BBC Micro Model B
BBC Micro Model B



Setname:  bbcb   
Year: 1981
Manufacturer: Acorn
Status: good  works
Type: Home Computer
Clones: BBC Micro Model A,
BBC Micro Model B (German),
Acorn Proton (US)
Emulation info
Overall emulation:  good   
Color emulation:  good  
Sound emulation:  good  
Graphics emulation:  good  
Savestates:  unsupported   

Tech info
 Base hardware: (available in all slot configurations)
M6502 ("maincpu")cpu 2000000 Hz
Speaker ("mono")audio
SN76489 ("sn76489")audio 4000000 Hz
Screen ("screen")raster horizontal 640 x 256 @ 50.000000
Media devices
cassette ("cassette") cassette cass wav, csw, uef
cartridge ("exp_rom1") cartridge1 cart1 bin, rom
cartridge ("exp_rom2") cartridge2 cart2 bin, rom
cartridge ("exp_rom3") cartridge3 cart3 bin, rom
cartridge ("exp_rom4") cartridge4 cart4 bin, rom
floppydisk ("floppy0") floppydisk1 flop1 bbc, img, ssd, dsd, fdi, td0, imd, cqm, dsk, d77, d88, 1dd
floppydisk ("floppy1") floppydisk2 flop2 bbc, img, ssd, dsd, fdi, td0, imd, cqm, dsk, d77, d88, 1dd
BIOS options
os12b2 OS 1.20 / BASIC2
os12b1 OS 1.20 / BASIC1
os10b2 OS 1.00 / BASIC2
os10b1 OS 1.00 / BASIC1
RAM options
32K 32768
Software lists

 Optional hardware: (available with specific slot configurations)

 Configure the slot options for bbcb:
 Slot Value

Show detailed info about 'DipSwitches' of this system

DIP 8 (Default File System) NFS
DIP 7 (Not Used) Off
DIP 6 (Disc Timings) Off
DIP 5 (Disc Timings) Off
DIP 4 (Boot) SHIFT
DIP 3 (Screen Mode) +0
DIP 2 (Screen Mode) +0
DIP 1 (Screen Mode) +0

Show detailed info about 'Configurations' of this system

DFS Select Acorn DFS 0.90 (read only)
 Acorn DNFS 1.20 (read only)
 Watford DFS 1.44 (read only)
 Acorn DFS E00 (hack / read only)
 Acorn DDFS
 Watford DDFS (not working)
 Opus Challenger 512K (RAM drive only)
Sideways RAM Type None
 Solidisk 128K (fe62)
 Acorn 64K (fe30)
 Acorn 128K (fe30)

Show detailed info about 'Slot Options' of this system
Slot options

NameValueCompatible device(s)
centronics ap2000ap2000
 printer centronics_printer
rs232 keyboardserial_keyboard

Romset info
ROM NameSizeCRC32SHA1Dump StateBIOS option
ch103.rom16384 98367cf4eca3631aa420691f96b72bfdf2e9c2b613e1bf33good
ddfs-1.53.rom16384 e1be4ee46719dc958f2631e6dc8f045429797b289bfe649agood
ddfs223.rom16384 7891f9b70d7ed0b0b3852cb61970ada1993244f2896896aagood
zdfs-0.90.rom8192 ea579d4d59ad2a8994f4bddad6687891f1a2bc29f2fd32b8good
dfs144.rom16384 9fb8d13f387d2468c6e1360f5b531784ce95d5f71a50c2b5good
dnfs.rom16384 8ccd21577e3c536baeae84d6498a14e8405319e01ee78232good
dfs09.rom8192 3ce609cf5cc0f14b8f46855c70eaa653cca4ad079b458732good
basic1.rom16384 b3364108890f6e3e7fab3340f75b85e93ff29332bc9ecb2egoodos10b1
os10.rom16384 9679b8f8d35f6723132aabe3c4d00fc16fd9ecc6768df753goodos10b1
basic2.rom16384 794347814a7393f3a45ea309f744441c16723e2ef447a281goodos10b2
os10.rom16384 9679b8f8d35f6723132aabe3c4d00fc16fd9ecc6768df753goodos10b2
basic1.rom16384 b3364108890f6e3e7fab3340f75b85e93ff29332bc9ecb2egoodos12b1
os12.rom16384 3c14fc700d9bcaf6a393c9ce2359ed700ddb53c232c2c45dgoodos12b1
basic2.rom16384 794347814a7393f3a45ea309f744441c16723e2ef447a281goodos12b2
os12.rom16384 3c14fc700d9bcaf6a393c9ce2359ed700ddb53c232c2c45dgoodos12b2


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