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workszarlorZarlor Mercenary (Euro, USA)Atari1990lynxYes
workszarklegsZark Legend Specialマキシマ (Maxima)1990pc98Not Yet
workszarkZark Legendマキシマ (Maxima)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workszanygolf1Zany Golf (Euro, USA)Electronic Arts1990megadrivYes
workszanygolfZany Golf (Euro, USA, v1.1)Electronic Arts1990megadrivYes
workszanss2Zan - Kagerou no Toki - Scenario Collection Vol. 2ウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1990pc98Not Yet
workszanpuZan - Kagerou no Jidai Power Up Utilityウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1990pc98Not Yet
workszangearZan Gear (Jpn)Wolf Team1990gamegearYes
workszanZan - Yaksa Enbukyokuウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1990pc8801_flopNot Yet
workszakZak McKracken and The Alien Mindbenders富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
workszaglevZaglev<doujin>1990pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksyukomonoYuuko Monogatariハートソフト (Heart Soft)1990pc98Not Yet
worksyugeki2bYugekitai Bangaihen - Taiheiyou no Akai Kamikaze (Alt 2)<doujin>1990?pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksyugeki2aYugekitai Bangaihen - Taiheiyou no Akai Kamikaze (Alt)<doujin>1990?pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksyugeki2Yugekitai Bangaihen - Taiheiyou no Akai Kamikaze<doujin>1990?pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksyugekiYugekitai - Saikyou Kami Fukkatsu Yuki Kan<doujin>1990pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksys3Wanderers from Ys日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksys2Ys II - Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter (Jpn)Victor Ongaku Sangyou1990nesYes
worksys12Ys Book I II (CD)(USA)Falcom1990pcecdNot Yet
worksyoyoYoyoTop Ten1990bbcb_cassNot Yet

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