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notworks3x3eyes3x3 Eyes - Kyuusei Koushu S (Jpn)Nihon Create1996saturnNot Yet
notworks3x3eyesa3x3 Eyes - Kyuusei Koushu S (Jpn, Alt Disc 1)Nihon Create1996saturnNot Yet
works3x3eyes3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjou日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1993fmtowns_cdNot Yet
notworks3x3eyes3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjou日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1993pc98Not Yet
notworks3x3eyesa3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjou (Alt Disk 1)日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1993pc98Not Yet
worksmakyoudMakyouden日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1992pc98Not Yet
worksmakyoudaMakyouden (Alt Disk 1)日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1992pc98Not Yet
notworksmydreamMy Dream - On Air ga Matenakute (Jpn)Nihon Create1997saturnNot Yet
workssugorokuSugoroku Yakyuu-do日本クリエイト (Nihon Create) / タケル (Takeru)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssuperyakSuper Yakyuudou日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1992pc98Not Yet
workssupery93Super Yakyuudou '93日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1993pc98Not Yet
workssupya295Super Yakyuudou 2 - 1995 Ban日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1995pc98Not Yet
workstroubch1Trouble Chaser Dai-1-wa - Trouble wa Sora kara Mirai kara日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1994pc98Not Yet
workstroubch2Trouble Chaser Dai-2-wa - Futarime no Chaser日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1995pc98Not Yet
workstroubch4Trouble Chaser Dai-4-wa - Saishuukai日本クリエイト (Nihon Create)1995pc98Not Yet
notworkstryrushdTryrush Deppy (Jpn)Nihon Create1996saturnNot Yet
notworkstryrushdaTryrush Deppy (Jpn, Alt)Nihon Create1996saturnNot Yet
worksyakyudoYakyuudou (Jpn)Nihon Create1989msx2_flopNot Yet
worksyakyudo2Yakyuudou II (Jpn)Nihon Create1990msx2_flopNot Yet

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