NovitÓ nella versione 0.138


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03683: [Crash/Freeze] topgunnr: Crashes MAME after INSERT COIN/GAME
START (hap)
- 02878: [Speed] simpsons and clones: Vertical refresh rate (hap)
- 03273: [Original Reference] brubber, bnj, caractn: Incorrect screen
resolution for Burnin' Rubber and clones (hap)
- 03492: [Crash/Freeze] hunchbkg: Does not boot (couriersud)
- 03657: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in maxaflex.c: Random crashes
- 03765: [Crash/Freeze] qdrmfgp2: ASSERT after OK (hap)
- 03823: [Color/Palette] pc_miket: Bad colours (Alex Jackson)
- 03047: [Graphics] elevator, elevatorb: Some graphics on the
escalators shift when you ride on them (hap)
- 03628: [Graphics] alpine: Red point on the title screen (M.A.S.H.)
- 03033: [Graphics] vendetta: Sprite priority problem in the 3rd
stage (hap)
- 03647: [Graphics] All games in vendetta.c: Graphical error in the
intro scene of the game. (hap)
- 03834: [Sound] qtheater: No sound (hap)
- 03830: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in harddriv.c: Message: Duplicate
save state registration entry (DSP32C/dsp32/0/cpustate->pin)
- 00390: [DIP/Input] spaceftr: does not allow you to turn to the
right. (hap)

Source Changes
New Lucky 8 Lines hardware: [Roberto Fresca]
* Added lamps support to lucky8, lucky8a, lucky8b, ns8liner, ns8linew
and kkojnoli.
* Created lamps layout for the above sets.
* New inputs for ns8linew. This set has a second set of inputs, and
can be switched between them. No lamps activity or Big/Small
buttons are present while this alternative controls are used.
Maybe is a leftover.
* Some DIP switches were figured out. Coinage and limits are still a
real mystery since all DIP switches are reflected in the test
* Remapped inputs to be straightforward with the control panel.
* Added the type (W-4/F-5) to the sets description.
* General inputs clean-up.

suna8.c: Updated documentation for Strike Fighter to include the game
number, PCB number and epoxy CPU [Fabrizio Vasile]

Jaguar: fixed RGB VARMOD mode [Angelo Salese]

namcops2: add DVD image for taiko10 [Guru]

Added DIP Locations for all games in the jack.c driver. Changed
copyright on joinem to match displayed year. [Tafoid]

More cleanup of the lpc tables; Replaced tms5220C pitch table with the
tms5220 one as that one is more likely to be correct. [Lord Nightmare]

Add 'Unrealistically Perfect Interpolation' debug mode; Fix a
potential issue with 16 bit overflow in the lattice filter; Made idle
state emulation more accurate to real chip; Clean out variables before
VSM speech starts; Mask out low 4 bits of 14 bit lattice result before
output. [Lord Nightmare]

Fix a mistake in the interpolation logic, it should now properly delay
interpolation until the final cycle of each frame when INHIBIT is set.
[Lord Nightmare]

tms5220: Remove unnecessary interpolation code; Add extra check to
make unvoiced mode trigger at the correct sample. [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed up tms52xx clip/wrap function arrangement to be much more sane,
and properly handled range extension. [Lord Nightmare]

Made tms5220 DEBUG_GENERATION more useful and simplified the code in
the process. [Lord Nightmare]

lib/util/cdrom.c: Fixed stack corruption in CHD code
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

Implemented default EEPROMs for GTIClub, Hang Pilot, Asterix, X-Men
and Polygonet Commanders [David Haywood]

Fixed the texture ROM loading/order in Wave Shark. Textures look
better now, and the ROM check passes [David Haywood]

Fix for Target Hits missing sound. [Tafoid]

fspiderb: Added projectiles, game is playable now [hap]

General cleanup of PGM code [David Haywood]

Removed ROM Patch in Killing Blade and replaced with correct IGS025
return sequence fo China region (other sequences still unknown)

pengadvb: Improved inputs, the game can now be coined up. It magically
has sound too now. [hap]

S2650_SENSE_PORT is now active when data written is != 0 and inactive
when data == 0. It now acts as a line in a mame-sense. [Couriersud]

btime: Background vertical offset was off by one pixel, burger parts
positions are correct now. This also means Peter Pepper awkwardly
walks in the air, which is the way it is on the PCB. [hap]

fixed ROM names of tp84a (tp84 needs confirmation) [Team Japump]

Fixed hunchbkg ports. [Couriersud]

sprtmtch: Added Intermissions dipswitch [David Bain]

Fixed coinage of desertbr [yasuhiro]

Fixed ROM labels for Pac-Land, Scramble Egg, and Straight Flush
[Team Japump]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
New Lucky 8 Lines / New Super 8 Lines (F-5, Witch Bonus)
[Roberto Fresca, incog, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
International Team Laser (prototype)
[ranger_lennier, genieta1, J. Ferneborg, Smitdogg, italie,
David Haywood, The Dumping Union]

New clones added
Desert Breaker (Japan) [Team Japump, Dumping Union]
Youma Ninpouchou (Japan, alt) [Takahiro Nogi]
Armed F (Japan) [Takahiro Nogi]
Champion Baseball II (Japan, not working) [Takahiro Nogi]
Wing War (Japan) [Team Japump, The Dumping Union]
Street Fighter EX 2 (HISPANIC 980312)
[Layne, J. Bijl, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Giga Wing (Hispanic 990222)
[dopefishjustin, A. Hoekman, Smitdogg, David Haywood, The Dumping Union]
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Hispanic 980629)
[dopefishjustin, Smitdogg, David Haywood, The Dumping Union]
Eco Fighters (Hispanic 931203)
[Kevin Eshbach, wild eyed, Smitdogg, David Haywood, The Dumping Union]
X-Men: Children of the Atom (Hispanic 950105)
[ranger_lennier, tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Hispanic 940113)
[Kevin Eshbach, Layne, Gor, blokey, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Pac-land (Japan, older) [Team Japump]
Photo Y2K (ver. 105) [XingXing]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Taiko no Tatsujin 10 (T101001-NA-A) [Guru]
Dragon World 3 EX (ver. 100) [Guru]
Dragon World 2001 [Guru]
Royal Queen
[Hikari, Spyder, S. S. Neilson, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Chance Kun [ranger_lennier, incog, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Photo Y2K 2 [Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03684: [Graphics] skyarmy: [possible] Screen Offset issue (hap)
- 03736: [Graphics] scontra, scontraj: Super Contra main character
shadows (hap)
- 03102: [Side-by-side] finalizr: The "lives" statusbar is shown at
bottom of the screen in MAME and on the PCB it's on the top (hap)
- 03822: [Speed] lwings and clones: Gameplay slows during game (Tafoid)
- 03818: [Crash/Freeze] mightybj, vsgshoe: Grey Screen (Not booting)
(Andrew Jackson)

Source Changes

Replaced TMS5200 table with table extracted using PROMOUT from actual
chip. monymony sounds much better. [Lord Nightmare]

Improvements to Treasure Bonus (Subsino) [Roberto Fresca]
* Reworked and cleaned-up the inputs. Most buttons have more than one
single function.
* Added DIP locations.
* Figured out the following DIP Switches: Complete Coinage
(1/2/5/10/20/25/50/100). Remote Credits (1/2/5/10/20/25/50/100).
Minimum Bet (1/8/16/32). Max Bet (16/32/64/80). Demo Sounds
(Off/On). Game Limit (10000/20000/30000/60000). Double-Up
(No/Yes). Win Rate (84/86/88/90/92/94/96%). Double-Up Level
(0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7). Double-Up Game (Dancers / Panties Colors /
Cards / Seven-Bingo).
* Fixed inverted functions and buggy inputs.
* Added lamps support.
* Created button-lamps layout.
* Remapped inputs to reflect the controls layout. This way is more
user-friendly since controls are straight with button-lamps.
* Added coin/keyin/keyout/payout counters.
* Removed the pulse limitation in the BET input. This allow it to
work as BET and STOP2 properly.
* Added technical notes.

Status Fun Casino improvements: [Roberto Fresca]
* Reworked inputs to match the standard.
* Lowered the CPU clock to get it working properly.
* Added technical notes.

Output Cleanup/Hookup (Part 2) [Howard Casto]:
* segas32.c: Hooked up all digital outputs for all games (radm,
alien3, radr, f1en, arescue, f1lap, jpark, slipstrm, orunners,
harddunk, scross, titlef) Emulation needs to progress more on the
analog output data before those outputs can be hooked up.
* audio\mw8080bw.c: Changed output name for desertgn to something
more descriptive (Player1_Gun_Recoil)
* bbusters.c: Added new output handling functions and hooked up
outputs for bbusters and mechatt
* opwolf3.c: Added gun outputs for opwolf3 (man that game is
* machine\williams.c: Fixed existing outputs in tshoot (they needed
inverted) and hooked up the rest, including the feather blower.
* gunbustr.c: Hooked up all outputs for gunbstr
* namcos12.c: Hooked up outputs for all system 11 gun games
(ptblank2, ghlpanic, tenkomor)
* segaybd.c: Hooked up all digital outputs (gloc, glocr360, gforce2,
pdrift, rchase, strkfghtr), also hooked up motor/analog outputs
for Power Drift and G-Loc/ Strike Fighter The remaining games with
motors could be hooked up as well assuming emulation can progress
enough to get past the error messages.
* namcos2.c: Hooked up gun recoils for golly ghost. Also noted that
the outputs for the remaining gun games are also in that area.
Someone who can find the offsets should be able to hook them up.
* segas18.c: Hooked up gun recoils for lghost.
* taito_z.c: Hooked up outputs for spacegun and made a few prototype
functions to help in hooking up the remaining games. Someone familiar
with the driver should take a look. I hooked up a few, but they don't
work like they should according to the comments.

toutrun.c: corrected dipswitches in the most recently added Turbo Out
Run set, and reorganized the sets so that the parent is the FD1094
317-0118 set, the "newest" set based on both EPROM and security chip
part numbers. [Andrew Jackson]

Fix two VS2008 warnings (namcos23.c and rdpfb.c) [Oliver Stoneberg]

Remove some stray invalid code in start_profiler() [Oliver Stoneberg]

Have srcclean add missing newlines to end of .c files [Atari Ace]

Fix the memory leaks with the strconv.c function by using osd_malloc()
instead. Fixed other memory leaks as well. [Oliver Stoneberg]

"Replaced" TMS5220 table with table extracted using PROMOUT from
actual chip. By 'Replaced', I mean documented, as the actual extracted
table exactly matched the table already in MAME. Changed TMS5220C to
use the same energy table as 5220 does, since my previous assumption
based on the Quadravox tables was probably wrong. Updated the ranout
condition code of tms5220.c to be slightly more accurate to the chip,
and added TODOs. Re-enabled the timers for deactivating the READY line
on /WS or /RS as this is probably slightly more accurate to hardware,
but the difference is 2 or 3 clock cycles max. [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed linking of chdman.exe and romcmp.exe with Visual Studio.
[Oliver Stoneberg]

Fixed incorrect DSK ROM size, shuffled around some ROM mapping, added
new ROMs that were incorrectly assumed to be identical to than
racedriv. The previously bad ROM checksums are now correct. Now the
watchdog resets it instead of getting an address error. [Luigi30]

Added a screen layout for Space Stranger based on photos [M.A.S.H]

Added redumped sound ROM to Vs. Net Soccer (vsnetscr) [Team Japump]

Disable many unused variables as identifed by cppcheck.
[Oliver Stoneberg]

Naomi: Added rounding to the GD-ROM DMA transfers, will be need for
Virtua Tennis to make it boot [Deunan Knute, Angelo Salese]

AICA updates: [PluginNinja]
* Implemented slot monitor
* Improved ADPCM looping
* General cleanup

SCSP updates [PluginNinja]
* Improved slot monitor function
* Various cleanups

namcos23: Varied stuff, isolate PIO, pcb test works on timecrs2c
[O. Galibert]

namcos23: Quick hack to make 500gp boot [O. Galibert]

namcos23: Increase the main ram size so that crszone goes into POST
[O. Galibert]

Implemented Sort-DMA irq firing [Angelo Salese]

Naomi: implemented Wave DMA HW trigger and added Wave DMA IRQ firing
[Angelo Salese]

Naomi: implemented PVR-DMA HW trigger [Angelo Salese]

Fix compile error when DEBUG_GENERATION is defined [Oliver Stoneberg]

cdrom: correct header length for form 2 raw sectors [R. Belmont]

namcos23: Mirror, mirror v2 [A. Giles, O. Galibert]

Naomi: implemented mahjong panel support [Angelo Salese]

TMS5220: Made /READY timing accurate to the real chip as best as
possible. Note that on the zaccaria games, possibly due to a bug in
the CA2 line handler of the PIA which reads the /READY state, speech
usually won't work until midway through the first game played, but
works fine afterward. Not sure if that's a MAME bug or an original
game bug. [Lord Nightmare]

Replaced the DEBUG_FRAME_DUMP define with a new DEBUG_PARSE_FRAME_DUMP
which produces binary listings of each frame parsed. [Lord Nightmare]

Added newer Area51: Site 4 BIOS. [Guru]

sega system16 and later: first pass in the conversion of video ICs to
be devices [David Haywood]

Fix swapped stereo in gauntlet and gauntlet 2. Thor (warrior)'s/red
player's coin slot is toward the left, and specific sounds for that
player (coin insert gong, death ditty, etc) should come from the left
speaker, not the right. Verified with schematics. TODO: merge gauntlet
audio into atarijsa.c since the gauntlet audio hardware is clearly the
direct ancestor of the Atari JSA-i audio board, and currently is
missing most of the chip specific volume controls, etc which are
already implemented in atarijsa.c. [Lord Nightmare]

Improved Killing Blade encrypted DMA mode 3 [XingXing, David Haywood]

vrender0.c: converted to be a device [Fabio Priuli]

crystal.c: added driver data class [Fabio Priuli]

Improved DMA modes 1+2 in killbld, allowing all DMA operations used by
the game to work and the RAM dump to be removed
[XingXing, David Haywood]

added save states to the following CPU: apexc, asap, avr8, cp1610,
dsp32 and f8 [Fabio Priuli]

Documentation improvements to the Sega Naomi HW games [f205v]

Added a protection RAM dump for Dragon World 3 [XingXing]

Added a delay to the GDROM DMA transfers, allows KOF Neowave to boot
[Angelo Salese]

Redumped one program rom in Killing Blade [XingXing, David Haywood]

Hook up the ym2151 reset bit to the sound cpu in gauntlet, and fixed
sound reset to properly reset all the sound chips and volume latches.
[Lord Nightmare]

Fix race condition involving tms52xx status register which broke
victory/victorba self test. Updated debug routines a bit, and improved
the non-NORMALMODE a bit. [Lord Nightmare]

Improvements to Pachifever driver [Tomasz Slanina, maruwa]
* replaced ic48.50 ROM with correct dump
* added correct MSM clock value
* added second SN76489A chip (used for sfx)
* updated hw notes

Cleaned up ranout (FIFO running out mid-frame) to be accurate to
hardware; Cleaned up talk status clearing to be more accurate to
hardware; Cleaned up parse_frame function significantly. Added some
more comments. [Lord Nightmare]

aristmk4: Hooked up the two AY8910s [Fr45h3r]

snes_snd: fix Linux 64-bit compile issues [R. Belmont]

Naomi: Improved the YUV FIFO IRQ firing, now it should be possible to
emulate the YUV decoding properly [Angelo Salese]

PGM: added support for newer bios ROM [XingXing]

Corrected mask ROM numbers for HOTD2 [f205v]

Fix ZPAR (zeroed k parameters 5-10) behavior for unvoiced frames.
Updated comments and debug functions. [Lord Nightmare]

Naomi: work-around for an int32 overflow bug in the renderer, makes
The House of the Dead 2 / The Typing of the Dead to not crash during
attract mode [Angelo Salese]

Naomi: improved Vblank-In irq timings [Angelo Salese]

Redid parameter interpolation and frame load logic so new frames don't
immediately force all the Energy/Pitch/K values to the values of the
old frame, but wait until their first interpolation to do so. This fix
improves speech quality considerably. [Lord Nightmare]

Naomi: implemented RTC start-up values [Angelo Salese]

astrocorp.c: Added PCB layout and board information for the Skill Drop
Georgia set [Brian Troha]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Klad / Labyrinth [Black1972]

New clones added
Dragon World 3 (ver.105) [XingXing]
Killing Blade (ver. 104) [XingXing, David Haywood]
Battle of the Solar System (rev. 1.1a 7/23/92)
[blib, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Thunder Edition)
[Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Polaris (Original version) [Siftware]
Seibu Cup Soccer :Selection: (bootleg, set 2) [Fabrizio Vasile]
Draw Poker Joker's Wild (02-11) (NOT WORKING) [Siftware]
Reel Fun (Version 7.03) [Siftware]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
War of the Bugs or Monsterous Manouvers in a Mushroom Maze (German)
Fighting Mania (918 xx B02) [f205v, The Dumping Union]
Frog & Spiders (bootleg) [Siftware]
House of the Dead 2 (original) [Wouter]
Time Crisis 3 (TST1) [Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03813: [Graphics] shadoww, shadowwa, gaiden, ryukendn, ryukendna:
Lost blending effect (David Haywood)
- 00803: [Color/Palette] All vsnes.c games: Colors are wrong.
- 00270: [Graphics] cstlevna, vsgradus, suprmrio, goonies: Black
startup screens are now gray.
- 00889: [Color/Palette] pc_smb: The colors of the characters, fire
flower, etc. on the top screen are wrong.
- 01097: [Color/Palette] cstlevna: Colors of the first enemies you
encounter are wrong.
- 02457: [DIP/Input] tkoboxng: Unable to coin/start game properly.

Source Changes
Fixed a bug with un-inited DMA regs in the SNES driver, fixes at least
a long-standing bug with nss_ssoc dimmed team selection screen
[Angelo Salese]

Added the Airline Pilot (USA) Naomi BIOS rom [The Dumping Union]

sauro, trckydoc, trckydoca (sauro.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)

ppu2c0x.c: Removed the bogus "color remap tables" in favor of external
palettes containing data reverse-engineered (several years ago) from
original hardware. Each vsnes set, as well as the playch10 bios, now
requires one of these palettes. [Alex Jackson]

vsnes.c improvements: [Alex Jackson]
* Moved RC2C05 PPU-based protection into the PPU itself, rather than
hacking it in at the driver level.
* After exhaustive testing, completely sorted out the "palette"
dipswitches (which are actually PPU type selection) on all games
that have them. Added notes about these games in the comments.
as they should all be 100% correct now.
* Fixed coin inputs in tkoboxng. Removed IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS flag
since there's no legitimate reason I can see for it. Also, fixed
manufacturer and description to match the title screen.
* Added a bit more information about the missing sets in the

add partial 6840ptm readback support to exidy.c [Lord Nightmare]

Convert Atari System 1 to use the 'new' TMS5220 interface.
[Lord Nightmare]

Switch Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters to use the new
TMS5220 interface. [Lord Nightmare]

snes.c: Fixed clipmasks in hires modes [Fabio Priuli]

Fixed RTL opcode in-bank issue in the G65816 CPU core [Angelo Salese]

sm8500d.c: Fixed disassembly of extended instructions (1A, 1B, 4F).
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

lr35902.c: Fixed possible issue when checking for enabled irqs.
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

rf5c68.c: corrected the point at which the sample callbacks are
triggered, and what channel is returned. The interrupts are masked or
enabled based on what PCM memory bank is used, rather than the
physical channel that was used. [Barry Rodewald]

Converted Atari System 2 to use the 'new' TMS5220 interface. Switched
TMS5220 type to 5220C. [Lord Nightmare]

Further refining of the Atari JSA speech and audio modifications.
Hooked up the reset line for the ym2151. [Lord Nightmare]

inptport.c: fixed keyboard detection (mainly for MESS) [Fabio Priuli]

Hooked up correct proms, corrected gfx rom order and added bank select
/ enabled for the reels in Treasure Island (Subsino) [David Haywood]

updated Star Wars to use proper clocks for the tms5220 and the pokeys.
[Lord Nightmare]

MASSIVE merge of TMS5110 and TMS5220 cores, TMS5220 side only so far.
Much code by Jarek Burczynski merged. Lattice Filter, Multiplier, and
clipping redone. TMS5220C multi-rate feature added. Now using the same
LPC table file (and format, as created by couriersud) as the TMS51xx
is. Unvoiced-Voiced transitioning adjusted to match patent. Command
handling redone to better match patent. Reasonably significant speech
quality improvements: Separate tables for TMS5200, TMS5220 and
TMS5220C are implemented, though all still need to be verified from
hardware. Fixes: Garbled speech in Escape from the Planet of the Robot
Monster's Canal Mazes is fixed, as well as some other garbled speech
in game (when saying 'throwing switch' for instance). Known
Regressions (being worked on): Victory fails its startup self test
with an error 5, but speech works in-game. [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed victory self-test issue (FIFO must NOT be cleared on processing
of a STOP frame, only on a new speak external command. victory is
pedantic about this.), and in the process also fixed a bug regarding
reading /READY state when not in speak external mode (the FIFO being
full should NOT force /READY inactive in that case!) [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed various SNES SRAM issues [Fabio Priuli, Angelo Salese]

Fixed Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In title screen colors [Angelo Salese]

mk3ghw (aladbl.c driver + megadriv.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M68000
code) ssgbl (ssgbl.c driver + megadriv.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed stack vector so coins are now correctly handled (the game
shall be fully playable now)
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M68000

Added makefile PPC64 autodetection [Julian Sikorski]

6840PTM: Fixed interrupt flag behaviour and now allow fractional input
clocks. [Phil Bennett]

6850ACIA: Improved handling of /CTS signal and fixed issue with
transmission parity generation. [Phil Bennett]

MPU4+Video updates: [Phil Bennett, David Haywood]
* Fixed serial comms. As a result, most games actually boot now.
* Fixed colours.
* Fixed SAA1099 sound.
* Added Characteriser tables for all games (a complete implementation
is still needed for most games).

Supported the 1555 fb format in the Naomi driver, needed by Cleopatra
Fortune Plus [David Haywood]

Fixed ext latch behaviour in the SNES driver [Angelo Salese]

vmetal, vmetaln (vmetal.c driver) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M68000

Fix 5220C pitch table so unvoiced speech actually works. Oops. Should
be a further quality improvement. [Lord Nightmare]

Tentative fix for tms5220 VSM support. [Lord Nightmsre]

F8 cpu disassembler improvements [Curt Coder]:
* fixed branch target PC
* added BP,BC,BZ,BR,BM,BNC,BNZ,BNO mnemonics
- removed extraneous $ from 2 byte hex values

Implemented various PVR TA registers hook-ups in the Naomi driver
[Angelo Salese]

mpu4drvr.c: Fixed 68000 device resets [Phil Bennett]

Naomi: Implemented more regs, test mode now properly sets 640x240
resolution. Implemented fb pixel double, Naomi test mode looks now
correct. [Angelo Salese]

i386dasm.c: Corrected display of debug registers (D0-D7) in
disassembly listings [Barry Rodewald]

video/nemesis.c: Removed palette gamma hack [Alex Jackson]

Subsino driver improvements: [Roberto Fresca]
* Added another Treasure Island set.
* Added technical notes about the CPU box.
* Minor clean-ups.
Revision 8866 by robertof

full schematics made from the real PCB connections. They include Hex
D-type flip-flops, Bipolar PROM, 3-STATE Octal D-Type latches and
resnet connections. [Roberto Fresca, Aleksandar Spasojevic]

Partly implemented 'stereo' gating (using ym2151 ctX lines) to POKEY
and TMS5220 on Atari JSA-i sound board. (currently it is just 'mono'
gating). Add TODOs for complete stereo gating and for the low-pass
filter. [Lord Nightmare]

Improvements to Funworld driver: [Roberto Fresca]
* Replaced the Fun World Quiz bad ROMs with good ones.
* Fixed the Fun World Quiz graphics and colors.
* Cleaned-up the flags for non working games.
* Modified the default lamps layout to include the bet lamp.
* Cleaned-up the Fun World Quiz inputs.
* Added 4 new Royal Card sets. Reworked parent/clone relationship.
(delete the old .cfg and .nv files to have them working properly).
* Splitted the Royal Card machine driver. This is needed to access
different halves of the bipolar PROM.
* Now principal Royal Card sets have a working bet button.
* Added default NVRAM to the new sets.

Improved video rendering in MPU4 [David Haywood]

Implemented 15/31 kHz selector in the Naomi driver, makes Strike
Fighter and Shootout Pool Prize to be bootable by the common user
[Angelo Salese]

Clean up interpolation inhibit logic, may sound slightly better now.
Minor fix to TMS5220C table so zero-energy frames are correctly
detected. [Lord Nightmare]

Added driver data class and save states to playmark.c, powerbal.c,
pushman.c and pzletime.c [Fabio Priuli]

Improvements to Shark Party (English, Alpha license): [Roberto Fresca]
* Created complete inputs from the scratch.
* Added coin/keyin/keyout counters.
* Added main game and double-up rates DIP switches.
* Added minimum bet DIP switches.
* Added maximum bet DIP switches.
* Added complete coinage and remote credits DIP switches.
* Added jokers and demo sounds DIP switches.
* Figured out and documented all the game outputs.
* Created proper button-lamps layout.
Now the game is in full-working state.

Added a RAM mirror that fixes The Typing of the Dead booting
[Angelo Salese]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Senko No Ronde Special (GDL-0038) [tormod, The Dumping Union]
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (GDL-0041) [Joerg Hartenberger]
Cleopatra Fortune Plus (GDL-0012) [Joerg Hartenberger]
Hammer [Guru, Smitdogg, Luca Elia, The Dumping Union]
Royal Card (4 new sets) [Roberto Fresca]
Treasure Bonus
[Team Europe, The Dumping Union, David Haywood, Angelo Salese]

New clones added
Iron Fortress (Japan) [F205V, The Dumping Union]
Super Shanghai 2005 (GDL-0031) [tormod, Gerald, The Dumping Union]
Megatouch IV Tournament Edition (9255-50-01 ROA, Standard version)
[Phil Bennett, MikeDX, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK 4 Players, set 2) [porchy]
Carnival (Head On hardware) [Andrew Welburn, Dumping Union] (2 sets)
Double Dragon (US Set 3) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Touchmaster 2000 (v4.00 Standard) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Phraze Craze (two sets) [D. Beneke, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Treasure Island (Subsino, set 2)
[Roberto Fresca, Team Europe, 9ofzeven]
Vs 10-Yard Fight (US, Taito license)
[ranger_lennier, W. Belk, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
10-Yard Fight '85 (US, Taito license)
[Kevin Eshbach, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Adders and Ladders [Phil Bennett, David Haywood]
Strike it Lucky [4 sets] [Phil Bennett, David Haywood]
Quiz Grid [4 sets] [Phil Bennett, David Haywood]
Eyes Down [2 sets] [Phil Bennett, David Haywood]
Blox [2 sets] [Phil Bennett, David Haywood]
Prize Space Invaders [2 sets] [Phil Bennett, David Haywood]
Sega Strike Fighter [f205v, The Dumping Union]
Derby Owner's Club (Ver. C) [f205v, The Dumping Union]
Kick '4' Cash [f205v, The Dumping Union]
Happy Tour
[Guru, jmurjr, JacKc, gingertom, Rene Single, Smitdogg,
The Dumping Union]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02134: [Graphics] ffight2b: Graphics glitch (Angelo Salese)
- 03396: [Crash/Freeze] nss_aten: Game does not progress past initial
text screen (Angelo Salese)
- 03397: [DIP/Input] nss_skin: Input is completely non-working
(Angelo Salese)
- 03116: [Crash/Freeze] nss_actr: Emulation hangs up after hitting start.
(Angelo Salese)
- 03227: [Debugger] When setting A register in 8080 CPU, it sets F

Source Changes
Hooked up default NVRAM and fixed sample rom loading order in
Championship Bowling [David Haywood]

snes.c: greatly simplified tile drawing routines, fixed a couple of
small bugs in mosaic support, reworked debug functions to be detected
properly in all games [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: improved VRAM accesses (they're invalid during active display)
and DMA transfers (not all addresses can be accessed) [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: enabled PPU->CPU hdma transfer and moved hdma variables to
snes_state [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: updated HDMA to init/update according to Anomie's docs
[Fabio Priuli]

namcos23: First extremely rough 3D hookup [O. Galibert]

Changed the killing blade parent to the pgm bios. [smf]

namcos23: Add some lighting. [O. Galibert, Naibo]

namcos23: hooked up tilemap scroll, improved raster IRQ [R. Belmont]

snes.c: enforced abus validity check on dma reads, fixed possible tile
and vram out of bounds bugs [Fabio Priuli]

Replaced Stocker dump with a good set [Kevin Eshbach]

Hooked up default NVRAM for Golly Ghost / Bubble Trouble
[David Haywood]

namcos23: Add 3D model scaling [O. Galibert]

Heavily improved the slot 72 - poker game, it's now known to be
actually Poker Monarch. [Angelo Salese]

m680x0 FPU updates: [R. Belmont]
* BCD packed decimal now supported, including k-factor
* Improved FSAVE/FRESTORE including FPU reset when restoring a NULL
* FREM instruction supported
* Better disassembly of FPU instructions

superfx.c: added save states to the CPU [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: moved some more variables to driver state, set a few addresses
as open bus and slightly changed SuperFX handlers not to access SNES
WRAM [Fabio Priuli]

namcos23: c361 fixes and address auto-increment [O. Galibert]

further snes.c wip: [Fabio Priuli]
* Fixed a bug in SPC7110 handlers (now Tengai Makyou Zero test
reaches RTC tests and fails them, instead of getting stuck at
MUL/DIV tests)
* Implemented very preliminary (and currently broken) SPC7110 RTC
* Updated DSP2 handlers to better reflect Overload's docs (problem
and fix actually found by byuu)
- Updated add-on chips handlers to reflect byuu's findings

snes.c wip: fixed reserved memory address read not returning open_bus;
fixed a few add-on chip reads not returning open_bus [Fabio Priuli]

Made input_device pointers non-volatile. Since we return pointers to
them in response to input_device_add(), ensure that the pointers don't
change after subsequent adds. [Aaron Giles]

snes.c: fixed a SRAM size problem and moved PPU registers handling to
video/snes.c [Fabio Priuli]

ppu2c0x.c: added save states to NES PPU and performed some minor
cleanups [Fabio Priuli]

i386+ core updates: [Samuele Zannoli]
* Added CR4 register
* Added bswap instruction
* Added support for 4MB pages

chihiro.c: Minor memory map update for running the BIOS
[Samuele Zannoli]

Gun output cleanups/hookups [Howard Casto]:
* drivers\othunder.c: Changed Operation Thunderbolt output names to
something more appropriate. (They were routed to LEDs.)
* video\rastan.c: Hooked up output for Operation Wolf.
* machine\midwunit.c: Hooked up outputs for Revolution X.
* machine\midyunit.c: Hooked up outputs for Terminator 2.
* drivers\seta.c: Hooked up outputs for Zombie Raid.

i386/NEC disassembler updates: [Alex Jackson]
* Made "MOV AL, offset" etc (opcodes A0-A3) properly indicate a
segment override prefix.
* Corrected the disassembly of various NEC-only instructions (mainly
V25/V35-only instructions)
* Changed CPUINFO_INT_MAX_INSTRUCTION_BYTES on i86 and NEC from 15 to

Added correct ROMs to 'Dragon's Lair (Italian)' (dlital) [f205v]

Improvements to supdrapo.c driver [Roberto Fresca]
* Reworked inputs to match the standard poker inputs names/layout.
* Hooked the payout switch.
* Hooked a watchdog circuitery, that seems intended to reset the game
and/or an external device.
* Added machine start & reset.
* All clocks pre defined.
* Added ay8910 interfase as a preliminary attempt to analyze the
unknown port writes when these ports are set as input.
* Figured out the following DIP switches: Auto Bet (No, Yes). Allow
Raise (No, Yes). Double-Up (No, Yes). Minimal Winner Hand (Jacks
or Better, Two Pair). Deal Speed (Slow, Fast). Aces Type (Normal
Aces, Number 1). Cards Deck Type (english cards, french cards).
Max Bet (5, 10, 15, 20).
* Added NVRAM support.
* Reorganized and cleaned-up the driver.

hng64: Fix sound ROM loading. [Andrew Gardner]

Reworked the entire Nintendo 64 renderer to be class-based. More
cleanup to follow. [Harmony]

Removing texture_rectangle_32bit and fill_rectangle_32bit to hopefully
generate a bug report which indicates any games using the modes.

Applied some cppcheck fixes. [Oliver Stoneberg]

Clear pending IRQ if the IRQ enable flag is disabled in the SNES
driver [Angelo Salese]

midtunit.c: Fixed TMS340 parameter [Alex Jackson]

namcos23: Fix the zoom value [O. Galibert]

namcos23: First stab at z-sorting [O. Galibert]

[8080/8085 CPU] Fix of mametester bug 3227. [Robbbert]

Moved the i/o update status inside a timer in the SNES driver
[Angelo Salese]

Disabled unused variables and code based on cppcheck and VS2008 Code
Analysis [Oliver Stoneberg]

Fixed some massive texturing issues in the new Nintendo 64 / RDP
renderer. [Harmony]

Disabled DRC versions of certain vector load/store operations in the
RSP core in order to avoid geometry issues. [Harmony]

Improved Rectangle drawing in the RDP core. [Harmony]

poly.c: Make the parameter interpolation more robust [O. Galibert]

namcos23: Push the zclip a little to avoid poly.c issues for now.
[O. Galibert]

Added boundary checks for MVN and MVP opcodes when in M mode in the
G65816 CPU core [Angelo Salese]

Added a new input type IPT_KEYPAD for MESS, to distinguish between
fully featured keyboards and keypad controllers [Fabio Priuli]

skyarmy (skyarmy.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)
* Updated memory map to partially handle screen flipping

scobra, scobrase, scobras, scobrab, suprheli, moonwar, moonwara,
armorcar, armorcar2, tazmania, anteater, calipso, losttomb, losttombh,
spdcoin, superbon (galaxian.c driver + galdrvr.c) [stephh] :
* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)

namcos23: Found "force poly to front" bit [O. Galibert]

info.c: added keyboard and keypad controls to xml output
[Fabio Priuli]

First step in supporting master cycle delays in the SNES driver
[Angelo Salese]

Basic implementation of the DMA master cycles steals in the SNES
driver [Angelo Salese]

Basic implementation of the memory map master cycle steals in the SNES
driver [Angelo Salese]

snes.c: fixed to the DMA issue with S-DD1 games [Fabio Priuli]

1943.c: Corrected rom names [Bill D, The Dumping Union]

segaybd.c: Redumped IC26 for Rail Chase, added PCB board ID numbers
and corrected the rom names for Rail Chase [ANY]

Added gprof support to the makefile. [Bryan Ischo]

Added a check for the OPTION_READCONFIG option before executing
the code which would attempt to incorporate configuration file
settings into the current configuration, because if OPTION_READCONFIG
is set to false, then there is no reason to even try to do this as
every single configuration file will be ignored (because config files
have been turned off by OPTION_READCONFIG). [Bryan Ischo]

Fixed small memory leak in mame.c. [Bryan Ischo]

Fixed double-free error in render.c. [Bryan Ischo]

Made core_strdup use osd_malloc instead of malloc. [Bryan Ischo]

New clones added
Rail Chase (World) [Dumping Union]
High Impact Football (rev LA2 12/26/90)
[A. Hoekman, tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Shark Party (english, alpha license)
[Kevin Eshbach, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Touchmaster 8000 (v9.02 Standard) [Bill D., The Dumping Union]
Ridge Racer (Full Scale, 1993-12-13, World)
[tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union] (not working, incomplete boardset)
Super Draw Poker (set 2) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe, Dumping Union]
Super Football Champ (Ver 2.4O) [Caius]
Street Fighter (US, set 2) (protected) [Bill D & the Dumping Union]
Thrill Drive (JAB) [The Dumping Union]
Moon Base (set 2) [jmurjr, D. Maeby, Charles MacDonald, The Dumping Union]
Vapor Trail - Hyper Offence Formation (World revision 3?)
[f205v, Tirino73]
Cherry Bonus III (alt, set 2) [Anonymous]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Lucky Boy / Poker 72 [David Haywood]
Print Club Pokemon B [Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03793: [Compiling] Build for G4 (altivec) is broken.
- 03792: [Compiling] Support for kFreeBSD
- 03371: [Sound] yiear, yiear2: Music pitch is lower than PCB (Tafoid)
- 03550: [DIP/Input] moonwar: Missing "Hyper Flip" Button
(Lord Nightmare)
- 00304: [Graphics] All sets in toaplan1.c: In cocktail mode player 2
screen is not correct or flip screen on the players screen is
not correct. (Quench)
- 03775: [Interface] primglex: Missing buttons (R. Belmont)
- 03762: [DIP/Input] tekken and clones: Kick button does not work
(R. Belmont)

Source Changes
Added default nvrams to the ST-V driver [David Haywood]

Improve text layer in LE2: [David Haywood]
* set display enable to be ON by default. LE2 doesn't turn it on
until after the test screens, which would seem to indicate that
the register should default to on, otherwise they're always
* added a kludge to use the right palette for the text layer in LE2,
I haven't checked, but I wonder if this could also be related to
internal defaults for the mixer chip which the game doesn't
This allows you to see the ram/rom tests anyway, which is better than
an invisible startup.

680x0 FPU updates [R. Belmont]
* Rewritten to use SoftFloat instead of unportable native FP math
* Support added for Motorola 96-bit extended floats
* More addressing modes and conditions supported

Updates to toaplan1.c driver: [Quench]
* Fixed flipscreen support for all toaplan1 games
* Added minimal Z180 place holder for SameSame/Fireshrk/Vimana

500gp title screen says 1998, change driver to match [Guru]

namcos23: Hook the 3D commands DMA [O. Galibert]

Updates to Twincobr/Wardner drivers: [Quench]
* Added 6845 CRTC interface
* Restored correct DSP roms loads and proms for 'fsharkbt'
* Added 6845 CRTC interface
* Corrected some clock speeds

namcos23 housekeeping: move months to mamedriv, fix 500 GP name [Guru]

taitojc: fix landgear crash, game now enters attract mode [R. Belmont]

65816: fix decimal mode ADC/SBC behavior [blargg, byuu, R. Belmont]

Improvements to Funworld driver. [Roberto Fresca]
* Removed all hacks in the rom load section. Now the involved sets
are properly loaded in the same way the hardware does.
* Replaced hardcoded values on graphics decode routines with proper
RGN_FRAC calculations.
* Fixed graphics bitplanes to involved games.
* Added more hardware/technical info.
* Modify the mongolnw machine driver. Now can see it starts.
* Added Multi Win, from Funworld. The set is encrypted and use a
custom CPU. Seems similar hardware than (multi) Joker Card.
* Added Fun World Quiz. Needs proper banking, and both graphics and
bipolar PROM redumps.

680x0 FPU update: [R. Belmont]
* Implemented FMOVECR
* Added load extended PC relative indexed support
* Cleanup some duplicated code

Added Fun World Quiz description, and hardware notes. [Roberto Fresca]

More improvements to Funworld driver. [Roberto Fresca, David Haywood]
* Improved inputs for Fun World Quiz.
* Proper handlers and banking for Fun World Quiz questions.
* Partial decryption for royalcdc and multiwin.
* Complete Fun World Quiz DIP switches with dip locations.
* Promoted Fun World Quiz to working state.
* Added Fun World Quiz bookkeeping instructions notes.

Added default NVRAM for Namco FL games and some Namco System 2 games
[David Haywood]

Implemented player 2 input buffer protection in Winning Spike
[Angelo Salese]

Implemented irq ack in the Pastel Gal driver and implemented gfx rom
readback in Three Dealers Casino House [Angelo Salese]

More improvements to Funworld driver. [Roberto Fresca]
* Reworked button-lamps layouts per game. Cleaned-up the code.
* Added specific button-lamps layout for bigdeal games.
* Added specific button-lamps layout for royalcrd & jolycdit, but
there is a bug in the d-up select code that lights the wrong lamp.
This is a leftover from jollycrd routines.
* Flagged vegasfte as GAME_NOT_WORKING, since is not receiving any
coins or remote credits anymore.

hng64 : Lighting calculations are now more accurate. [Andrew Gardner]

Added driver data class and save states to: paradise.c, pasha2.c and
pbaction.c. [Fabio Priuli]

Enabled saves states in pass.c (everything was already saved)
[Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: reworked OAM drawing routines, implemented correct range over
and time over flags (sprite limits), implemented FirstSprite priority
[Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: moving more variables to driver data class and
refactoring/cleaning up some code [Fabio Priuli]

NamcoS21 cleanups [David Haywood]
* Added default NVRAM to Cybersled
* Limited the range of the analog inputs in Cybersled (the game
glitches, causing you to move backwards if they hit the minimum /
* Setup default key mapping in Cybersled to be similar to other dual
joystick 'tank' style games, eg. Assault, rather than the default
keyboard mapping where the sticks appear to be swapped.
* Reworked the input ports a bit so that they include a common base
rather than duplicating common inupts
* Renamed aircombu to aircomb, and made it the parent instead of the
Japanese set.

Cave cleanups [David Haywood]
* Removed fake Region dipswitch that modified the region byte in the
EEPROM each reset for Sailor Moon, Air Gallet and Mazinger Z
* Split out different regions into clones with different default
EEPROMs instead, and ensured all EEPROMs are factory default for
that region. (this is a cleaner solution and more accurately
represents the PCBs)

dynax.c, ddenlovr.c: Added driver data class [Fabio Priuli]

tlcs90.c: added save states [Fabio Priuli]

ddenlovr.c, dynax.c: replaced memory_set_bankptr with memory_set_bankp
and added save state support [Fabio Priuli]

spc700.c: Added save states [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: Updated the snes sound device to use device handlers, to store
its internals in a struct, and to save them [Fabio Priuli]

i386: fixed unaligned memory accesses and opcode fetches when they
cross a page boundary. Previously, if pages were not ordered in
contiguous RAM, then a cross-boundary read or write would read
partially incorrect data or write some of the data in the wrong page.
[Barry Rodewald]

png2bdc.c: When the usage is printed, the name displayed was "png2bdf"
instead of "png2bdc"; this changes it by retrieving the name of the
executable at runtime, so it will always be correct now.
[Christophe Jaillet]

several cleanups based on cppcheck and VS2008 Code Analysis
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

split.c: made the "split" return the actual result instead of just 0.
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

clifront.c: made the identation of the CPU device in -listdevices the
same like the others [Oliver Stoeneberg]

i386.c: gave some fatalerror() calls in the i386 proper messages
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

ssem.c: fixed compilation of SSEM core with SSEM_DISASM_ON_UNIMPL
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

sdl/window.c: fixed a potential memory leak in
sdlwindow_video_window_create() [Oliver Stoeneberg]

metro.c: added driver data class [Fabio Priuli]

vmetal: added driver data class and save states [Fabio Priuli]

Verified all the clocks from Super Contra PCB as well as the vsync.
[Corrado Tomaselli]

Implemented VRAM color bank select in Uncle Poo [Angelo Salese,

Added default nvram to Cyber Commando, and improved the default
control mapping in it [David Haywood]

Implemented pal bank in Three Dealers Casino House [Angelo Salese]

Updated DIPs based on Stephh's notes and fixed location status. Added
GAME_NO_COCKTAIL flag until flip screen is implemented. [Tafoid]

Fixed spinner input in moonwarp, added notes about spinner board,
marked game as working. [Lord Nightmare]

Imported the same implementation of moon war proto's spinner to moon
war 2; works much more smoothly now. [Lord Nightmare]

Fix very minor occasional glitches in moonwar/moonwara/moonwarp
spinners caused by IPT_DIAL crossing the 0x00<->0xFF border. Added
conditional Hyperflip button to moonwar, only seems present in upright
mode? (in cocktail mode the same input is used by player 2 for a
different button) [Lord Nightmare]

Implement many of the dipswitches for moonwarp, and re-add the color
test mode to frenzy; Cocktail/upright select is still missing from
moonwarp, though I managed to trigger cocktail mode a few times by
accident. Needs code study to see what it actually depends on. The p2
controls are separate in cocktail mode. [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed for good trasparency issues in Three Dealers Casino House
[Angelo Salese]

snes.c: some internal refactoring, some new debug functions and a
small mode7 fix [Fabio Priuli]

Changed default initial state of PIC8259 to STATE_READY
[Miodrag Milanovic]

First step in refactoring the video system in metro.c driver
[David Haywood]

Corrected typo in Yie Ar Kung-Fu verified clock rates and tweaked the
tempo slightly to better match reference recordings.
[Corrado Tomaselli, Tafoid]

Final step in refactoring the video system in metro.c driver, replaced
the video code with custom renderer functions [David Haywood]

Improvements to funworld.c driver. [Roberto Fresca]
* Added dual-state palette (addressable through PLDs). This allow to
choose which half of the palette will be addressed.
* Splitted the main machine driver to cover both palette states.
* Reworked inputs / DIP switches for vegasslw, vagasfst and vegasfte.
* Created new default NVRAM for Royal Vegas Joker Card sets. These
need to be configurated to be valid ones. Now vegasfte can receive
remote credits, and all three in the family have valid min-max bet
value and payout.
* Removed the not working flag from vegasfte.
* Improved colors for Big Deal sets.
* Correct colors for Royal Vegas Joker Card sets.

Hooked up default NVRAM in Five A Side Soccer [David Haywood]

MN10200 updates: [R. Belmont]
* Better IRQ generation and hookup to MAME IRQ system
* Preliminary 8-bit timer hookup including prescalers and IRQs
* Fixed issue with debugger not showing registers correctly

metro.c: added save states [David Haywood, Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: updated DSP1, DSP2, DSP3, DSP4, OBC1, SRTC and ST010 addon
chips to store their variables in struct and to save them
[Fabio Priuli]

More improvements to funworld.c driver [Roberto Fresca]
* Added a second set of Jolly Card Professional. Documented the code
* Added another Royal Vegas Joker Card set, from Mile. These sets
aren't intended to work with coins. Only remote credits are
allowed. There are external modules that can manage up to 4
machines simultaneously, adding/removing/watching credits.
* Added default NVRAM to the above sets.
* Added proper inputs and DIP switches to vegasmil.
* Replaced the jolyc980 default NVRAM with one totally clean.
Temporal and total meters are cleared to zero.

Fixed Z80-DMA Load and Continue commands. [Curt Coder]

namcos23: Roms reorganization [O. Galibert]

MC68HC11: Implemented SUBD DIR & SUBD EXT opcodes [Angelo Salese]

snes.c progress: [Fabio Priuli]
* Added proper sprite priorities
* Added pseudo-hires effect

Added preliminary layer clearance in Puzzlet [Angelo Salese]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mr. Dig [Kevin Eshback, Brian Troha, David Haywood, The Dumping Union]
Mouse Shooter GoGo [Stefan Lindberg, Luca Elia, The Dumping Union]
Fun World Quiz (austrian) [Roberto Fresca, David Haywood]
Crusher Makochan
[tormod, R. Gatto, S. Rietscha, krick, jeremymtc, Smitdogg,
The Dumping Union]
Video Quiz [f205v, Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Tobikose! Jumpman
[tormod, R. Howard, K. Svensson, D. Beneke, Smitdogg, Luca Elia,
The Dumping Union]
Spider-Man vs The Kingpin (Mega-Tech)
[Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Moon War (prototype on Frenzy hardware)
[Team Europe, Volker Hann, David Haywood, Lord Nightmare]

New clones added
Raiden DX (US, Fabtek license)
[tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union] (not working)
Berzerk (Germany) [Team Europe, Volker Hann, David Haywood]
Final Lap 3 (World, set 2)
[Charles MacDonald, hap, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Star Gladiator (JAPAN 960627)
[tormod, W. Belk, ranger_lennier, R. Howard, R. Mucciarelli,
Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Virtua Striker 2 '99 (Revision A) [The Dumping Union]
Hot Shocker [The Dumping Union]
Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 107) [XingXing]
Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 103) [XingXing]
Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 102) [XingXing]
Jolly Card Professional 2.0 (MZS Tech) [Roberto Fresca]
Royal Vegas Joker Card (fast deal, Mile) [Roberto Fresca]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Downhill Bikers (DH3 Ver. A) [Guru]
Multi Win (Ver.0167, encrypted) [Roberto Fresca]
Rapid River (RD2 Ver. C) [Guru]
Crisis Zone (CSZO3 Ver. B) [Guru]