technical notes.
* Promoted comg080 (Arcade Black Jack) to working state.
* Added support for system 906III:
* Accurate memory map, CRTC, and PIAs mapped.
* Preliminary PIAs support (no multiplexion yet).
* Added proper machine driver, with correct R65C02 CPU.
* Documented the hardware specs.
* Added Game 51.08 (CEI Video Poker, Jacks or Better), running in CEI
906III hardware. The game is not working.

Various sm8500 CPU core fixes [Robbbert]

Improvements to CEI 906 III system. [Roberto Fresca]
* Corrected docs about the 906III memory map.
* Mapped the AY8912.
* Added AY8912 proper interfase. Tied SW2 to AY8912 port.
* PIA0, portA is polled constantly. Tied some debug handlers to
understand how the input system works.
* Added notes about the PIAs R/W.

Clear Z80 DART interrupts at constructor time. [Curt Coder]

Imported the Hitachi HCD62121 CPU core from MESS. [Curt Coder]

crospang, heuksun, bestri (crospang.c) [stephh] :
* Improved Dip Switches (after verification of the M68000 code)

Expanded the Z80-DART interface to allow future implementation of
Z80-SIO features: [Curt Coder]
* added separate clock inputs for channel B
* added SYNC inputs/outputs for both channels

Toaplan2: Attempted to implement dual VDP mixing with the equations
provided by Quench, doesn't yet work [David Haywood]

added correct GFX roms for Gang Wars, renamed bootleg set as Euro set
(and new parent),made note about bootleg GFX roms [David Raingeard]

Documented unemulated protection in Super Champion Baseball, marked
the game with GAME_UNEMULATED_PROTECTION due of that [Angelo Salese]

segaic16.c: Treat unsupported read and write accesses to defined
devices/memory as open-bus reads or unmapped writes instead of falling
through to the memory-mapping registers [Phil Bennett]

Added mask-free versions of read_word/read_dword/read_qword to
address_space. Also added unaligned variants that can read unaligned
values. Rewrote the core handler as a template that handles all cases,
along with a simple unit test to verify that everything is correct.
[Aaron Giles]

Updated 68k, v60, i86, and nec cores to use unaligned read/ write
instead of their own stubs for handling misalinged reads.
[Aaron Giles]

Fixed memory management of ga2 decryption. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed Toaplan2 VDP mixing in Batsugun [David Haywood]

Toaplan2: Removed tile limit hack, not needed now since VDP is mixed
properly [David Haywood]

Correct the rom labels for the atari version of Arabian
[The Dumping Union]

Cleaned up internal profiler code. [Aaron Giles]

All American Football set updates: [Phil Bennett]
* aafb: Added missing 03-28008.u93 GFX ROM
* aafbb: Marked 24015-02.u59 BAD_DUMP and demoted set to

Declared virtual functions in driver_data_t for:
* machine_start, machine_reset
* sound_start, sound_reset
* palette_init, video_start, video_reset, video_update, video_eof
The default implementations of these call through the machine
configuration's functions as before. However, if a driver_data_t
overrides them, it will be called instead. [Aaron Giles]

Also added virtual functions for pre_save() and post_load(), which can
be overridden to implement machine driver-specific pre-save/post-load
functionality instead of registering with the save state system.
[Aaron Giles]

Updated beathead to use these new virtual functions instead of
specifying callbacks in the MACHINE_DRIVER. [Aaron Giles]

CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]:
* Added proper willowj roms to match real pcb, it was using incorrect
roms copied from parent set
* Added an old pcb rev of knightsj, using split roms
* Added an old pcb rev of kodj, using split roms
* Added newer Street Fighter II CE set
* Fixed kodj labels and confirmed pcb infos
* Fixed qadj labels, added PALs and pcb infos
* Fixed sf2ua labels and added pcb infos
* Minor cleanups and fixes

fastlane (fastlane.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the HD6309

Fixed various issues in the AA emulation, this makes Poizone to
theoretically work as current ertictac.c emulation (not yet enabled)
[Angelo Salese]

firetrap, firetrapj, firetrapbl (firetrap.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)
* Fixed coin insertion which now correctly supports "Coin A" and
"Coin B" settings
* Fixed MCU simulation for 'firetrapj' (only the initialisation was
different) so the game is now playable

Z80DART changes: [Curt Coder]
* added SIO specific constants
* added sync character write registers

Z80: Set IFF1 and IFF2 to 0 on a reset [Phil Bennett]

Updated the 7474 device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the 6522 VIA device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the 6532 RIOT device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the 6821 PIA device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the 74123 device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Converted toaplan1/2 drivers to use driver_data [Atari Ace]

fixing listxml year output (it was skipped if the year contains a '?')
[Fabio Priuli]

karnov, karnovj, wndrplnt, chelnov, chelnovu, chelnovj (karnov.c)
[stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M68000
* Fixed coin insertion which now correctly supports "Coin A" and
"Coin B" settings

Updated VIA 6522 to generate interrupt on T2 Pulse counting mode too,
according to documentation [Miodrag Milanovic]

flytiger: fixed colors [Roberto Zandona', Angelo Salese]

Fixed timers and irq clears in Acorn Archimedes / Aristocrat MK-5 /
Erotictac drivers [Angelo Salese]

mikie, mikiej, mikiehs (mikie.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M6809

Updated the 6526 CIA device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the M48T02, M48T35, M48T58 and MK48T08 devices to no longer be
legacy. [Harmony]

6255via: added support for shift mode 5 (shift out under T2 control)
[Miodrag Milanovic]

mrflea (mrflea.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)

Converted ertictac / poizone driver to use shared AA devices
[Angelo Salese]

Added a set of macros to minimize the amount of copy/pasting necessary
to convert a device to the new style. [Harmony]

Updated the ACIA 6850 device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the PTM 6840 device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

naomi.c: Added information about the Namco MASK B-F2X cartridge

Improved sound in Erotictac / Poizone [Angelo Salese, Phil Bennett]

De-converted MACHINE_DRIVER from tokens back to constructor functions,
regaining type safety. If legacy devices still use inline data, those
types are not checked. However, new devices no longer have access to
the generic m_inline_data. Instead their MDRV_* macros should map to
calls to static functions in the device config class which downcast a
generic device_config to the specific device config, and then set the
appropriate values. This is not to be done inline in order to prevent
further code bloat in the constructors. See
eeprom/7474/i2cmem/okim6295 for examples. [Aaron Giles]

Updated the i8237 DMA device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the 8255 PPI device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the PCI bus device so that PCI buses can be arranged in a tree
like in real hardware [Samuele Zannoli]

Chihiro.c Improvements: [Samuele Zannoli]
* Fixed the mapping of the bios at the top of the cpu addrsss space
* Updated the ram size to 128 megabytes
* Added some SMBus handling, to let the bios run
* Added placeholders for a few devices on the PCI bus
* Added the "jamdis StartAddress,Length" command to the debugger that
lets you disassemble the "jam table" instructions used by the bios to
do some basic hardware initialization.

Updated the i8257 DMA device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the Dallas DS1302 RTC device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

pachifev (pachifev.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the TMS9995

Updated the Dallas DS2404 RTC device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the Fairchild F3853 SMI device to no longer be legacy.

Various snk drivers now use driver_data. [Atari Ace]

Updated the i8243 Port Expander device to no longer be legacy.

Updated the INS 8154 RAM I/O device to no longer be legacy. [Harmony]

Updated the PCI bus device so that PCI buses can be arranged in a tree
like in real hardware [Samuele Zannoli]

m6800 - Fixed initial state of bit 7 and 6 of flag registers
(according to documentation) [Miodrag Milanovic]

[toaplan1] modified the mix for the tilemaps (like rallybik and
demonwld); this fix outzone bug and vimana bug [Robert Zandona']

Fixed rom mapping in Super Poker. Removed "bad dump" flag from e2
roms, they pass self test now. [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

toaplan1: removed custum video update for demonwld; now it's the same
of toaplan1. [Robert Zandona']

Updated the K033906 PCI Bridge device to no longer be legacy.

Updated the K056230 LANC device to no longer be legacy.

combatscb: fixed offset and priorities [Roberto Zandona']

lethalen: hooked up some k053244 register; [Roberto Zandona']

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Raiden Fighters (Asia?, Metrotainment license) [anondumper]
Genie [Roberto Fresca, Ogoun]
Doki Doki Idol Star Seeker
[Hurray Banana, cacis, Team Japump, David Haywood, The Dumping Union]
3 Bags Full - 5VXFC790 (Victorian) [Roberto Fresca, Ogoun]
Cal Omega - Game 8.0 (Arcade Black Jack) [Roberto Fresca]
Cal Omega - Game 24.0 (Gaming Draw Poker, hold) [Roberto Fresca]
Fire Trap (Japan) [stephh]
Royal Card (Nichibutsu) [Roberto Fresca, Tomasz Slanina, Ogoun]

New clones added
Pioneer Balloon (Rock-Ola license)
[gamerfan, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Legion (bootleg of Legend) [Team Europe]
Eco Fighters (Phoenix Edition)
Knights of the Round (Japan 911127, B-Board 89625B-1)
[Layne, john666, Ricky74, ranger_lennier, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
The King of Dragons (Japan 910805, B-Board 89625B-1)
[Kevin Eshbach, takearushfan, M. De Pasquale, Smitdogg,
The Dumping Union]
Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (World 920513)
[john666, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Willow (Japan, Japanese)
[Layne, john666, C. Trutmann, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (GX361 conversion) [Team Europe]
Super Poker (Version 10.15S) [anondumper]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Olympic Hot Stuff [Ogoun]
Cal Omega - Game 51.08 (CEI Video Poker, Jacks or Better)
[Roberto Fresca, Dave Ormiston]
Savage Quest [TrevEB]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03969: [Crash/Freeze] All sets and drivers using OKI audio:
Eventual crash using Save States (Aaron Giles)
- 03981: [Crash/Freeze] bosco, xevious and clones: Game reboots or
hangs (Alex Jackson)
- 03977: [Graphics] tceptor2: Graphics are incorrect, the top and
bottom roads are displayed with grids and it looks like
there should be 4 instead of 2. (Phil Bennett)
- 03964: [Documentation] shangonro: Year is wrong (Smitdogg)

Source Changes
raiden2.c: Add missing "VOICE2" sample rom to Raiden 2 sets where it
was missing. Corrected rom names for MASK roms soldered to the PCB.
[Brian Troha]

Southern Systems Joker Poker: Added missing CPU IO map to the machine
driver. This allow boot the game and enter into the attract mode.
[Roberto Fresca]

Mini Boy 7 improvements: [Roberto Fresca]
* Added a new complete set. Now set as parent.
* Corrected Xtal frequency.
* Mapped the PIA MC6821 (not wired since is not totally understood).
* Preliminary attempt to decode the color PROM.
* Mapped the AY-3-8910, but still needs ports and some checks.
* Added debug and technical notes.

New driver for Mega Double Poker, from Blitz System Inc.
[Roberto Fresca]
* Initial release.
* Preliminary memory map.
* Hooked both PIAs, but need more analysis to confirm the offsets.
* Accurate graphics and color decode.
* Added main PCB and daughterboard layouts.
* Added partial docs and diagrams about the CPU/MCU/ROMs addressing.
* Added debug and technical notes.

Added Magic Train, from Subsino. Since it's driven by a HD647180X0CP6
(Subsino - SS9600) plus SS9601 and SS9602 (for video and I/O
respectively), it's possible that needs to be moved to a new driver in
a near future. Also added technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]

mpu4drvr.c: Fixed mid-screen palette updates [David Haywood]

segas16b.c: Documented the Sega game ID for the Heavyweight Champ rom
board as well as corrected the rom names. [Brian Troha]

Return to type safety. Changed address maps back into functions that
build up the definition, rather than the whole tokenizing system,
which lost type checking. Added a new module addrmap.c which
implements the address map classes, and changed the macros to call
methods on the address_map and address_map_entry classes which are
strongly typed. Fixed a few incorrectly specified memory map entries
along the way in twincobr.c, lordgun.c, galaxold.c. [Aaron Giles]

More API cleanup: [Aaron Giles]
* removed cputag_clocks_to_attotime() and cputag_attotime_to_clocks()
in favor of just expanding the class
* same for cputag_suspend() and cputag_resume()

Fix crash when exiting the debugger if breakpoints are set.
[Aaron Giles]

The dsp561xx CPU core now generates accurate disassembly for Konami
Polygonet hardware (verified against Motorola's reference
disassembler). [Andrew Gardner, Stiletto]

Fixed image device error handling [ShimaPong, Miodrag Milanovic]

Defined new class driver_data_t, which all driver_data classes must
derive from. Updated all class definitions to inherit from the new
class, and to call it in the constructor. Also changed the alloc()
signature to return a driver_data_t pointer instead of a void *.
Renamed and hid machine->driver_data as machine->m_driver_data. Added
a new templatized method machine->driver_data<class> which returns a
properly downcast'ed version of the driver data. Updated all code
which looked like this:

mydriver_state *state = (mydriver_state *)machine->driver_data;

to this:

mydriver_state *state = machine->driver_data<mydriver_state>();

The new function does a downcast<> which in debug builds dynamically
verifies that you're actually casting to the right type. [Aaron Giles]

Changed atarigen_state to be a base class from which all the related
Atari drivers derive their state from. [Aaron Giles]

Removed global variables from gaelco, namco, and nile sound cores.
[Atari Ace]

Converted seta.c, seta2.c, and ssv.c to driver_data. [Atari Ace]

Updated SAA5050 to form 12x20 chars as noted in documentation.
Updated malzak driver to support SAA5050 changes. [Miodrag Milanovic]

taitotz: add HDD image for Battle Gear 2 (2.04J) [gtbb08, R. Belmont]

namcoic.c: Fixed incorrect road colours in tceptor2, finallap and
others [Phil Bennett]

Fixed road transparency in Thunder Ceptor [Phil Bennett]

Fixed Z80 SIO interrupts by clearing them at constructor time so Z80
daisy chain works properly and doesn't stall on a non-existant IEO
condition. [Curt Coder]

Z80 DMA changes: [Curt Coder]
- Fixed DMA by re-adding a status update call to ENABLE DMA command
- Allowed illegal mode 0 DMA operation since trs80m2 in MESS is
abusing this
- Fixed ready signal handling by adding a check for ready condition
on each byte

Started converting the Toaplan2 VDP into a device [David Haywood]

dsp56k : Hooked up new execution engine. [Andrew Gardner]

plygonet.c : Updates Polygonet driver to use driver_data class.
[Atari Ace]

More refactoring to the Toaplan 2 / GP9001 VDP device [David Haywood]

CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]:
* Expanded and updated games table in video\cps1.c
* Confirmed B-Board # for 3wondersu, varth
* Fixed labels in ghouls, ghoulsu to match real pcbs
* Removed 14.bin in dynwarj, it was a bad dump
* Marked nm_23.12b in nemoj BAD_DUMP
* Removed knightsja set (roms were split & hacked to work on a
suicided board)
* Added roms relationship between parent/clones where missing
* Fixed some incorrect notes added in previous update
* dynwaru -> dynwara forgottnua -> forgottnu, forgottnu -> forgottnua
wofhfb -> wofhfh as real name Huo Feng Huang
* Reordered some sets
* Minor cleanups
* Fixed sf2ceua labels and added pcb infos
* Fixed sf2ceub labels and added pcb infos, removed 1 incorrect rom
and replaced with proper redump done by Dumping Union
* Fixed punisher, punisheru Q-Sound labels and added D-Board PALs

dsp56k.c : Remove globals from dsp56k cpu core. [AtariAce]

cps1.c: Documentation update for some CPS1 sets (B-Board chip
information) verified via Team Japump PCB photos. [Brian Troha]

Improved memory banking in Puzzle Star (Sang Ho Soft)
[Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Fixed term2 (rev. LA4) freeze during the Cyberdyne stage opening
cinematic [Phil Bennett]

Merged aladbl.c and ssf2md.c to create genesisb.c [Sonikos]

video/astrocde.c: Limited the number of timers potentially produced by
astrocade_trigger_lightpen() [ranger_lennier]

cps1.c: Set correct B-Board mapper for "resale" kits. This fixes
missing graphics in Area 88 (Japan Resale). [Brian Troha]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Pacman - 25th Anniversary Edition (V2.0) [Sara S.]
The Last Starfighter (prototype) [Phil Bennett, Ken Van Mersbergen]
Air Race (prototype) [Phil Bennett, Ken Van Mersbergen]

New clones added
Clash-Road (Data East license) [Tirino 73]
Quizard v1.2 [Team Europe, The Dumping Union]
Quizard Rainbow 4.2 [Team Europe, The Dumping Union]
Super Megatouch IV Turnier Version (9255-51-50 ROA, Bi-Lingual ENG/GER version)
[bodger319, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Megatouch 5 Turnier Version (9255-70-50 RON, Bi-Lingual ENG/GER version)
[bodger319, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Knights of the Round (Japan 911127, 91634B-2 B-Board)
[Team Japump, The Dumping Union]
Area 88 (Japan Resale Ver.) [Team Japump]
Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.00)
[Mark F.]
Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.03)
[Sara S.]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Mini Boy 7 (set 1) [Roberto Fresca, Siftware]
Mega Double Poker (conversion kit) [Roberto Fresca, ChrisQC, Smitdogg]
Magic Train [Roberto Fresca]
Gundam Seed: Federation vs. Z.A.F.T. (SED1 Ver. A) [Guru, Smitdogg]