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works8eyes8 Eyes (USA)Taxan1990nesYes
notworks688atsub688 Attack Sub (Euro)Electronic Arts1990amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworks5thgear5th Gear (Euro)Hewson1990amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworks5exitosd5 Exitos de Opera Soft (Spa)Opera Soft1990cpc_flopNot Yet
works46okunen46 Okunen Monogatari - The Shinkaronエニックス (Enix)1990pc98Not Yet
works4040fast4040 + Fast Hack'EmBasement Boys Software1990c64_cartNot Yet
works3stoogesThe Three Stooges [cracked]Cinemaware1990apple2gsYes
notworks3dtennisInternational 3D Tennis (Euro, Super Sim Pack)Palace1990amigaocs_flopNot Yet
works3dsnooka3D Snooker (UK, Cracked by Maze Soft, Alt)Players Premier1990cpc_flopNot Yet
works3dsnook3D SnookerPlayers1990bbcb_cassNot Yet
notworks3dsnook3D Snooker (UK)Players Premier1990cpc_cassNot Yet
works3dsnook3D Snooker (UK, Cracked by Maze Soft)Players Premier1990cpc_flopNot Yet
works3dgolfselNew 3D Golf Simulation - T&E Selectionティーアンドイーソフト (T&E Soft)1990pc98Not Yet
works3dgolf8laNew 3D Golf Simulation - Eight Lakes G.C. (Alt Format)ティーアンドイーソフト (T&E Soft)1990pc98Not Yet
works3dgolf8lNew 3D Golf Simulation - Eight Lakes G.C.ティーアンドイーソフト (T&E Soft)1990pc98Not Yet
notworks3dblocka3-D Block (Asia, Hwang Shinwei)Hwang Shinwei1990nesYes
works3dblock3-D Block (Asia, RCM)RCM1990nesYes
notworks3courierThe Third Courier (Euro)Accolade1990amigaocs_flopNot Yet
works2psocsqda2 Player Soccer Squad (UK, Alt)Cult1990cpc_flopNot Yet
notworks2psocsqd2 Player Soccer Squad (UK)Cult1990cpc_cassNot Yet

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