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worksboxingBoxing - La BoxeActivision1980a2600Not Yet
worksboxingboBoxing - Box-Champion (PAL)Activision1980a2600Not Yet
worksbridgeBridgeActivision1980a2600Not Yet
worksbridgefBridge (Fixed?)Activision1980a2600Not Yet
workschmpsocrChampionship Soccer - SoccerAtari1980a2600Not Yet
workschmpsocreChampionship Soccer (PAL)Atari1980a2600Not Yet
workscheckersCheckersActivision1980a2600Not Yet
workscircusaCircus Atari - CircusAtari1980a2600Not Yet
workscircusaeCircus Atari (PAL)Atari1980a2600Not Yet
workscolorsColors (PAL) (Prototype)Atari1980a2600Not Yet
worksdiagnospDiagnostic Test Cartridge 2.0 (Prototype)Atari1980a2600Not Yet
worksdodgeemDodge 'Em - Dodger CarsAtari1980a2600Not Yet
worksdodgeemfDodge'Em - Dodger Cars (Fixed?)Atari1980a2600Not Yet
worksdodgeemeDodge 'Em (PAL)Atari1980a2600Not Yet
worksdodgeemefDodge 'Em (PAL) (Fixed?)Atari1980a2600Not Yet
worksdragsterDragsterActivision1980a2600Not Yet
worksdragstereDragster - Dragster Rennen (PAL)Activision1980a2600Not Yet
workshazzardpDukes of Hazzard (Prototype)Atari1980a2600Not Yet
worksfishdrbyFishing DerbyActivision1980a2600Not Yet
worksfishdrbyeFishing Derby - Schneller als der Hai (PAL)Activision1980a2600Not Yet

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