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worksbootBoot diskSanyo198?mbc200Not Yet
worksbootaBoot disk (Alt)Sanyo198?mbc200Not Yet
worksexpatomsExploding Atoms (Jpn)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksexpatomsbExploding Atoms (Jpn, Alt 2)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksexpatomsaExploding Atoms (Jpn, Alt)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet
notworksgritzGritz - The Pyramid Adventure (Jpn)Sanyo1997psxNot Yet
worksmpc100Introducing the Sanyo MPC-100 Micro (Euro)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksmsdos125MS-DOS v1.25Sanyo / Microsoft198?mbc55xNot Yet
worksmsdos211MS-DOS v2.11Sanyo / Microsoft198?mbc55xNot Yet
worksmsdos211aMS-DOS v2.11 (Alt?)Sanyo / Microsoft198?mbc55xNot Yet
worksvviperVicious Viper (Euro)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksvviperbVicious Viper (Euro, Alt 2)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksvviperaVicious Viper (Euro, Alt)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet

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