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notworksbmhattrkBundesliga Manager Hattrick (Euro)Software 20001994amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkscenturyCentury (Euro)Software 20001990amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkscolumb_aChristoph Kolumbus (Euro, AGA)Software 20001994amigaaga_flopNot Yet
notworkscolumbusChristoph Kolumbus (Euro, v1.00)Software 20001994amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkscubulusCubulus (Euro)Software 20001991amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkscubulusCubulus & Magic SerpentSoftware 20001991cdtvNot Yet
notworksdogemDeath or Glory - Das Erbe von Morgan (Ger, Hard Disk Version)Software 20001994amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworksdogdkDeath or Glory - Der dunkle Kaiser (Ger, Hard Disk Version)Software 20001994amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworksreederDer Reeder (Ger, v1.00 19950823)Software 20001995amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkskathedrlDie Kathedrale (Ger)Software 20001991amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkseishmangEishockey Manager (Ger, v1.00)Software 20001993amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkseishmlimEishockey Manager Limited Edition (Ger, v1.02)Software 20001993amigaocs_flopNot Yet
worksflightmaFlightmaster v2.19Software 2000, Inc.1993psion2Not Yet
worksflightmbFlightmaster v2.28Software 2000, Inc.1994psion2Not Yet
worksgutequizGute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten Quiz (Ger)Software 20002000gbcolorNot Yet
notworkshexumaHexuma - Das Auge des Kal (Ger)Software 20001992amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworksjonathanJonathan (Ger)Software 20001993amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkspizzaconPizza Connection (Ger)Software 20001994amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworksshiftrixShiftrix & LettrixSoftware 20001991cdtvNot Yet
worksswingSwing (Ger)Software 20002000gbcolorYes

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