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worksann0801ANN Disk - 2008-01 - Personal Accountant UpdatedADAM News Network2008adam_flopNot Yet
worksann0807ANN Disk - 2008-07 - Dragon's LairADAM News Network2008adam_flopNot Yet
worksann0812ANN Disk - 2008-12 - X-Mas CardADAM News Network2008adam_flopNot Yet
worksarkanoidArkanoidBelogic2008uzeboxNot Yet
worksarkanoidaArkanoid (Alt)Belogic2008uzeboxNot Yet
worksazumangaAzumanga Daiou Advance (Jpn)King Records2008gbaYes
worksbombaexaBombaman - Extra Ammo (UK?)<homebrew>2008msx2_flopNot Yet
workscc90CC90 (v0.91)Puls2008to_flopNot Yet
worksclaydemoClay DemoBelogic2008uzeboxNot Yet
worksdrmarioDr.MarioBelogic2008uzeboxNot Yet
worksdrmarioaDr.Mario (Alt)Belogic2008uzeboxNot Yet
worksdumpromDump rom UC, controleur, cartoucheDCsoft2008mo5_flopNot Yet
worksdumpromDump rom UC, controleur, cartoucheDCsoft2008to_flopNot Yet
worksdumpromaDump rom UC, controleur, cartouche (640K Disk)DCsoft2008to_flopNot Yet
worksdumpromaDump rom UC, controleur, cartouche (640K Disk)DCsoft2008mo5_flopNot Yet
worksesdattacESD AttackBelogic2008uzeboxNot Yet
notworksfactoriaFactorialsRicardo Fernandes Lopes2008jupace_cassNot Yet
notworksgorf2kGorf 2000 (Demo)<unknown>2008jaguarNot Yet
workswukongLegend of Wukong (Euro, USA)Super Fighter Team2008megadrivYes
notworksmarianoMariano The Dragon in Capers in Cityland (UK)<homebrew>2008cpc_cassNot Yet

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