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worksmpsychouMotor Psycho (NTSC)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksmpsychoMotor Psycho (PAL)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksninjaglfuNinja Golf (NTSC)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksninjaglfNinja Golf (PAL)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksplanetsmuPlanet Smashers (NTSC)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksplanetsmPlanet Smashers (PAL)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksplutosPlutos (Prototype)Tynesoft1990a7800Yes
worksscrapdoguScrapyard Dog (NTSC)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksscrapdogScrapyard Dog (PAL)Atari1990a7800Yes
workssiriusSirius (Prototype)Tynesoft1990a7800Yes
works2pakblac2 Pak Special: Challenge + Surfing (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakblaca2 Pak Special: Challenge + Surfing (PAL) (Alt)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakdblu2 Pak Special: Planet Patrol + Wall-Defender (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakdo2 Pak Special: Dolphin + Oink (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakgrne2 Pak Special: Dolphin + Pigs 'N Wolf (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakred2 Pak Special: Motocross + Boom Bang (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakyelo2 Pak Special: Star Warrior + FroggerHES1990a2600Yes
worksbmxBMX Air Master (Atari)Atari1990a2600Not Yet
worksbmxeBMX Air Master (PAL) (Atari)Atari1990a2600Not Yet
workshotactHot Action Pak (PAL)HES1990a2600Not Yet

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