NovitÓ nella versione 0.103


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
astrob0102u5gre [Nicola Salmoria]

Source Changes
Completely rewrote machine/stvcd.c and .h. There's a lot less there now,
but what's there is more understandable and works much better. [R. Belmont]

Some RF5C400 improvements. [hoot development team]

Cleaned up/reorganized some of the messy Neo Geo code. Separated out bootleg-
specific hacks into additional files. [David Haywood]

Replaced a few stray exit() calls with osd_die(). [Oliver Stoneberg]

Fixed layer 1 colors in Blandia. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Corrected interrupt timing in wwfstar driver. [David Haywood]

Fixed chdman to support 64-bit file sizes on some *nix platforms.
[Lawrence Gold]

More ST-V updates: [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
* added idle loop skipping for rsgun
* added RBG caching
* added RBG "two screens" mode
* added Critter Crusher (not working due to missing inputs)
* fixed several bugs introduced recently with all the other changes

Changed i286 core to use the same INPUT_LINE_A20 that the i386 core uses.
[Nathan Woods]

Added partial updates and boosted the interleave in the ddragon driver.
[David Haywood]

Added cdrom_get_track_length() to cdrom.c. [R. Belmont]

Added an atexit handler to ensure trace files are closed in the debugger
in the event of an early exit. [Nathan Woods]

Merged the Sprint 4/Ultra Tank drivers and made the following fixes:
[Stefan Jokisch]

* Ultra Tank:
- hardware collision detection (computer is now able to manoeuvre
around barriers)
- sprite fixes (invisble tank option works, tank explosion sequence)
- playfield fixes (text colors are different)
- watchdog and coin lockout added
- sync and color proms added
- motor sound fix (previously this was hooked up to the wrong address)
- misc internal fixes like cpu speed, RAM size etc

* Sprint 4:
- sound support (inherited from Ultra Tank)
- watchdog added

Fixed bug in the Grand Champion fog effect. [Hans Andersson]

Fixed Triple Hunt and several older Atari games to use RAM mirroring for
zero page memory. [Stefan Jokisch]

Fixed several endian issues with the SE3208 core and the Crystal System
driver. [Brad Oliver]

Got the DCS-3 sound system working for Road Burners. [Aaron Giles]

Did some cleanup in the ADSP-21xx core to support program memory more
correctly and support execution from multiple banks. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mad Ball [David Haywood, Brian Troha]
Super Model [David Haywood]
Garogun Seroyang (Korea) [David Haywood, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
MuHanSeungBu (SemiCom Baseball) [David Haywood, Brian Troha]
Games V18.2 [Pierpaolo Prazzoli, Guru]

New clones added
Puzzle Bang Bang [Brian Troha, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Super World Court (World) [Stefan Lindberg]
Out Zone (set 3) [David Haywood]
Mini Vegas 4in1 [Tomasz Slanina]
Crazy Rally (set 2) [David Haywood, Guru]
Gouketsuji Ichizoku (Japan) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli, Guru]
Dynamite Duke (Japan) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli, Guru]
The Double Dynamites (Japan) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli, Bryan McPhail, Guru]
Passing Shot (World, 4 Players, FD1094 317-0074) [Mame Italia]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Martial Masters [David Haywood]
Demon Front [David Haywood]
Canvas Croquis [David Haywood]
Go 2000 [David Haywood, Brian Troha]
Gekisou (Japan) [David Haywood]
Critter Crusher [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Guru]
Card Line [Tomasz Slanina]
Shuttle Invader [Tomasz Slanina, Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
dspirit099u2yel [BUT]
mjkjidai097u2gre [Mamesick]
suprnova0102u4red [Aaron Giles]
nbmj8991c095u2yel [Mamesick]
grchamp055yel [Hans Andersson]
grchamp137b12gre [Hans Andersson]
grchamp237b12gre [Hans Andersson]
vulcan137b1gre (part 2, and maybe parts 4 and 5) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
gunlock097u2yel [Nicola Salmoria]
gekirido096u3gre [Nicola Salmora]
ssi061gre [Nicola Salmoria]
ssi137b2gre [Nicola Salmoria]
ctribe088u4gra [Mamesick]
groundfx068gra [Mamesick]
tengai062gre [AWJ]

Source Changes
Fixed bug in discrete filtering code. [Frank Palazzolo]

Fixed speedup for znpwfv so that it boots once again. [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Improvements to cuoreuno and elephfam: [Roberto Fresca]
* Corrected videoram and colorram (now can see the nvram initialization).
* Corrected the CPU frequency to 2 MHz.
Still not working...

Fixed Playchoice/VSNES drivers. [Rob Bohms]

Hooked up the same NES APU implementation in both MAME and MESS. Also
correctd the memory mapping of the APU in the Playchoice 10 driver.
[R. Belmont]

Hooked up Psikyo 4 PCM banking. [Anonymous]

Significant improvements to the Grand Champion driver: [Hans Andersson]
* Tunnel headlights
* Corrected rain effect
* Corrected colors
* Added speech
* Improved collision detection (removed false collision when lightning)
* Improved fog effect
* Added skeleton code for motor noise
* Fixed graphic glitch in bottom row
* Corrected CPU speed for Cpu board / Game board

Added simulated version of the N64 PIF boot rom to the Aleck64 driver, so
the cartridges now boot properly, though the cartridge CRC check fails on
both games. [Ville Linde]

Fixed instruction alignment in the old debugger. Also added support for
64-bit qword display. [AWJ]

Fixed timing between CPU and MCU in chaknpop. In previous driver, you will
notice problems in stages with water and coffee break (not always). New
driver fixes it but it is not perfect about timing. [BUT]

Added sound to Honey Doll. [David Haywood]

Changed activecpu_dasm() and activecpu_dasm_new() so that they "function"
even if the getinfo handler does not specify CPUINFO_PTR_DISASSEMBLE nor

Completed the X-Multiply DIP switches. [Roberto Fresca]

Moved m6809, hd6309 and z80 disassemblers to the new interface, and did
some cleanups. [Nathan Woods]

Fixed the SUBW H flag in the SPC700 core. [Rob Bohms]

Added missing functionality needed to get rsgun working. [Olivier Galibert]

SP0250 update: [Nicola Salmoria]
* Added SP0250 speech chip to 3 Stooges.
* Streamlined the SP0250 emulation to avoid timing issues which were
preventing 3 stooges from working.
* Fixed glitches in the speech that were caused by not resetting the
filter stages when a speech frame is loaded.
* Made the SP0250 support the external clock rate
* Changed the playback rate to match the real board by making the clock
divider a reasonable number.

Added new debugger command 'map', which tells logical -> physical mappings
as well as what read/write handlers are connected to an address. Also added
'mapd' and 'mapi' for performing the same operation on data and I/O space.
[Aaron Giles]

More Voodoo updates: [Aaron Giles]
* fixed overflow in 1/W calculation that messed up some textures
* added missing color combine mode used by Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Fixed subtle bug in the MIPS3 recompiler that prevented Tenth Degree from
working. [Aaron Giles]

Implemented some more functionality of the ADSP-2181 needed for Road Burners.
[Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mosaic (F2 System) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Vs. Hot Smash [Nicola Salmoria]
Noah's Ark [David Widel]
Top Roller [Tomasz Slanina]
Squash (Ver. 1.0) [David Haywood, Mike Coates, Nicola Salmoria]

New clones added
California Speed (Version 2.1a) [Reznor007]
Gauntlet Dark Legacy (version DL 2.52) [Reznor007]
Tenkomori Shooting (Japan) [Guru]
Soul Calibur (SOC11/VER.B) [smf]
Tekken Tag Tournament (TEG3/VER.C1) [smf]
Quiz [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
King of Gladiator (The King of Fighters '97 bootleg)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 (The King of Fighters 2001 bootleg)
King Of Fighters 10th Anniversary (The King of Fighters 2002 bootleg)
The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004 (The King of Fighters 2002 bootleg)
Lansquenet 2004 (Shock Troopers - 2nd Squad bootleg)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Real Battle Mahjong King [Tomasz Slanina, David Haywood]
Little Robin [David Haywood, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Ghoul Panic (OB2/VER.A) [Guru]
Knights of Valour 2


Source Changes
Corrected some YM2151 frequencies in the dooyong.c driver. [Mamesick]

Major update to the STV driver: [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
* sh2: introduced cpu_readop16() for opcode fetching
* stv: added idle skip to various games
* stv: optimized master/slave sh2 syncing
* vdp1: fixed sprite transparency for RGB sprites
* vdp2: added linescroll
* vdp2: added 16x16 15bit tiles (fixes missing gfx in znpwfv)
* vdp2: optimized tilemap scrolling, bitmaps and framebuffer drawing
* vdp2: fixed page and map calculation
* dsp: fixed some bugs making vfremix run up to the end of second match

Fixed sprite-tilemap collision detection in Taito SJ driver when the screen
is flipped. [Nicola Salmoria]

Fixed some logical errors in sprite handling and palette reads, DMA timing,
and one invalid opcode in the NES drivers. [Rob Bohms]

Cleaned up and standardized usage of M_PI constants in the code.
[William Krick]

Added external ram read and write handlers and data read port to YMZ280B.
[Ville Linde]

Fixed sprite priorities in Tang Tang. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Fixed bug in Chack'n Pop that was introduced in the recent memory system
changes. [Nicola Salmoria]

Fixes branch target address disassembly in the PSX disassembler. [smf]

More Voodoo updates: [Aaron Giles]
* fixed bug that trashed fbzMode when the fogMode was changed
* added preliminary Voodoo 2 support; Gauntlet Legends works again
* changed float-to-int conversion to be done manually

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Flame Gunner [Guru, smf]
Paca Paca Passion Special [Guru, smf]
Paca Paca Passion 2 [Guru, smf]

New clones added
WWF Superstars (US, Newer) [Philip Bennett]
Time Pilot '84 (set 3) [chaneman]
Multi Champ Deluxe (ver. 0106) [David Haywood]
Columns (US, cocktail) [Arzeno Fabrice]
Mace: The Dark Age (boot ROM 1.0ce) [Brian Troha]
Arabian Fight (World) [Arzeno Fabrice]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Emergency Call Ambulance [Ville Linde]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
taotaida088u4gra [RansAckeR]
tempest095u5gre [RansAckeR]

Source Changes
Aquarium update: [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
* Fixed tilemaps - sprites priority
* Added sprites wrap around y
* Added tiles flipx and flipy

Fixed several bugs in the SPC700 core: [R. Belmont]
* Fixed carry usage in ADC/SBC
* Fixed overflow flag in ADDW/SUBW (I think)
* BRK now modifies the status register properly
* Fixed DAA/DAS edge case

Updated driver.c with more consistent and updated info. [Brian Troha]

NSS/SNES updates from latest MESS: [R. Belmont]
* Improved memory mapping
* Improved raster timing
* Added HIRQ support and better VIRQ support
* Improved joypad support
* DSP-1 support (including all subtypes)
* Counter latching support
* Fixed OAM read/write
* Fixed stereo sound

Added a MESS specific ROM entry type, and changed ROM entry processing code
to ignore any unrecognized ROM entry types. [Nathan Woods]

Merged in recent changes to the PC share code from MESS. [Nathan Woods]

Removed several obsolete files: machine\s16math.h, vidhrdw\medlanes.h,
windows\dirty.h, windows\snprintf.c. [Giuseppe Gorgoglione]

Fixed a couple of minor compatibility exposed by VC2005.
[Giuseppe Gorgoglione]

Fixed the ADC and SBC opcodes in G65816 (for BCD math). [Rob Bohms]

Fixed $4014 sprite DMA in NES PPU. [Rob Bohms]

Updated the H8/3002 emulation: [R. Belmont]
* Added more bXXX.b #imm, (@)Rn instructions
* Added subtract with carry instructions

Implemented some N2A03 undocumented opcodes. [Rob Bohms]

Major update to Namco System 22: [Phil Stroffolino]
* depth cueing support (fog); some open issues remain
* depth bias improvements
* zbuffer has been replaced with back-to-front rendering
* sprite and text translucency
* direct access to rendering device (used by video tests)
* preliminary support for spotlight feature
* support for sprite bottom-alignment
* support for sprite, polygon priority over text

More Voodoo updates: [Aaron Giles]
* Added support for CLUT/gamma ramps; enables fade in/out effects
* Changed stall callback to notify both start and end of stalling
* Decreased bilinear resolution to 4 bits for Voodoo 1
* Fixed statistics and added some new ones
* Now properly masking off unsupported bits for earlier chipsets
* Fixed NOP command so it doesn't always reset statistics
* Fixed bug that caused the refresh rate to never be updated
* Fixed 16-bit writes to the frame buffer
* Fixed crashing bug after resetting the chip
* Added support for Voodoo 2's new fog, colorpath, and chromaRange modes
* Added correct wrapping for ARGB, W and Z values
* Fixed bug where depth was written to the Z buffer without bias
* Now aggregates shorter commands to reduce the number of context switches

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Magic Stick [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

New clones added
Progressive Music Trivia (Question set 3) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Asia 960529) [Razoola]
Funky Jet (Japan) [Guru]
Kid Niki - Radical Ninja (World) [Stefan Lindberg]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Fortress 2 Blue Arcade [Guru]


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
f1en097u1gre2 [Anonymous]
ozmawars055gre [RansAckeR]

Source Changes
Some minor cleanups to the System 32 driver. Air Rescue and F1 Exhaust Note
now share common multi-PCB faking logic. [Anonymous]

Properly hooked up tape samples in Thief, NATO Defense, and Shark Attack now
that sample pausing is available. [Bart Tobalske]

Fixed several uninitialized variables, incorrect string compares, and
inconsistent variable declarations found by the VC compiler. [Oshah]

Fixed 16-bit i386 disassembly so it stays within the current segment.
[Nathan Woods]

Some minor Turbo Sub changes: [Philip Bennett]
* Added some more notes.
* Corrected some hardware functions in accordance with the schematics.

Tweaked the 68000 disassembler to display F-line traps in a more obvious
fashion. Also changed to decorate jump targets for relative branches.
[Alex Jackson]

Rewrote the Voodoo emulation code to be more accurate to the original.
* Support for multiple simultaneous boards (hello Silent Scope)
* Pixel-pipelined framebuffer accesses now work
* Alpha buffer operations now supported
* Triple buffering now supported
* Proper memory allocation and handling based on configuration
* Proper FIFO handling, including low/high water marks and stalling
* Approximate timing calculations based on quoted fill rate specs
* Detail textures implemented
* All math is done in fixed point
* Proper edges calculated for polygons (stars appear in Gradius 4 now)
* Much easier to add specific rasterizers now
This is a work in progress; some stuff is not quite right yet. Voodoo 2
emulation is completely broken. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Lovely Pop Mahjong Jan Jan Shimasyo 2 [Guru]

New clones added
Trivia Master (set 2) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Tech Romancer (EURO 980914) [Arzeno Fabrice]
Splatter House (World) [Arzeno Fabrice]
Strider 2 (USA 991213) [Brian Troha]
Touch & Go (World) [Stefan Lindberg]
Wonder Boy (system 2) [David Widel]
Kageki (World?, hack) [David Haywood]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Fighting Vipers 2 [Ville Linde]
Tang Tang [David Haywood]
Spectrum 2000 [David Haywood]
Spikeout [Ville Linde]
Spikeout Final Edition [Ville Linde]


Source Changes
Several fixes for the kaneko16 drivers: [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
- fixed tilemap priorities
- fixed some sprites priorities
- added some missing coin counters
- added right palette filling for games using sprite type 1
- swapped berlwall and berlwalt sets as per SebV notes in the source code

Fixed compilation issue for MSVC when using the winalloc code. [Nathan Woods]

Replaced the 68705 MCU from the bootleg Knight Boy with simulation. Added
Knight Boy to keep using the MCU code. [Nicola Salmoria]

Added redump of bad ROMs for Cruis'n World (rev L1.3). [Guru]

Changed some i386 disassembly parameters to be unsigned. [Nathan Woods]

Fixed output of mame.ini options that have spaces in them. [Nathan Woods]

Improvements to Wheels and Fire, partial understanding of the blitter.
[David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]

Added very, very preliminary emulation of the Ricoh RF5C400. [Ville Linde]

Added new inline math functions to mamecore.h, along with mechanisms for the
OSD layer to override them with platform-specific variants:
count_leading_zeros, count_leading_ones, and fixed_mul_shift. Updated the
TMS32031 core to make use of the first two. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the Windows blitters to use an array allocated by
osd_alloc_executable() to prevent potential access violations on systems
with no-execute support. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed some minor problems with the LOD calculations in the Voodoo driver.
[Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Dark Horse [Luca Elia]
Virtua Bowling (Japan) [Luca Elia]
Honey Dolls [David Haywood]

New clones added
Red Clash (set 2) [chaneman]
Stack Columns (World) [Arzeno Fabrice]
Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R (Korea) [David Haywood]
Knight Boy [Nicola Salmoria]
Dragon World [Luca Elia]
Billiard Academy Real Break (Europe) [Corrado Tomaselli]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Fred Flintstones' Memory Match [Brian Troha]