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 Publisher: "Pony Canyon"
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worksshougi3Shougi 3 (Jpn)Pony Canyon2001gbcolorYes
notworksblackjacBlack Jack vs. Matsuda Jun (Jpn)Pony Canyon2000psxNot Yet
workskanshunoKanshuu Unou Image Training - Hiragana - Katakana (Jpn)Pony Canyon2000picoYes
worksjissenJissen ni Yakudatsu Tsumego (Jpn, Rev. A)Pony Canyon2000gbcolorYes
workscball2The Cannonball Run 2ポニカ (Pony Canyon)19??x1_cassYes
workspitfalljPitfall GB (Jpn)Pony Canyon1999gbcolorYes
worksshougi2Shougi 2 (Jpn)Pony Canyon1999gbcolorYes
worksshutokuThe Shutokou Racing (Jpn)Pony Canyon1998gbcolorYes
notworkszapaZap! Snowboarding Trix (Jpn, Alt)Pony Canyon1997saturnNot Yet
notworkslok1gpLegend of K-1 Grand Prix 96 (Jpn)Pony Canyon1997saturnNot Yet
notworkszapZap! Snowboarding Trix (Jpn)Pony Canyon1997saturnNot Yet
notworkszapZap! Snowboarding Trix '98 (Jpn)Pony Canyon1997psxNot Yet
notworkszap98Zap! Snowboarding Trix '98 (Jpn)Pony Canyon1997saturnNot Yet
worksultimaktUltima - Kyouryuu Teikoku (Jpn)Pony Canyon1995snesYes
worksshirorngShiroi Ring e - Twinkle Little Star (Jpn)Pony Canyon1995snesYes
workspitfalljPitfall - The Mayan Adventure (Jpn)Pony Canyon1995snesYes
workseyebeholEye of the Beholder (Jpn)Pony Canyon1994megacdjNot Yet
worksultima7jUltima VII - The Black Gate (Jpn)Pony Canyon1994snesYes
workskabukimjKabuki Chou Reach Mahjong Tonpuusen (Jpn)Pony Canyon1994snesYes
worksoonitaOonita Atsushi FMW (Jpn)Pony Canyon1993snesYes

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