NovitÓ nella versione 0.129u1


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02731: [Sound] various: List of games that have OKI6295 volume
messages appear. (Phil Bennett)
- 00976: [Crash/Freeze] vaportrx: Crashes during the results section
immediately after the race. (Aaron Giles)
- 02823: [Misc.] astorm, shdancer and clones: Error Messages
(Aaron Giles)
- 02824: [Save/Restore] deadlock when using -state with -mngwrite/
-aviwrite (Aaron Giles)
- 02820: [Graphics] sf2ue: Scrambled graphics in Street Fighter II
set: sf2ue (Phil Bennett)
- 02805: [Graphics] turbosub, turbosba: Dropped lines in video output
rendering (Phil Bennett)
- 02371: [Misc.] All Sets in namcos12.c: day, date, and year from the
RTC appear to be ignored. (R. Belmont)
- 02802: [Gameplay] parodius, parodisj: ram rom check fails
(R. Belmont)
- 02815: [Crash/Freeze] zaryavos: Game never reaches title screen.
(Angelo Salese)
- 02787: [Original Reference] nratechu: DIP switch settings from
manual. (Tafoid)

Source Changes
cb2001 improvements: [robiza]
- Decoded "gfx" rom region

Added a validity check to the 6526 CIA emulation. [Nathan Woods]

Added savestate support to the games in 8080bw.c, ace.c, actfancr.c,
aerofgt.c, airbustr.c, ajax.c and alpha68k.c: [MooglyGuy]
- sitv, sicv, sisv, sisv2, galxwars, galxwar2, galxwart, starw,
lrescue, mlander, lrescuem, grescue, dsterth, invadpt2, invaddlx,
cosmo, schaser, schasrcv, sflush, lupin3, polaris, polarisa,
ballbomb, indianbt, searthin, searthia, invadrmr, spaceatt,
spaceat2, sinvzen, sinvemag, tst_invd, alieninv, spceking, spcewars,
astropal, spacewr3, invaderl, invader4, jspecter, jspectr2,
cosmicmo, cosmicm2, superinv, invasion, darthvdr, moonbase,
invrvnge, invrvnga, spclaser, laser, spcewarl, rollingc, ozmawars,
ozmawar2, solfight, spaceph, yosakdon, yosakdoa, shuttlei, ace,
actfancr, actfanc1, actfancj, triothep, triothej, spinlbrk,
spinlbru, spinlbrj, pspikes, pspikesk, svolly91, pspikesb,
spikes91, pspikesc, karatblz, karatblu, karatblj, turbofrc,
aerofgt, aerofgtb, aerofgtc, sonicwi, aerfboot, aerfboo2, wbbc97,
airbustr, airbustj, airbusb, ajax, typhoon, ajaxj, sstingry, kyros,
kyrosj, jongbou, paddlema, timesold, timesol1, btlfield, btlfildb,
skysoldr, goldmedl, goldmeda, goldmedb, skyadvnt, skyadvnu,
skyadvnj, gangwars, gangwarb, sbasebal, tnexspce

Fixed multisession bug in the Jaguar implementation. [Nathan Woods]

Added savestate support to the games in ambush.c and ampoker2.c:
- ambush, ambushv, ambusht, ampoker2, ampkr2b1, ampkr2b2, ampkr2b3,
ampkr95, pkrdewin, videomat, sigmapkr, sigma2k

Added check to debug_cpu_set_dasm_override(), because callers do not
know if we are in debug mode or not. [Nathan Woods]

goldstar improvements: [Roberto Fresca]
- Added Kkuj Nol-i / Kkoj Noli (better romanization). It runs on a
reduced/modified version of lucky8 hardware.
- Added proper memory map, machine driver, PPI interfaces and inputs.
- Added placeholder for the 4 undumped cmast91's PLD's
- Removed the imperfect colors flag from lucky8 sets (colors look a
bit dark, but seems properly decoded).
- Added full inputs / DIP switches to the Cherry Master II sets.
- Started a tedious clean-up to all driver inputs.
- Added a new set based on Cherry Master V4. The game is supposed to
boot as a Tetris game (there are Tetris graphics inside), and can
be turned into Cherry Master (probably designed for countries
where gambling games are/were illegal). The game is booting into
Cherry Master and is working properly. Still flagged as
GAME_NOT_WORKING till can figure out how to switch games.
- Added notes about the Tetris/Cmaster game.
- fixed some default DIP switches.
- Splitted the cmaster gfxdecode to cover different sets.
- Created a new machine driver for sets without the extra bitmap.
- Renamed the old sets cm2v841 and cm2841a to cmasterb and cmasterc
respectively, since they are in fact different sets of Cherry
Master I (ver.1.01).
- Promoted cmasterb & cmasterc to working state. The last one was
flagged as GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS, since reels graphics have a
different decode, or simply are bad dumps.
- Reparented some sets.
- Switched to use pre-defined clocks (CPU, PSG, AY and OKI) for all
machine drivers.
- Changed all z80's CPU frequency to 3 MHz (Xtal/4).

Decoded the extra bitmap for Cherry Master I and V4 sets. Still
need to figure out how is called. [David Haywood]

Fixed sloppy rendering in CDP1869 that caused occasional crashes.
[Curt Coder]

Improvements to Cherry 10: [Roberto Fresca]
- Decrypted the program ROM.
- Bypassed the PIC protection.
- Hooked proper inputs & DIP switches.
- Promoted to working state.

Changes to peplus driver: [Jim Stolis]
- Added wingboard (5-n-1 daughterboard) support
- Added E16/E17 jumper support
- Sound clock changed to global
- Removed graphics layout and replaced with generic gfx_8x8x4_planar
- Increased palette lengths
- Adjusted incorrect ROM_REGION sizes
- Correct color prom length definitions

Renamed filetto.c to pcxt.c and made several improvements to the
driver [Angelo Salese]
* Merged tetriunk.c and filetto.c, and renamed tetriunk set to
* Fixed inputs & gameplay quirks in tetriskr,so it's now playable;
* Added preliminary external graphics emulation hook-up for the
backgrounds in tetriskr;
* Rearranged & cleaned up the palette initialization, now 0x000-0x1ff
offsets are for the char modes and 0x200-0x2ff are for the bitmap
* Fixed color attributes bits;
* Cleaned up and fixed colors in CGA bitmap mode for Filetto;

Fixed most graphic banking bugs & colors in the coinmaster driver.
[David Haywood]

Converted the CDP1802 cpu core to use a state table. [Curt Coder]

Cherry Master '91: [Roberto Fresca]
- Fixed memory map.
- Added proper PPI 8255 devices.
- Worked inputs / DIP switches from the scratch.
- Fixed reels tilemaps visible area.
- Fixed reels colors.
- Removed all the flags and promoted to working status.

Fixed 64-bit issue in the k053260 emulation. [R. Belmont]

Introduced a parallel 6821 PIA implementation, as a MAME device
(6821new.c). Ported the Williams drivers over to use this new PIA
implementation. [Nathan Woods]

Fixed clock used in Namco systems 12 & 23. [R. Belmont]

Added savestate support to the games in amspdwy.c, angelkds.c,
appoooh.c, aquarium.c, arabian.c, and arcadecl.c: [MooglyGuy]
- amspdwy, amspdwya, angelkds, spcpostn, appoooh, robowres, robowrb,
aquarium, arabian, arabiana, arcadecl, sparkz

Improved the rom loading in tenkai and clones. [Luca Elia]

Various improvements to the Jackpool driver [Angelo Salese]
* Added a second screen for some extra gfxs that are displayed on it;
* Fixed colors;
* Preliminary implementation of the transparency pens for the
graphics, might not be correct;
* Added inputs;
* Cleaned-up the driver;

Added save state support to the turbosub driver. [Phil Bennett]

Improvements to coinmastr.c driver: [David Haywood, Roberto Fresca]
- Added maximum intensity to the color decode.
- Switched pokeroul to use global memory map and eliminated the
redundant one.
- Eliminated the GAME_WRONG_COLORS flag to all games.
- Some clean-ups.

Added OKIM6376 emulation ADPCM Speech Synthesizer.
[Mirko Buffoni, Phil Bennett]

Added OKIM6376 sound emulation to High Video games [Mirko Buffoni]
* Removed GAME_NO_SOUND from newmcard, brasil and fashion
* Sound frequency may be incorrect

Major drawgfx cleanup, global removal, and feature enhancements:
[Aaron Giles]

- Added built-in dirty tile tracking to the gfx_element. This removes
the need for all drivers that had dynamically populated graphics
to do their own dirty tracking. Tiles are marked dirty via the
new function gfx_element_mark_dirty(). Any driver that needs
access to the decoded data must call gfx_element_get_data() in
order to ensure that the referenced tile is clean before

- In order to support dirty tracking, the gfx_element was enhanced to
keep track of the original source pointer, so that it can go back
and regenerate tiles on demand. For systems that set NULL for the
region in the gfxdecode, they must use gfx_element_set_source()
to specify a pointer to the raw data before drawing anything.

- Changed allocgfx() to gfx_element_alloc(), and added parameters to
specify the source data pointer, base color index, and total
colors. Many drivers had to whack these values in after the fact,
so this allowed for some minor additional cleanup.

- Added a dirtyseq member to the gfx_element struct. This is
incremented on each tile dirty, and can be used to sniff if
something has changed.

- Added logic in the tilemap engine to track which gfx_elements are
used for a given tilemap, and automatically detect changes to the
tiles so that drivers no longer have to explicitly invalidate the
tilemap when tiles change. In the future, this may grow smarter to
only invalidate the affected tiles, but for now it invalidates the
entire tilemap.

- Updated a number of drivers to remove their own dirty handling and
leverage the new internal dirty marking.

- Because the source data must always be present, updated the
atarigen zwackery and mystwarr graphics handing code to support

- Thanks to the dirty tracking, this actually allows all gfx decoding
to happen on the fly instead of all at once up front. Since there
was some concern that this would cause undesirable behavior due to
decoding lots of tiles on the fly, it is controlled with a
compile-time constant in mame.h (PREDECODE_GFX). Set this to 1 to
get the old behavior back.

- Moved decodechar() and decodegfx() to deprecat.h. All drivers in
MAME have been updated to simply mark tiles dirty and let the
rendering system decode them as needed, so these functions may go
away in the future.

- Rewrote entirely the rendering code in drawgfx. This code
previously used extensive recursive #includes and tricks to build,
and was very difficult to understand. The new code is based off of
a set of macros defined in drawgfxm.h. These new macros separate
the core rendering logic from the per-pixel operation, allowing
the operation to be easily "plugged" into any of the renderers.
These macros are also available to any driver that wants custom
rendering behavior that is similar to existing core behavior,
without needing to populate the core with esoteric one-off
rendering behaviors.

- Added a set of new functions for [p]drawgfx[zoom], one for each
transparency type. The old [p]drawgfx[zoom] functions are still
present, but now switch off the transparency type and call through
to one of these new transparency-specific functions. The old
functions are also now reduced to only supporting
other rendering types must use the new functions.

- All new rendering functions have extensive asserts to catch
improper clipping rectangles and other common errors.

- All new rendering functions automatically downgrade to optimized
versions where appropriate. For example, calling drawgfx_transpen
with an out-of-range pen automatically falls back to
drawgfx_opaque. And drawgfxzoom_* with xscale=yscale=1.0
automatically falls back to drawgfx_*. And many other examples.
In general, this relieves drivers from needing to make these
sorts of decisions.

- All new rendering functions have a consistent parameter order that
is a bit different from the existing functions. The cliprect
parameter is now specified immediately after the destination
bitmap, to match the convention used throughout the rest of the
system. The core parameters are followed by the scale parameters
(for the zoom functions), and then followed by the priority
parameters (for the pdrawgfx* functions), finally followed by any
PIXEL_OP*-specific parameters (such as transparent pen, alpha,
drawing tables, etc.)

- Removed drawgfx_alpha_cache, alpha_set_level(), and the inline
functions alpha_blend16() and alpha_blend32(). To render graphics
with alpha, use the new [p]drawgfx[zoom]_alpha functions, which
take an explicit alpha value. To render tilemaps with alpha, the
TILEMAP_DRAW_ALPHA option now takes an explicit alpha parameter.
And to do you own alpha blending, use the alpha_blend_r16() and
alpha_blend_r32() functions, which take an explicit alpha.

- Updated a number of drivers as a result of removing the implicit
alpha in the drawgfx_alpha_cache.

- Removed drawgfx_pen_table and TRANSPARENCY_PEN_TABLE. To achieve
the same effect, build your own table and pass it to
[p]drawgfx[zoom]_transtable, along with a pointer to the
machine->shadow_table to use for shadows. Eventually
machine->shadow_table is likely to go away, and drivers will need
to fetch the shadow table from the palette directly.

- Updated a number of drivers to remove use of drawgfx_pen_table.

- Removed TRANSPARENCY_ALPHARANGE; it was only used by the psikyosh
driver, so it is now moved locally into that driver and built
using the macros in drawgfxm.h.

- Removed TRANSPARENCY_PEN_RAW; to achieve the same effect, call the
new [p]drawgfx[zoom]_transpen_raw() functions. Updated drivers to
make this change.

- Removed the unused mdrawgfx* functions entirely.

- Added new function gfx_element_set_source_clip() to specify a
source clipping rectangle for any element. This replaces the nasty
hacks that were being used in bnstars, ms32, namcos86, and namcos1
to achieve similar behaviors.

- Added new function gfx_element_build_temporary() to safely build a
temporary gfx_element. Updated the drivers that did this to use
the new function.

- Simplified the copyrozbitmap() functions to match the copybitmap()
functions in having separate opaque and transparent versions. Also
removed the 'priority' parameter which was only used by one driver,
and moved that logic into a custom renderer built using macros in
drawgfxm.h. Updated copyrozbitmap* to use the destbitmap, cliprect
parameter ordering convention as well.

- Simplified the draw_scanline*() functions to always render opaque.
Only one driver was doing otherwise, and it now does its work
internally (draw_scanline is dead-simple ever since we moved
rotation to the OSD code; I almost just removed it entirely).

Added a cliprect to the bitmap_t type, which describes the full
bitmap. [Aaron Giles]

Removed tilemap_set_pen_data_offset; unfortunately, this adds a
random tile offset behind the scenes and goes against the dirty
tile detection and invalidation. Updated the mainsnk, snk, and
snk68 drivers to use old fashioned tile banking. [Aaron Giles]

Changed zac2650 gfxdecode to use scale factors. [Aaron Giles]

Added function video_assert_out_of_range_pixels() to help find
the source of invalid pixels (generally out-of-range palette
entries due to invalid data or sloppy calculations). Place this
after each step in your rendering in a debug build to discover
which code is generating improper pixels. [Aaron Giles]

COP400 cpu core refactoring: [Curt Coder]
- added state table for the debugger
- grouped all cpu types under a single makefile entry
- removed duplicate code

CDP1802 cpu core: [Curt Coder]
- improved register layout
- randomized register contents on initialization

Made the treatment of SOUND_xxx the same as that of CPU_xxx. That is,
they are function pointers to the SND_GET_INFO routine for the sound.
[Atari Ace]

Made direct (opcode) access more robust. Direct access now crawls the
memory table to find its ranges, and caches them for fast access in
the future. It invalidates intersecting regions when new ones are
installed, and now properly handles mirrored ranges. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the disassembly view to call the decrypted read routines
for each opcode byte/word instead of fetching from a pointer, which
prevented opcodes that crossed range boundaries from working correctly,
even though they would execute correctly. [Aaron Giles]

Improvements to skylncr.c driver. [Roberto Fresca]
- Hooked all the PPI 8255 devices.
- Reworked the inputs based on them.
- Fixed the reels visible area.
- Reorganized and cleaned-up the driver.
(only remains to split in driver + video)

Added ROM_DEFAULT_BIOS to diehard, critcrsh, and smleague.
[Aaron Giles]

Removed extraneous bitmap clear in the deco32 driver.
[Christophe Jaillet]

Added static/const where appropriate, updated out-of-sync header
files, and fixed some minor source confusion/abuse: [Atari Ace]
- arm7core.[ch],segas24.[ch]: Rewrote some abuses of the HANDLER
macros to use _func types instead.
- m37710: Removed some long dead state save functions.
- spc700: Removed the interface declarations and functions. Most of
it is handled by CPU_GET_INFO, some of it was no longer
implemented, and since pointerization it wasn't possible to call
it externally anyhow.
- segac2: removed the palette variables aliasing the megadrive ones
and just used the megadrive ones directly.
- snes: All the obc1_, DSP1_, DSP2_ exports were made static.

Added DIPs for Naratte Chu. Added DIP locations for all games in the
st0016 driver. [Tafoid]

Removed the sndindex parameter from SND_START, in favor of using the
device pointer or tag as appropriate. [Atari Ace]

Removed several useless occurrences of "#define INLINE" in CPU and
sound cores. [Dirk Best]

Hooked up the preliminary decryption code for Tarzan, but it is not
complete. [David Haywood]

Added digitalker speech emulation. [Olivier Galibert]

Added digitalker support to scorpion driver. [Olivier Galibert]

Cleaned up a bunch of unreachable bits of code. [Oliver Stoeneberg]

Fixed the 3rd graphics bank decode of cmast91. [David Haywood]

Pre-Seibu CRTC update: [Angelo Salese]
* Fixed gfx banking in goodejan/totmejan;
* Fixed vertical scrolling in Sengoku Mahjong (check title screen);
* Made some clean-ups in either drivers;

Updated OKIM6295 volume table to reflect actual chip behaviour.
Removed "contact MAMEDEV" message. [Phil Bennett]

Virtual Combat driver improvements: [Jason Eckhardt, Andrew Gardner]
* Graphics decoded, video improved, inputs mapped.

Intel i860 CPU core added. [Jason Eckhardt]

Reorganized and simplified the megasys1.c inputs. [Sonikos]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Lady Liner [Roberto Fresca]
Kkoj Noli (Kill the Bees) [Roberto Fresca]
Cherry 10 (bootleg with PIC16F84)
[Roberto Fresca, Andreas Naive, David Haywood]
Player's Edge Plus (XMP00017) 5-in-1 Wingboard [Jim Stolis]
Tetris (bootleg of Mirrorsoft PC-XT Tetris version) [Angelo Salese]
Cherry Master '91 (ver.1.30) [Roberto Fresca]
Cherry Master (ver.4, set 2) [Roberto Fresca, Angelo Salese]
Cherry Master I (ver.1.01, set 2) [Roberto Fresca]
Cherry Master I (ver.1.01, set 3) [Roberto Fresca]
Mahjong Tenkaigen (3 sets) [Wei Mingzhi, Luca Elia]
Tour 4000 [Mirko Buffoni]
Casino Fever 4.0 [Mirko Buffoni]
Casino Fever 5.0 [Mirko Buffoni]
Tour 4010 [Mirko Buffoni]
Casino Fever 5.1 [Mirko Buffoni]
Casino Fever 6.1 [Mirko Buffoni]
Casino Fever 1k [Mirko Buffoni]
GiroTutto [Mirko Buffoni]
Trivia Hangup [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Sure Shot [Mariusz Wojcieszek, ranger_lennier]

New clones added
Hit the Ice (Japan) [Phil Bennett]
New clones: Salamander 2 (ver AAB) [Corrado Tomaselli]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Skill Cherry '98 [David Haywood]
Skill Cherry '97 [David Haywood]
Skill Fruit Bonus [David Haywood]
86 Lions [Chris Hardy, Angelo Salese, Roberto Fresca]
Lucky Girl [David Haywood]
Poker Roulette
[Chris Hardy, Angelo Salese, Roberto Fresca, David Haywood]
Magical Tonic [Roberto Fresca]
3 Super 8 (Italy) [David Haywood]
New Champion Skill (v100n) [David Haywood]
Buster [David Haywood]
Unknown ACE Fruits Game [David Haywood]
Spiel Bude (German) [David Haywood, Roberto Fresca]