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worksabadoxjAbadox (Jpn)Natsume1989nesYes
worksamazpengAmazing Penguin (Euro, USA)Natsume1990gameboyYes
worksblockidsBlockids (USA)Natsume2003psxNot Yet
worksbublboblBubble Bobble (Euro, USA)Taito ~ Natsume1991gameboyYes
worksburstrckBursTrick - Wake Boarding!! (USA)Natsume2000psxNot Yet
notworksbam3uBust-A-Move 3 (USA)Natsume1997saturnNot Yet
worksbam4Bust-A-Move 4 (USA)Natsume1998psxNot Yet
workscarbatljCar Battler Joe (USA)Natsume2002gbaYes
workscasperCasper (Euro)Natsume1996gameboyYes
workscasperCasper (Euro)Natsume1997snesYes
workscasperuCasper (USA)Natsume1996snesNot Yet
workscasperuCasper (USA)Natsume1996gameboyYes
workschaoswldChaos World (Jpn)Natsume1991nesYes
workstonpuuChuugoku Janshi Story - Tonpuu (Jpn)Natsume1989nesYes
workscimaCIMA - The Enemy (USA)Natsume2003gbaYes
worksswordeleDungeon & Magic - Swords of Element (Jpn)Natsume1989nesYes
worksfinalmisFinal Mission (Jpn)Natsume1990nesYes
worksflyindrgFlying Dragon (Euro)Natsume1998n64Not Yet
worksflyindrguFlying Dragon (USA)Natsume1998n64Yes
worksfrontierFrontier Stories (Jpn)Natsume2005gbaYes

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