Amiga 500 (PAL)
Amiga 500 (PAL)

Setname:  a500   
Year: 1987
Manufacturer: Commodore
Status: preliminary  notworks
Clones: Amiga 500 (NTSC)
Emulation info
Overall emulation:  preliminary   
Color emulation:  good  
Sound emulation:  good  
Graphics emulation:  imperfect  
Savestates:  unsupported   

Tech info
 Base hardware: (available in all slot configurations)
MOS8520 ("cia_0")cpu 709379 Hz
MOS8520 ("cia_1")cpu 709379 Hz
M6502 ("kbd:mos6570_036")cpu 1500000 Hz
M68000 ("maincpu")cpu 7093790 Hz
Speaker ("lspeaker")audio
Speaker ("rspeaker")audio
Amiga Paula ("amiga")audio 3546895 Hz
Screen ("screen")raster horizontal 724 x 567 @ 49.890391
Media devices
Media devices for this system
depend on the chosen expansions
BIOS options
kick12 Kickstart 1.2 (33.180)
kick13 Kickstart 1.3 (34.5)
kick204 Kickstart 2.04 (37.175)
kick31 Kickstart 3.1 (40.63)
logica2 Logica Diagnostic 2.0
Software lists

 Optional hardware: (available with specific slot configurations)

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Slot options

NameValueCompatible device(s)
centronics ap2000ap2000
 printer centronics_printer
fdc:0 35dd floppy_35_dd
fdc:1 35ddfloppy_35_dd
fdc:2 35ddfloppy_35_dd
fdc:3 35ddfloppy_35_dd
rs232 keyboardserial_keyboard
slot a590a590

Romset info
ROM NameSizeCRC32SHA1Dump StateBIOS option
315093-01.u2262144 a6ce163611f9e62cf299f72184835b7b2a70a16333fc0d88goodkick12
315093-02.u2262144 c4f0f55f891e9a547772fe0c6c19b610baf8bc4ea7fcb785goodkick13
390979-01.u2524288 c3bdb240c5839f5cb98a7a8947065c3ed2f14f5f42e334a1goodkick204
kick40063.u2524288 fc24ae0d3b7f1493b27e212830f989f26ca76c02049f09cagoodkick31
logica2.u2524288 8484f426ba10d16166b2e2d6177c979c99edf8462b21651egoodlogica2


* CPU: Motorola MC 68000 7.14MHz
* Co-Processor: Agnus (MMU), Denise (video), Paula (Sound & I/O)
* RAM: 512 KB (expandable to 9MB : 512 KB CHIP RAM + 512 KB Slow RAM + 8 MB FAST RAM)
* ROM: 256 KB (DOS 1.2)
* Text Modes: 60 x 32 / 80 x 32
* Graphic Modes: 320 x 256 / 320 x 512 / 640 x 256 / 640 x 512
* Colors: 32 (for 320 x X modes), 16 (for 640 x X modes) among 4096 + 2 Special modes: EHB 64 colors and HAM 4096 colors on static display.
* Sound: 4 voice 8 bit PCM
* I/O Ports: Centronics, RS232, Mouse, Joystick, RGB, Composite, External Audio, Bus
* Built in Media: one 3.5" disk-drive
* OS: AMIGA WorkBench 1.2 (first deliveries) then 1.3


MESS emulates the following computers

* a500n [Amiga 500 (NTSC, OCS)]
* a500p [Amiga 500 (PAL, OCS)]

For both drivers, MESS supports

- two floppy drives, "floppydisk1" (flop1) and "floppydisk2" (flop2), for disk images in .adf format.
- a "cartridge" (cart) device, for cart dump in .rom and .bin format


These systems require full keyboard emulation to work correctly. At startup, full keyboard emulation mode is enabled by default. Whilst in full keyboard emulation mode, some key associated functionality may be disabled (like the ESC key for EXIT). The keyboard emulation mode is toggled using the "Scroll Lock" key (by default).

BIOS options

MESS supports various Kickstart ROM versions: v1.2, v1.3, v2.04, v3.1. You can switch between them, changing the -bios parameter. At command line,

"-bios 0" or "-bios kick13" = Kickstart 1.3 (34.5)

"-bios 1" or "-bios kick12" = Kickstart 1.2 (33.180)

"-bios 2" or "-bios kick204" = Kickstart 2.04 (37.175)

"-bios 3" or "-bios kick31" = Kickstart 3.1 (40.63)

Known Issues

The driver is now working fairly well, though some games may need more memory than currently emulated. The graphic emulation of these systems is known to be imperfect.

History and Trivia

The Commodore Amiga 500 was the low-end successor of the Amiga 1000 and the predecessor of the Amiga 1200. It was the main competitor of the Atari 520 STf (there was a great "war" between the owners of these two computers).

It used a special system for its RAM configuration: 512 KB of Chip RAM which could be accessed by the Paula and Denise custom chips (sound & I/O and video, respectively) and Fast RAM which could be accessed only by the CPU.

The 68000 bus had two connectors, an external and an internal one. An extension card could be added through the internal connector on bottom of case and offered 512 KB of additional RAM and a battery-backed clock.

The Amiga 500 was followed by the Amiga 500+. The Amiga 500+ had the same characteristics as the Amiga 500 except it had 1MB of Chip RAM and used the AmigaOS 2.04, this version of Amiga OS needed 512 KB of ROM.

The Amiga A500+ was the shortest lived Amiga, lasting only 6 months before being replaced by the A600. Ironic that a machine designed to be cheaper and sold 'below' the 500+ should replace it and be sold for the same price(!)

Both versions could be connected to a TV set or to a video monitor with a better resolution. Two Amigas could be networked using a null modem cable.

This computer was, and is still used a lot in the "demoscene" to create cool videoclips with breaking graphics and sounds!

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