NovitÓ nella versione 0.127


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02105: [Graphics] qbert and clones: Misplaced graphics.
(Aaron Giles)
- 02119: [Sound] cischeat, bigrun: no sound (Aaron Giles)
- 02121: [DIP/Input] reactor: input controls and startup tone
(Aaron Giles)
- 02116: [Graphics] all sets in cps2.c : corrupted graphics (robiza)
- 01992: [Crash/Freeze] timecrsa, timecris: SubCPU start wait fails
test (robiza)
- 02114: [Color/Palette] all sets in eolith.c: colors shifted to blue
(Fabio Priuli)
- 02115: [DIP/Input] berlwall, berlwalt: Player 1 inputs not working
(Fabio Priuli)

Source Changes
Converted adp to 4bpp rendering. [robiza]

Began implementing 68681 device in skattv. Improved hd63484 core to
support some initial graphics. [robiza]

Added correct CRCs for DOA2. [Guru]

Fixed graphics in cps2 games. [robiza]

Updated documentation in paradise.c: [Brian Troha]
- Added PCB layout for Torus & Mad Ball
- Corrected rom names and / or added U locations

Changed at28c16 memory handlers to 8 bits and perform the conversion
in the memory mapping. [smf]

Update the t5182.c documentation/pinout. [Lord Nightmare]

Magic10 updates: [Roberto Fresca]
- Simulated the co-processor to pass the initial test.
- All Inputs worked from the scratch.
- Fixed position of tilemap layers.
- Added scroll register preliminary support.
- Fixed Super Pool graphics.

Added save states to 65816 CPU. [R. Belmont]

SH-2 DRC updates: [R. Belmont]
- Moved IRQ handling front-end into recompiled code
- Added TSTM/ANDM/XORM instructions
- Added SH-1 CPU support, including lower precision on MAC.W and
locking out SH-2 only instructions

Split out SH-4 non-interpreter-specific stuff to sh4comn.c.
[R. Belmont]

Identified compatible timekeeper used by Midway Zeus II. Removed all
the timekeeper memory handlers, except for 8 bit & changed the drivers
to use the conversion built into the memory system. [smf]

Added new generic laserdisc VIDEO_UPDATE handler to the laserdisc code.
This handler works for both disc-only games and those with overlays.
For disc-only games, the base macro is sufficient. For games with
overlays, an additional set of configuration macros are provided:

MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY - specifies update function, width, height,
and bitmap format of the overlay
MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY_CLIP - specifies the visible area of the
overlay bitmap
MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY_POSITION - specifies default x,y position
MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY_SCALE - specifies default x,y scale factors

The update function provided to MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY is identical to
a normal VIDEO_UPDATE callback, so a standard one can be used. All
existing laserdisc drivers have been updated to support this new
rendering mechanism, removing much duplicated code. [Aaron Giles]

Added the ability to configure the overlay position and scale
parameters at runtime. Added OSD menus to control them. Added logic
to save/restore the data in the game's configuration file.
[Aaron Giles]

Added new macros MDRV_LASERDISC_SCREEN_ADD_NTSC and _PAL, which
defines a standard screen with the correct video timing characteristics
and update function for laserdiscs. Updated all drivers to use these
macros instead of defining their own screens. [Aaron Giles]

Added DISK_REGIONS to all laserdisc drivers. [Aaron Giles]

Added DISK_IMAGE_READONLY_OPTIONAL to support games (like Cube Quest)
where the disk is non-essential to the game's operation. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed bug in identifying the custom sound driver for the laserdisc.
[Aaron Giles]

Updated ldverify to identify blank regions of the disc for post-
processing. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed rendering 16bpp with alpha using bilinear filters (fixes
screenshots of laserdisc games with overlays). [Aaron Giles]

Included support for parsing .gdi files in chdman. [ElSemi]

Added new driver for Cube Quest. This includes CPU cores for the three
bitslice processors, as well as laserdisc support for the hacked
laserdisc that was used to drive the games.
[Philip Bennett, Joe Magiera, Warren Ondras]

Updated cps1 to use proper gfx ROMs (+ PALs) for varthj, and to load
correct A-Board PALs for QSound games. [Nicola Salmoria]

Added address decode prom 5e to dkong3/dkong3j. [couriersud]

Reduced YM2612 DAC level relative to FM. This better matches real
hardware. [R. Belmont]

Added validity check to ensure that AM_READ_PORT() macros reference
valid ports. Fixed several cases where the check failed. [Aaron Giles]

Added new Guru readme for namcos22 driver. [Guru]

Added validity check to ensure that ports referenced by a condition
actually exist. Fixed a case where this was violated. [Aaron Giles]

Added DIP locations to dooyong.c. [Guy Hufkens]

Added cheat functions frombcd() and tobcd() to convert numbers to/from
BCD format. Changed "Activate" to "Set" in the menus. [Aaron Giles]

A couple of minor cleanups: [Oliver Stoenberg]
- removed obsolete ENABLE_DEBUGGER occurance
- removed more unprintable characters in SH-2 disassembler
- memset() usage cleanups
- removed duplicated TMS5110 entry in sound.mak
- use machine in uigfx.c where it's already available

Removed included "profiler.h" from files that do not use profiling
functions. [Christophe Jaillet]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Cube Quest [Philip Bennett, Joe Magiera, Warren Ondras]
WW III [Stefan Lindberg, Couriersud]

New clones added
Red Hawk (Haedong Corp.) [David Haywood, Tirino73 / Mame Italia]
Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (Dooyong license) [Tirino73 / Mame Italia]
Shogun Warriors (Europe Rev.xx)(Kaneko 1992) [Pythagoras573]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Hot Slot (ver 05.01) [Roberto Fresca]
Magic Colors (ver 1.7a) [Roberto Fresca]
I P M Invader (Incomplete Dump) [unknown dumper, Couriersud]
Astro Wars [MASH]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02095: [Misc.] chqflag, chqflagj, -listxml: memory leaks
(Aaron Giles)
- 02110: [Side-by-side] All sets in cps3.c: video from a DV cam
proves the refresh rate of CPS3 in MAME is wrong (Aaron Giles)
- 02113: [Misc.] xymg: xymg title mispelled (Aaron Giles)
- 01802: [Multisession] cybrcomm, raveracw, raveracj, raveraja,
ridgerac, ridgerab, ridgeraj, acedrvrw, victlapw: No sound
in games after reloading via the MAME UI (Atari Ace)
- 00233: [Graphics] ikari: The current implementation of the shadow
in Ikari Warriors and Victory Road is wrong. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 02059: [Crash/Freeze] panicstr: Game hangs after choosing Stage.
(R. Belmont)
- 02027: [Crash/Freeze] lhba: lhba does not work (Luca Elia)
- 02101: [Crash/Freeze] wboy, wboysys2: Access Violation
(Nicola Salmoria)
- 00492: [Crash/Freeze] vbowl: In every case, after the 3rd launched
ball, the game resets. (Luca Elia)
- 00491: [Crash/Freeze] drgwrld3: When you continue by inserting
credit and play, the game crashes. (Luca Elia)
- 02021: [Graphics] cottonbm: Sprite layer offset toward upper-left
(R. Belmont)
- 02022: [Crash/Freeze] cottonbm: Fatal Error Crash (R. Belmont)
- 02071: [Crash/Freeze] coolridr: Access Violation (R. Belmont)

Source Changes
Updated the FD1089 decryption algorythm to use the real keys generated
by the LCG as found by Andreas Naive. The algorithm is more complex
than it should be, but I haven't been able to simplify it more. The
keys are still embedded in the source. It would now be reasonable to
move them to external files; however, for several games we only have
partial keys so the files would need to be BAD_DUMP. [Nicola Salmoria]

Changed ad2083 to load PROM data instead of using hardcoded values.

Updated structure and naming conventions of sound and CPU cores to
match core conventions. [Derrick Renaud]

Added discrete sound for Mad Alien. [Derrick Renaud]

Hooked up discrete filtering to SN76477 in Space Chaser.
[Derrick Renaud]

Improvements to Lucky74.c driver: [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
- Reverse engineering of custom IC's 06B49P, 06B53P & 09R81P.
- Mapped the missing 3x SN76489.
- Measured and traced all clocks on the board.
- Measured and fixed the interrupt system.
- Implemented timings/clocks from custom 06B49P.
- Added sound support. All regular game sounds/musics are working.
- Implemented the ADPCM samples system through 09R81P + M5205
- Added pinouts and technical notes about custom IC's 06B49P,
06B53P & 09R81P.
- Added flip screen mode.
- Inverted the order of double-up difficult DIP switches.
- Changed 'Key In' to be active LOW instead of HIGH
- Complete memory map and ports scheme.
- Created handlers for USART port and co-processor communication.
- Renamed the sets accordingly.
- Updated all notes.
- Cleaned-up the driver.

Merged memory maps for drivers tigeroad, timelimt, toobin, tumbleb.c,
tbowl, thedeep, and thief. Also changed gfx memory region tags in
obvious cases. [Andrew Gardner]

Added sprite wrapping to Irem m63 driver.
[Tomasz Slanina, Stefan Lindberg]

More FM OPN fixes [Eke, R. Belmont]
- Pass chip type around and restore Jarek's original behavior for
- Always recalculate attack rate in set_ar_ksr, fixes Megadrive/
Genesis "Batman & Robin"

Added readmes for Cosmo, Don Den Lover, Beatmania (CHD dumping),
Dragon Master, Gals Panic, Fantasia II, Grand Tour, New Dyna Blaster
Global Quest, Daytona "To The MAXX" upgrade, Namco System FL, Great
Sluggers, Gun Nail, Gun & Frontier, Elevator Action Returns, Battle
Bakraid, Koro Koro Quest, Gigas (bootleg), Race Drivin', Hexa, IQ
Block, Open Golf Championship, Macross Plus, Malzak, Puzzle Club,
Naomi, Puzzle Star, Puckman Pockimon, Raiden 2, Raiden Fighters 2
(single board), Light Bringer, Landmaker, Knuckle Bash 2, Mahjong
Fight Club, Vivid Dolls, Tower and Shaft, Star Soldier Vanishing
Earth, Stone Ball, Sky Lancer, Squash, Winning Spike, Versus Net
Soccer, Undercover Cops, War Gods, Space Fever, Strikers 1945, Rohga,
Super Eagle Shot, Treasure Hunt (stv), Tickee Tickats, Great 1000
Miles Rally 2 and Super Monaco GP. [Guru, Andrew Gardner]

Implemented MWR (memory width register) in shanghai to avoid
hardcoded 384 value for screen width. [robiza]

Added the Plotting PAL to the Japanese set. Also corrected the PAL
ROM name. [Brian Troha]

KO Punch boxer graphics had to be doubled. [Nicola Salmoria]

Fixed NMI on Mad Alien sound CPU. This fixes shot sound and various
other sound glitches. Marked madalien and madalina as Imperfect
Graphics. They are missing an effect. When you shoot an enemy in the
dark, the whole screen lights up. Basically the headlights fill the
whole screen. [Guru, Derrick Renaud]

Added reverse engineered PLD images to CPS1 games (A-board to all
and B-board and C-board to many).
[Corrado Tomaselli, Charles MacDonald]

Rejiggered huffman.c to support multiple interleaving streams and a
delta-RLE pre-encoding. Added optimized case for the Y/Cb/Y/Cr video
encoding case. Cleaned up the code. [Aaron Giles]

Updated avcomp.c to use the new huffman.c functions. Reworked
configuration options to allow for both input and output of naturally
aligned data streams. Updated chdman and laserdsc to use the new
interfaces. New compression gives an additional 3-7% over previous
attempt and compresses the dummy CHDs down significantly.
[Aaron Giles]

Some improvements to shanghai video drivers: [robiza]
1) convert framebuffer's ram from 8 bit to 16 bit
2) convert dma command from 8 bit to 16 bit
3) convert gfx command from 8 bit to 16 bit
4) implemented all gfx mode: 1,2,4,8,16 bpp
Now we can use this gfx chip for adp driver that use 4bpp.

updated Alpha 8302 MCU simulation to match newly dumped internal ROM.
Added the ROM to Champion Baseball 2. [Nicola Salmoria]

Added video level detection and reporting to ldverify. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed incorrect test in winwork that led to spinning instead
of using the nicely allocated events we had on hand. [Aaron Giles]

Forced a sound synchronization on each vsync in the laserdisc
playback. This prevents overwriting the tail end of the buffer which
was fouling up the MACH 3 audio decoding. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed ROM mapping and added preliminary video emulation to galaxia.
[Tomasz Slanina]

Fix coolridr crash with DRC, now hangs waiting for impossible
conditions again. [R. Belmont]

Added new flag to menu items: MENU_FLAG_DISABLE, which means the
item will be visible but not selectable. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed bug that prevented the cheat engine from working when the
debugger was disabled. [Aaron Giles]

Modified xmlfile.c to accept integer values in decimal or hex. The
default is decimal. Numbers may be prefixed by '#' for decimal
values, or by '$' or '0x' to indicate hexadecimal values. Also
added function xml_get_attribute_int_format() to return the format
of the attribute, so that it can be later replicated. [Aaron Giles]

Updated cheat parser to preserve the format of attribute values
used for cheat parameters and items. [Aaron Giles]

Added support for information-only cheat items, which will be
displayed in the menu but which are not selectable and have no
action associated with them. Empty information-only items are
automatically converted to menu separators. [Aaron Giles]

Moved several include files from mame/ to emu/, as they were included
by generic components in emu/ and thus should have no dependencies
on the MAME code. [Aaron Giles]

Added new target ldplayer, which is based on MAME but serves as a
standalone laserdisc player for CHDs. Right now only the Pioneer
LD-V1000 is connected, and limited commands are available. Each player
type is a driver, so you specify the player type on the command-line.
The driver then opens the first CHD it finds in your ROM path and
uses that as the laserdisc. The intention is that you specify the
-rompath each time on the command-line, so a typical approach might

ldplayer ldv1000 -rompath j:\mach3

where it will pick up the mach3.chd lurking in your j:\mach3 folder.
Several basic commands are supported:

Space = play/pause
Alt = toggle frame display
Left = scan forward (when playing) or step forward (when paused)
Right = scan backward (when playing) or step backward (when paused)
0-9 = enter numbers for search
Enter = execute search to frame

[Aaron Giles]

Implemented proper shadow handling in SNK drivers. [Nicola Salmoria]

Corrected rom names with PCB locations for Lady Bug and verified the
dump against an original Universal Lady Bug PCB. Added information
about the Universal PCB number and prom type. [Brian Troha]

Improved input ports for drivers starting with F->M. In particular:
they add AM_READ_PORT whenever suitable, they make inputs fully 32bit
where needed, they remove indexed input read handlers from INITs, they
replace many read handlers with appropriate CUSTOM_INPUTs.
[Fabio Priuli]

Additional input port improvements: [Fabio Priuli]
* added dip switches and locations to go2000 (even if they were
partially documented in the source)
* fixed artmagic protection (it used a wrong tag, which probably
I added somewhere in 0.125uX)
* changed a lot of input related things in irem m10->m107 irem boards.
First of all, moved input definitions from drivers/m92.h to
include/iremipt.h and removed completely drivers/m92.h (which
only contained those definitions). Added more common inputs to
iremipt.h and started to use that file in m62->m107 instead
of local #defines. Finally, added diplocations to all the games
in m62->m107 which were missing and it implemented coinage mode 2
through dipconditions in the drivers which didn't support it.
* converted most of the games checking avgdvg_done() in inputs to use
a CUSTOM_INPUT (defined in video/avgdvg.c)

Fixed the i386 CPU core's BSR implementation for the case where the
high bit is set. [Atari Ace]

Added DIP locations to clshroad.c. [RansAckeR]

Collapsed timer callbacks in some cases to avoid duplicating code. In
the case of crystal.c, also refactored two DMA handlers and shuffleed
the init/reset code around a bit. [Atari Ace]

Cleaned up and grouped the sound chip entries based on sound.mak.
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

Fixed sfiii3's title animation and the linear zoom effect that
OopsWare didn't improve properly since 0.122u7. [Joshua Chang]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Da Ban Cheng [Pierpaolo Prazzoli, Luca Elia]
Xing Yen Man Guan [Luca Elia, Wei Mingzhi]
Killer Instinct (SNES bootleg) [Tomasz Slanina]
Final Fight 2 (SNES bootleg) [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina, Kowal]

New clones added
Dai Makai-Mura (Japan new version) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Defender (White label) [Andy Welburn]
Free Kick (bootleg set 2) [David Haywood]
Zhong Guo Long (China, V010C) [Luca Elia]
Zhong Guo Long? (Hong Kong, V011H) [Luca Elia]
Sonic Blast Man TURBO 2 (SNES bootleg) [Corrado Tomaselli]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
01958: [Crash/Freeze] skns: Segfaults on load (Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
01817: [Crash/Freeze] intrepi2: Game stops at PCB test
(Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
02090: [Crash/Freeze] thedeep: Game didn't start (black screen).
(Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
02067: [Crash/Freeze] mustangb, tdragonb: Access Violation
(Aaron Giles)
02069: [Crash/Freeze] astrofl: Access Violation (Aaron Giles)
02068: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in mhavoc.c: Access Violation
(Aaron Giles)
02070: [Crash/Freeze] atlantol: Access Violation (Aaron Giles)
02066: [Graphics] All sets in mhavoc.c: all graphics is missing
(Aaron Giles)
02033: [Crash/Freeze] soccerss and clones: the romtest report
two bad roms (robiza)
02049: [Graphics] invaders: Built in red color overlay goes too low
and shows on top line of invaders heads in Vista only. (robiza)
02079: [DIP/Input] radr, radru: Dipswitch info (robiza)
02056: [DIP/Input] pbobble, qzshowby, spacedx, spacedxj: Unable to
enter coins (Fabio Priuli)
02060: [Graphics] spinlbrk, spinlbru, spinlbrj: Priorities wrong in
second level (robiza)

Source Changes
Added information to the 1943 driver (video) about priorities encoded
in PROM. [robiza]

Minor optimization to the DISCRETE_INPUT modules. The node output is
now calculated when a discrete_sound_w() is called instead of each
step in the simulation. Also removed the Enable line from the
DISCRETE_ADJUSTMENT modules. They should never be disabled.
[Derrick Renaud]

Removed per-frame metadata support from chdman. Creating an A/V now
simply requires an AVI file input. [Aaron Giles]

Changed laserdisc support to parse white flags and other data from
the VBI data directly, rather than relying on the textual metadata.
Expanded video frame cache to 3. Changed the way frames are assembled
to decrease the likelihood of getting an interlaced weave. Fixed sound
creation so that it is done at reset time instead of device start,
when the sound devices aren't yet live. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed bug in winwork that caused the creation of single work items to
return NULL, and thus lead to massive memory leaks when using A/V
CHDs. [Aaron Giles]

Added new functions cputag_set_input_line() to assert input lines
via CPU tag instead of index. [Aaron Giles]

Disks opened by the romload module are no longer identified by index.
Instead, they are identified by the region they were loaded in. This
generally means one disk per region. get_disk_handle() now takes a
region name in place of an index. Updated all callers to do this.
The SCSI modules in particular posed a challenge to make this work,
so watch out for potential bugs there. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the IDE interfaces to default to choosing the region with the
same tag as the device for its master disk (assuming no slave). Added
support for specifying explicit master/slave disk regions as part of
the configuration, though slave disks are still not supported yet.
[Aaron Giles]

Change the laserdisc interface to no longer require a disk number or
a custom sound device. Both are now assumed to be tagged the same as
the laserdisc device. Updated all drivers accordingly. [Aaron Giles]

Merged memory maps for drivers: blmbycar, blockade, blockhl, blockout,
bombjack, boogwing, and bottom9. [Andrew Gardner]

Added readmes for Galaga, The Outfoxies, Splatter House, Top Racer,
Kyros No Yakata, Bombs Away, Meikyuu Hunter G, Crazy Kong, Moero Pro
Yakyuu Homerun Kyousou, Lucky & Wild, Match It, Country Club,
Enforce, Elevator Action, Chuka Taisen, The New Zealand Story,
Buck Rogers Zoom 909, Head On, Victorious Nine, Youma Ninpou Chou,
Pairs, Woodpecker, Slap Fight, Alcon, Tiger Heli, Superman,
WWF Superstars, Area 51, Animalandia Jr, Avengers In Galactic Storm,
Alien 3: The Gun, Aquajack, and Missile Command. [Guru]

Fix region jumper on psikyo4 (loderndf). [David Haywood]

Backported a bunch of FM OPN (YM2608/2612) fixes from Genesis Plus
GX. All of this was verified on real hardware.
[Eke-Eke, Nemesis, Alone Coder, AamirM]
- implemented PG overflow, aka "detune bug" (Ariel, Comix Zone,
Shaq Fu, Spiderman...)
- fixed SSG-EG support
- modified EG rates and frequency
- fixed EG attenuation level on KEY ON (Ecco 2 splash sound)
- fixed LFO phase update for CH3 special mode (Warlock, Alladin)

Scanline exact rendering for dkong & clones [couriersud]
* Sprite limit of 16 sprites per scanline implemented from
* Proper wrap around from bottom to top
* Added some notes about sprite limits and hardware to dkong
driver (thanks to R. Belmont)

Added edge connector pinout info to flower.c. [Brian Troha]

Some initial work on the adp driver. [robiza]

Fixed window in shanghai and shangha2. [robiza]

8257dma and z80dma devices now require device callback handlers
instead of machine handlers. Updated affected drivers accordingly.

Improved Dsp56k CPU interrupt handling. Polygonet Commanders now
advances past its first dsp handshake. [Andrew Gardner]

Added proper laserdisc support for MACH 3, Us vs. Them, and Cobra
Commander (MACH 3 hardware). Old laserdisc hacks are now removed.
The code now talks to the standard Pioneer PR-8210 interface. Also
removed hacky "target list" from the MACH 3 ROMs; this information
is now decoded on the fly from the right channel laserdisc audio.
[Aaron Giles]

Other Gottlieb cleanups: [Aaron Giles]
- fixed rev 2 sound again
- fleshed out memory maps and behaviors according to the schematics
- hooked up coin counters.
- moved sound inputs to audio/gottlieb and included them in
all relevant drivers
- ordered input ports and ROM definitions consistently

Other laserdisc changes: [Aaron Giles]
- changed PR-8210 interface to work consistently for both Gottlieb
and Stern games
- added audio callback mechanism to allow drivers to peek at the
raw audio streams

Set the initial 8253 timer output to 2 to indicate that it is
undetermined. [Wilbert Pol]

Removed obsolete makemeta tool. Replaced it with new ldverify
tool which walks through either an AVI or CHD capture from a
laserdisc and ensures that there are no anomalies lurking in
the VBI data. [Aaron Giles]

Added new option to chdman, where if you use -createav with
a special filename (either 2:2 or 3:2) it will create a fake
laserdisc files with the equivalent cadence. This can be used
for testing until full captures are available. Most games used
2:2 apart from Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, which were 3:2.
Note that even though these files are essentially blank, they
are Huffman-compressed, meaning that the maximum compression
ratio you will get is 8:1, so they still end up ~5GB. [Aaron Giles]

Moved error strings from chdman.c to chd.c, where they can be
fetched from any caller via the new chd_error_string()
function. [Aaron Giles]

Updated vbiparse to improve Manchester code decoding. It now
assigns a confidence level per bit based on how solid the
data is. Also added a new function vbi_parse_all which parses
the white flag and all three lines of metadata from a
laserdisc frame. It then compares line 17 and 18 against each
other and selects the most likely candidate based on per-bit
confidence and other factors. [Aaron Giles]

Added frame number display to laserdsc.c. It is off by
default, though most players can be configured to turn it on
(not sure if any actually do). It can be manually toggled via
the backslash key during playback. [Aaron Giles]

Discrete sound core optimizations: [couriersud]
* moved a couple of exp(x) from _step into _reset where appropriate
* use tabulated function values for the transfer function in

Forced synchronization (stream_update()) before the YM2151 status is
actually read. [Jarek Burczynski]

Added Discrete Sound to Fantasy, Nibbler and Pioneer Balloon.
[Derrick Renaud]

Fixed I/O watchpoints. [Aaron Giles]

Changes to the cheat.xml format: [Aaron Giles]
- new tag <comment> (within <cheat>) is read and preserved
when saved
- removed variable attribute from <parameter>; it is now
assumed to be 'param'
- added default attribute for <parameter>

Added new variable 'frame' accessible from cheat scripts. This
can be used in the conditional to prevent execution on every
frame, or for other effects (like displaying temporary messages).
[Aaron Giles]

Added new variable 'argindex' which is the index when processing
an <argument> with a count attribute greater than 1. [Aaron Giles]

Reinstated the cheat menu. It now displays all loaded cheats and
allows for them to be activated. All known cheat behaviors should
be working now. Cheats are toggled on/off with the left/right
arrow keys. Oneshot cheats are activated by hitting enter. Pressing
enter on other cheats resets them to their default values.
[Aaron Giles]

Continued the cleanup of inputs in drivers starting with C (the
remaining ones), D and E. Improvements include conditional dips
added to dynduke and diplocations for chinagat, chqflag, circus,
citycon, cloak, contra and dynduke. [Fabio Priuli]

Added tags to EVERY input port in drivers starting with F->Z.
[Fabio Priuli]

Removed PORT_START macro. Renamed old PORT_START_TAG to PORT_START.
All input ports must have tags. [Aaron Giles]

Added support for DEL as well as BS for backspacing in the game
select menu. Also limited input to ASCII characters. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed Rim Rockin' Basketball to use the HD6309 core. [Tim Lindner]

Added diplocations to bigrun, scudhamm, cischeat & f1gpstar.
Removed the current hacky handling of f1gpstar coinage dips to use
conditional ports instead. In order to do this, the possible
conditions were extended to support less than/greater than
comparisons. [Fabio Priuli]

Fixed bug that would break conditions on ports using the

Added diplocations to the following drivers: combatsc.c, copsnrob.c,
cosmic.c, crgolf.c, crimfght.c, crospang.c (here I also added service
dips to heuksun and bestri, which allowed me to verify locations),
crshrace.c, dambustr.c, darkseal.c, dassault.c, dblewing.c,
ddrible.c, deadang.c. Also added locations to the following games:
ddragon & ddragon2 on ddragon.c and docastle, dorunrun & dowild in
docastle.c. [Fabio Priuli]

Verified CPU clocks for athena. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Added module profiling to discrete sound core [couriersud]
* added DISCRETE_PROFILING macro to discrete.h
* Upon discrete_stop, the worst performing modules will be listed

Verified and corrected CPS1 refresh rate. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Changed sound cpu clock of Spinal Breakers to 5Mhz as verified on the
pcb. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Corrected MPU4 AY8910 output weightings. [James Wallace]

Added word alternates for operators in expressions: [Aaron Giles]
+ plus
- minus
* times or mul
/ div
% mod
! not
~ bnot
&& and
& band
|| or
| bor
^ bxor
lt <
le <=
gt >
ge >=
eq ==
ne !=

Changed cheat escaping to automatically escape && & < and <=
to and band lt and le. [Aaron Giles]

Decrypted Da Ban Cheng (dbc set in igs_blit.c) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Removed bad dumps from ad2083. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Fixed bug in aviio.c which could cause an infinite loop if attempting
to read sound beyond the end of the file. [Aaron Giles]

Added expression validation callback to verify names for CPUs and
memory regions. Extended error codes to report incorrect memory
spaces, memory names, or memory sizes. Added verification callback
to the debugger to validate CPU and memory region names, as well
as verifying that a requested address space exists for a given
CPU. [Aaron Giles]

Restored previous behavior that allowed popmessage() messages to
overlay menus and other UI. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Kyuukyoku no Othello [robiza, Fabio Priuli]
S.O.S. [Alex, Max, Antro]

New clones added
Indianapolis 500 Deluxe [Kris Anks]
Champion Poker (v200G) [Luca Elia]
Megatouch III (9255-20-01 RON) [Brian Troha]
New clone: Crystal Castles (joystick version) [Guru]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Quiz Punch 2 [Luca Elia]
Jingle Bell [Luca Elia]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02023: [Crash/Freeze] irobot: hang (Aaron Giles)
- 02043: [Crash/Freeze] All games in cps2.c: All Parent Sets for CPS2
Games Abort (Firewave)
- 02046: [DIP/Input] cachat, tubeit: screen upsidedown (Fabio Priuli)
- 00456: [Graphics] combascb: Missing Most Graphics (Fabio Priuli)
- 02050: [DIP/Input] skyfox, exerizrb: Issue with credits input
(Fabio Priuli)
- 02045: [DIP/Input] wofhfh: Player 3 inputs aren't working (stephh)

Source Changes
More documentation on the Kiki KaiKai MCU. [Guru, Brian Troha]

A bit more cleanup in the gottlieb driver, still incomplete.
[Aaron Giles]

Verified Free Kick PROMs and improved documentation. [Brian Troha]

Added the ability to pass an optional destructor to
ui_menu_alloc_state(). [Nathan Woods]

Updated to build with the latest DirectX SDK, which doesn't support
Direct 3D 8 & Direct Input 7. By default, the makefile is set up to
compile the old way, but you can set DIRECT3D=9 and DIRECTINPUT=8 in
windows.mak or on the command-line to build with a more modern SDK.
[smf, RansAckeR, uRebelScum]

Irem m63 - adjusted AY frequencies to proper 1.5 MHz [Stefan Lindberg]

DSP56156 CPU Core updates [Andrew Gardner]
- Rewrote core logic, communications, and interfaces.
- Added three parallel memory moves to the disassembler.
- Initial interrupt logic in place.

Plygonet.c updates [Andrew Gardner]
- All communication hacks have been removed.
- Memory maps have been temporarily reverted while new DSP56k cpu
core catches up.

Merged memory maps for beezer.c, bishi.c, and bladestl.c.
[Andrew Gardner]

AICA updates [Deunan Knute, ajax16384, R. Belmont]
- Fixed ADPCM decoder to remove bad optimization and match YMZ280B.
DC offset is fixed and output quality is higher
- Improved handling of slot monitor and timers B and C
- Simplified interpolation code

SH2DRC: Add PC-relative load optimization and ability to disable if
necessary [R. Belmont, based on an idea by Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Changed the way memory regions are referenced. Instead of a single
integer value, regions are now referred to by a region tag. The
region tag must be unique among all regions defined for a given
game. This change required updating all the ROM region definitions
in the project to specify the tag instead of region number.
[Aaron Giles]

Updated the core memory_region_* functions to accept a tag instead
of an integer. Added new memory_region_next() function to allow for
iteration over all memory regions. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the auto-binding behavior of CPU regions. Previously, the
first CPU would auto-bind to REGION_CPU1 (that is, any ROM references
would automatically assume that they lived in the corresponding
region). Now, each CPU automatically binds to the region with the
same tag as the CPU itself. This behavior required ensuring that
all previous REGION_CPU* regions were changed to regions with the
same tag as the CPU. [Aaron Giles]

Introduced a new auto-binding mechanism for sound cores. This works
similarly to the CPU binding. Each sound core that requires a memory
region now auto-binds to the region with the same tag as the sound
core. In almost all cases, this allowed for the removal of the
explicit region item in the sound configuration, which in turn
allowed for many sound configurations to removed altogether.
[Aaron Giles]

Updated the expression engine's memory reference behavior. A recent
update expanded the scope of memory references to allow for referencing
data in non-active CPU spaces, in memory regions, and in EEPROMs.
However, this previous update required an index, which is no longer
appropriate for regions and will become increasingly less appropriate
for CPUs over time. Instead, a new syntax is supported, of the form:
"[tag.][space]size@addr", where 'tag' is an optional tag for the CPU
or memory region you wish to access, followed by a period as a
separator; 'space' is the memory address space or memory class you
wish to access (p/d/i for program/data/I/O spaces; o for opcode space;
r for direct RAM; m for memory regions; e for EEPROMs); and 'size' is
the usual b/w/d/q for byte/word/dword/qword. [Aaron Giles]

Cleaned up ROM definition flags and removed some ugly hacks that had
existed previously. Expanded to support up to 256 BIOSes. Updated
ROM_COPY to support specifying a tag for the source region. Also
updated the address map AM_REGION macro to support specifying a
tag for the region. [Aaron Giles]

Updated debugger windows to display the CPU and region tags where
appropriate. [Aaron Giles]

Updated -listxml to output region class and tag for each ROM entry.
[Aaron Giles]

Changes to lucky74.c driver: [Roberto Fresca]
- Pre-defined CPU and SND clocks.
- Switched the color system to RESNET calculations.
- Completed the remaining DIP switches.
- Added lamps support. Created a layout to show them.
- Changes on the interrupt system (need to be verified on the PCB).
- Renamed the graphics regions to more descriptive names.
- Corrected the manufacturer's name.
- Splitted the driver to driver + video.
- Updated technical notes.

Changed unmapped read for mspacman to see if it changes tunnel
behavior. [David Haywood, as suggested by dwidel]

SH2DRC: add SUBV, replace ADDV with C version as a precaution. (Fixes
most of Mantis #2026, except the part which is a separate bug). Added
new implementation which uses flags directly, keeping the C versions
in reserve in case they are needed. [R. Belmont, Aaron Giles]

Added more validation to the address map detokenization, in order to
catch cases where multiple read/write handlers are assigned to a range.
Fixed cases in the code that failed these checks. [Atari Ace]

i8051 cpu core timer updates: [Wilbert Pol]
- Added support for timer mode 0 (13 bit timer)
- Cleaned up timer code a bit, fixing some off-by-one errors when
timers overflow.

Naomi updates [Samuele Zannoli]
1) refactors many global and static variables in video\dc.c into a
structure to hold the tile accelerator state
2) textures should be better decoded with more pixel formats
3) adds placeholders for some register probably used by the dimm board
4) corrects a little error in a rom board register (very important,
now at least the gdrom games try to start)

Added region and regionbytes fields to the deviceconfig, which are
auto-filled by the device manager before starting the device. This
simplifies the auto-binding process for devices. Added new selector
for device-specific ROM regions. Not yet wired up in the ROM loader.
[Aaron Giles]

Simplified SH2 DRC shift/rotate instruction implementations.
[Aaron Giles]

Fixed menu handling so it doesn't swallow the tab key. [Aaron Giles]

Changed symbol table reference parameters to void * from UINT32.
[Aaron Giles]

Enable strict PC relative loads for ST-V games; at least Cotton
Boomerang needs them. [R. Belmont]

Added new option 'cheatpath' to specify one or more paths for cheat
files. Removed old option 'cheat_file'. [Aaron Giles]

Updated xmlfile.c to specify the line number for each node, for more
accurate error reporting. [Aaron Giles]

Removed old cheat.c/.h and replaced them with code that will read and
write the new XML-based cheat format using the new cheatpath option
(cheats still need to be enabled in order to load at all). Note that
the cheats are not implemented yet, but they are fully parsed. To test
saving, whenever a cheat file is successfully loaded, it is immediately
written back out as 'output.xml' to the cheat directory for validation.
[Aaron Giles]

Minor cleanups: [Oliver Stoenberg]
- removed of unprintable chars (newlines) in SH-2 disassembler
- removed a few unnecessary checks after malloc_ort_die() calls
- changed two romload.c warnings to use GAMENOUN instead
- added "deprecat.h" in a few src/mame/drivers files
- cleaned up the mame.mak by adding all missing defines and grouping
them based on cpu.mak
- renamed video_exit() to winvideo_exit() for consistency in function

Changed commented-out functions to #ifdefs. [Atari Ace]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Galaxi [Luca Elia]

New clones added
Pool 10 (italian, set 3) [Roberto Fresca]
Killer Instinct 2 (v1.3k, upgrade kit) [Brian Troha] (NOT WORKING)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Bust a Move 2 (JAPANESE ROM ver. 1999/07/17 10:00:00) [R. Belmont]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 01448: [DIP/Input] twotiger: If you have your controller centered,
it is in fact tilted slightly to the right. (Aaron Giles)
- 00595: [DIP/Input] playch10.c games: Button 1 and 2 are reversed
with respect to all other standard mapping. (Fabio Priuli)
- 02007: [Misc.] avengrgs: SH2 Recompiler Bug: Avenrgs crash
(R. Belmont)
- 01892: [Sound] calspeed: Refreshspeed causes horrible screetching
in some games [Calspeed used for example]. (Aaron Giles)
- 01472: [DIP/Input] flower: Starting a game doesn't always register.
(David Haywood)
- 02029: [DIP/Input] aurail and clones: Coinage Dip Switches ignored
(Fabio Priuli)
- 01902: [Core] galpani3: crash at start (Fabio Priuli)
- 01718: [DIP/Input] bishi: Coin 1 and Service 1 mapped twice.
(Fabio Priuli)
- 01572: [DIP/Input] hypreact: Kan, Pon, Chi, Reach, Ron are mapped
twice. (Fabio Priuli)
- 01568: [DIP/Input] gstrik2: Service mode is mapped twice.
(Fabio Priuli)
- 02019: [Core] vfkids: Logging for the SH-2 has been left on.
(R. Belmont)
- 01113: [Speed] btlkroad: [possible] This game runs like slow-motion
during gameplay, with 60/60 on fps. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 00479: [DIP/Input] livegal: P1 Start start a P2 game (and some
inputs are misread in Test Mode) (Fabio Priuli)

Source Changes
Robustified key behavior when the debugger is visible. Should now
properly ignore the "break into debugger" keypress and not allow
related characters to filter through. Removed some hacks related to
making that work in the past. [Aaron Giles]

Changed osd_wait_for_debugger() to take a machine parameter and a
"firsttime" parameter, which is set to 1 the first time the function
is called after a break. The Windows debugger uses this to ensure
that the debugger has focus when you break into it. [Aaron Giles]

Changed short names for STV BIOS back to single words. [Brian Troha]

Added information on how to toggle the built-in speedup in Ms Pacman
or the fast shot in Galaga in 20pacgal. [Brian Troha]

All sound chips must now include a tag. Changed all existing drivers
to define a unique tag for each sound chip. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed incorrect i960 behavior when generating interrupts. [ElSemi]

Changed -listxml to now output the tag names for CPUs and sound chips.
[Aaron Giles]

Added validity checks to ensure no duplicate sound or CPU tags.
Fixed several duplicates. [Aaron Giles]

Changed MDRV_CPU_ADD to require a tag. Removed MDRV_CPU_ADD_TAG.
Tagged all CPUs. [Aaron Giles]

TGP / Model 2 fixes [ElSemi]
- TGP now correctly uses table roms (model1/2 updated accordingly)
- removed FIFO hack on srallyc (game now runs)
- added analog ports reading for model 2A/B/C
- fixed some loading instructions in the TGP. that fixes srallyc
automatic transmission bug

Merged CPU0 and 1 memory maps in flower, improved interrupt generation
[David Haywood]

Dsp56156 Disassembler rewrite. [Andrew Gardner]
- Rearranged decoding behavior.
- Updated code style to MAME standards.
- Tested each single-word opcode with custom ROMs.

Laserdiscs are now devices. Updated all drivers accordingly.
[Aaron Giles]

Merged memory maps in battlnts, bbusters, bigevglf, bigstrkb, and
bionicc. [Aaron Giles]

Added new functions attotime_to_ticks() and ticks_to_attotime() to
convert between attotimes and a clock tick at an integral frequency.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed the 6532 RIOT device into a proper device. Rewrote the
logic to be simpler and leverage the new attotime functions. Changed
the I/O port setters to specify a mask, and changed the I/O port
callbacks to pass in the previous value. Updated tourtabl and
gameplan drivers to use the new device interface. [Aaron Giles]

Converted audio/starwars.c, audio/exidy.c, and audio/gottlieb.c to
use the new RIOT implementation instead of rolling their own.
[Aaron Giles]

Began gottlieb.c cleanup. Converted palette calculations to resistor
weights. Corrected video timing. Reduced the number of separate
machine drivers. Fixed incorrect spriteram sizes. Populated full
memory maps for the main CPU and the rev 1 sound board. More to
come. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed 8257 DMA terminal count stop for autoload mode and added
callback function existance check. [Miodrag Milanovic]

Completed removal of all explicit calls to input_port_read_indexed().
[Fabio Priuli]

Converted tinklpit keycus implementation from a table to a LFSR.
[Olivier Galibert]

Removed unnecessary ROM shuffling code in namconb2. [Olivier Galibert]

Made the initialization of various Konami PPC drivers consistent
from run to run, hopefully fixing most multisession issues. Also moved
some allocations from static to dynamic storage. [Atari Ace]

Made input_port_read_indexed() private to machine/generic.c.
Eventually it will probably disappear altogether. Fixed the two
remaining instances. [Aaron Giles]

Converted a number of drivers from A-C to using tagged input ports,
and AM_PORT_READ in the address maps. [Fabio Priuli]

Added DIP locations to a large number of drivers: bwidow.c, bzone.c,
bestleag, blackt96, bogeyman, bombjack, boogwing, bottom9, brkthru,
darwin, buggychl, squaitsa, btime, bnj, lnc, zoar, disco, cabal,
canyon, cbuster, cclimber, swimmer and guzzler. [Fabio Priuli]

Made DIP switch renderings consistent regardless of UI aspect.
[Aaron Giles]

Moved more items out of .data by either applying const, removing the
non-zero initializer (if its overwritten by init/reset) or by adding
appropriate initialization code. [Atari Ace]

Removed conditional logging code in favor of allowing the compiler to
optimize it out. This prevents bitrot of #ifdef'ed code. [Atari Ace]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Shinobi III (Mega Play) [Tomasz Slanina, Kowal]
Player's Edge Plus (X002069P) Double Double Bonus Poker [Hammer300]

New clones added
Major Title (World) [Tirino73 / MAME Italia]
Winding Heat (EAA, Euro v1.11) [Highwayman]
Demon's World / Horror Story (set 5) [Corrado Tomaselli]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Rail Chase 2 [AndyGeezer]


NOTE: The cheat engine is disabled as of this version. It is
currently undergoing a desperately-needed complete redesign and
rewrite from scratch. By the time 0.127 is ready, we should have
support for the vast majority of existing cheats working once

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00368: [Graphics] aliens: There are a few graphics glitches.
(Nicola Salmoria)
- 00871: [Graphics] pow: At 3/4 of the 1st level, there is a large
pillar, which pops up too late. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 02006: [DIP/Input] rtriv: All four buttons for player 1 are mapped
twice (Fabio Priuli)
- 02009: [Graphics] frogger and clones: background doesn't rotate in
cocktail mode (couriersud)
- 01547: [Sound] cabalbl: Cabal (bootleg) soundfx wrong
(Nicola Salmoria)
- 00244: [Graphics] aliens: In two player mode, there are some
problems with the player sprites. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 01910: [DIP/Input] changela: Gear Shift defaults to Reverse
- 00900: [Color/Palette] kaiserkn, kaiserkj, gblchmp, dankuga: When
thrown by Azteca's medium punch throw the palette of the
thrown character gets all messed up. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 00895: [Color/Palette] arabianm and clones: During level 6, there
is a rain effect, but the water is coloured green.
(Nicola Salmoria)
- 01917: [Color/Palette] gunlock, rayforce, rayfocj: The color of
Battleships is wrong in the 1st stage. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 01058: [Documentation] exctsccb: Exciting soccer bootleg should be
placed in champbas.c. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 00079: [Graphics] faceoff: When you go for a penalty shot the
screen is upside down. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 01887: [DIP/Input] pushman, pushmana, pushmans: Flip screen DIP
switch doesn't work. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 01891: [DIP/Input] matchit, shisen, sichuan2, sichuana: Flip screen
DIP switch doesn't work. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 01574: [DIP/Input] dankuga, gblcmhp, kaiserkj, kaiserkn: Player 1
and Player 2 Button 4 mapped twice. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 01925: [Color/Palette] gunlock, rayforce, rayforcj: The explosive
color of the demo is different. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 01973: [Core] champbbj: Game resets itself in the middle of test
process (Nicola Salmoria)

Source Changes
makemeta changes: [Aaron Giles]
* Split out Manchester code parsing into a separate utility module.
* Rewrote Manchester code parsing to be clock based.
* Updated makemeta to call the new functions.
* Changed makemeta to parse a different format for metadata.
* Fixed Huffyuv decompression in aviio.
* Added more robust logic to parse out the white flag.

Newest Japanese Naomi BIOS added [batman2509, starke/peap]

pit8253 updates: [Wilbert Pol]
- Changed the implementation to use timers internally.
- Removed the frequency change callbacks.

slapfght driver update: [stephh]
* Renamed sets :
- tigerh2 -> tigerhb1 ("Japan set 2" -> "bootleg set 1")
- tigerhb1 -> tigerhb3 ("bootleg set 1" -> "bootleg set 3")
- gtstarba -> gtstarb1 ("bootleg set 2" -> "bootleg set 1")
- getstarb -> gtstarb2 ("bootleg set 1 -> "bootleg set 2")
* "Performan" :
- cleaned/fixed Dip Switches and added port locations
* "Tiger Heli" :
- added MCU simulation for 'tigerhb1' (in fact, I only had to
return the correct value for the hardware test as there
doesn't seem to be any other communication - I'm still not
convinced that this bootleg had a MCU)
- cleaned/fixed Dip Switches and added port locations
- added notes with the differences between the different sets
* "Get Star" / "Guardian" :
- added MCU simulation for 'getstar' and 'getstarj' heavily based
on 'gtstarb1' bootleg
- cleaned/fixed Dip Switches and added port locations
- added notes with the differences between the different sets
(and especially detailed the numerous ingame bugs in

Added new module uiinput.c which manages input for the user interface.
The OSD is responsible for pushing mouse events and character events
to this interface in order to support mouse movement and text-based
input (currently only used for the select game menu). Added support
for navigating through the menus using the mouse.
[Nathan Woods, Aaron Giles]

Redesigned the UI menus so that they can maintain a richer state. Now
the menus can be generated once and reused, rather than requiring
them to be regenerated on each frame. All menus also share a comment
eventing system and navigation through them is managed centrally.
Rewrote all the menus to use the new system, apart from the cheat
menus, which are now disabled. Reorganized the video menu to make it
easier to understand. [Aaron Giles]

Converted UI startup screens to use astrings. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed edge case in the DRC front-end that would incorrectly tag the
end of a sequence as "return to start" even if the last instruction
did not abet the starting instruction. [Aaron Giles]

Replaced the crazy number of get/set functions for render containers
with a single get/set of a user settings struct. [Aaron Giles]

merged exctsccr.c into champbas.c. [Nicola Salmoria]

UDRC-based SH-2 dynamic recompiler: [R. Belmont]
- All games on all drivers should work as before except "colmns97"
and "stress" which crash due to sound system trouble.
- All idle skips are still included. They are quite a bit less
effective than they were on the interpreter, but they still give a
- Fast RAM bypass is not included yet so this does not represent
final performance. That said, it's consistently faster than the
interpreter even now. Example: sfiii3 on 0.126 gets 609% on the
interpreter and 961% on the DRC.

Added ST-V BIOS info based on text at 0x800 (byte swapped).
Reorganized the BIOS list & description. Added the USA bios to
smleague and it's a USA only cart. [Brian Troha]

Added save state suport to Konami CPU & Aliens. [Nicola Salmoria]

Moved kodb to fcrash.c (which will probably end up being the home of
the cps1 bootlegs). [David Haywood]

SH-4 update [Samuele Zannoli]
- Fixed TRAPA and some versions of FMOV
- Improved disassembly for MOV.W, MOVA, MOV.L, FIPR, and FSCA.

Fixed memory leak in romcmp. [Nicola Salmoria]

Merged memory maps in the cabal driver. [Nicola Salmoria]

i960: respect the rounding mode for CVTRI [ElSemi]

Corrected g13knd wave ROM 0 offset. [Philip Bennett]

Fixed cocktail sprite position in galaxian.c. Fixes that the frog
disappears for player 2 if moved backwards. [couriersud]

Changed direct access EEPROM interface to return the "bus width" of
the EEPROM data, and the size is in terms of units, not bytes.
Updated all drivers accordingly. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the ROM loading code to actually alter the region flags based
on the CPU endianness and bus width when creating the region, rather
than fixing them up on the fly. This means that callers to
memory_region_flags() will get the correct results. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the expression engine to use two callbacks for read/write
rather than relying on externally defined functions. [Aaron Giles]

Expanded memory access support in the expression engine. Memory
accesses can now be specified as [space][num]<size>@<address>.
'space' can be one of the following:

p = program address space of CPU #num (default)
d = data address space of CPU #num
i = I/O address space of CPU #num
o = opcode address space of CPU #num (R/W access to decrypted opcodes)
r = direct RAM space of CPU #num (always allows writes, even for ROM)
e = EEPROM index #num
c = direct REGION_CPU#num access
u = direct REGION_USER#num access
g = direct REGION_GFX#num access
s = direct REGION_SOUND#num access

The 'num' field is optional for p/d/i/o/r, where is defaults to the
current CPU, and for e, where it defaults to EEPROM #0. 'num' is
required for all region-related prefixes. Some examples:

w@curpc = word at 'curpc' in the active CPU's program address space
dd@0 = dword at 0x0 in the active CPU's data address space
r2b@100 = byte at 0x100 from a RAM region in CPU #2's program space
ew@7f = word from EEPROM address 0x7f
u2q@40 = qword from REGION_USER2, offset 0x40

The 'size' field is always required, and can be b/w/d/q for byte, word,
dword, and qword accesses. [Aaron Giles]

Added World Rally support to tiny.mak/.c. [Macareno]

changela input improvements: [RansAckeR]
- DIP switch fixes
- Added DIP locations.

Minor srmp5 update: [Sonikos]
- Removed hack in drive machine R3000
- Adjusted R3000 frequency to 25 Mhz according to speglsht
(the hardware is the same)
- Adjusted visible area (but i'm not sure it's correct)
- Fix one rom loading

Changed partial refresh policy in snk68.c and updated comments.
[Nicola Salmoria]

More conversion to input_port_read(): [Fabio Priuli]
* converted to use tagged inputs and handlers all drivers starting
with S & T
* simplified input reads in system24 (removing a redundant handler)
* cleaned up a bit inputs in system 16 & 18 bootlegs (among the
other things, now coinage and P2 inputs in fpointbl & fpointbj
work again)
* removed a lot of redundant #define from taito drivers, replacing
them with PORT_INCLUDEs and definitions from taitoipt.h

New clones added
World Class Bowling v1.6N [Brian Troha]
Tiger Heli (bootleg set 1) [stephh]
Guardian (US) [stephh]
Get Star (Japan) [stephh]
Virtua Fighter 2 (Revision A) [Peabo / ElSemi]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Daytona USA Deluxe '93 [Peabo / ElSemi]