NovitÓ nella versione 0.113


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
fastlane0112u4gra [Canim]
diamond0112u4gra [Canim]
calorie0112u4gra [Canim]
qcrayon237b9gra [stephh]
leftover0112u4ora [Aaron Giles]
asserts0112u4ora [Aaron Giles, Derrick Renaud]
nes0112u4red [Aaron Giles]

Source Changes
Removed unnecessary idle skipping code from the m92 and deco32
drivers. This allows removal of a couple of now-unused functions
from cpuexec. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Minor cleanup of Berzerk driver. [Lord Nightmare]

Removed cpu_gethorzbeampos() and replaced it with calls to
video_screen_get_hpos(). Also changed TMS34010 configuration to take
a screen number, and changed atarigen_get_hblank() to take a screen
number as well. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Fixed the model2.c ROM definitions for some games that weren't even
loading and made the infamous unknown z-sort mode not a fatal error.
[R. Belmont]

Fixed a number of BIOS-only drivers to not crash when run.
[R. Belmont, Aaron Giles]

Fixed bug where the window thread would stop processing events when
mame was paused. [BUT]

Changed the 'Tournament' Street Fighter games to not have a network
adapter present by default. [David Haywood]

Fixed incorrect Eolith speedup patch from u3. [David Haywood]

Fixed regressions in 3 of the discrete games from 0.112u4.
[Derrick Renaud]

Fixed all analog controls for the newly enabled validity checks
including the following: [Derrick Renaud]

* demndrgn - changed to proper IPT_AD_STICK controls.
* konamigt, hcrash, rf2 - set to proper PADDLE control and fixed mask.
* overdriv - changed to proper PADDLE control.
* sspeedr - changed to IPT_POSITIONAL with PORT_REMAP_TABLE controls
for gas and steering fixing both.
* midvunit.c - changed games so the brake pedal shows on player1
* simpbowl - fixed port mask, now trackball works proper without
* ssrj - fixed gas pedal
* namcos2 - fixed inputs on all games (may need to delete nv files)

Added diplocations to the driver segas16a, segas16b, segas18, megaplay,
news, ninjadks2 and nemesis drivers. In segas16b, added in SDI
allow_continue. In megaplay (Mazin Wars) updated the name of dip with
the real name from game setting. [Ruben]

Actually included the RF5C400 changes mentioned for u4.
[hoot development team]

Split the sprint4 and ultratnk drivers again. Brought the Sprint 4
driver up to date. [Stefan Jokisch]

Added save state support to Combatribes and Jail Break. [Kevin Eshbach]

Added preliminary sound to Destroyer and Altair. White noise is
missing, and Draco is still silent. [Curt Coder]

Added tools to generate regression tests and
reports. The report generator is cross-platform, but the test running
code is Windows-only at the moment. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed regression in Nintendo games that did not specify a clock for
the NES APU. [Aaron Giles]

Rewrote the BSMT2000 to be more accurate. Various modes are now
software selected at startup based on the register value at reset
time. Changed all existing drivers so they properly hooked up the
reset line on the chip in order to make this control work. Also added
correct BSMT2000 ADPCM output. [Aaron Giles]

Defined several new exit codes for "unknown game" and "invalid config"
and changed the Windows OSD layer to output them. [Aaron Giles]

Removed obsolete joystick calibration junk from the osdepend layer.
If anyone needs this functionality, I will look into providing a way
for the OSD code to add menus in the UI. [Aaron Giles]

Changed file2str to be built into the obj directory. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
beatmania 3rd MIX [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
A Question of Sport [Philip Bennett]

New clones added
Jail Break (Bootleg) [Kevin Eshbach]
The Combatribes (US) - Set 1? [Kevin Eshbach]
Plotting (World set 3, Earliest) [Stefan Lindberg]
Flipull (Japan) [Stefan Lindberg]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
DrumMania [smf]
Percussion Freaks 3rd Mix [smf]
Guitar Freaks 4th Mix [smf]
Guitar Freaks 5th Mix [smf]
Snooker 10 [Roberto Fresca]
ParaParaDancing [Ian Patterson]
Keyboardmania [Ian Patterson]
Keyboardmania 2nd Mix [Ian Patterson]
Pop n' Music 7 [Ian Patterson]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
speakres0112yel [Zsolt Vasvari]
minigolf0112u2gra [Derrick Renaud]
empcity36finalyel [Aaron Giles]
rdtsc0101u5yel [Aaron Giles]

Source Changes
Discrete sound for Checkmate: [Derrick Renaud]
* new DISCRETE_ADJUSTMENT_TAG module that uses tags instead of port
numbers. Updated all games to use it, because it is now the
preferred method.
* added PORT_CROSSHAIRs to triplhnt.

Minor Konami 573 system update: [smf]
* marks two games as working which were incorrectly tagged
* adds the correct hashes for 845jab02
* added NO_DUMP's for all the flash roms

Fixed a number of issues related to the new streaming engine and
sound code: [Aaron Giles]
* fixed crash when restoring from a save state
* fixed crash when running with -nosound
* fixed loud looping when halted in the debugger
* fixed crash when changing sample rates (YM2203 mainly)
* fixed crash in k054539 sound core

Added SN76477 noise RNG polynomial. [Zsolt Vasvari, Derrick Renaud,
Jarek Burczynski]

Midway 8080 driver updates: [Zsolt Vasvari]
* fixed bug where mw8080bw games would freeze after state load.
* corrected DIP SW order in M-4
* converted Dog Patch to PORT_POSITIONAL

RF5C400 sound core improvements: [hoot development team]
* implemented volume envelopes
* ccorrected the channel volume calculation
* documented registers for reverb, chorus, and per-channel digital
filter (actual effects are not implemented yet)

Fixeed most Dip Switches and Inputs in the galspnbl driver.
[stephh, Justin Szczap]

Updated a number of drivers to use the new PORT_DIPUNUSED macros.

Improvements to the memory pool routines: [Nathan Woods]
- added a pool_clear() call, to clear out a memory pool without
freeing the pool itself
- added support for pool_realloc() with a size of zero, which
effectively frees a pointer within a pool
- added testing code to validate pool behavior

Added support for more flexible word wrapping with CJK characters.
Also added wrapping on hyphens. [MAME Plus! team, Aaron Giles]

Added T5182 support, which gives sound to darkmist, mustache and
panicr. Also changed the YM2151 to prevent timer problems, and added
the missing flip X in Mustache Boy. [Nicola Salmora, Lord Nightmare,
Ernesto Corvi]

More input fixes and improvements: [Derrick Renaud]
* fixed some obscure masking, shifting, overflow, and signed
problems in the input system. Most noticeably this fixes the
analog controls in sfootbal and stops the pedal in redlin2p from
rotating through gas/no gas as the pedal is pressed.
* analog ports no longer save and load their default value from the
config file. It should only ever use the value specified in the
driver, and storing it can cause problems the more the game is
restarted and the value starts to change.
* added a bunch of validity tests to the analog ports. Some are
commented out until the problems they uncovered are fixed.
* analog ports now defalt to a PORT_MINMAX of (0,mask). This means
you no longer have to specify PORT_MINMAX if you are not using
any limits. Removed a bunch of no longer needed PORT_MINMAX

Bitmaps are now cleared to 0 by default. This fixes a number of random
crashes in games. [Aaron Giles]

Modified the raster position calculations to round to the nearest
pixel which produces more consistent results. [Aaron Giles]

Changed most sound cores to generate audio at their internal clock
rates (or some multiple/divisor of them) rather than at the user
specified output rate. This completes the second step of decoupling
audio emulation from the user's sample rate choice. [Aaron Giles]

Removed a big pile of goofiness from the DMA-driven DAC driver now
that it is no longer necessary. [Aaron Giles]

Removed custom sound code from cchasm and replaced it with a simple
DAC implementation. [Aaron Giles]

Cleaned up attckufo driver, making it perform like a 1MHz 6502 game
once again. [Aaron Giles]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart [R. Belmont]
Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart Seal version PLUS [R. Belmont]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
ghouls097u4yel [MAME Italia Forum]
hotchase0111u2gra [Brian Troha]
bigtwin0111u4gra [Brian Troha]

Source Changes
Modified ledutil to save the LED state when returning from pause.
[Bob Seidel]

Fixed the crashing in debug builds and added controls for Ski Champ.
[Ville Linde]

Updated makefile to remove the map file when making clean. [Dirk Best]

Significant changes to the input system: [Derrick Renaud]
* Added the -vol shortcut to -volume to match the docs.
* Added new joystick options -joy_deadzone & -joy_saturation.
Removed -a2d_deadzone. These now apply to the analog and
digital-from-analog data. See windows.txt for more info.
* Analog joystick data is divided into chunks for IPT_POSITIONAL
controls. e.g., for a 7 position emulated control, a joystick
axis will move 3 positions each way from center + center =
7 positions. One good use for this is 49way sticks. The driver
input code just needs to be set to IPT_POSITIONAL
* IPT_PEDAL controls are now nothing special in the core. They can
use any control like a paddle does. At the OS input level, the
code has been changed to supply full joystick axis and the +/-
axis. This means any half axis or full axis can be used for any
emulated control. e.g., a pedal that only outputs Y- data can be
used for the full range of the gun in boothill. Or a full axis
slider on a joystick can be used in its full range as an emulated
pedal. INC now increases the pedal value, not DEC.
* When seting up the player controls in the menu, the first time an
analog joystick axis is selected it will use the full range. If
you immediately select the same joystick axis it will toggle to
the half +/- axis.
* Analog joysticks can now simulate relative devices such as a
trackball. The further you move the joystick, the faster the
trackball spins. Use the sensitivity setting to adjust.
* Added support for mouse +/- axis to be used as button input.
* Modified IPT_PADDLE and IPT_AD_STICK so they do not behave as
pedals using half the joystick range if their default value is
equal to one of the PORT_MINMAX values. Now you can select it as
the full or +/- part axis.

Updates to the acefruit driver: [stephh]
* added 'sidewndr' and 'spellbnd' (was 'sidewnda') which were missing
in previous releases
* reorganised the layout to have all lamps and solenoids at the top
(where there's nothing)
* also renamed some lamps and solenoids
* added 'starspnr' ... unfortunately, the game is not working due
to a bad dump (H11)

Updated the DISCRETE_OP_AMP_OSCILLATOR circuit to get it ready for a
future driver. It allows the DISC_OP_AMP_OSCILLATOR_1 |
DISC_OP_AMP_IS_NORTON oscillator to use nodes to adjust the
resistance values instead of only being static values.
[Derrick Renaud]

Fixed thrust control in Lunar Lander. [Derrick Renaud]

Created new utility module pool.c for managing memory pools. Rebuilt
auto_malloc on top of this concept. [Nathan Woods]

Added speedups to many of the Eolith games. [David Haywood]

Added sprite rotation to the realbrk driver. This fixes the jigging
reels in the pachinko games and the cue position and orientation in
the pool games.

Added discrete sound for Amazing Maze. Also added new Discrete
[Derrick Renaud]

Fixed the small graphic issues in the Cidelsa driver. Draco still has
imperfect colors. [Curt Coder]

Fixed naming and identification of several Neo Geo ROMs. [JohnBoy]

Fixed regression in the GeeBee driver. [David Haywood]

Major update to the Konami System 573 driver: [smf]
* added state saving to emu\sound\cdda.c & mame\drivers\ksys573.c
* added DS2401 emulation
* added X76F100 emulation
* added ZS01 emulation (HLE of System 573 PIC)
* added write support to X76F041 emulation
* many new games partially supported

Connected brightness support on the CPS1 board (not just CPS2) after
verifying that the real board does support it. [MAME Italia forum]

Improved the K001604 tilemap chip emulation. [Ville Linde]

Fixed garbage in fonts on some systems. [Aaron Giles]

Added new tool makemeta.exe, which can generate properly formatted
metadata for laserdisc CHDs using either a specially captured AVI as
input (preferred) or a hand-crafted set of encoded Philips codes.
[Aaron Giles]

Rewrote throttling code to be more forgiving of OSD-level glitches
and uneven frame rates. [Aaron Giles]

Changed sound streaming engine to be emulated time based instead of
sample based. This means that emulation behavior is independent of
the user-specified sample rate (except that some sound cores still
use this value; to fixed in a future update). Also separated sound
generation from video frame rate. Sound is now pushed to the OSD
layer at a fixed rate of 50 updates per emulated second. This entailed
a change in the way sound is handed to the OSD layer. Instead of the
OSD layer requesting arbitrary numbers of samples each frame, the
core now pushes the appropriate number of samples based on the
emulated time. [Aaron Giles]

Simplified the OSD interface for sound. Removed osd_start_audio_stream
and osd_stop_audio_stream; OSD initialization code is now responsible
for initialization. Removed osd_get_mastervolume and osd_sound_enable,
keeping management of the main volume in emu/sound.c. [Aaron Giles]

Changed K054539 to run at native sample rate. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Crazy War [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

New clones added
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Asia 960529) [Nicola Salmoria]
Meikyuu Hunter G (Japan, set 2) [David Haywood]
Chinese Heroe (Taito) [David Haywood]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Dance Dance Revolution (GC845 VER. JAB) [smf]
Dancing Stage featuring TRUE KiSS DESTiNATiON (G*884 VER. JAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix (GQ894 VER. JAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 (GC905 VER. AAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix [smf]
Dance Freaks (G*874 VER. KAA) [smf]
DrumMania 2nd Mix (GE912 VER. JAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Plus (G*A22 VER. JAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix (G*A33 VER. AAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution Solo 4th Mix (G*A33 VER. ABA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution USA (G*A44 VER. UAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus (G*A34 VER. JAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus Solo (G*A34 VER. JAA) [smf]
Dance Maniax 2nd Mix (G*A39 VER. JAA) [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix (G*A27 VER. JAA) [smf]
Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Append J-Paradise (G*A38 VER. JAA ) [smf]
Salary Man Champ (G*A18 VER. JAA) [smf]
DDR Max - Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (G*B19 VER. JAA) [smf]
DDR Max 2 - Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix (G*B20 VER. JAA) [smf]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
analog0112u1gra [Derrick Renaud]
UItext0112u1yel [Aaron Giles]
layout0112u1gre [Aaron Giles]
pinbo0112u1gre [Aaron Giles]

Source Changes
Improved the cidelsa driver: [Curt Coder]
- rewrote the cdp1802 cpu emulation as a state machine
- fixed Draco dips and inputs (what a strange game!)
- added NVRAM to Destroyer/Draco (Altair has no battery on the PCB)
- fixed some clocks

Fixed mapping of spaceship controls in spcenctr. [Canim]

Removed the inclusion of unnecessary header files across the project.
[Atari Ace]

Added discrete filters to the new Namco 54xx sound effects. Also
implemented filters for the 52xx sound effects in preparation for
future changes. [Derrick Renaud]

Added pause support to the output system: [Bob Seidel]
- added "pause" message through the Output system to let clients
know when MAME is paused
- the state of an item is now sent when the item is first created
- updated ledutil to use the pause state

Added cocktail mode and DIP locations to the Millipede driver.
[Mike Haaland]

Many more CPS2 keys added. Removed all XORs and support for them from
MAME. [Nicola Salmoria, Andreas Naive]

Fixed regression in the ar_xeon driver sprites. [Ernesto Corvi]

Kaneko driver improvements:
- bloodwar: [Gary Walkling, Sebastien Volpe]
* protection data extracted, still needs to be verified
* collision detection simulation thanks to tests on real board
- bonkadv: [Guru, Sebastien Volpe]
* protection data fully verified: corrects tilemap colors in levels 2 and 3
* correct implementation of MCU command 43

Fixed behavior of MOVEC instruction on later 680x0 chips, and in the
disassembler. [Ernesto Corvi]

Properly idenitified sound ROMs for Altered Beast set 2. [Brian Troha]

Fixed bad bits in a couple of FD1094 keys. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed bug in debugger that caused incorrect end offsets to be
computed on CPUs with an address shift. [Ville Linde]

Moved some additional pieces of core functionality in the the core
utility library. [Nathan Woods]

Added sound to porky. [Tomasz Slanina]

Changed font scaling again. Fonts 24 pixels tall and above are scaled
the old way. Fonts smaller than that are scaled via integral scale
factors and adjusted the new way. [Aaron Giles]

Added a small optimization to the FD1094 decoding step. [Aaron Giles]

Added several new modules to the utility library libutil. First is a
generic huffman encoding module. Second is a module that allows you to
read/write AVI files in a platform-independent way. And third is a
lossless A/V compression module. These three pieces together, plus
some changes in the CHD code, allow for the creation of CHDs with
compressed audio and video. [Aaron Giles]

Added two new commands to chdman: -createav converts an AVI file in
uncompressed YUY format or HuffYUV-compressed YUY format with "left"
prediction into a CHD. And -extractav converts a CHD containing
compressed audio & video into an uncompressed YUY format AVI file.
[Aaron Giles]

Finished hooking up laserdisc support to the new audio/video
compression. Note that we still do not have canonical CHDs of
laserdisc data at the moment, but all the support is now present for
when they start to appear. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Altair [Curt Coder]
Draco [Curt Coder]
Wyvern Wings [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Choko [Guru]
Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (Japan) [David Haywood, Guru]
Blood Warrior [Sebastien Volpe]
Deal 'Em (MPU4 Conversion Kit) [James Wallace]
Jyangokushi: Haoh no Saihai (Japan) [Guru]
Dynamite Bomber (Korea) (Rev 1.5) [Guru, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Search Eye 2 Plus V2.0 [Guru, David Haywood]

New clones added
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Asia 940113) [Nicola Salmoria]
X-Men: Children of the Atom (Hispanic 950331) [Nicola Salmoria]
Armored Warriors (Asia 940920) [Nicola Salmoria]
Street Fighter Zero (4 sets) [Nicola Salmoria]
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Brazil 960223) [Nicola]
Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (Asia 960708) [Nicola Salmoria]
Street Fighter Zero 2 (6 sets) [Nicola Salmoria]
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (7 sets) [Nicola Salmoria]
Battle Circuit (Asia 970319) [Nicola Salmoria]
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (2 sets) [Nicola Salmoria]
Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (Hispanic 970904) [Nicola Salmoria]
Hyper Street Fighter 2 (Japan 031222) [Nicola Salmoria]
Giga Wing (Asia 990222) [Nicola Salmoria]
1944: The Loop Master (Japan 000620) [Nicola Salmoria]
Progear (Asia 010117) [Nicola Salmoria]
X-Men (4 Players ver JBA) [Brian Troha]
Garou - Mark of the Wolves (bootleg) [David Haywood, JohnBoy]
Puzzle Bang Bang (version 2.8 / 990106) [Guru]
Space Battle Ship Gomorrah [Guru]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Candy Puzzle [David Haywood]
Harem Challenge [David Haywood]
Laser Quiz [David Haywood]
Laser Quiz '2' Italy [David Haywood]
Magic Premium [David Haywood]
Laser Stixx [David Haywood]
Koi Koi [David Haywood]
Ski Champ [R. Belmont]


IMPORTANT: This release brings with it a major source code
reorganization. Because of this, there is no diff update, since the
diff would be enormous.

The new layout at a high level looks like this:

emu/ (generic emulation files from the old src/ directory)
cpu/ (CPU cores from src/cpu)
sound/ (sound cores from src/sound)
debug/ (debugger code from src/debug)
audio/ (generic audio files from src/sndhrdw)
layout/ (generic layout files from src/layout)
machine/ (generic machine files from src/machine)
video/ (generic video files from src/vidhrdw)

mame/ (MAME-specific drivers)
drivers/ (drivers from src/drivers)
includes/ (includes from src/includes)
layout/ (majority of files from src/layout)
machine/ (majority of files from src/machine)
audio/ (majority of files from src/sndhrdw)
video/ (majority of files from src/vidhrdw)
etc/ (misc files from src/etc)

lib/ (libraries)
util/ (various files with light dependencies from src)
zlib/ (zlib library)
expat/ (expat library)

osd/ (OS-dependent code)
osdmini/ (mini OS-dependent code)
windows/ (Windows OS-dependent code)

tools/ (misc tools)

Along with these changes come a number of makefile alterations to
better distribute the build knowledge within each major subdirectory.
There may be some build issues or other interesting side effects to
this change. Report them on MAMETesters and future updates will
include fixes.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
m4_0111u4gra [Mike Ellery]
mouser0112yel [Mamesick]
bnj0111u5ora [Canim]

Source Changes
Improvements to the Cidelsa driver: [Curt Coder]
- Fixed the disassembly of cdp1802 opcode LSKP
- Changed the cdp1802 opcode OUT to increment R(X) after calling the
write handler
- Set cdp1869 display size and visible area according to data sheet
- Added cdp1869 CFC emulation (probably never used by anything but
just for completeness' sake)
- Cleaned up driver

Improvements to the M2 driver: [Ville Linde]
- Added preliminary CD controller emulation
- Hooked up some more multi-processor functionality and interrupts

Improvements to C352 sound emulator: [cync, hoot development team]
- Rewrote loop and flag handling, added support for global key-on
- Fixed state saving

Worked around compilation error on MSVC that caused "Calendar error"
in the Neo Geo games. [Atari Ace]

Rewrote much of the RF5C400 sound emulator to support looping, stereo
panning, and 8-bit sample support.
[hoot development team, Ville Linde]

Removed patch from mjleague now that it is not needed.
[Arenzo Fabrice]

Fixed bubbletr crosshairs. [Canim]

Cleaned up information in mamedriv.c. [Brian Troha]

Added save state support for all games in gng.c, gunsmoke.c, lasso.c,
solomon.c and terracre.c. [Vas Crabb]

Replaced implementation of Namco 54xx sound chip with new MB8844 CPU
core running the original embedded ROM code. Removed old sound core.
Pole Position and Bosconian no longer require samples as a result.
[Nicola Salmora, Ernesto Corvi, Guru]

Added new function driver_get_count() to return the number of drivers.
[Nathan Woods]

Added a bunch of new protection routines for SD Gundam & Heated
Barrel. [Angelo Salese]

Input system changes: [Derrick Renaud]
- Added new IPT_POSITIONAL control type. This is for Ikari type
rotary controls and gray-code devices like Seawolf. This makes
rotary and gray-code controls easy to enter without custom
- Fixed some rounding and min/max errors in the core input code.
- Modified crosshair code to be based on real scaling, see Seawolf
for an example. It can now also have multiple crosshairs on one
input port if needed.
- Added back in the namcos2 crosshairs. Turns out they are needed
for calibration.
- Removed the gwar control hack from the Ikari games that did not
need it. Modified the gwar control hack so it is only used for 1
frame, making it unnoticeable.
- Updated boothill, gunfight, seawolf, spcenctr to use the new

Fixed the exidy/stern-sb1000 6840-based sound hardware to use what
is believed (based on the schematic) to be the proper LFSR/PRNG
waveform for its secondary clock source. [Lord Nightmare]

Updated Dragon Bowl to use HOLD_LINE for sound IRQs. Also did the same
for the following drivers: afega, ettrivia, funybubl, jack, mustache,
seta, trvmadns, wink. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Changed 6809/6309 CPU cores to call the MAME debugger when CWAI/SYNC
is used. [Nathan Woods]

Fixed uninitialized use of video_dma_address to address the rfjet
crash in 64-bit builds. [Ville Linde]

Added support for the Motorola MPC8240 to the PowerPC core.
[Ville Linde]

Improved ZIP file searching to look first for name + CRC match, second
for CRC-only match, and lastly for name-only match. [Ben Rudiak-Gould]

Verified and improved stepper behavior based on comparison with a
real machine. [James Wallace]

Changed file2str to work for any binary file and output the data as
an array of bytes rather than a string. [Aaron Giles]

Made UI font size computations more flexible. This ensures that fonts
are scaled vertically by an integral factor and should produce nice
proportions for most fonts now. [Aaron Giles]

Added new function sound_find_sndnum_by_tag() to look up a sound
index by its tag. [Aaron Giles]

Made osd_uchar_from_osdchar a member of the osdcore file library.
[Aaron Giles]

Created new generic bitmap management code with fewer dependencies on
the rest of MAME so that it can be used by utility code. Changed
bitmap_alloc to always take a format parameter. Deprecated
bitmap_alloc_format. Updated all drivers to pass an explicit format
when allocating a bitmap. Changed auto_bitmap_alloc in the same
fashion. [Aaron Giles]

Split some functionality from fileio.c into new module corefile.c,
which can be used by utilities to get unicode support and fopen-style
file I/O built on top of the OSD routines. Rebuilt fileio.c on top of
the core file code. Added mame_core_file() to get the underlying
core_file object from a mame_file so it can be used with png and
xmlfile code. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the way the tiny build works. There is now the concept of a
SUBTARGET. By default SUBTARGET is set equal to TARGET (which is mame)
and everything builds as normal. The makefile that is included is now
src/$(TARGET)/$(SUBTARGET).mak. Thus, to do a tiny build, you now
have to specify "make SUBTARGET=tiny". This will produce an output
executable with a name $(TARGET)$(SUBTARGET) (mametiny in this case).
[Aaron Giles]

Turned ENABLE_BORDER_PIX back on, since so many people seem to be
having trouble without it. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Cash Quiz [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Sidewinder [smf]

New clones added
Power Spikes (China) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Rastan Saga (Japan Rev 1) [Gerald Coy]
Eco Fighters (USA 931203) [Nicola Salmoria]
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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (Hispanic 950403) [Nicola]
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