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worksaburner2After Burner (Tourvision PCE bootleg)bootleg (Tourvision) / Sega / Nec Avenue1990pce_tourvisionNot Yet
worksaburner2After Burner IINEC Avenue1990pceYes
worksanesanAne-San (SCD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1995pcecdNot Yet
worksasuka120Asuka 120% Maxima Burning Fest (SCD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1995pcecdNot Yet
worksbastedBasted (SCD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1994pcecdNot Yet
worksbnzabrosBonanza Bros. (SCD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1992pcecdNot Yet
workscal2Cal II (SCD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1993pcecdNot Yet
workscal3Cal III (SCD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1994pcecdNot Yet
workschikiChiki Chiki Boys (SCD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1994pcecdNot Yet
worksdaimakaiDai MakaimuraNEC Avenue1990sgxYes
worksdaisenpuDai SenpuNEC Avenue1990pceYes
worksdaisenpuDaisenpu (Tourvision PCE bootleg)bootleg (Tourvision) / Toaplan / Nec Avenue1990pce_tourvisionNot Yet
worksdaisenpuDaisenpuu Custom (CD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1991pcecdNot Yet
worksdariusaDarius AlphaNEC Avenue1990pceYes
worksdariuspDarius PlusNEC Avenue1990pceYes
worksdokyuseiDoukyuusei (SCD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1995pcecdNot Yet
worksdownloadDown Load (Tourvision PCE bootleg)bootleg (Tourvision) / NEC Avenue1990pce_tourvisionNot Yet
worksdownloadDownloadNEC Avenue1990pceYes
worksdownload1Download (Alt)NEC Avenue1990pceYes
worksdownld2Download II (CD)(Jpn)NEC Avenue1991pcecdNot Yet

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