Apple ///
Apple ///



Setname:  apple3   
Year: 1980
Manufacturer: Apple Computer
Status: good  works
Type: Buisness Computer / Terminal
Emulation info
Overall emulation:  good   
Color emulation:  good  
Sound emulation:  good  
Graphics emulation:  good  
Savestates:  supported   

Tech info
 Base hardware: (available in all slot configurations)
M6502 ("maincpu")cpu 2000000 Hz
Speaker ("mono")audio
Filtered 1-bit DAC ("a3spkr")audio
DAC ("a3dac")audio
Screen ("screen")raster horizontal 560 x 192 @ 60.000000
Media devices
Media devices for this system
depend on the chosen expansions
RAM options
128K 131072
256K 262144
512K 524288
Software lists

 Optional hardware: (available with specific slot configurations)

 Configure the slot options for apple3:
 Slot Value

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Slot options

NameValueCompatible device(s)
0 525 floppy_525_sd
1 525 floppy_525_sd
2 525 floppy_525_sd
3 525 floppy_525_sd
rs232 keyboardserial_keyboard
sl1 applicarda2aplcrd
sl2 applicarda2aplcrd
sl3 applicarda2aplcrd
sl4 applicarda2aplcrd

Romset info
ROM NameSizeCRC32SHA1Dump StateBIOS option
apple3.rom4096 55e8eec9579ee4cd2b208d62915a0aa482ddc2744ff5e967good


* CPU: MOS 6502A 2 MHz
* RAM: 128 KB (up to 512 KB)
* ROM: 16 KB
* Text Modes: 40 or 80 chars x 24 lines
* Graphic Modes: 40 x 40-48 (16 col), 280 x 160-192 (6 col), 560 x 160-192 (2 col)
* Colors: 16 maximum
* I/O Ports: Monitor, Internal Slots (4), RS-232, Floppy disk port
* Keyboard: Full stroke 74-key with numeric keypad
* Built In Media: 140KB 5.25" disk-drive
* Built In Language: Business BASIC


MESS emulation supports apple3 with four disk drives: two Slot 6 Disks, which become in MESS "slot6disk1" (s6d1) and "slot6disk2" (s6d2), and two floppy disk drives, which become "floppydisk3" (flop3) and "floppydisk4" (flop4).

In each drive you can load a disk image in one of the supported formats: .do, .dsk, .bin, .po, .nib.


This system requires full keyboard emulation to work correctly. At startup, full keyboard emulation mode is enabled by default. Whilst in full keyboard emulation mode, some key associated functionality may be disabled (like the ESC key for EXIT). The keyboard emulation mode is toggled using the "Scroll Lock" key (by default).

Original Keyboard: QWERTY full stroke 74-key with numeric keypad

ESCAPE 1! 2@ 3# 4$ 5% 6^ 7& 8* 9( 0) -_ =+ \| 7 8 9

TAB Q W E R T Y U I O P [{ ]} `~ 4 5 6

CONTROL A S D F G H J K L ;: '" RETURN 1 2 3

SHIFT Z X C V B N M ,< .> /? SHIFT UP 0 .


Known Issues

The emulation of this system is Preliminary.

History and Trivia

The Apple /// was designed to be a business machine. It was partly compatible with the Apple II (thanks to a few options in the operating system). It used a powerful memory management system and worked under SOS (Sophisticated Operating System) which was a great, device-independent, operating system. This OS was the "ancestor" of ProDOS (the "professional" Apple operating system) and some parts of this system were used later in the Lisa and Macintosh OSs.

Despite its unique features, the Apple /// had a lot of technical problems, namely, the horrible case design. It caused the internal temperature to get so hot that the motherboard would warp and some of the socketed chips would become unseated. To remedy this, Apple told people to literally pick up the computer several centimeters off the desk and drop it! It was a miserable flop in the marketplace.

The Apple /// was followed in december 1983 by the Apple /// plus which had an Apple IIe style keyboard and a new video interface. Four months later, it was discontinued.

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