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workspbpinbalPinball Pinball日本ソフテック (Nihon Softek)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workslucyshotLucy Shot日本ソフテック (Nihon Softek)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
workspinbpinbPinball Pinball日本ソフテック (Nihon Softec)1990pc98Not Yet
worksglyewardGuerriere Lyeward徳間書店インターメディア (Tokuma Shoten Inter Media)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksschwarzsSchwarzschild - Kyouran no Ginga工画堂スタジオ (Kogado Studio)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksnavituneNavitune工画堂 (Kogado)1990pc98Not Yet
worksdrakkhenDrakkhen富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
workstss1130Towns System Software v1.1 L30富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
worksultimatrUltima Trilogy I-II-III富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
workssimcitySimCity富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
worksnihonyaNihon no Yachou富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
worksmanholeThe Manhole富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
worksishidoIshidou富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
worksindycrusIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
workszakZak McKracken and The Alien Mindbenders富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
worksfwc2Freeware Collection 2富士通 (Fujitsu)1990fmtowns_cdNot Yet
worksfqueen2First Queen II - Sabaku no Joou呉ソフトウエア工房 (KSK)1990pc98Not Yet
worksduelDuel呉ソフトウエア工房 (KSK)1990pc98Not Yet
worksukbusinUchuu Kakeru Businessman全流通 (Zenryutsu)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksukbusinUchuu Kakeru Businessman全流通 (Zenryutsu)1990pc98Not Yet

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