NovitÓ nella versione 0.109u1


IMPORTANT NOTE TO OSD DEVELOPERS: The file I/O interface has changed
significantly. It is now much simpler. Please read osdepend.h for
full details on how the new OSD-defined functions work. In addition,
you must now use the options.c to specify your search paths. If you
are parsing standard command line options and INI files, this work
is relatively straightforward. Otherwise, you can manually call
options_set_string() for each of the search paths to configure them
from whatever options store you are using.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
silentd0108u5yel [Mamesick]
gradius30104u3gre [Mamesick]
spelunk2099u6gre [robzia]
twinactn0105u2gre [robzia]
czeroize0108u2yel [David Haywood]
listrom0109red [Aaron Giles]
chdbaddump0109ora [Aaron Giles]
ddrawcoloroverlay0109yel [Aaron Giles]
new_debugger0109ora [Aaron Giles]
ronnamelength0109ora [krick]
shtngmst0108u4ora [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Source Changes
More findout.c/getrivia.c improvements: [wolf676]
- added ticket dispenser to Trivia/Sexual Trivia
- found last unknown dipswitch in Selection/Poker
- added missing "Payout" button; payout hardware unknown
- added missing "Play / Raise" button and its lamp 9
- added "Button 12 ?" to selection, function unknown
- re-added PORT_IMPULSE(2) to poker games buttons because they do
not like it if two or more buttons are held; trivia games still
respond better without this
- changed coin_lockout_global to coin_lockout_w(0) and
coin_lockout_w(1) for 2 coin slots in selection;
- added missing lamps 11 (coin slot 2), 12 and 13 (unknown)
to selection

Fixed crash in the MPU4 driver. [El Condor]

Hooked up ARM ROM for kovsh, though it doesn't work yet. [ElSemi]

Some fixes for the 8080bw driver: [Robert]
- The correct samples are being used for lrescue, lrescuem,
grescue, desterth
- Dipswitch corrections for superinv, invadrmr, sinvemag,
spceking, spacewr3
- Remove extraneous beeping noise from indianbt

Converted all the toaplan2.c games to mono since the PCBs are JAMMA
without external stereo connectors. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Added bounds checking to the qsound driver. [David Haywood]

Redesigned the OSD file I/O interfaces to be simpler and more
straightforward. Also simplified the core's file I/O routines and
included some functionality that was previously left to the OSD
layer. [Aaron Giles]

Rewrote unzip.c to return richer errors and generally behave better.
[Aaron Giles]

Rewrote audit.c to simplify the code and not rely on extraneous
functions that were in the old file I/O system. [Aaron Giles]

Simplified the 68000 core generation logic to just produce one
file. Hopefully this will cure some of the build issues with the
core. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Five a Side Soccer [Ville Linde]
Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [David Haywood, stephh]
Dynamic Shooting [Tomasz Slanina, Guru]
Doki Doki Penguin Land [Tomasz Slanina, Guru]
Shooting Gallery [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

New clones added
The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy (World) [Patrik Styrnell]
Double Dragon 3 (Japan) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Twin Brats (set 2) [Patrik Styrnell]