MZ-700 (Japan)
MZ-700 (Japan)



Setname:  mz700j   
Year: 1982
Manufacturer: Sharp
Status: good  works
Type: Buisness Computer / Terminal
Parent: MZ-700
Emulation info
Overall emulation:  good   
Color emulation:  good  
Sound emulation:  good  
Graphics emulation:  good  
Savestates:  unsupported   

Tech info
Z80 ("maincpu")cpu 3546894 Hz
Speaker ("mono")audio
Wave ("wave")audio
Filtered 1-bit DAC ("speaker")audio
Screen ("screen")raster horizontal 320 x 200 @ 50.036312
Media devices
cassette ("cassette") cassette cass wav, m12, mzf, mzt
RAM options
64K 65536
Software lists

Romset info
ROM NameSizeCRC32SHA1Dump StateBIOS option
1z-009b.rom4096 ab1fbe6f7b10d7965c541393e33a265bcf71a00314d2db7agood
mz700fon.jpn4096 425eedf5bd2cc750f2d2f63e50a59786668509e81a276e32good


* CPU: Sharp LH-0080 (Zilog Z80A compatible) 4 MHz
* RAM: 64 KB
* VRAM: 2 KB
* ROM: 2 KB
* Text Modes: 40 x 25
* Graphic Modes: 50 x 80
* Colors: 8
* Sound: one channel, 3 octaves
* I/O Ports: Parallel, Joystick (2), Z80 Bus, Tape, RGB
* Keyboard: Full stroke 69 key with 5 function keys and 4 cursor keys
* Built In Media: Tape recorder
* OS: optional CP/M with FDD
* Built In Language: None - Monitor in ROM


MESS supports two different version of MZ-700

* mz700 [Sharp MZ-700]
* mz700j [Sharp MZ-700 (Japan)]

Both drivers support the emulation of a "cassette" (cass) device, for tapes in .wav or .m12 format.


This system requires full keyboard emulation to work correctly. At startup, full keyboard emulation mode is enabled by default. Whilst in full keyboard emulation mode, some key associated functionality may be disabled (like the ESC key for EXIT). The keyboard emulation mode is toggled using the "Scroll Lock" key (by default).

History and Trivia

The Sharp MZ 700 series replaced the aging MZ 80 (MZ 80K, MZ 80A and MZ 80B) series. Moreover, the MZ 700 was compatible with the MZ 80K and MZ 80A.

There was no language in ROM (the ROM size is only 2 KB, it is just used for boot and OS calls), it has to be loaded from tape. So there was a lot of languages adapted for this machine (more than five versions of BASIC, assemblers, Pascal, Lisp, C, Fortran, Comal, Forth, & others).

The games were a bit poor because of the low resolution (which was actually graphical characters), but there were 512 graphic characters in ROM, which can be used to offset it (sort of).

It will be replaced with the MZ 800.


The MZ 700 series is composed of four machines: the first three models were launched in 1983 (November 1982 in Japan) and the last one was launched in late 1985 (in fact, this one is the "ancestor" of the MZ 800)

* the MZ 711 was the "naked" model (without any peripheral),

* the MZ 721, has an integrated tape recorder

* the MZ 731, has built-in plotter and tape recorder).

* the fourth model was the MZ 780 which was actually a MZ 731 with a 80 columns card, a floppy disk drive and a Centronics port. It worked under CP/M.

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