Neo-Geo AES
Neo-Geo AES



Setname:  aes   
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: SNK
Status: good  works
Type: Game Console
Emulation info
Overall emulation:  good   
Color emulation:  good  
Sound emulation:  good  
Graphics emulation:  good  
Savestates:  supported   

Tech info
M68000 ("maincpu")cpu 12000000 Hz
Z80 ("audiocpu")cpu 4000000 Hz
Speaker ("lspeaker")audio
Speaker ("rspeaker")audio
YM2610 ("ymsnd")audio 8000000 Hz
Screen ("screen")raster horizontal 320 x 224 @ 59.185606
Media devices
memcard ("memcard") memcard memc neo
cartridge ("cartslot1") cartridge cart bin
BIOS options
asia Asia AES
japan Japan AES
devel Development System ROM
unibios31 Universe Bios (Hack, Ver. 3.1)
unibios30 Universe Bios (Hack, Ver. 3.0)
unibios23 Universe Bios (Hack, Ver. 2.3)
unibios23o Universe Bios (Hack, Ver. 2.3, older?)
unibios22 Universe Bios (Hack, Ver. 2.2)
unibios21 Universe Bios (Hack, Ver. 2.1)
unibios20 Universe Bios (Hack, Ver. 2.0)
unibios13 Universe Bios (Hack, Ver. 1.3)
Software lists
neogeooriginal AES

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P1 Controller Unconnected
 NeoGeo Controller
 NeoGeo Mahjong Panel
P2 Controller Unconnected
 NeoGeo Controller
 NeoGeo Mahjong Panel

Romset info
ROM NameSizeCRC32SHA1Dump StateBIOS option
000-lo.lo131072 5a86cff25992277debadeb64d1c1c64b0a92d9293eaf7e4agood
neo-epo.bin131072 d27a71f11b3b22092f30c4d1b2c15f04d1670eb1e9fbea07goodasia
neodebug.rom131072 698ebb7d081c49aa8cc7dad5939833dc1b18338321ea0a07gooddevel
neo-po.bin131072 16d0c1324e4a440cae46f3889d20234aebd7f8d5f522e22cgoodjapan
uni-bios_1_3.rom131072 b24b44a0eca8851d30557b97c309a0d9f4a9d20e5b14af4egoodunibios13
uni-bios_2_0.rom131072 0c12c2ad37bcd4d30f3892078b46841d895a6eff16dc921egoodunibios20
uni-bios_2_1.rom131072 8dabf76bc23732c4491d966cf0373c65c83c7a4e88f0082cgoodunibios21
uni-bios_2_2.rom131072 2d50996a5241a4fb0c63b1a23fd1da8efa9c9a9bd3b4279cgoodunibios22
uni-bios_2_3.rom131072 27664eb55b02900a3ccf3df168bdcfc98458136fd2b92ac0goodunibios23
uni-bios_2_3o.rom131072 601720ae1b8a72c720cdb5ee3f1d735bbcf447b09204b8d9goodunibios23o
uni-bios_3_0.rom131072 a97c89a997a5eff3b119062f10e31ad6f04fe4b90d366e7fgoodunibios30
uni-bios_3_1.rom131072 0c58093f29329a3448c2505e1ff45ffa75e61e9693165153goodunibios31

Neo Geo AES was the home version of the famous arcade system Neo Geo MVS.

===== Features ====

* CPU: Motorola 68000 at 12 MHz
* Co-Processor: Zilog Z80 at 4 MHz
* RAM: 64 KB main, 2 KB sound
* SRAM: 2 KB
* VRAM: 512 KB
* Colors: 4,096 (on screen), 65,536 (palette)
* Graphic Modes: 304 x 224
* Sound: Yamaha YM2610, 15 channels (7 digital, 4 FM, 3 PSG, 1 noise)
* I/O Ports: composite RCA A/V and S-Video output port

History and Trivia

Released in 1990 by the SNK, the Neo Geo AES was the home version of the popular MVS arcade board. The hardware was the same in the two systems, with cartridges containing both the arcade and home version of a game and only a slightly different cart slot preventing MVS cartridges from working in the AES and viceversa.

This design choice made by SNK, resulted in a very high price for the units. Originally it was only released for rental in the United States, but later the console was made available for sale when it became apparent that people were willing to spend money on a home arcade machine. Despite its high price tag, the machine sold over a million units.

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