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worksdiagDiagnostic ExerciserXerox1982xerox820iiNot Yet
workscpmCP/M 2.2Xerox1982xerox820iiNot Yet
worksmsdosMS-DOS 2.0Xerox1982xerox820iiNot Yet
worksutilUtilXerox1988xerox820iiNot Yet
workswordstarWordStar 3.3Xerox1982xerox820iiNot Yet
workssysutilSystem and UtilityXerox1982xerox820iiNot Yet
worksdosplusDOSPlus 3.4Emerald Microware1982xerox820iiNot Yet
worksdiagDiagnostic ExerciserXerox1981xerox820Not Yet
workscpmCP/M 3.0Xerox1981xerox820Not Yet
worksanalystAnalyst (v2.0a)Xerox1981xerox820Not Yet
worksbasicBASIC 80Xerox1981xerox820Not Yet
worksplus2Plus2 (1986)Microcode1986xerox820Not Yet
worksplus2aPlus2 (1987)Microcode1987xerox820Not Yet
worksprogramsPrograms DiscXerox1981xerox820Not Yet
workssuprcalcSuperCalcXerox1981xerox820Not Yet
workstrainingTraining DiskXerox1981xerox820Not Yet
workswordprocWord ProcessingXerox1981xerox820Not Yet
worksaceofaceAce of AcesAtari1988xegsYes
worksarchonArchon: The Light and the DarkAtari1987xegsYes

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