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workstoramichTora e no MichiVictor Entertainment1990pceNot Yet
worksveiguesVeigues - Tactical GladiatorVictor Entertainment1990pceYes
worksnicklausjJack Nicklaus World Tour Golf (CD)(Jpn)Victor Entertainment1990pcecdNot Yet
worksmagsaursMagical Saurus Tour (CD)(Jpn)Victor Entertainment1990pcecdNot Yet
worksshiryo2bShiryou Sensen 2 - War of the Dead Part 2 (Jpn, Alt 2)Victor1990msx2_flopNot Yet
worksnicklausbJack Nicklaus Golf (Jpn, Alt 2)Victor1990msx2_flopNot Yet
worksshiryo2Shiryou Sensen 2 - War of the Dead Part 2 (Jpn)Victor1990msx2_flopNot Yet
worksshiryo2aShiryou Sensen 2 - War of the Dead Part 2 (Jpn, Alt)Victor1990msx2_flopNot Yet
worksnicklausJack Nicklaus Golf (Jpn)Victor1990msx2_flopNot Yet
workstoyshopbToy Shop BoysVictor1990pceYes
worksnicklausaJack Nicklaus Golf (Jpn, Alt)Victor1990msx2_flopNot Yet
worksbokenpzlBouken! Puzzle Road (Jpn)Vic Tokai1990gameboyYes
worksg13icarGolgo 13 - Dai 2 Shou - Icarus no Nazo (Jpn)Vic Tokai1990nesYes
worksdaedalDaedalian Opus (USA)Vic Tokai1990gameboyYes
worksterracrsTerra Cresta (USA)Vic Tokai1990nesYes
worksclashdmnClash At Demonhead (USA)Vic Tokai1990nesYes
workskidkoolKid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs (USA)Vic Tokai1990nesYes
worksg13mafatGolgo 13 - The Mafat Conspiracy (USA)Vic Tokai1990nesYes
worksconflictConflict (USA)Vic Tokai1990nesYes
worksmagdoropMagical Doropie (Jpn)Vic Tokai1990nesYes

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