NovitÓ nella versione 0.110u2


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
vulcan137b1gre [robiza, Mamesick]
mario0110u1gre [Derrick Renaud]

Source Changes
Fixed flags access in the i286 core. [Barry Rodewald]

Updated MC146818 module to use new core date/time routines.
[Nathan Woods]

Cleaned up disassemblers to remove stubs and ensure the disassemblers
are not referenced except in debug builds. [Nathan Woods]

Added support for using CHDs to decrypt CPS2 games. This code is
disabled for the moment, but will be enabled in the future. Only a
handful of games have complete tables so far. These tables are huge
(~4GB) and uncompressable until the encryption algorithm is
understood. [David Haywood]

Fixed bug in the debugger that caused watchpoints to not be active
until the next context switch. [smf]

Cleaned up the input definitions for n-way joysticks so they are
more explicit. Added concept of a "16-way" joystick, which is a
joystick that doesn't prevent simultaneous opposing directions from
bring reported. [smf]

Major System 573 update: [smf]
* fixed PSX SIO control register behavior
* implemented several SCSI CD commands: START/STOP UNIT, PAUSE/
* added uPD4701 emulation
* fixed ATAPI reset, PIO, and command IDENTIFY PACKET DEVICE
* hooked up controls for fishing, DRR, and Guitar Freaks games
* hooked up CDDA audio
* removed some unused bytes from the Konami 80's security chips

Fixed upside down service mode in the commando.c driver. [Canim]

Added support for the Triple Hunt 8-track audio. [Derrick Renaud]

Galaxian/Scramble driver reorganization: [Atari Ace]
* machine/scramble.c is broken up into two files,
machine/galaxian.c and machine/scramble.c
* drivers/amidar.c, drivers/frogger.c, drivers/scobra.c get copies
of some of the data structures they shared from other drivers
* galaxian_base is made static and uses outside of the main driver
were rewritten
* cclimber_decode code from drivers/cclimber.c was separated into
its own machine/cclimber.c file to allow mshuttle to share it
without taking on other dependencies

Added missing x-flipping support in Major Havoc. [Mathis Rosenhauer]

Made some improvements to trivia madness driver. There still is
something wrong in the question roms banking. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

More updates to the ST-V driver: [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
* vdp1: added shading for sprites (used by znpwfv, cotton, others)
* vdp1: fixed sprite clipping (fixes incorrect sprites in znpwfv)
* vdp1: fixed transparency on colour lookup table sprites (fixes bad
sprites in znpwfv)
* vdp2: fixed caching of RGB layer (fixes bad backgrounds on bosses
in rsgun)
* vdp2: added additive blending for tilemaps and sprites (rsgun)
* vdp2: added vertical line scroll and linezoom (fixes diehard logo)
* stv: improved speedups for diehard
* stv: fixed speedups for znpwfv
* stv: added preliminary save state support

Significant cleanup of chd.c: [Aaron Giles]
* got rid of the horrible last_error concept; now all routines
return an error directly
* fixed several issues in managing metadata
* changed compression and verification routines to be client-driven
rather than monolithic
* changed internal codec usage to be more flexible
* altered chdman and MAME to use the new interfaces
* added new -createraw command for creating raw data CHDs

Fixed crash bug in romcmp when comparing ZIP files. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Fisherman's Bait * A Bass Challenge / Bass Angler [smf]
Fisherman's Bait 2 * A Bass Challenge [smf]
Fisherman's Bait * Marlin Challenge [smf]
Dancing Stage / Dance Dance Revolution [smf]
Guitar Freaks [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix [smf]
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Link [smf]

New clones added
Hellfire (2P Ver., first edition) [Tirino73]
Konami 80's AC Special (3 versions) [smf]
Stratovox (bootleg) [Brian Troha]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Jyangokushi: Haoh no Saihai (Japan) [David Haywood]