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worksakandrgnAkanbe Dragon (Jpn)Winky Soft1988msx2_flopNot Yet
worksakandrgnbAkanbe Dragon (Jpn, Alt 2)Winky Soft1988msx2_flopNot Yet
worksakandrgnaAkanbe Dragon (Jpn, Alt)Winky Soft1988msx2_flopNot Yet
worksamerisucAmerican Successウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksamerisucaAmerican Success (Alt)ウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksamerisucAmerican Success (Jpn)Winky Soft1989msx2_flopNot Yet
worksamerisucaAmerican Success (Jpn, Alt Disk 1)Winky Soft1989msx2_flopNot Yet
worksarksroadArks Roadウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1985pc8801_flopNot Yet
workslostpowLost Powerウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1986x1_flopYes
workslostpowLost Powerウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1986pc8801_flopNot Yet
workslostpowaLost Power (Alt)ウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1986pc8801_flopNot Yet
notworksolteusOlteusウインキーソフト (Winky Soft)1987pc88vaNot Yet
notworksolteusaOlteus (Alt Disk D)ウインキーソフト (Winky Soft)1987pc88vaNot Yet
worksruinRuinウインキーソフト (Winky Soft)1987fm77avNot Yet
worksruinRuinウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1987pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksshockingShocking Crosswordウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1986pc8801_flopNot Yet
workstenchiwoTenchi wo Kurauウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
workstennisfrTennis Freakウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1985pc8801_flopNot Yet
workstdownTouch Downウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)19??x1_cassYes
workstdownTouch Downウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1985fm7_cassNot Yet

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