Novità nella versione 0.113u2


Note to OSD porters: several OSD-related changes are in this build.
Many options in the system are now defined by the core and looked up
using the options_* functions. This should allow a bunch of code to
be removed from most OSD ports. In addition the mame_file_error type
has been renamed to file_error, so a little search & replace action
is necessary.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
neogeo0113u1red [Zsolt Vasvari]

Source Changes
Updated a number of Sega games to use the new video timing code.
[Zsolt Vasvari]

Added very preliminary SSP1610 CPU core. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Created a utility call win_is_gui_application() to determine if the
current process is a console or a non-console application. Added a
call to direct error output to message boxes if MAME is running as a
windows application (such as MAME32). This will allow MAME32 failures
to be reported to the user rather than silently fail. [Nathan Woods]

Updated NeoGeo driver to the new video timing code and raw screen
parameters. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Firebeat driver updates: [Ville Linde]
- Fixed the hardware error in Keyboardmania 2nd mix
- Added iButton for Keyboardmania
- Hooked up inputs for Pop'n Music 7

Updated Gridlee and Bally/Sente driver to use new video timing code
and raw screen parameters. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Created a UTF-8 wrapper for the Win32 API GetModuleFileName().
[Nathan Woods]

Updated Voodoo-based games to use the new video timing code and newer
MAME timers. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Major cleanup/rewrite of the Ultra Tank driver. [Stefan Jokisch]

Update to Sprint 4. This fixes the gear shift levers which were broken
with a recent previous change, and improves a few other bits.
[Stefan Jokisch]

Added back joystick deadzone handling behind a compile-time define as
a pattern for other OSD ports. [Derrick Renaud]

Implemented the mw8080bw interrupt generation more to how the real
hardware works (equivalent result as before). Added detailed
description of the video timing and the interrupt generation systems.
[Zsolt Vasvari]

Fixes cdp1869 double width mode (for MESS). [Curt Coder]

Removed stupid sprite hack from Riddle of Pythagoras. [David Haywood]

Updated Starfire driver to use video timing from schematics.
[Zsolt Vasvari]

Some more 8080bw fixes: [Zsolt Vasvari]
- fixed Lupin III crash due to invalid sample.
- added video timing from mw8080bw. This caused the visible areas of
most games to change, so they will fail regression.
- Shuttle Invaders display is shifted off screen now – but the PCB
notes confirm that it’s a different hardware, so it will need its
own driver anyhow.
- created a new file for MB14241, which is the shifter IC used by
Invaders hardware games.

Renamed mame_file_error to file_error, since it is used throughout
the code including the utilities. [Aaron Giles]

Added stronger priority boosting when sleeping on Windows in the hopes
of getting more consistent frame rates. [Aaron Giles]

Added remaining Unicode characters up to 0100h in the built-in font.
[Aaron Giles]

Added a 'flags' parameter to osd_work_item_queue() and defined one
new flag: WORK_ITEM_FLAG_AUTO_RELEASE, which means that the work item
should be automatically released when completed. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the Windows OSD work code to only allocate events for items
when necessary, in order to conserve system resources. [Aaron Giles]

Changed refresh and VBLANK timing parameters throughout the system to
be specified in subseconds_t instead of as floating point frequencies.
[Aaron Giles]

Updated video timing in the Midway V-unit driver. [Aaron Giles]

Changed gaelco3d driver to use osd_work_items for rendering, allowing
multi-CPU systems to shift most of the rendering burden to a second
CPU. [Aaron Giles]

Moved support for the following options into the core: [Aaron Giles]
-state <x>
-playback <file>
-record <file>
-mngwrite <file>
-wavwrite <file>
-brightness <x>
-contrast <x>
-gamma <x>
-pause_brightness <x>
-beam <x>
-flicker <x>
-volume <x>
-debugscript <file>
-bios <x>

Cleaned up the Food Fight driver, giving it complete memory maps,
finished implementing sprite/playfield priorities, and corrected
timing - sort of. [Aaron Giles]

Cleaned up initialization paths in mame.c. Tried to organize things
a bit more logically. Removed a number of return codes in favor of
more descriptive fatalerror messages. [Aaron Giles]

Changed throttling behavior to only throttle on non-skipped frames.
This should give a little better performance on games where
frameskipping is necessary. [Aaron Giles]

Added srcclean tool to the tools directory. This is the tool that is
run over the source before each release to do some minor code tidying.
[Aaron Giles]

Added new driver flag VIDEO_SELF_RENDER which indicates that the
driver will talk to the renderer on its own in its VIDEO_UPDATE
callback. Added the flag to all the laserdisc game drivers. Changed
the logic in the core video to only empty screen containers when
doing the final render, rather than emptying them at the start of
each frame. [Aaron Giles]

Changed pause behavior so that on non-debug builds, we simply keep
the most recent list of primitives and re-render that. Debug builds
keep the current default behavior which is to run the VIDEO_UPDATE
code each frame even while paused in order to help identify issues
in the emulation. [Aaron Giles]

New clones added
ParaParaParadise v1.1 [Ville Linde]
Sky Robo [Stefan Lindberg]
Captain America and The Avengers (US Rev 1.4) [chaneman]
Hex Pool (Senko) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Daytona USA (With Saturn Adverts) [Guru, David Haywood]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Motoraid [Guru, David Haywood]