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worksacesAces - Iron Eagle 3 (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1992nesYes
worksaressh3AIII S.V. - A Ressha de Ikou 3 - Super Version (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1995snesNot Yet
worksajmajonmAkagawa Jirou Majo-tachi no Nemuri (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1995snesNot Yet
worksajmajonmnpAkagawa Jirou Majo-tachi no Nemuri (Jpn, Rev. A, NP)Pack-In-Video1995snesNot Yet
worksarmedfArmed Formation FPack-In-Video1990pceYes
worksauroraqAurora Quest - Otaku no Seiza (SCD)(Jpn)Pack-In-Video1993pcecdNot Yet
worksmonomaneBakushou! Star Monomane Shitennou (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1990nesYes
worksbatmanBatman (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1987msx1_cartNot Yet
worksbattlsubBattle Submarine (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1995snesYes
worksbokujom1Bokujou Monogatari (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1996snesYes
worksbokujomBokujou Monogatari (Jpn, Rev. A)Pack-In-Video1996snesYes
worksamazntenjDavid Crane's Amazing Tennis (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1992snesYes
worksdeepblueDeep Blue - Kaitei ShinwaPack-In-Video1989pceYes
worksdiehardDie HardPack-In-Video1990pceYes
worksdiehardjDie Hard (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1991nesYes
worksf1pilotF-1 Pilot - You're King of KingsPack-In-Video1989pceYes
worksfamibillFamily Billiards (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1987msx2_cartYes
worksfinalkoFinal Knockout (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1993snesNot Yet
worksfunetaroFune Tarou (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1997snesYes
worksgambler2Gambler Jikochuushinha 2 - Dorapon Quest (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1994snesYes

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