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workshioudenHiouden - Mamono-tachi to no Chikai (Jpn)Wolf Team1994snesYes
workszan3Zan III Spirits (Jpn)Wolf Team1994snesYes
worksarcus123Arcus I-II-III (Jpn)Wolf Team1993megacdjNot Yet
worksdevastatDevastator (Jpn)Wolf Team1993megacdjNot Yet
worksarcusArcus Odyssey (USA, Prototype)Wolf Team1993snesNot Yet
worksneugierNeugier - Umi to Kaze no Kodou (Jpn)Wolf Team1993snesYes
workssangoseiSangokushi Seishi - Tenbu Spirits (Jpn)Wolf Team1993snesYes
worksanettfutAnett Futatabi (Jpn)Wolf Team1993megacdjNot Yet
workststormfxbThunder Storm FX (Jpn, R2)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
workstenbubonusTenbu Mega CD Special (Jpn) [CD-Audio]Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
workszan2Zan II Spirits (Jpn)Wolf Team1992snesYes
worksfheyareabSeirei Shinseiki - Fhey Area (Jpn, R2K)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
worksfheyareaaSeirei Shinseiki - Fhey Area (Jpn, R1K)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
worksrbfxRoad Blaster FX (Jpn)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
worksfheyareaSeirei Shinseiki - Fhey Area (Jpn)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
workstenbuTenbu Mega CD Special (Jpn)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
workststormfxThunder Storm FX (Jpn)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
workstimegalTime Gal (Jpn)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
worksaislelrdAisle Lord (Jpn)Wolf Team1992megacdjNot Yet
worksryunakiRyu Naki no Ryuu Yoriウルフチーム (Wolf Team)1991x68k_flopNot Yet

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