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workscogitoCogito!Reader's Digest Software198??apple2Not Yet
works4game14 Game in One - Rodeo Champ + Open Sesame! + Bobby is Going Home + FestivalBitcorp198?a2600Yes
works4game1a4 Game in One - Ice Hockey + Phantom UFO + Spy Vs. Spy + Cosmic AvengerBitcorp198?a2600Yes
worksanglngiAngeln IAriola198?a2600Not Yet
worksappldolsApples and DollsCCE198?a2600Yes
worksasesdoarAses do ArDismac198?a2600Yes
worksskyjinkcSky Jinks (CCE)CCE198?a2600Yes
worksautorennAutorennen (PAL)Ariola198?a2600Yes
notworksdevcard7800 Dev. CardAtari198?a7800Yes
worksdiagtest7800 Pro System Diagnostic Test (v1.0)Atari198?a7800Yes
workshiscoreHigh Score CartridgeAtari198?a7800Yes
worksdestinyDestiny: The Cruiser (Prototype)Adventure International198?a800Yes
worksedit6502Edit 6502LJK198?a800Not Yet
workshamtextHam Text v1.1Kantronics198?a800Not Yet
worksmeteorMeteor (Pirate)Germ-Soft198?a800Yes
worksspectra2Spectraview IIDisplay Systems International198?a800Not Yet
notworksspecdemoSpectraview II Demo DiskDisplay Systems International198?a800_flopNot Yet
worksabcenixABCenix 5.12Luxor198?abc1600Yes
worksbasope10Basope v1.0 (Fin)<unknown>198?abc800Yes

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