Lambda 8300
Lambda 8300



Setname:  lambda   
Year: 1982
Manufacturer: Lambda Electronics Ltd
Status: good  works
Type: Home Computer
Parent: ZX-81
Emulation info
Overall emulation:  good   
Color emulation:  good  
Sound emulation:  good  
Graphics emulation:  good  
Savestates:  unsupported   

Tech info
Z80 ("maincpu")cpu 3250000 Hz
Speaker ("mono")audio
Filtered 1-bit DAC ("speaker")audio
Wave ("wave")audio
Screen ("screen")raster horizontal 256 x 304 @ 50.652245
Media devices
cassette ("cassette") cassette cass wav, p, 81
RAM options
2K 2048
16K 16384

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TV system NTSC

Romset info
ROM NameSizeCRC32SHA1Dump StateBIOS option
lambda.rom8192 8a49b2c39b22daf2f3a991aa6a358ef95b091654c3ca1bdfgood
8300_fnt.bin512 6bd0408c34a7a5afee511dc8bba28eccf305c873d80a557agood


* CPU: NEC D780C-1 (Z80A clone) 3.25 MHz
* RAM: 2 KB
* ROM: 8 KB
* Text Modes: 32 x 24
* Graphic Modes: 64 x 48 (through semi-graphic symbols)
* Colors: Black & white
* Sound: 1 voice sound generator
* I/O Ports: DC Power in, Tape interface (EAR & MIC), Composite video output, RF TV video output, expansion bus, joystick connector
* Keyboard: Flat membrane rubber keyboard, 42 keys, QWERTY
* Built In Language: Basic
* Peripherals: 16 KB & 32 KB RAM memory upgrades, Color Kit expansion, joystick, printer


MESS emulates the following computers

* lambda [Lambda Electronics Ltd Lambda 8300]
* pc8300 [Your Computer PC8300]
* pow3000 [Creon Enterprises Power 3000]

For each system, MESS supports the emulation with a "cassette" (cass) device, for tapes in .wav, .p and .81 format.


These systems require full keyboard emulation to work correctly. At startup, full keyboard emulation mode is enabled by default. Whilst in full keyboard emulation mode, some key associated functionality may be disabled (like the ESC key for EXIT). The keyboard emulation mode is toggled using the "Scroll Lock" key (by default).

RAM options

Different RAM configurations are possible for the lambda in MESS. You can switch between them, changing the -ramsize parameter. At command line, you simply have to add ''-ramsize ram_value'', where //ram_value// can assume one of the following values

1k (default)

Known Issues

The emulation of these systems is currently Not Working.

History and Trivia

The Lambda 8300 is basically a ZX-81 clone. Made in Hong-Kong (by Lambda Electronics LTD? DEF?), it was designed as a cheap computer for initiation and was licenced to many companies throughout the world. This explains why the same computer can be found under many different brands and names (DEF 3000, Power 3000, Basic 2000, Basic 3000, PC 2000, PC 8300, Marathon 32K, IQ 8300, Futura 8300, Your Computer, etc.). But on all mainboards is written a generic "PC 8300", which explains why 8300 or 3000 are often used in licenced names.

The system is thus a cloned ZX-81 with a modified ROM (to avoid legal problems), a better keyboard, more RAM (2 KB), sound features, a composite video output and even a joystick connector (Atari compatible). These represent in fact all the upgrades ZX-81 users usually wanted to add first to their system, but all bundled for a cheaper price.

With its modified ROM, the PC-8300 was only ZX-81 compatible with Basic programs. But soon, a ZX-81 ROM was available to turn your system into a real Sinclair ZX-81 machine, being able to run all software including machine code.

Different addons were available : 16 KB and 32 KB RAM upgrades, color (and high resolution graphics ?) expansion, joysticks, printers... The expansion bus is supposed to be compatible with the ZX-81 one (to be confirmed).

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