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 Year: "1996"
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works96zenko'96 Zenkoku Koukou Soccer Senshuken (Jpn)Magical1996snesYes
notworksessit10 out of 10 - Essential I.T.Ten Out Of Ten Educational Systems1996archimedesNot Yet
works101dalmajp101piki Wanchan - Wanchan Dai Koushin (Jpn, Prototype, 19960817)Sega1996picoNot Yet
works16tales216 Tales 2 (USA)The Lightspan Partnership1996psxNot Yet
workshanshind1995.1.17 Hanshin Daishinsai (Jpn)Keikakudo1996pippinNot Yet
notworkssandr2do Arukotoha Sand-R (Jpn)CRI1996saturnNot Yet
notworkssandra2do Arukotoha Sand-R (Jpn, Alt)CRI1996saturnNot Yet
works2xtreme2Xtreme (USA)Sony Computer Entertainment America1996psxNot Yet
notworks3dtetris3-D Tetris (USA)Nintendo1996vboyYes
works3celc533Com EtherLink III Lan PC Card (Version 5.3)3Com Corporation1996ibm5170Not Yet
works3dbball3D Baseball (USA)Crystal Dynamics1996psxNot Yet
notworks3dbball3D Baseball: The Majors (USA)Crystal Dynamics1996saturnNot Yet
worksd_3dcub3D Cub (Odiesoft) (Hacked by Beb/Ovl)Odiesoft ~ Beb/Ovl1996cpc_flopNot Yet
notworks3dlemmin3D Lemmings (Euro)Psygnosis1996saturnNot Yet
notworks3dlemminj3D Lemmings (Jpn)Imagineer1996saturnNot Yet
notworks3x3eyes3x3 Eyes - Kyuusei Koushu S (Jpn)Nihon Create1996saturnNot Yet
notworks3x3eyesa3x3 Eyes - Kyuusei Koushu S (Jpn, Alt Disc 1)Nihon Create1996saturnNot Yet
worksatworldb@World Basics (USA)Apple1996pippinNot Yet
worksatrainA-Train - Trains, Power, Money (USA)Maxis1996psxNot Yet
worksactdesuActionDesigner Ultraman Tiga (Jpn)Bandai1996pippinNot Yet

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