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notworksquadrelQuadrel (Euro, v1.0, Q.I. 1992)Loriciel1992?amigaocs_flopNot Yet
worksteamabmTeam AB Music Disk No.1 ~We Love Dreams Music~<doujin>1992?fm7_diskNot Yet
worksphantomPhantom Air Mission (Euro)Activision1992?nesYes
worksindyheatDanny Sullivan's Indy Heat (Euro)Tradewest1992?nesYes
workshoehoem1Hoehoe Team 199x Music Disk Vol. 1 - Explosion<doujin>1992?pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksmoonrinsMoon Rinse<doujin>1992?pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssoundon3Sound On-Ten vol. 3.00<doujin>1992?pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssoundon3aSound On-Ten vol. 3.00 (Alt)<doujin>1992?pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksteamabmTeam AB Music Disk No.1 ~We Love Dreams Music~<doujin>1992?pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksteamabmaTeam AB Music Disk No.1 ~We Love Dreams Music~ (Alt)<doujin>1992?pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksdalkhintDalk Hint-Disk.アリスソフト (AliceSoft)1992?pc98Not Yet
worksnadiaoptFushigi no Umi no Nadia - Option Diskガイナックス (Gainax)1992?pc98Not Yet
workssotsushaSotsugyou Shashin - Photographカクテル・ソフト (Cocktail Soft)1992?pc98Not Yet
workswangoWrestle Angels Omake Diskグレイト (Great)1992?pc98Not Yet
workswangoaWrestle Angels Omake Disk (Alt)グレイト (Great)1992?pc98Not Yet
workswang2oWrestle Angels 2 - Top Eventer Omake Diskグレイト (Great)1992?pc98Not Yet
notworkslessermdLesser Mern (Demo)パンサーソフトウェア (Panther Software)1992?pc98Not Yet
notworksminguynaMinimum Guynarockテクノグラート (Technograin)1992?pc98Not Yet
workspredatr2bPredator 2 (Bra)Tec Toy1992?smsYes
worksdslayednpDragon Slayer - Eiyuu Densetsu (Jpn, Rev. A, NP)Epoch1992?snesYes

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