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worksankokushAnkoku Shinwa - Yamato Takeru Densetsu (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1988msx2_flopNot Yet
worksankokushAnkoku Shinwa - Yamato Takeru Densetsu (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1989nesYes
worksankokushaAnkoku Shinwa - Yamato Takeru Densetsu (Jpn, Alt)Tokyo Shoseki1988msx2_flopNot Yet
worksasteka2Taiyou no Shinden - Asteka II (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1988nesYes
workselysionElysion (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1988nesYes
worksfamcompoFamily ComposerTokyo Shoseki1987famicom_flopNot Yet
worksfamischlFamily School (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki19??nesYes
worksikinarimIkinari Musician (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1987nesYes
worksikinarimpIkinari Musician (Jpn, Prototype)Tokyo Shoseki1987nesYes
worksnewhorizNew Horizon - English Course 1 (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1987msx1_cartNot Yet
worksradacRadac Tailor-Made (Jpn)Bridgestone ~ Tokyo Shoseki19??nesYes
badworksromanciaRomancia (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1987nesYes
workssansu1nSansuu 1 Nen - Keisan Game (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1986nesYes
workssansu2nSansuu 2 Nen - Keisan Game (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1986nesYes
workssansu3nSansuu 3 Nen - Keisan Game (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1986nesYes
workssansu4nSansuu 4 Nen - Keisan Game (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1986nesYes
workssansu4npSansuu 4 Nen - Keisan Game (Jpn, Prototype)Tokyo Shoseki1986nesYes
workssansu56nSansuu 5 & 6 Nen - Keisan Game (Jpn)Tokyo Shoseki1986nesYes
workssansu56npSansuu 5 & 6 Nen - Keisan Game (Jpn, Prototype)Tokyo Shoseki1986nesYes

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