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worksjb007a007 James Bond (Jpn, v2.6, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
worksjb007007 James Bond (Jpn, v2.7, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
worksbattldomAmerican Battle Dome (Jpn)Tsukuda Original1995snesYes
workschaldrbyChallenge Derby (Jpn, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
workschaldrbyaChallenge Derby (Jpn, OMV, Alt)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
workschaldrbybChallenge Derby (Jpn, OMV, Hacked)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
worksguzzlerGuzzler (Jpn, OMV)Tsukuda Original / Tehkan1983sg1000Yes
worksmtaruruMagical Taruruuto-kun (Jpn)Tsukuda Original1991gamegearYes
worksmatchpgOkamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf (Jpn, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984?sg1000Yes
worksmatchpgaOkamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf (Jpn, OMV, Alt)Tsukuda Original1984?sg1000Yes
worksmatchpgOkamoto Ayako to Match Play Golf - Ko Olina Golf Club in Hawaii (Jpn)Tsukuda Original1994snesYes
worksothelloOthello (Euro)Tsukuda Original?1990gameboyYes
worksothelloOthello (Jpn)Sega / Tsukuda Original1985sg1000Yes
worksothellomOthello Millennium (Jpn)Tsukuda Original1999gbcolorYes
worksothellowOthello World (Jpn)Tsukuda Original1992snesYes
worksothellowOthello World (Jpn)Tsukuda Original1994gameboyYes
worksqbertQ*bert (Jpn, OMV)Tsukuda Original / Parker Brothers1983sg1000Yes
works3ninmjSan-nin Mahjong (Jpn, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
worksspacearmbSpace Armor (Jpn, v10, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
worksspacearmSpace Armor (Jpn, v20, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes

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