Mega Duck / Cougar Boy
Mega Duck / Cougar Boy



Setname:  megaduck   
Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Welback Holdings (Timlex International) / Creatronic / Videojet / Cougar USA
Status: imperfect  badworks
Type: Handheld Game Console
Emulation info
Overall emulation:  good   
Color emulation:  good  
Sound emulation:  imperfect  
Graphics emulation:  good  
Savestates:  supported   

Tech info
LR35902 ("maincpu")cpu 4194304 Hz
Speaker ("lspeaker")audio
Speaker ("rspeaker")audio
LR35902 Sound ("custom")audio
Screen ("screen")lcd horizontal 160 x 144 @ 59.732155
Media devices
cartridge ("duckslot") cartridge cart bin
Software lists

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Romset info
This system uses no ROMs (data is contained in the optional media)


* CPU : 8-bit VLSI
* RAM: 64 kbit RAM
* Screen: 49 mm x 46 mm (160 x 144 pixels)
* Color: 4 monochrome green tones
* Contrast Adjustment, Power Switch, Volume controller, Built-in speaker, Headphone Jack
* Controls: Direction, A & B, Select, Start buttons (similar to the Game Boy)
* Two Player Link (6-pin communications port), 36-pin Cartridge Slot
* Size: 15.5 cm x 9.7 cm x 3.2 cm


MESS requires a cart dump (in .bin format) in the "cartridge" (cart) device to run megaduck emulation. You can launch emulation using, at command line

mess megaduck -cart "C:\pathtogame\gamename.bin"


Exactly as the Game Boy games, MegaDuck games are controlled through a 8-way Directional Pad (D-Pad) and 2 buttons named A and B. Additional buttons Start and Select are present on the console itself.

History and Trivia

The Mega Duck was released by Creatronic, Videojet and Timlex in 1993 mainly in Germany and France. The Cougar Boy was released by Cougar, an electronic manufacturer of device and accessories, had mainly distributed it in Brazil in 1993. Cougar brought the rights from Creatronics to manufacture it under its own name.

Looks much like a Game Boy with its monochrome green screen, "start", "Select", "A" & "B" buttons and directional pad but that's were the similarities end.

The carts are about 2" 1/8 by 2" 1/2 inchs with 36 pins to connect with the cartridge slot of the Mega Duck (unlike the 32-pins of the Game Boy or the 40-pins of the Supervision).

With an external joystick (not included) two players could play against each other simultaneously.

There were around 30 games made for the system.

(info from the MegaDuck FAQs)


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