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 Year: "1981"
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workssalt204400/800 SALT Diagnostic Cartridge v2.04Atari1981a800Yes
workscpm2260k CP/M v2.2Digital Research1981osborne1Not Yet
workscpm22a60k CP/M v2.2 (Alt)Digital Research1981osborne1Not Yet
works747747 (12K)Bug Byte1981atom_cassNot Yet
works2lbsprmdA Labyrinth Game/Supermind (Euro)Philips1981odyssey2Not Yet
worksa2fltsimA2-FS1 Flight SimulatorsubLOGIC1981apple2Not Yet
worksacctasstAccounting AssistantScott, Foresman1981ti99_cartNot Yet
worksactacctActivity AccountantScott, Foresman1981ti99_cartNot Yet
worksaddsub1Addition and Subtraction 1Scott, Foresman1981ti99_cartNot Yet
worksaddsub2Addition and Subtraction 2Scott, Foresman1981ti99_cartNot Yet
worksdemodiagAdvantage Demonstration/Diagnostic Diskette 2.1.0 AQHNorth Star Computers1981advantageNot Yet
worksadventAdventureScott Adams1981ti99_cartNot Yet
worksadvlandAdventure #1 - AdventurelandCommodore1981vic1001_cartNot Yet
workspiratecvAdventure #2 - Pirate's CoveCommodore1981vic1001_cartNot Yet
worksmissionAdventure #3 - Mission ImpossibleCommodore1981vic1001_cartNot Yet
worksvoodooAdventure #4 - Voodoo CastleCommodore1981vic1001_cartNot Yet
worksthecountAdventure #5 - The CountCommodore1981vic1001_cartNot Yet
worksadventreAdventure (12K)Program Power1981atom_cassNot Yet
notworksadventaAdventure A - Planet of DeathArtic Computing1981jupace_cassNot Yet
worksadventrsAdventures (Adventure/Dungeon/House/Intergalactic)Acornsoft1981atom_cassNot Yet

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