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 Year: "1983"
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worksido..I DoAcornsoft/Ivan Berg1983bbcb_cassNot Yet
works10games10 Games for MZ-700Sharp Corporation1983?mz700_cassNot Yet
works10gamesa10 Games for MZ-700 (Alt)Sharp Corporation1983?mz700_cassNot Yet
works11micro111 Microjeux - Cocktail 1VIFI-Nathan1983to7_cassNot Yet
works11micro211 Microjeux - Cocktail 2VIFI-Nathan1983to7_cassNot Yet
works11micro311 Microjeux - Cocktail 3VIFI-Nathan1983to7_cassNot Yet
works1400salt1400 Super SALT Diagnostic Cartridge (Rev.C01)Atari1983a800Yes
notworks1400tele1400 Telecommunicator (Prototype)Atari1983a800Yes
works2001nen2001: An Adventure Storyテクノソフト (Techno Soft)1983?x1_cassYes
works20022002Superior Software1983bbcb_cassNot Yet
works3deepspc3 Deep SpacePostern1983bbcb_cassNot Yet
works3in1a3 in 1 (A) Task Force/Demolish/CosmosRH Software1983bbcb_cassNot Yet
works3in1b3 in 1 (B) Death 14/Knockout/Space RaidersRH Software1983bbcb_cassNot Yet
works3dgensp3-D Genesis (Prototype)Amiga1983a2600Not Yet
works3dghostp3-D Ghost Attack (Prototype)Amiga1983a2600Not Yet
works3dgolf3-D Golf Simulation (Jpn)T&E Soft1983msx1_cartNot Yet
works3dgolfa3-D Golf Simulation (Jpn, Alt)T&E Soft1983msx1_cartNot Yet
works3dhavocp3-D Havoc (Prototype)Amiga1983a2600Not Yet
works3dbombal3D Bomb AlleySoftware Invasion1983bbcb_flopNot Yet
works3dbombal3D Bomb AlleySoftware Invasion1983bbcb_cassNot Yet

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