NovitÓ nella versione 0.134


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03433: [Misc.] Jolly Card, Royal Card, Lucky Lady, Royal Vegas sets
(and others)...: All games that need NVRAM initialized aren't
working anymore. (Roberto Fresca)
- 03434: [Sound] dingo: Sound is messed up (couriersud)
- 03432: [Sound] circusc and clones: Partially missing sounds. (rte)
- 03430: [Crash/Freeze] Drivers having empty INPUT definitions:
Access Violation (Curt Coder)

Source Changes
Partial fix to CIA timer: avoid timer's desync in read count
operation. [robiza]

Fixed access violation in MESS skeleton drivers with empty
INPUT_PORT sections. [Curt Coder]

[Z8] Fixed disassembler argument order. [Curt Coder]

MAMEUI uses input_seq_from_tokens() outside the context of a running
emulation, so this code will crash if machine == NULL and the
keycode was not a built in keycode. Changed this so that it will
gracefully fail if machine == NULL. [Nathan Woods]

Naomi/AW: Enforce read-only status of PowerVR ID registers.
[R. Belmont]

Added debug_global_input_code_pressed() for use in debugging.
[Aaron Giles]

Remove remaining references to machine->cpu[n]. Removed cpu[n] array.
Replaced with machine->firstcpu which is a fast access to the head
of the list of CPUs. [Aaron Giles]

Minor cleanup of machine/generic.c. Changed watchdog_read handlers to
return the address space's unmapped value rather than 0xff.
[Aaron Giles]

Fixed CIA PRA, PRB, DDRA, DDRB ports. [robiza]

Added discrete sound to the Noraut Poker games.
[Derrick Renaud, Roberto Fresca]

Funworld.c changes: [Roberto Fresca]
* Discovered and documented new features in Jolly Card (Evona
* Removed the commented hack for joly980 driver init since is not
needed anymore.
* Fixed a bug introduced with the massive input change, that didn't
allow initialize all sets that need the normal procedure to do it.
* Updated technical notes.

PIC16C5x CPU - Fixed the T0CKI count input being controlled by the
wrong edge sensing. [Quench]

SNES: Added emulation for the DSP-3 and DSP-4 add-on chips, based on
latest ZSNES [ZSNES Team, Fabio Priuli]

G65816: Fixed a bug with SBC opcode N flag behaviour in Decimal Mode.
[Angelo Salese]

Segas24 rom games don't have NVRAM; fixed nvram_save writing 0KB
file. [hap]

68681/2681 duart: When a channel is in loopback mode, do not actually
transmit bytes sent to that duart channel over the TX pin.
[Lord Nightmare]

Hooked up F6 again as a global cheat enable/disable. [Pugsy]

i386 fixes: [Gabriele Gorla]
- Add missing arpl instruction
- Fixed BCD carry
- Fixed disassembly of group D8 when modrm > 0xc0
- Add fucompp instruction to disassembler

Added "increase or equal" and "decrease or equal" options to the new
cheat commands. [Sandro Ronco]

Added helper function core_i64_hex_format. Replaced several printf
cases in the debugger with this function to avoid runtime differences
on older Windows systems. Also fixed up some error logging messages
to output the correct number of characters for addresses and data,
using the new function. [Aaron Giles]

Added missing static and const qualifiers, and fixed up some header
files. [Atari Ace]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Povar / Sobrat' Buran / Agroprom [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Czernyj Korabl [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Brodjaga [Mariusz Wojcieszek]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03240: [Crash/Freeze] topracra: Error Message: devcb_resolve_read8:
unable to find input port 'IN0L' (couriersud)
- 03426: [Sound] wtennis: Missing ball sound (Tafoid)
- 03422: [Graphics] porter: Missing in-game graphics (Tafoid)
- 03421: [Crash/Freeze] samuraia, sngkace: Access Violation (hap)
- 03420: [Crash/Freeze] espial, espialu, netwars: Access Violation
- 03416: [Crash/Freeze] bradley: Exits with DISCRETE_ADJUSTMENT_TAG -
NODE_88 has invalid tag. (couriersud)
- 03418: [Crash/Freeze] dday, ddayc: Access Violation after coin
insertion (M.A.S.H.)
- 03025: [Sound] bzone, bzone2, bzonec: inaccurate sound effects
- 03413: [Compiling] 64-bit compiler warnigs (Aaron Giles)
- 03391: [Misc.] popn2 & bmclubmx: CHD version is V3 for the two new
added sets (hap)
- 03073: [Sound] scorpion, scorpiona, scorpionb: Sound Missing
- 03075: [Sound] explorer: Sound Missing (couriersud)

Source Changes
Discrete sound updates: [couriersud]
- Fix comments for DISCRETE_TRANSFORM
- FatalError if formula is bad
- Fixed two bugs in DISCRETE_RCDISC3
- Fix some ugly bugs around DISCRETE_FILTER_SW:
- No more iterations
- The CD4066 internal resistance largely determines sound
amplitude. This may vary significantly depending on VCC and
type (74HC, 74HCV, CD4066, ...). The current choice makes
scramble sound "about right".
- Added some profiling code for discrete tasks
- Added DISCRETE_INPUT_BUFFER to use a stream to buffer an input
node. For input nodes with a lot of writes this prevents a
stream_update on the whole discrete module which is very
ineffective. Instead, the data is buffered and the discrete
emulation can process a lot of samples in one go later.
- Added disc_syc.c as a container for core modules (output, task)
- Discrete wav and csv logs now are treated as nodes
- Added DISCRETE_START and DISCRETE_STOP functions to be called at
device start/stop
- As a side effect, profiling measures log overhead as well
- DSO_TASK_END now builds it's own dependence list.
- now simply DSO_TASK_END() ends a task
- added node parameter to RC_(DIS)CHARGE_EXP
- added const where appropriate
- removed some dead code

Color bprom verified correct Royal Card Pro v2. [Team Europe]

De-globalified sound.c and input.c. [Atari Ace]

Improvements to Noraut Poker driver.... [Roberto Fresca]
* Corrected CPU clock to Xtal/8.
* Discovered 3 new I/O lines coming from PPI-2, PC0-PC2. They are
mixed with the handshake ones.
* Added the READOUT button to noraut12 games.
* Splitted the main machine driver to cover 2 different Noraut
* Added partial support for PPI-2, PC0-PC2 output lines on noraut11
* Figured out other remaining I/O lines.
* Added new handlers to simulate the handshake lines. Still need
real support through PPI-2.
* Updated technical notes.
* Rerouted norautp and norautjp READOUT button to its own place.
* Routed the whole video RAM access through PPI-2.
(bypassed the handshake lines for now).
* Merged back the noraut machine drivers after the 3rd PPI connection.
* Added Low Level Hopper manual input.
* Added a new machine driver for extended hardware.
It has 2 jumpers that cut the a14 and a15 addressing lines.

Fixed i386 carry/borrow flag in ADC/SBB [Gabriele Gorla]

Fixes to the PIC16C5x CPU core: [Quench]
- Indirect addressing was not taking into account special purpose
memory mapped locations.
- 'iorlw' instruction was saving the result to memory instead of
the W register.
- 'tris' instruction no longer modifies Port-C on PIC models that do
not have Port-C implemented.

Added difficulty DIP to BigTwin. [Quench]

Battery backed 2KB RAM, fixing the default high-scores in speedbal.
[Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Shogun Warriors - various fixes:
- Extracted tables required for Shogun Warriors to work
[Tomasz Slanina]
- Decrypted + verified table data for Shogun Warriors [David Haywood]
- Marked 2 graphic roms in Shogun Warriors as BAD_DUMP [David Haywood]
- Temporarily added a hack to the collision function to only use the
B.Rap Boys code if the game is B.Rap Boys until we have a single
function that works with both [David Haywood]

SuperFX updates [Anonymous]
- Fixed disassembly of LMULT/FMULT ops
- Fixed reads using LDW/LDB
- Fixed writes using STW/STB
- Fixed SBC carry behavior
- Fixed GETC ROM access behavior
- Some SuperFX games begin to show things in MESS
- At least partly fixed PLOT and RPIX behavior. This fixes many gfxs
in Star Fox and Vortex, but no polys yet.

Simplified kaneko16 decryption functions by working out what each of
the bits does and removing game specific references. Re-based the
decryption tables as a result. End result is verified to be the same.
[David Haywood]

Added redumped u6 GFX rom to kaneko16, fixes Geisya and Sumo [Guru]

Fix circus charly slowdowns: [couriersud]
- use SOUND_DAC device to "buffer" data and avoid 1 sample updates
for discrete part
- this is related to "03401: circusc and clones: Slowdown in
attract mode with DIP SW "Demo Sounds=ON"" though I do not
consider it a bug, but a implementation optimization.

Fixed sound banking for Shogun Warriors [David Haywood]

Added different TOD implementation for CIA6526 and CIA8520. [robiza]

Fixed a small bug with kaneko16 graphic decoding and removed old
comment about bad sound banking. [David Haywood]

SuperFX updates: [Harmony]
- Inlined a number of functions for possible speed increase
- Removed some memory buffering cruft, to be re-added later
- Fixed behavior of ASR opcode
- With additional MESS-side changes, Stunt Race FX is playable, and
Vortex shows much more.
- Hooked up RAM and ROM buffering
- Inlined several more functions
- Removed debug spew
- Added the ability to define an external IRQ line callback, and
hooked it up to the 65C816
- Fixed flag calculation for HIB opcode
- Hooked SuperFX chip up to the SNES machine driver
- Fixed carry handling in ADC, ADCI, SBC and SBCI opcodes. Fixes many
SNES SuperFX bugs.

Added some basic cheat search functionality to the debugger, allowing
searches on various memory sizes. [Sandro Ronco]

Added 'Reload All' option to the cheat menu. [Pugsy]

Enabled display of cheat comments from within the cheat menu. Press
the SPACE key to toggle display. [Pugsy]

Tweaked the shadows in twin16 to be slightly darker. [hap]

Added new function mame_fclose_and_open_next() which will close a
file and then keep searching the searchpath for the next valid file.
Did some internal rearranging in fileio.c to make this work.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed cheat search so that it loads *all* cheat files in all search
paths. Note that it is easy to end up with duplicate entries this way.
Some currently disabled code is present which filters out duplicates,
but the logic for doing this is quite unclear with the presence of
text-only cheats, which is why the code is disabled for now.
[Aaron Giles]

M377xx: fix CLB/SEB when not in bank 0. [R. Belmont]

Fixed numerous opcodes in the AVR8 core [Harmony]

Enabled alternate register naming in the MIPS core [Harmony]

Add loopback mode and counter/timer modes 3 and 6 to 68681 DUART,
self-tests now pass in dectalk in MESS. [Lord Nightmare]

SNES updates: [R. Belmont, Harmony]
- Corrected ROM loading behavior for SuperFX games
- Added more ROM mirroring needed by certain SuperFX 2 games
- Corrected the behavior of certain bit-restricted SuperFX registers.
Doom, Yoshi's Island, Dirt Trax FX and Voxel Demo show things now.
- Improved S-DD1 emulation, neither game using S-DD1 boots yet

Added preliminary Zilog Z8 CPU core for MESS. [Curt Coder]

Cleaned up drivers that write files which are not being actively
developed. Also, commented our or changed the printf-ing of some
messages to LOGERROR. [Tafoid]

Made numerous corrections to SNES S-DD1 chip emulation, SFA2 and
Star Ocean still do not boot [Harmony]

Golden Poker driver... [Roberto Fresca]
* Added 2 new Witch Card sets.
* Reworked inputs for Witch Card (german set 1).
* Created new inputs for Witch Card (english, witch game, lamps).
* Added and connected lamps for both sets.
* Added minimal bet and 50/60 Hz. switches to both sets.
* Added DIP switches info for Witch Card (german, set 2).

Added missing rom to a GEI Poker set [Team Europe, Dumping Union]

Naomi/Atomiswave video hardware update: [David Haywood]

Basically the region array is processed, and the data from the
accumulation buffer where we render is now copied into the
framebuffer depending on the tiles specified in the tile list.
This isn't full 'tile-based rendering' as that would require more
work on the preprocessing side, and writing out the data pointers
and data in real formats, however it's a step in the right direction

Currently only 565 formats are supported for both framebuffer write
and framebuffer read. The accumulation buffer is alwys 8888, data
is converted down to the specified format. The real accumulation
buffer is 32x32 and filled per tile, ours is still full screen.

The video update now just displays the framebuffer using the
framebuffer read parameters specified (again only 565 is currently
supported) This allows the Atomiswave bios screens and the
rendered output to co-exist.

Added proms to scherrym [Team Europe]

Jaguar updates: [Robbbert]
- Added RGB 24-bit pixels (for Iron Soldier)
- Added depth 0 and 1 to scaled bitmaps (for Val Disere Skiing)
- Preliminary work on PIT support

Got vandykeb up and running. [iq_132]

Added verbose debug logging for the little robin 'vdp' writes in
preparation for looking at it further. [David Haywood]

Improved the connect4 layout. [AGEMAME]

Fixed the plane order in the gfx deodes for Black Touch '96 sprites,
and Poke Champ sprites. [David Haywood]

Improveed the sprite emulation in Black Touch '96 (still wrong tho).
[David Haywood]

Fixed LOOP instructions in 16-bit mode in the i386 core.
[Gabriele Gorla]

Added various notes + checksums for Chihiro board.
[Alex's Rom Dumping Project, Mr Mudkips, Philip Burke]

Fixed stupid unidasm bug that double-counted bytes. [Aaron Giles]

Major Naomi/Atomiswave update:
- Emulated Atomiswave coin slots and standard Dreamcast controller.
Non-lightgun games without other problems are now playable.
[R. Belmont]
- Added protection data to Moero Justice Gakuen, Heavy Metal
Geomatrix, WWF Royal Rumble, Gigawing 2, Toy Fighter, and Guilty
Gear X (all are now playable but still marked GAME_NOT_WORKING
due to general Naomi concerns).
[R. Belmont, Guru, Deunan Knute, Cah4e3]
- Completed partial dumps: Derby Owners Club II, Slashout, WWF
Royal Rumble, Gigawing 2, Moero Justice Gakuen, Wild Riders,
Virtua Fighter 4 (cartridge) [Guru]

Rename osd_profiling_ticks() to get_profile_ticks(). Moved
implemention into inline functions in eminline.h and the ei*
functions. [couriersud, Aaron Giles]

Added 'options' parameter to the CPU_DISASSEMBLE prototype. For now,
the debugger always passes 0 for this. unidasm has been updated to
accept a mode parameter, which is passed for the options.
[Aaron Giles]

Added PORT_CROSSHAIR_MAPPER() allowing you to specify an alternate,
non-linear mapping function from the raw crosshair value to its
position onscreen. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Shogun Warriors / Fujiyama Buster
[David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina, Luca Elia]
Cal Omega - Game 7.4 (Gaming Poker, W.Export)
[Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Kero Kero Keroppi no Issyoni Asobou [Team Japump!!!, Hau]
Dolphin Blue [R. Belmont, Guru]
The Rumble Fish [R. Belmont, Guru]
Knights of Valour: The Seven Spirits [R. Belmont, Guru]

New clones added
Karate Champ (US, VS version set 2) [Siftware]
Strong X (Strategy X bootleg) [Siftware]
Mortal Kombat (Turbo 3.1 09/09/93, hack)
[Jonathan Hughes, Patrick McCarron]
Narc (Rev 2.0) [Volker Hann, Team Europe]
Witch Card (english, witch game, lamps) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Master Ninja (bootleg of Ninja Gaiden) [f205v, David Haywood]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Mr. Driller 2 (DR22 Ver.A) [Guru]
The House of the Dead 2 [Guru]
Super Major League '99 [Guru]
Gun Survivor 2: Bio Hazard Code Veronica [Guru]
Club Kart: European Session [Guru]
The King of Fighters Neowave [R. Belmont, Guru]
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum [R. Belmont, Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03405: [Misc.] trckydoc trckydoca: Default hiscore wrong
(Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
- 03412: [Gameplay] goindol and clones: Unable to control and graphics
corrupted (Tafoid)
- 03404: [Crash/Freeze] Some drivers using mc6845.c: Access Violation
- 01043: [DIP/Input] m79amb: There's considerable difficulty in aiming
in the game. (hap)
- 01754: [Graphics] tm7k, tm, tm3k, tm4k, tm5k: Background Color/
Palette Incorrect (Luca Elia)
- 02191: [Sound] wseries, basebal2, dblplay, strkzone: Speech quality
regression (couriersud)
- 02608: [Color/Palette] machomou: Colors are wrong. (hap)

Source Changes
Intel 8085: [Curt Coder]
- refactored callbacks to use devcb
- added 8080A variant

Added helper macros to devcb for input lines tied to GND/Vcc.
[Curt Coder]

Added Dirt Dash wave ROM redumps [Guru]

Battle Zone discrete sound & discrete sound additions: [couriersud]
- added discrete sound to battle zone
- engine frequency (resistor R11) can be changed with slider
- discrete sound may be disabled by setting BZONE_DISCRETE to 0 in

Discrete sound improvements: [couriersud]
- DISCRETE_RCDISC3: added diode junction voltage; junction voltage
also indicates polarity
DISC_OP_AMP_FILTER_IS_LOW_PASS_1M; INP2 takes role of v_ref in
this type
- DISCRETE_OPAMP: fixed a bug (possible divide by 0)
- DISCRETE_LFSR: fixed bug preventing output of shift reg to sub
node 1

SNES improvements: [Angelo Salese]
- Fixed half colour blending behaviour

Added infrastructure to compile universal standalone disassembler:
[Aaron Giles]
- added unidasm to the tools build
- split the disassemblers out of libcpu and into new libdasm
- ensured the disassembly entry points for all disassemblers are
in the source file for the disassembler (sometimes new generic
versions were created)

Improvements to Noraut Poker driver... [Roberto Fresca]
* Switched to pre-defined Xtal clock.
* Changed the way how graphics are banked/accessed.
* Fixed the graphics offset and number of tiles per bank.
* Added new set: Noraut Red Hot Joker Poker.
* Added new set: Noraut Poker (NTX10A).
* Added new set: Noraut Joker Poker (V3.010a).
* Fixed the tile size/decode for the first GFX bank.
* Added proper norautrh inputs, including the readout button.
* Added partial DIP switches to norautrh.
* Added an extra DIP switch to Noraut Red Hot Joker Poker.
* Also added DIP locations to the whole bank.
* Added a default NVRAM for Noraut Joker Poker
* Executed a trojan on 2 noraut systems to confirm the way 16x32
tiles are decoded.
* Fixed the x-offset for 32x32 tiles lines.
* Fixed the screen aspect and visible area.
* Confirmed correct colors. No bipolar PROM involved.
* Added Noraut Joker Poker hardware and PCB layouts.
* Documented the discrete audio circuitry. Added a full diagram.
* Fixed the coin counters.
* Documented all the output ports.
* Added a scheme with descriptions for every existent port.
* Added full lamps support to naroutp, naroutjp, naroutrh and naroutpn.
* Created lamps layouts for 11 and 12-lamps scheme.
* Rerouted some inputs to mantain the inputs layout.
* Renamed some inputs to match the text with the real cab buttons.
* Removed the imperfect colors flag from the existent sets.
* Added 2 different control panel layouts to the source.
* Updated technical notes.

Fixed redundancy in clock speed assignments in some drivers by
cleaning all divided by 1 (/1) instances. [Tafoid]

Argonaut SuperFX core improvements: [Anonymous]
- Hooked up Branch instructions
- Fixed numerous SuperFX core bugs.
- Improved disassembler to more gracefully handle ALT* opcode effects.
- Corrected instruction behaviors: STOP, SUB, SBC, SUBI, CMP
- Added LSR and ROL opcodes
- Updated instructions to use the safer superfx_gpr_write: LOOP,
- Added missing register writeback to LMS
- Corrected carry flag behavior in ROL opcode
- Corrected BRA target address calculation (maybe still wrong)
- Corrected LOOP target address calculation
- Made sure that FROM sets cpustate->sreg_idx
- Disabled RAM/ROM clocking, going with instant transfer for now
- Understood and re-enabled pipelined instruction architecture, Star
Fox runs farther
- Fixed a ridiculous typo in ROL instruction
- Fixed overflow flag calculation on ADDI / ADCI
- Fixed lack of register reset after ADD / ADC / ADDI / ADCI

tmaster.c update [Luca Elia]
- implemented carts banking and multiple EEPROMs
- added "pen replacement" blit mode
- fixed palette size

Discrete work [couriersud]
- change the way custom modules are handled
- updated drivers mario and dkong accordingly
- minor change to stream input handling
- no more linear lists for nodes. All node processing switched to
linked lists.
- module step and reset now only get a node pointer passed
- Added discrete_info * pointer to node
- Only nodes with a step routine actually get processed.
- Fixed a bug: discrete logs did not work since some time
- preliminary parallel task constants; depending on results these may
vanish again.
- Overall slight performance increase. dkong 940% to 960%, galaxian
740% to 790%

Fix NULL timers crash in the mc6845. [hap]

Fixed IM2 interrupt cycles in the Z80 core. [eke]

kaneko16 updates:
- Decoded all protection data for B.Rap Boys
[David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
- Cleaned up decryption function for B.Rap Boys external Rom
[David Haywood]
- Improved video emulation for B.Rap Boys [David Haywood]
- Marked several GFX roms as bad on B.Rap Boys [David Haywood]
- Improved protection simulation logic w/regards to writeback
addresses, allowing B.Rap Boys to boot [Tomasz Slanina]
- Redumped GFX Roms [Guru]
- Added hitbox simulation based on suprnova / game requirements
[Tomasz Slanina]
- Converted MCU writes to use write_byte [David Haywood]
- Added kludge to reset MCU data write address to prevent game from
running out of ram and crashing [David Haywood]
- Added DSWs [David Haywood]
- Added eeprom support to the B Rap Boys protection simulation
[David Haywood]
- Change to priorities to fix some visibility problems.
[David Haywood]

Added correct U2 sound ROM to the mk3 sets [MK3Fan - Mike]

Discrete sound parallel tasks support: [couriersud]
- DISCRETE_TASK_START: Start a new task. A task is a set of nodes
which only depend on input nodes and nodes in the set
- DISCRETE_TASK_END(task_output_node): Marks the end of the task.
task_output_node is the node whose output over time should be
preserved. This node can be accessed by nodes in the main thread.
- Illustrated the concept in the dkong discrete emulation. This also
has been enhanced to buffer DAC output.
- Discrete tasks now support multiple task output nodes

Further discrete changes: [couriersud]
- DISCRETE_OUTPUT now is a stepping node.
- DISCRETE_STREAM_INPUT now advances input pointer in step.
- More linked_list usage.

Pit Boss driver updates: [Brian Troha]
- Corrected rom names for the Megastar & Supertouch 30
- Added missing rom to Supertouch 30 and verified old bad_dumps
- Added documentation about the Megastar sets
- Made pbst30b a clone of pbst30 and added program versions to the
name, IE: Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (9234-10-01)

Fixed B-Rap Boys sound banking [Phil Bennett]

Sigma Poker: Fixed duplicated definition of Hold 2 button. Added the
missing Hold 3 button. [Roberto Fresca]

Continued discrete sound system "list-ification": [couriersud]
- No more constraints on number of input and output nodes
- input nodes now make use of a context

Removed osd_is_bad_read_ptr function. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Noraut Red Hot Joker Poker [Roberto Fresca, Alan Griffin]
Galaxy Games StarPak 2 [Luca Elia, Siftware]
Great Football
[Kevin Eshbach, Charles MacDonald, Smitdogg, Dumping Union]
Pit Boss Megastar (9244-00-01) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
B.Rap Boys / B.Rap Boys Special
[David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina, Luca Elia]
Billiard [Alexander Stakhanov, CaH4e3, Black1972]

New clones added
Kollon (V2.04JC) [Joerg Hartenberger, Frank Berlt]
Mortal Kombat Turbo Ninja (rev 3.1 T-Unit 03/19/93, hack)
[MK3Fan - Mike]
Pit Boss Megastar (9244-00-01) [Brian Troha, Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Noraut Poker (NTX10A) [Roberto Fresca, Alan Griffin]
Noraut Joker Poker (V3.010a) [Roberto Fresca, Alan Griffin]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03389: [DIP/Input] amspdwy: Both cars steer with Player 1 controls
- 03120: [Color/Palette] nss_lwep: Wrong colors during gameplay
(Angelo Salese)
- 02701: [Core] z80.c: SCF CCF X and Y flags (hap)
- 02959: [Crash/Freeze] kinstb: Killer Instinct (SNES Bootleg) no
longer starts up, freezes at blank screen. (R. Belmont)
- 03275: [Sound] gradius4: Gradius IV Fukkatsu sound has the wrong
pitch (R. Belmont)
- 03387: [DIP/Input] galmedes: Demo Sound Dip Inverted (Tafoid)

Source Changes
Added a lot of new clones to multfish and cleaned up the driver.
[Vampirz, Fabio Priuli, Brian Troha]

Further ROM name fixes and driver name changes [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
- renamed digdugb to digdug1 (it's a rev1, not a bootleg)
- renamed digduga1 to digdugat1

SNES Updates: [Angelo Salese]
- Fixed direct color gfxs in mode 7
- Fixed direct color gfxs in mode 3/4
- Fixed a vram out-of-bounds bug
- Fixed a blending bug involving main/sub color maths
- Fixed interlace mode gfxs when not in gfx modes 5/6
- Fixed a GDMA boundary bug
- Made the OAM address reset more accurate.
- Fixed HDMA mid-frame inits.
- Added clip colors to black window function
- Converted color clipping to use struct entries
- Made dynamic H resolutions to be called only at vblank start and and fixed gfx mode switching 1/5 and 5/1
- Made the gfx mode switches more accurate.
- Corrected a bunch of SPC registers behaviour
- improved joypad read/write handling and fixed a serial port quirk.
- Fixed serial port for player 2 as well
- Improved cart mode 20 reserved access behaviour
- added OBJ interlace support

ST-V: Improved timer 1 irq behaviour. Pebble Beach still have issues
with gameplay start though (writes lots of garbage for whatever
reason, really worked for random chances before). [Angelo Salese]

Corrected name from Devil's Island to Devil Island. Filled in year
for Fruit Bonus 2006 SE & Bug Fever. [Brian Troha]

Discrete sound update: [couriersud]
- removed global variable discrete_current_context
- discrete_info is now passed instead of device, we may get device by
using disc_info->device
- Added DISCRETE_IMPORT(*block): imports another discrete block
- Added DISCRETE_REMOVE(node1, node2): removes a range of nodes
- Added DISCRETE_REPLACE: next node replaces existing node, thus
preserving run order
- Added DISCRETE_NOP(node): does nothing, to be replaced.
- Added a prescanning stage to build final block list after execution
of the above.
- The additions provide an easy way to document subtle difference
between boards.
- Please see audio/galaxian.c for an example

Galaxian sound updates: [couriersud]
- Moon Cresta and Galaxian now have their respective schematics
emulated, i.e. Moon Cresta has a slightly different mixing stage.
- Cleaned up driver, added some section titles and comments, removed
old code.
- Removed emu_timer, this was causing a stream of stream_updates only
updating 3 samples
- Replaced with discrete timer module DSS_TIMER now.
- Use DISCRETE_NOTE for pitch generation; it is more accurate
(within the one ms where the pitch changes :-) ) and saves a node
- Use DISCRETE_BITS_DECODE and save 2 nodes.

YM2612/3834 updates [Eke-Eke, Nemesis]
- Split YM2612/3834 to a separate file to avoid disturbing other OPN
- SSG-EG, envelope, LFO, and CSM behavior all improved to better
match tested behavior on real YM2612 chips

DSS_COUNTER updates: [couriersud]
- clock_node no longer needs to be static for DISC_CLK_IS_FREQ
- rewrote inc/dec logic to avoid loop

Added DISCRETE_BIT(S)_DECODE: [couriersud]
- decodes individual bits from input values
- Updated drivers which had macro DISCRETE_BITSET (which was a bit
- This should be slightly faster than using DISCRETE_TRANSROM

Discrete sound enhancements: [couriersud]
- Put some life into RCDISC5 enable mode. This now acts as a switch
between R and C. Capacitor voltage will be preserved if disabled.
- Made galaxian use the above. Saved 2 nodes and increased accuracy.
- Added DISC_LFSR_FLAG_OUTPUT_SR_SN1 flag to shift register noise
generator. This will output the value of the shift register to
sub-node 1. This is needed for future bzone discrete sound
emulation. BTW: RCDISC5 will be used as well.
- Left a note on RCDISC3 on what is needed to be implemented for
- Optimized the LFSR a bit. LFSRs running at high frequency
(> sample_freq) should benefit.

Verified and fixed deniam.c M68K, Z80, YM3812 and OKIM6295 clocks
and OKI pin 7 for logic pro and logic pro 2. Fixed visible area on
logic pro and logic pro 2 to match real PCBs. Add comment about what
ym3812 clone is used. Add note about missing graphical effect in
logic pro (screen dim on coin insert) and marked as
IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS. Add note about 4 pixels at left edge of screen.
[Charles MacDonald, Lord Nightmare]

Attempt to define an I64FMT string that can be used for printf'ing
64-bit integers. This is defined to be "I64" on MSVC and recent mingw
compilers, and "ll" for all others. Updated all instances of 64-bit
prints to use the new macro. [Aaron Giles]

Added spacwalk extended time setting and DIP locations. [gregf, hap]

Merged 5110intf into tms5110, and 5220intf into tms5220. [Aaron Giles]

Z80 changes: [hap]
- Fixed X/Y flags in CCF/SCF/BIT, ZEXALL is happy now
- Simplified DAA, renamed MEMPTR (3.8) to WZ (same temp register as
the officially named WZ in the 8080), added TODO

8085 changes: [hap]
- fixed cycle deduction on unconditional CALL / RET, it took about
half too many cycles
- added cycle tables and cleaned up source layout. This was done
very carefully, it should be errorfree.
- removed HLT cycle eating (earlier, HLT after EI could theoretically
- fixed parity flag on add/sub/cmp. Bug was caused by z80 overflow
detection accidentally left in
- renamed temp register XX to official name WZ
- renamed flags from Z80 style S Z Y H X V N C to S Z X5 H X3 P V C
and fixed X5 / V flags where accidentally broken due to flag names

Fixed MSVC 64-bit compile errors. [Aaron Giles]

Added rgb[a]int_sh[l|r] operations to the rgbutils. rgbvmx needs to be
updated. (Nobody is using them yet.) [Aaron Giles]

Added color PROM for Triple Draw Poker. [David Haywood]

Changed profiler to separate start/stop cases. [Christophe Jaillet]

taito_z DIPSW fixes [kanikani]

Added decryption key for Extreme Hunting 2. [Andreas Naive]

Naomi update:
[R. Belmont, Deunan Knute, Alex, Mr. Mudkips, Frank Bukor]
- Use new dump for ic31/32, ROM board test passes now
- Add protection hookup for Marvel vs. Capcom 2, game is playable

Added support TMS1000 family models TMS1000/1070/1100/1200/1270/1300.
Added support for configuration of output PLA to the tms0980/tms1000
interface. [Wilbert Pol]

Implemented transparent mode access for some 6845 model sy6845.
[Roberto Lavarone]

Verified clocks + Vsyncs on Downtown, Caliber 50 and Xmen (2-4
players). [Corrado Tomaselli]

Changed to mono both Downtown and Caliber 50: these pcbs don't have a
stereo connector. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Verified and added correct xtals values for cps1 boards. Added correct
xtal and divisor for OKI6295 taken from Forgotten Worlds schematics.
[Corrado Tomaselli]

Decrypted several tables from the B-Rap Boys ROM. [David Haywood]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
WOW New Fantasia [Irongiant, David Haywood]
Island 2 (060529) [Vampirz]
Pirate (060210) [Vampirz]
Keks (several sets) [Vampirz]

New clones added
Fruit Cocktail (060111) [Vampirz]
Saulabi Spirits / Jin Saulabi Tu Hon (Korean release of Samurai
Shodown II) [Guru / David Haywood]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Colorama (english) [Roberto Fresca, Angelo Salese]
Roulette V75 (spanish) [Roberto Fresca, Angelo Salese]
Rabbit Poker (Arizona Poker v1.1?)
[Roberto Fresca, Andreas Naive, Tomasz Slanina]
Coinmaster Keno (Y2K, spanish, 2000-12-14) [Roberto Fresca]
Coinmaster Keno (Y2K, spanish, 2000-12-02) [Roberto Fresca]
Extreme Hunting 2 [Guru]
Dirt Dash (Rev. DT2) [Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00191: [Graphics] miaj: some text of the boot-up screen is not
correctly displayed (hap)
- 02267: [Graphics] devilw, darkadv, majuu: Some rogue sprites (hap)
- 03370: [Sound] gng and clones: Music slows down while shooting
(Corrado Tomaselli)
- 03373: [Misc.] looping: Unmapped I/O read/writes result in large
error log and major performance drop (robiza)
- 03381: [Crash/Freeze] pc_moglf, pc_mtoid: Crashes with access
violation a short time after boot. (hap)
- 03376: [Crash/Freeze] All Sets with Rev 1 Sound Board in gottlieb.c:
Access Violation (hap)
- 03175: [Crash/Freeze] cham24: Game doesn't start correctly
- 03354: [DIP/Input] cobram3: Infinite lives dip switch triggers service mode
- 03352: [DIP/Input] cobram3: No demo (attract) sound (Xander)
- 03370: gng and clones: Music slows down while shooting

Source Changes
Add PCB locations to the rom names for Dream Land (Bubble Bobble
bootleg). [Briah Troha]

Added preliminary sound to 39in1, still buggy. [MooglyGuy]

Hand-tuned BGM tempo in Tryout thanks to a side-by-side reference.
[Angelo Salese]

SNES fixes (mostly MESS specific) [Angelo Salese]
- Fixed Super Kick Boxing booting and sound.
- Preliminary open bus emulation for allowing Shien's Revenge /
Shien the Blade Chaser to boot
- Fixed mode 5/6 bg drawing cutted in half bug
- Fixed (presumably) broken gfxs in nss_sten
- More accurate behaviour of the last scroll register.
- Improved mode 5/6 gfxs when tile size = 16x16.
- Fixed rowscroll line bugs in many games
- Made the unsupported reads on i/o open bus, fixed a layer enable
in Super Kick Boxing
- Fixed vram size when in hires mode
- Hooked up interlace mode
- Fixed doubled y-axis sprites when in interlace mode
- Improved window effects when in H-512 mode.
- Removed a kludge with color windows.
- Fixed buggy layer clearance when in H-512 modes
- Fixed the x scrolling wrap around bug when hscroll == 0
- Fixed a bug that were causing a row of corrupted tiles during
scrolling situations
- Fixed irq ack and fixed TIMEUP register open bus behaviour.
- Even more aggressive open bus fixes.
- Fixed a partial update bug when the screen is in interlace mode
- Fixed 8bpp layer colors.

Patched progolfa rom like progolf. Removed bad dump flag in progolf;
with progolfa you get the same rom error in test mode and progolfa
have different encryption. [robiza]

Added a stop4 input to slot default and remapped slot default keys to
better suit Amcoe games. [Fabio Priuli]

Updated sfbonus.c to use the new gambling inputs. Fixed many years
and descriptions. Reworked parent/clone relationships so that parent
is the higher revision and/or the Export version. Also, tried to
establish common rules in the choice of the romset names.
[Fabio Priuli]

Added default input mappings for Hanafuda games. Updated most of the
Hanafuda games to use them. Like for Mahjong games, keys A->H are used.
"Yes" is mapped to M, "No" is mapped to N. [Fabio Priuli]

Add correct color PROM for panther. [Mr. Do, Angelo Salese]

Removed fake P3 Start from Nichibutsu mahjong games and properly
called "Credit Clear" that input. Also, added back Bet button in
nb1413m3.c fixing omotesnd. [Fabio Priuli]

nmk16.c driver documentation update / clean up: [Briah Troha]
- Moved the PCB layout for S.B.S Gomorrah (Bio-Ship Paladin) down by
the game's romdef.
- Added PCB layout for Spectrum 2000 & corrected company name to
- Added PCB layout for Red Hawk
- Moved decryption routines (if needed) to between the info/PCB
layout header and game romdef.

Added the 8751 MCU code to Saigo no Nindou (nspiritj).
[Guru, David Haywood]

Implemented preliminary bg map banking in 18 Holes Pro Golf.
[Angelo Salese, Robiza]

Fixed a mapping error with Maikobana [BET] (mmaiko) which caused the
NVRAM not to save correctly. [Tafoid]

Aristocrat MK-4 HW: Hooked up mc6845, fixed a rom crc in goldenc and
implemented flip y. [Angelo Salese]

DIP switch cleanups in gberet, mainevt, ninjakd2, and taito_z.

Added GAME_IMPERFECT_SOUND flag to all sets that use external samples
which were not already flagged for sound. Flagged Speed Freak
(speedfrk) as GAME_SUPPORTED_SAVE to match the rest of the driver.

SNES video updates: [Fabio Priuli]
* re-enabled video debug functionalities in debug build (to toggle
background layers)
* added proper priority tables for various bg/obj layers
* largely simplified tile and line drawing routines, and fixed small
bits here and there
* further simplification of tile drawing routines
* added palette index to 8bpp tiles (correct color_shift still unsure,
* reworked video drawing routine to simplify the various graphic
mode drawing and to allow proper implementation of priority orders
(especially bg3 priority bit and mode 7 priority order)
* improved mode 7 extbg (still missing mosaic)
* added some more debugging options
* improved Mode 7 math precision (but still some issues remain) and
added a few elements to PPU struct
* implemented Mosaic in Mode 7
* merged OAM functions
* added a few elements to PPU struct (this might be handy if we ever
come to convert SNES PPU to a device)
* fixed Mode 7 shared scrolling/matrix registers
* slightly optimized Mode 7 math (by using Anomie's recursive
* moved some more register contents to PPU struct
* added PPU1/PPU2 Open Bus support, STAT77/STAT78 registers should be
more accurate (even if still not perfect)
* simplified window masking code and moved some more regs to PPU

More NES work: [Robert Bohms]
* Fixed bug in nes_apu that caused errors reading $4015
* Added length counter status bits to $4015
* Fixed 4-screen mirroring (PPU regression)
* Fixed cham24
* Improved Sprite Overflow emulation of NES PPU (this fixes the first
of blargg's Sprite Overflow tests)

Added remaining PCB "U" locations to roms that didn't have for
G-Stream G2020. [Brian Troha]

Atomiswave updates: [R. Belmont, Cah4e3]
- Hooked up flash ROM at 0
- Use proper AW memory map
- Emulate AW ROM board (different from Naomi)

Fixed buggy breakpoints in the g65816 cpu core. [Angelo Salese]

Fixed Atomiswave COIN ERROR. [Wind]

n8080 update [Team Japump!!!]
- corrected ROM names for Space Fever and SF High Splitter
- renamed spacefeva to spacefevo2
- added spacefevo
- added highspltb

Updated Sega Hikaru readme [Guru]

Discrete sound update: [couriersud]
- Added "abs" function to DISCRETE_TRANSFORM
- Fixed a bug in DISCRETE_RCDISC5

Added 1 missing sample to safarir.c [Team Japump!!!]

Created discrete sound emulation for galaxian [couriersud]
- Changed all audio related AM_WRITE to AM_DEV_WRITE
- Moved discrete sound related pieces such as initialization into
- Split some memory maps into sound related and not sound related
- Added possibility in discrete.h to select hardware (galaxian/moon
cresta) at compile time. This leads to slightly different volume
levels. Hit sound (explosion) has been hacked to increase volume.
Currently, we can not accurately model the switch/opamp filter
- Rewrote timer code so that the pitch timer is only used when it
produces audible results.

Cojag/jaguar video updates (primarily for MESS) [Robbbert]
* Added variable pixel width.
* Fixed display of screens wider than 360 pixels.
* Enabled use of RGB16.

looping: modified the cop420 rom region, fixed mcu rom region in clone
set, added mcu support. [robiza]

Redumped bingor2 program roms [Klaus Sommers]

Corrected Kamakazi III's dipswitch setting (the same as superg) and
relabeled it a superg hack. Also the dipswitch setting for the Taito
license was the same as superg so I eliminated one. [Brian Troha]

Improved speaker-toggle emulation with alias filter.
[Anders Hallstrom]

NES: Fixed bank switching in multigm3 (broken due to a mistake of
mine when including original Rob Bohms' code). The game still refuses
to work, unfortunately. [Fabio Priuli]

vsnes update [Team Japump!!!]
- fixed ROM names
- added vssoccerj

ROM name fixes for sicv, sisv, and sisv2 [Team Japump!!!]

Corrected TNZS vsync to 59.15 as verified on pcb. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Fixed bootleg description inconsistency in goldnpkr.c. [hap]

Fixed sprite wrapping in sonson. [hap]

Added Intel 4004 CPU core. [Miodrag Milanovic]

Converted the tilemap lists to be private information held by the
running_machine instead of global variables. Added new APIs to the
tilemap code to handle the "ALL_TILEMAPS" cases, and removed the
old ALL_TILEMAPS definition. [Atari Ace]

Added redumped gfx rom on Shogun Warrior [Guru]

Updated romload.c and validity.c to not rely on global variables.
[Atari Ace]

Corrected resistor values in Cliff Hanger discrete sound based on
actual PCB values. [Ruben Panossian]

Removed DAA tables from the 8085 and Z180 implementations in favor of
just computing the values. Also fixed code in 8085 to prevent
accidental multiple reads due to macro overuse. [hap]

Added game time and coinage DIP switches to Space Walk, along with
service mode and test. Also added support for the 2nd controller and
coin counter. Removed GAME_NOT_WORKING as it is working fine. Added
color overlay based on photo. [hap]

Added a simple color overlay for Depthcharge based on flyers. [hap]

Updated the Konami twin16 driver. Functional changes: [hap]
- improved sprite status register, this fixed the rogue sprites
problem in devilw
- added fround coin counters
- lowered k007232 volume
- added savestate support
- added shadows
- fixed devilw and gradius2 sprite lag
- added text layer x/y flipping
- reverted gradius2 sprite-background priority hack, this fixes
severe priority problems in devilw, but reintroduces bugs on
gradius2 level 7 and ending

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
18 Holes Pro Golf [robiza, Angelo Salese]
Python (Photon System) [Mick, Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Pop n' Music 2 [Guru]
beatmania ClubMIX [Team Japump!!!, The Guru]
Ridge Racer (3 screen? Rev. RR2, World) [Guru, Smitdogg]
Sky Love [bbmmamoh, David Haywood]
Triple Draw Poker [Team Europe, David Haywood] (Wrong Colours)

New clones added
Gun Bullet (World, GN3 Rev B) [Brian Troha, Dumping Union]
Megatouch 5 (9255-60-01 ROI, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, Dumping Union]
Dragon World (V021O) [f205v, Olivier Galibert, David Haywood]
Winding Heat (JAA, JPN v2.11) [Guru]
Qix (set 2, smaller roms) [Team Europe]
9-Ball Shootout Championship [SiftWare]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03352: [DIP/Input] cobram3: No demo (attract) sound (Xander)
- 03354: [DIP/Input] cobram3: Infinite lives dip switch triggers
service mode (Xander)
- 02377: [Graphics] fourtrax: There are some graphics glitches
(POSIRQ-related?). (hap)
- 02645: [Gameplay] sbrkout: Super Breakout paddle not reaching left
hand side (hap)
- 03317: [Graphics] starblad: No Large polygons displayed (hap)
- 02378: [Graphics] fourtrax: Sprite banking (for rear view mirror)
isn't working. (hap)s
- 01119: [Color/Palette] finehour: [possible] Some bigger enemies
seems to have bad colors. (hap)
- 03242: [Graphics] fantzone, fantzon1: Background scroll is
completely broken. (hap)
- 03314: [Documentation] mrdrillr, mrdrilr2: Title should be "Mr.
Driller" (dot), not "Mr Driller" (Fabio Priuli)
- 03349: [Sound] mpatrol, mpatrolw: Wimpy explosion sound (couriersud)
- 03366: [Compiling] Default mametiny build no longer compiles
(Fabio Priuli)
- 02715: [Crash/Freeze] sokyugrt, shienryu: sokyugrt freezes after
the loading and patent screens. shienryu allows coins but
that's it. (Angelo Salese)
- 03359: [Graphics] sonson: unsupported negative sprite positions
(Angelo Salese)
- 03358: [Misc.] sonson: Unimplemented coincounter (Angelo Salese)
- 03348: [Graphics] jjsquawb: Background Graphics Incorrectly mapped
- 03320: [Sound] cliffhgr: dip switch setting reversed for demo sound
play (Tafoid)
- 03316: [Sound] burglarx: The main music is distorted (Osso)
- 03313: [Misc.] cliffhgr, cliffhga: Missing parent/clone
relationship (smf)

Source Changes
Made cliffhga a clone of cliffhgr. [smf]

ARM7 updates: [R. Belmont]
- Preliminary PXA255 support, including Intel-specific CP14
- Hooked up TLB

Fixed player 2 input port in photon.c. Fixed bad CRC/SHA1 in photon.c.
[Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Naomi/AW updates: [Deunan Knute, CaH4e3, R. Belmont]
- DMA protection emulation for qmegamis, fixes in-game graphics
- Correct decryption key for Extreme Hunting
- Added protection emulation for Cosmic Smash
- Added protection emulation for Capcom vs. SNK (cartridge ver)

DIPSW fixes: [kanikani]
- argus: fixed service switch (was defined to port that does not
exist), and fixed DIPLOCATION order.
- valtric: fixed note for how to enter test mode. coin1 and coin2
were swapped, and fixed DIPLOCATION order.
- butasan: coin1 and coin2 were swapped, and fixed DIPLOCATION order.

The 6532 RIOT timer should keep spinning after a timeout (regression
introduced in 0.126u2). [Wilbert Pol]

Did the following changes to the tankbatt.c driver [Angelo Salese]:
* Cleaned-up the irq / nmi firing and fixed irq acks;
* Cleaned-up the memory map;
* Added coin counter, coin lockouts and added a second coin chute;
* Documented some unclear i/os;
* Flagged the game as GAME_IMPERFECT_SOUND since it uses samples
instead of proper discrete sound emulation;

Fixed DEMO_SOUND Dip assignment in cliffhgr to work correctly when
turned ON. [Tafoid]

Improved colors in Merit Poker [Angelo Salese]

Fixed the version number of 2 sound roms for Mortal Kombat 4 and
made U2 1MB in size which is correct. The actual rom type is a 27C800
and has been verified on 2 seperate PCBs. All the rest of the roms
are 27C160 as per the driver. [Brian Troha]

Added license information to the 2 Red Hawk sets (IE: the US & Italy).
[Brian Troha]

Added Screen Raw Params hook-up to the ST-V driver, fixes some of the
current issues [Angelo Salese]

Added dip port locations to Glass, Alligator Hunt, Touch & Go, World
Rally 2: Twin Racing & Maniac Square [Brian Troha]

Added dip port locations to Big Karnak, Biomechanical Toy, Maniac
Square (prototype), Squash & Thunder Hoop [Brian Troha]

Updated many clone names to use more than 8 characters.
[Yasuhiro Ogawa, Brian Troha, Tafoid, Fabio Priuli]

Added dip port locations to Sky Soldier, Time Soldiers and Paddle
Mania. [Brian Troha]

39 in 1 improvements: [MooglyGuy, R. Belmont]
- Fleshed out some Intel PXA255 peripherals.
- Improved PXA255 DMA controller emulation.
- Fixed FBARx register accesses to wait until the current DMA
transfer has completed before triggering another interrupt.
- Hooked up 93C66 EEPROM.
- Fixed LCD DMA behavior
- Fixed EEPROM byte order
- Video, inputs, and flash data ROM hooked up
- Improved PXA255 LCDC, DMA and I2S emulation
- Working but not great CPLD protection simulation

ST-V: Hand-tuned pixel-clock to match measured fps from the pcb
[Angelo Salese, Corrado Tomaselli]

Improved hblank duration behaviour [Angelo Salese]

Added PCB location to 4 roms in a Head Panic clone. [Brian Troha]

Corrected rom names for Four Trax. Added the Guru's readme for Four
Trax. Derived all CPU clocks based on actual OSC timing.
[Guru, Brian Troha]

Added basic PCB layout and added "U" locations to as many rom names
as I could identify in a hi-res pic of the PCB for G-Stream G2020.
[Brian Troha]

Updated sonson DIP locations and defaults to match those of the game
upgrade manual. [Tafoid]

Added dip port locations to: [Brian Troha]
* Gaplus / Galaga 3 and clones
* Funny Bubble and clone
* Gang Busters and clones
* Green Beret plus clones and Mr. Goemon (also cleaned up)
* GI Joe and clones
* Gladiator and clones (also corrected to match factory settings)
* Ghosts'n Goblins and clones (also restated bonus descriptions)
* Goindol and clones
* Grand Champion
* MX5000 / Flack Attack
* Food Fight and clones
* Got-cha Mini Game Festival and clone
* Aquarium, Gun Dealer plus clones and Wise Guy plus clone
* Haunted Castles and clones
* The Main Event, Devastators and various clones
* Magical Cat Adventure, Nostradamus and various clones
* Multi Champ and clone (also added support for coinage mode 1 & 2)
* Dragon Master
* B-Wings and clones
* DECO Cassette System driver (also split out settings for specific
games where appropriate)
* Vandyke, Blackheart, Many Block, Task Force Harrier, US AFF
Mustang, Hacha Mecha Fighter, Koutetsu Yousai Strahl, Bio-Ship
Paladin, Acrobat Mission, Super Spacefortress Macross, Super
Spacefortress Macross II, Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon 2,
GunNail, Sabotan Bombers, Bombjack Twin, Nouryoku Koujou Iinkai,
Guardian Storm
* Stagger I & clones, Bubble 2000, Fire Hawk and Spectrum 2000
* Air Attack, SS Mission and Twin Action
* Super Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Grodbda, Phozon, Mappy, Tower of Druaga,
Dig Dug II and Motos as well as clones

Various improvements to Yumefuda / Alba ZG driver [Angelo Salese]
* Hooked up basic mc6845 crtc, fixing resolution and refresh rate;
* Hooked up the ppi8255;
* Hooked up some previously unemulated system inputs;
* Added coin counter / coin lockout and added proper flip screen bit;
* Corrected system clock;

Added dip port locations to Bosconian, Galaga, Xevious Dig Dug and
clones. Added proper conditional bonus (based on number of starting
fighters) to Bosconian and Galaga [Brian Troha]

More accurate program rom names for Polygonet Commanders (ver UAA)
set. [Brian Troha]

Improved bonus verbiage for the galaga.c, gng.c, gberet.c & gbusters.c
drivers. Verbiage more like the actual manual. [Brian Troha]

Various improvements to the Speed Attack driver [Angelo Salese]
* Hooked up basic mc6845 crtc, fixing resolution and refresh rate;
* Added the watchdog;
* Corrected system clock;
* Removed a video quirkness (tilemap h/w values were bigger than its VRAM) and cleaned up some other minor stuff;

Redumped bingor2 gfx roms. [Team Europe]

Simplified Atomiswave's decryption routine & keys. [Andreas Naive]

Added Guardian Storm PCB layout [Brian Troha]

funworld.c improvements [Roberto Fresca]
- Removed generic funworld DRIVER_INIT.
- Added partial PIAs connection diagram.
- Updated technical notes.

Rewrite of NES PPU: [Robert Bohms]
- Ported ppu2c0x to use a device memory map
- Ported all rendering to access PPU address space through memory
- Updated MAME drivers to install read handlers or memory banks in
PPU memory map, as appropriate.
- Removed all mirroring and banking code from the ppu, as the backing
memory is documented to be external
- Supplied replacement banking alternatives for all MAME drivers
(vsnes.c, playch10.c, cham24.c, and multigam.c)

Sound map cleanup for the taito_x.c driver. [Tafoid]

Improved Irem sound: [couriersud]
- Better Moon Patrol sound
- Revisited schematics
- Found 10-Yard schematics as well
- Corrected a bug, some discrete values and added two RC nodes from

NMK16 driver clean ups. Merged some of the duplicated code in nmk16.c,
and attempting to handle the larger tilemaps used by Thunder Dragon 2,
Rapid Hero and Macross 2 in a more correct way. This has fixed some
glitches in the intro of Rapid Hero without breaking the ingame
graphics. [David Haywood]

Added default input mappings for gambling / poker / slot games.
Converted many drivers to use the new mappings. [Fabio Priuli]

Some improvements to the meadows driver: [robiza]
- set autocenter value to 0 in deadeye
- implemented correct inputs in bowl3d and removed not working flag

Unified sets with unknown manufacturer to use all the same
manufacturer <unknown>. [Fabio Priuli]

Decrypted progolfa. [robiza]

Documented what the "language" dipswitch actually does for Rapid Hero.
When set to "Japanese", the main characters text "talk" on the Stage
Clear screens. When set to "English" you simply see "Stage 'x' Clear"
(where 'x' is the current stage you just finished). [Brian Troha]

Changed clocks on Trojan as verified on pcb. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Changed quake CPU speed to 233MHz, added basic PC IO map, hooked up
8259, corrected year to 1998, added some TODO statements. [Luigi30]

Moved priority_bitmap from a global into the running_machine struct.
Updated all drivers accordingly. [Atari Ace]

Changed Scud Hammer analog controls from paddle to accelerometer.
Previously, if you did nothing, the paddle control caused the hammer
to smash automatically. [hap]

Verified and updated the vertical syncs on the following pcb:
[Corrado Tomaselli]
- system18 motherboards
- ninja ryukenden
- tricky doc
- raiden
- Ninja Kid 2
- atomic robokid
- tiger road
- stv motherboard
- toki
- raiden 2 / raiden dx (same pcb)
- cabal
- blood bros
- tengai
- gng
- rally byke
- vimana

Fixed some inconsistencies with bootleg manufacturer names, eg. using
Bootleg (big B), or using the original company if the rom is a
bootleg. [hap]

Changed sound z80 of ghost and goblins from 3mhz to 1.5mhz as verified
on pcb. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Documented lamps/motor usage for Night Striker [Angelo Salese]

Made irqs more accurate in City Connection [Angelo Salese]

Hooked up Cobra Command sound ROM. [Jim Hernandez, Aaron Giles]

Fixed cobram3 dip switch. [Xander]

Fixed a bug related to eating cycles during 68k cpu reset. Previously,
initial_cycles had a wrong value after reset, and if cycles were < 0,
it'd always return 0. This change also happens to fix a scrolling bug
in Fantasy Zone, introduced when that cycle eating thing was added.

Calc 3 update: [David Haywood]
- Shuffled a few things around based on new findings
- Added an extra decryption table used for the Brap Boys startup code
(still doesn't do anything interesting)
- Noted that one of the unknown parameters for the MCU Init command
is where it reads / writes eeprom data from.
- Noted that an additional parameter in the MCU commands may cause
further displacement of the writeback address, as BRap Boys seems
to rely on this (needs further testing) - added a hack for now so
that BRap Boys places the writeback address of the initial table
somewhere that causes it to get executed.

Marked graphics ROMs on Led Storm Rally 2011 (US) as bad, as they
cannot possibly be the right ones for this set. [David Haywood]

Properly added support for namcos2 multiple posirq anyway. Fixes
the following issues:[hap]
- starblad polys
- fourtrax track and mirror
- dirtfoxj game start spotlight effect, game still locks up tho
- burnforc 'hiccup' glitches when scrolling left/right
- luckywld tunnel glitch (still a bit glitchy though)
- finehour bad sprite colors

Changed vsyncs to the following games: truxton, demon's world, Pang,
super pang, block block, yie ar kungfu and kikikaikai.
[Corrado Tomaselli]

Corrected sn76459 clock to Ye Ar Kungfu and verified the other clocks.
[Corrado Tomaselli]

Changed the main clock of Pang, Super Pang and Block Block.
[Corrado Tomaselli]

Switched galaxian LFO sound to use the long-disabled NEW_LFO. It's not
entirely fixed, but it's closer. [hap]

Minor MCR documentation changes: [Kevin Eshbach]
* Updated all of the TRON sets with location of the roms and the
board they belong to
* Updated the name of the PROM on the Super Sound I/O board
* Added notes about PALs that need to be dumped (The same PAL part
numbers are also used on Xenophobe and probably other MCR II &
III games.)

Fixed chdman -update to leave the write protect state alone when
updating uncompressed CHDs. [Michael Zapf]

Changed default key for Mahjong P1 Bet to '3', because '2' was
conflicting with P2 Start in 2 players Mahjong games. [Fabio Priuli]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Tetris (Photon System) [Miodrag Milanovic, Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Touchmaster 2000 [Mike Green, Dumping Union]
3-D Bowling [robiza]
Panther [Angelo Salese, robiza, Mr. Do]
39 in 1 [R. Belmont, MooglyGuy]

New clones added
Royal Card Professional v2.0 [Team Europe / Dumping Project]
(not working)
Guardian Storm [Christian Raftopol, David Haywood, Dumping Union]
Outrun (original revision) [Guru]
Touchmaster 5000 (v7.01 Standard) [Brian Troha, Dumping Union]
Cruis'n Exotica v2.0 [Smitdogg, Guru, Dumping Union] (not working)
Pinball Action (set 4, encrypted) [Team Europe / Dumping Project]
Kamakazi III (Galaxian Clone) [Darran]
Enchanted Forest (2 sets) [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME] (not working)
Soccer Superstars (ver JAC) [f205v] (not working)
Dream Land / Super Dream Land (bootleg of Bubble Bobble)
[Sean Clough, David Haywood]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Extreme Hunting [Guru]
Photo Play [Klaus Sommers, Angelo Salese]
Capcom vs. SNK Millenium Fight 2000 (000904) [Deunan Knute]
Videotronics Poker [Angelo Salese, Siftware]
Bingo Roll (4 sets) [Team Europe, Dumping Project]
Space Walk [Siftware, David Haywood]
'98 NeoPri Best 44 (Neo Print) [JohnBoy]
Top Gear [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME]
K.G. Bird (2 sets) [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME]
Black Rhino [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME]
3 Bags Full [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME]
Phantom Pays [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME]
Sweet Hearts II [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME]
Golden Canaries [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME]
Coral Riches II [Heihachi_73, AGEMAME]