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worksalien8Alien 8 (Jpn)Jaleco1987msx1_cartNot Yet
worksargusArgus (Jpn)Jaleco1986nesYes
worksastyanaxAstyanax (Euro)Jaleco1990nesYes
worksastyanaxuAstyanax (USA)Jaleco1990nesYes
worksastyanaxupAstyanax (USA, Prototype)Jaleco1990nesYes
worksavspiritAvenging Spirit (Euro, USA)Jaleco1992gameboyYes
worksbaniraceBanishing Racer (Jpn)Jaleco1991gameboyYes
worksbbkidsBaseball Kids (Jpn)Jaleco1990gameboyYes
worksbaslod96Bases Loaded '96 - Double Header (USA)Jaleco USA1995psxNot Yet
notworksbaslod96Bases Loaded '96 - Double Header (USA)Jaleco1995saturnNot Yet
worksbasloadbBases Loaded (USA)Jaleco1988nesYes
worksbasloadaBases Loaded (USA, Rev. A)Jaleco1988nesYes
worksbasloadBases Loaded (USA, Rev. B)Jaleco1988nesYes
worksbasload3Bases Loaded 3 (USA)Jaleco1991nesYes
worksbasload4Bases Loaded 4 (USA)Jaleco1993nesYes
worksbasloadBases Loaded GB (USA)Jaleco1990gameboyYes
worksbasload2Bases Loaded II - Second Season (USA)Jaleco1990nesYes
worksbashibazBashi Bazook - Morphoid Masher (USA, Prototype)Jaleco1988nesYes
worksbzeothBattle Unit Zeoth (Euro, USA)Jaleco1991gameboyYes
worksbzeothjBattle Unit Zeoth (Jpn)Jaleco1990gameboyYes

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