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worksyajiumaYajiuma Pennant Race 1989ビクター音楽産業 (Victor Musical Industries)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksyajiuma90Yajiuma Pennant Race 1990 Toshi Dataビクター音楽産業 (Victor Musical Industries)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksyamiketsYami no Ketsuzoku - The Predestined Homicides #1システムサコム (System Sacom)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksyamiket2Yami no Ketsuzoku Kanketsu Hen - The Predestined Homicides #2システムサコム (System Sacom)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksyesterdYesterdayシステムハウスオウ (System House Oh!)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksyojuclubYoujuu Clubディー・オー (D.O.)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksys3Wanderers from Ys日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workszarkZark Legendマキシマ (Maxima)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
notworksdpssgD.P.S. SG - Dream Program System SGアリスソフト (Alicesoft)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
notworksrance2Rance 2 - Hangyaku no Shoujo-tachiアリスソフト (Alicesoft)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workssxwin10SX-Window v1.0 (1990)(Sharp)(Disk 1 of 2)(System)Sharp1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksccompilr200C Compiler Pro 68k v2.00Sharp1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workscanvasCanvas Pro-68KSharp ~ Inc1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workscycloneaCyclone Express AlphaANS Consultants1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksfilemstThe File Master v1.13Kyouto Media1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workshostproHost Pro-68K 3SPS1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workshyperworHyper Word v1.03rSharp ~ Acel1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workspatternPattern Editor Semi Pro-68K v2.00Shin Soft1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksxbas2cXBAS To C Checker Pro-68K v1.00 (1990)(Sharp)Sharp1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workselfgrafDannosuke Kyouju no Bishoujo Seminar - elf Tokusen Bishoujo Graffiti POPCOMエルフ (Elf)1990x68k_flopNot Yet

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