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worksolympgldu1Olympic Gold (USA)U.S. Gold1992megadrivYes
worksolympgldkOlympic Gold (Kor)U.S. Gold1992smsYes
worksolympgldaOlympic Gold (Jpn, USA, v0, SMS Mode)U.S. Gold1992gamegearYes
worksolympgldOlympic Gold (Euro, v1, SMS Mode)U.S. Gold1992gamegearYes
worksolympgldOlympic Gold (Euro)U.S. Gold1992megadrivYes
worksolympgldOlympic Gold (Euro)U.S. Gold1992smsYes
notworksnshiftNight ShiftU.S. Gold1990cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksmurderaMurder (Euro, Alt)U.S. Gold1990amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworksmurderMurder (Euro)U.S. Gold1990amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworksmultimx4Multimixx 4U.S. Gold1992cpc_cassNot Yet
worksmoonwalkaMoonwalker - The Computer Game (Euro, Alt)U.S. Gold1989msx1_cassNot Yet
worksmoonwalkMoonwalker - The Computer Game (Euro)U.S. Gold1989msx1_cassNot Yet
notworksmwalkMoonwalker (UK)U.S. Gold1990cpc_cassNot Yet
worksmidresMidnight ResistanceU.S. Gold1990specpls3_flopNot Yet
notworksmetroxMetro-Cross (Euro)U.S. Gold1987st_flopNot Yet
notworksmetroxMetro Cross (UK)U.S. Gold1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksmercsMercs (UK)U.S. Gold1991cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksmercssMercs (Spa)U.S. Gold1991cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksmercsMercs (Euro)U.S. Gold1991amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworksmegatwinMega Twins (Euro)U.S. Gold1991st_flopNot Yet

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